Island Boy Gil cools off from Hot 104.1

| 03/06/2009

(CNS): Another morning radio show line-up has changed with what seems to be the acrimonious departure of Gilbert Nicoletta aka Island Boy Gil from dms broadcasting’s station HOT 104.1. dms has refused to offer any details regarