“I’m not UDP,” says Miller

| 26/05/2009

(CNS):  The newly elected and only independent member of the Legislative Assembly, Ezzard Miller, says that he will be jealously guarding that independence and will not be joining the United Democratic Party (UDP). Although he has accepted the Chair of the Health Services Authority Board, Miller says he will not be sitting on the government benches but taking up a seat on the opposite bench in the far south east corner of the chamber, as far from the "Opposition” as possible to make his independence from both parties clear.

The North Side representative has said he will work with the elected government when it brings positive motions but he said he will vigorously oppose policy that he thinks is wrong. “I don’t intend to object for the sake of objecting, and when I do I will be offering constructive alternatives, but I will do what I have to do to serve the people of North Side,” Miller told CNS.

A former Health Minister, Miller says he will be happy to offer the benefit of that experience to Mark Scotland, the UDP MLA for Bodden Town who has been designated the Health Ministry, but he says in his role as chair of the HSA he is working for Scotland not with him and wants to see the board adopt the role of holding the hospital to account rather than micro-managing it. “It will be up to the hospital management to run the hospital and the ministry to develop policy. The board will ensure accountability, it will not be a management committee,” he added.

However, he acknowledged that one major issues that needs to be addressed immediately is health coverage. Miller is advocating a review of how that works and says that government must mandate the minimum coverage for a maximum rate and prevent the cherry picking of policy holders by private health insurers.

“The health insurance companies have been allowed to undercut the cover they offer, increase the premiums paid and reject high risk patients, which has put too much pressure on the government health insurance company CINICO,” he noted, explaining that CINICO must be reserved for government employees and indigents only.

Miller said that in future private insurers who agree to give a company policy must cover all the staff on that group policy and not just the low risk or healthy ones. Above all, the basic standard of health care must provide better coverage at an affordable price. “If government states that health insurance is compulsory the health insurance companies must provide affordable access to realistic cover,” Miller stressed, adding that the rates will be based established by an independent auditor.

During the election campaign Miller drew attention to the controversy at the work site of the Clifton Hunter School in Frank Sound, where a number of Caymanian workers lost their jobs due to a dispute between the general contractor, Tom Jones International, and a local labour sub contractor and he has promised to follow through. “I expect Caymanians and in particular North Siders to be working back on that site,” he said. “I will be calling Mr Hunter this week for an appointment to sort this out.”  

Miller told CNS that the two most pressing needs of his district would be to address the needs of the local senior citizens and to get the young people in work. He said the older people in North Side do not want an old folks’ home but they want support to help them stay in their own homes and maintain their independence.  “We are getting to work right away putting together a group that can help fix up those homes that need repairs,” he said. “But we need to offer day to day practical support to the elderly, such as meals on wheels and cleaning services and other services, to help them live independent lives.”

Miller also says he will be holding two important community meetings in the next few weeks, first with parents and children who will be moving to high school this September to help prepare them for that transition, and then secondly with parents and children who are graduating from high school to make sure those youngsters have access to the scholarships they need for further education or are moving into work. “I want to support them in their plans and make sure they have some direction,” he said.

Following through on his campaign promise of participatory democracy, Miller is already establishing his district committee and says he intends to work for his district through the people of the district. 

As the only independent to win a seat in the election, Miller says he is not daunted by that and intends to demonstrate that the independent candidate is not yet a thing of the past, and believes that when Cayman moves to single member constituencies we could still see more independent candidates returned to the Legislative Assembly in future districts. He says he will be setting the example that independents can represent their people effectively and get things done.

“Within 18 months I will have carved out a clear and independent role in the Legislative Assembly and I intended to speak factually, emotionally and vigorously on all the issues,” he added.

Miller will be taking to the airwaves on Tuesday morning, 26 May, on Rooster 101’s Crosstalk show which he says he hopes will become a regular weekly slot for him to talk to the people about what is happening in parliament and in his district. He is also promising to keep regular hours at his MLAs office at the North Side Civic Centre, which he has already opened and which will, from now on, be open between 9-5 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and between 2-9pm on Tuesdays and Thursday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Reply To: We’re all North Siders


    Thank God! Thank God! Thank God!

    Well Said from both sides of the track. God works wonders & this sure is one. We the people of N. Side can make it. We did before so we’ll do this again once we stay together with open arms. Mr. Ezzard will pick up where Ms. Edna left off’ he’ll make North Side proud. Mr. Joey will remain the person we’ve  known him to be & that’s a person with a warm heart willing to help when ever. Ms.Edna will remain the person she’s known for (a unique) person with a great heart. Mr. Oswell will remain the man with that strong voice ready to fight for the betterment of the N.Side people & one with an open ear. And don’t forget Mr. Donavan Ebanks that alone says alot about the N. Side People.

    North Side we have alot to be proud off!

  2. Good People! says:

    Reply to: We’re All North Siders.


    As a proud supporter of Joey/Edna!

    First let me state that am glad to hear there’s some one else out there from the other side of the line that feels the way I do. Regardless of who vote or voted for who. We’re all North Siders lets not for get that people. We have to come together as one. We’re known to be good humble people and we should be proud to stay that way. Let we on the other side sit back am see what Mr. Miller is going to do. Then we will have that chance to judge Miller. I feel he means the country well even if there’s some of us who thinks not, lets give him a fair chance. Like the other person stated” we can make it if we stay together & work together as one. Let’s try that first by putting our trust in God.

    Good Luck Mr. Miller!

  3. Anonymous says:

    We’re All North Siders!


    As a supporter of Ezzard Miller and one who still have that love/respect for Mr. Ebanks Mrs. Moyle and Mr. Rankin!

    I pray that each of us as North Siders will find it in our hearts to try our very best to get along with each other regardless of who voted for who. The time we spend Judging/Mud Slinging & Disrespecting eachother we could be spending this time giving God thanks for another blessing such as (LIFE).

    Mr. Miller is the new MLA we have no other choice than to live with this for the next four years regardless if you / I like it. Am leaving Mr. Miller in Gods hands reasuring that he will do what’s right not just for North Side but also for the entire G. Cayman / L. Cayman & C. Brac as a whole. Lets leave the judging up to God & God only.

    Cayman can only prosper if we come together and unite as a whole & pray that God will lead this Country & it’s Leaders in the right path. We often talk about the non Caymanians & how they come here & prosper while we the Caymanians suffer. We need to pay a closer attention to their way of life meaning” they work to help their own & we can’t blame them who wouldn’t? Us Caymanians that’s who. We need to stop fighting and work together at the end of the day this is our precious Country that we call home so I don’t see why we can’t take care of our brothers & sisters the way everyone else do.

    Lets give this man a fair chance to put his actions into play & see what he’s made off for those who don’t know Mr. Miller. For some they might say he don’t smile enough but trust me ”he roars like a lion but deep down there’s a tame heart waiting to help. Like any other Ship Captain’ Mr. Miller will face many challenges once on sea but for those times when he seems to be drifting of course then we as North Siders should also put our action into play & help guide him back on track. That my friends is called Unity. Lets stand together & do what we the North Side people are known for……..Kind Hearted/Loving & Willing to help each other when we fall!

    We should be proud of all four….Mrs.Moyle, Mr.Miller, Mr.Ebanks & Mr. Rankine they all have unique qualities that can thake this Country beyond all limits. I hope to see you all working together for the betterment of N. Side 

    Lets keep it this way love you all !

    God Bless!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Bo Bo and Te De, let ma tell ya something, we love Mckeeva don ya.   Some of us na even have to work done ya.  Like me am home and don’t have anything to worreiry about.  Mckeeva will take care of us, so go and sit down.  Tell Kirk and the PPM to do the same and they too will remain.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard you may fool some, but not all.   I live in North Side and I know your true clours will shine very soon.  

    Your a UDP and I can’t wait to see the Big Mac and Ezz face off. 

    • Anonymous says:

      In reply to Ezzard you may fool

      Praise be given to God in the highest. My dearest, you’re not the only one that is alive and kicking in the beautiful district of NS.

      I’m so glad that you know his true colours, as he will shine. He shall over come your venom.

      And even so, if he is UDP, so what? You’re PPM. Stop the malicious, destructive and negative behavior. Grow up and be a lady like you try to make us believe that you are.

      Hopefully there won’t be any face off, however, if there is, then, let’s face it, we should all pray that he has North Siders and Caymanians in his best interest. No doubt he and Mac will respect each others decisions.

      And if the face off should take place, I trust you will be convinced that he has some big cahonies!!

      Good night!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard is straight forward. That is the problem.he never fools any one

  6. intl interests says:

    Let the games begin. These next 4 years will be interesting.

    I am mystified at how ezzy thinks he will be pushing around Insurers and telling them who they have to cover etc. I am no fan of the health insurance industry, but do know that they carry the clout.

    the health care coverage topic- ezzy mentions complete coverage… anyone else observe the ‘size’ of the politicians – (was Big Macs downsizing covered by CINICO?) – is it prerequisite for aspiring politicos?

    Obesity has become a major health issue on the islands the past decade. I will be well impressed if any of the ‘new’ candidates finish their 4 years in the same or better physical health. 

    Health Minister Ezzy. a real picture of health. Not. 



    He states he is going after Mr Hunter so northsiders will get their jobs back at the school site…. hmmm there is that sense of entitlement again…

    anyone who works hard, is skilled, and respects their employers will rarely have to look for work- work will find them.

    However those with ‘sense of entitlement’… are another story.

    at least he is ‘for caymanians’



  7. Watch Dog says:

    Ezzard Chairman of the HSA…..Now this is very interesting !!!

    Remember the Commission of Inquiry report that McKeeva kept getting on about. You should read that report because it wasn’t just about Charles Clifford and the documents it was also very much about McKeeva and about how inappropriate it is for MLAs to serve on Government boards.

    In other words it endorsed the PPM’s policy that MLAs would not serve on any Government boards. But the report went further than that, it actually recommended that there be a legislative prohibition on MLAs serving on government boards because of the potential for corruption such as that which occurred at Boatswain’s Beach, with the West Bay land purchase and with respect to the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal.

    Why not run your mouth about that part of the Commission of Inquiry Report McKeeva….talk about that…..oh no I guess that wouldn’t serve you and Ezzard well in the current situation.

    All I have to say to Mr. Clifford is that he is our HERO, he saved us in 2004/5 and I believe his work is not yet done and he will save us once and for all in 2013 if not prior.

    The UDP started digging their hold on the morning of the 21st May 2009.



    • Anonymous says:


      It’s a pity that you were not on watch when certain MLA/SPEAKER of the House told a manager of a Government Department not to hire a young Caymanian for a job, because she had someone slotted for the position. Talk about corruption, believe you me, there are many holes dug, it all depends on who is going to fall in first.

      PPM are no less corrupt than any other party or political activist on these islands or any other place in this world. There is a clear picture, all the projects that they just started was a ball in their court. They thought that they would win this past election by commencing works. Unfortunate for the PPM they loss. I use to be a believer in them, I’m not a UDP fan by any measure, however, MAC has done more good than bad, he put us back on our feet after IVAN business was back in no time.

      The PPM signed an insurance agreement with some other caribbean islands naming Grand Cayman, leaving out the Sister Islands. That’s one of the reasons why they could not collect the money to take care of the devastation that PALOMA left on CB and LC. Now, tell me, who in the world does not know that the three islands make up the CAYMAN ISLANDS? PPM..

      • Anonymous says:

        "MAC has done more good than bad, he put us back on our feet after IVAN business was back in no time".

        For himself I am sure he has done more good than bad. He obviously did not put us back on our feet after Ivan. Much of what the PPM is foolishly being blamed for, e.g. high prices, are the effects of Ivan. Clearly the people of CB and LC had no problem with the PPM as Moses K. is now the first elected member over the UDP member.      

        • Anonymous says:

          In reply to “Mac has done more.

          Obviously, you must have be one of the people who left the island
          after Ivan.

          You can’t be serious! Before I go any further, it’s important that I make myself clear. I am not a Mac fan, however, I give him credit or anyone for that matter that has in my opinion done good for all of us.

          I drove the streets of West Bay Road to East End and North Side. Firstly the physical damage and destruction to roads and building was phenominal. Tourism was at a standstill, no electrical etc..

          The point I’m making is that MAC was very instrumental in getting roads cleared and repaired. He ensured that workers were out there clearing debris etc.. Say what you like about him, that is one time that I felt good to have him around.

          As for Mr M.K, congrats, but what does him being elected as a PPM in CB and LC has to do with the devastation that the two islands experienced during Paloma when PPM Government were ultimately responsible for signing the insurance coverage? They failed to acknowledge that the sister islands were covered in order to assist with any hurricane destruction. Tha’s why it is taking CB and LC so long to recover. That’s the point that I’m trying to make. I have family in CB and I am looking forward to visiting soon.

          • Anonymous says:

            To: Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 05/27/2009 – 21:17.

            Mac did for WB, not Cayman.  Ask the two former two UDP Ministers from BT what happened to funds that should have been allocated to BT as one of the hardest hit districts. You need to get of the McKeeva worship and get back to reality. With him it is all about self, politics and getting elected, not the good of the country as a whole. 

            CB and LC got more than their fair share of Govt assistance under the PPM.    

            • Anonymous says:

              In reply to Mac did for WB>>

              My friend, MAC did for the Cayman Islands, get real. By the way, I worship one God, our supreme being not mankind.

              Have a nice day!

      • Anonymous says:

        Politics 101

        Now that DS and MS have been sworned in watch closely what becomes of Ezzard.

        • Anonymous says:

          REPLY TO POLITICS 101

          Hi there, I hope you don’t just watch, I’m hoping that you listen attentively on how a noble and intelligent person can assist in making the Cayman Islands a better place to live while allowing
          all citizens and visitors alike be able to enjoy the islands as God intended. I can only trust that no matter which side of the track we are on that every person representing the people will do so with dignity and pride.

        • Anonymous says:

          we need ezzard

  8. LocalVocal says:

    "Mr Miller needs to research his laws or read/listen to/watch the media. He can’t accept the chairmanship of the HSA board. The law was changed to stop that sort of thing happening."

    What does the law say? Why can’t he accept the HSA Board chairmanship? Please enlighten us!

    Thanks in advance.

    • Anonymous says:

      For  "LocalVocal":

      If you check a recent revision of the HSA Law, I think you’ll find that there were several changes made to the composition of the Board. One was to prevent politicians from being Board members, let alone Chairman.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If Big Mac scrape the Visas for Jamaicians then he will have to scrape the Visas for the other countries this applies to.

    • Anonymous says:

      We are experiencing spiralling crime in this country, and they are contemplating removing what little national security measures we do have? Are they insane?!

      I guess its he who pays the Piper calls the tune.



  10. A Caymanian watching closely says:

    Of course they are going to scrape the Visas for Jamaicians because it was the wealthy onesRbWS on island that pumped money into the UPD (or JLP)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard this Morning Really Made me Feel Caymanian AGAIN!!!

    Lets get Caymanians FEEL like they are in CONTROL AGAIN!!!!!






    • Anonymous says:

      Well IF Mr. Miller is as pro Caymanian as he says he is and I hope he is, then I can see some friction developing between him and the UDP, as the UDP though they try to say they are pro caymanian  they act just the opposite, e.g 3000 status grants which we caymanians have yet to feel the full negative effects of. Waiting and watching.

  12. Caymanite says:

    Sure, & I am not blonde…..  😉

  13. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the US Consulate

    Regarding the Expats who are depriving Cayman’s of their jobs………..What about the Caymanians who sit in high places at various companies and do NOTHING to ensure that a Caymanian is hired over an Expat, the ones who DO NOT step up and look after their fellow Caymanians, the ones who are eagerly stabbing other Caymanians in the back to get ahead. What about those? Stop blaming everything on the Expats. While I am sure there are quite a few Expats the Island coud do without, you also need to sweep up in your own corners!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Gongratulations Mr Miller.

    He too is a UDP in the making, watch and see, we have a long way to go.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard was excellent on the Radio this morning. Finally someone in office is speaking out in a forthright and honest manner as to the condition in which Caymanians find themselves at all levels of the economy. Go Ezzard, Go! Let us avoid the revolution and get hard working and qualified Caymanians in their rightful places now! if we do not the country may be destroyed as we follow the fate of our neighbours and allow the relationship between Caymanians and expats to become too adversarial. There are clear and growing examples of some expats actually (and on occasion actively) depriving Caymanians of jobs. Please make it stop. Audit immigration and where neccessary revoke permits and PR where employers and employees have lied or misled on applications. Allow for anonymous tip-offs and the reports will flood in. Once examples have been set everyone will fall in line and we can get back to helping each other and our community together. We must welcome those that play by the rules and actively reject those that do not. Only then can harmony prevail.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Promises. Promises. Lets see how long they last.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where has all this gloom and doom about North Siders come from.  I have always known North SIders to be independent, self respected people taking care of themselves with pride and not sitting down awaiting for Government or anyone else to look out for them.  Please do not take that attitude away from them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Miller needs to research his laws or read/listen to/watch the media. He can’t accept the chairmanship of the HSA board. The law was changed to stop that sort of thing happening. Great start, sir, Now you can turn your attention to your old old ideas on health insurance cover which didn’t work when you tried before and which were stopped by………………..Mr Bush!! Bingo!

      • Anonymous says:

        If Single Member Constituencies promotes Independents, then why in the UK which has Single Member Constituencies, have the Labor or Conservative Parties held complete control for 99.9% of the time?

      • Anonymous says:

        Once MS and DS are sworn in Ezzard will realize that UDP doesn’t need him any longer, and his early pro-independent ranting was unhelpful.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Gongratulations Mr Miller.

    As I expected, you are already showing that you are a man of your word and will do exactly what you say you will do. Maintain your independence for the betterment of North Side and North Siders.

    WHAT TIME IS IT ????????????????? IT’S MILLER TIME

  18. Anonymous says:

    The first thing Mr. Miller and the opposition will need to challenge is the UDP plan to scrap the visa in respect of  Jamaica.  The UDP does not have a mandate to do this as it was not a campaign issue but yet it fully intends to do so because of promises made in secret. The economy, although vitally important, is not the only issue the govt. must be concerned with. We must continue to be concerned about our internal security, and to avoid the situation that used to occur where persons arrived at the airport with insufficient funds to sustain them while here, no definite address to go to and had to be sent back on the next flight. We need to continue to vet people to ensure they have no criminal records before they arrive. This cannot be determined at the airport upon their arrival. Anyone who cannot afford a visa is clearly not going to boost the economy.   

    Now I know there will those of you who will try to paint this as anti-Jamaican sentiment. It is not; it is simply realism. There are other countries with strong Caymanian connections which also require visas, for example Honduras.        

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes and while they are scraping the Visa in respect for Jamaicans, I hope they will remember us Caymanians and look into us not having to travel to Jamaica, Bahamas etc. to get a US VISA this is also very inconvient to us Caymanians.  Maybe a US Consulate here should be looked into

      • Anonymous says:

        In the event that Mark and Dwayne are not sworn in tomorrow (and they shouldn’t be) it would mean that the UDP won’t have the majority that it needs in order to form the cabinet.  They will only have seven and they need eight.  It will be interesting to see what Mr. Miller does. Will he step right into the UDP camp?   Or will he have the guts to be a true independent? Lets see.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey dumb, dumb, Mr Miller being an Independent has nothing to do with whose side he’s on. Like you did during the general elections 2009, he has a right to vote into cabinet any candidate he feels is suitable. I wish people like you would try to understand these procedures prior to sending a comment via this or any other media. What are you expecting from him? He has to vote or he could abstain and then they will be there all day and night long. Get a life!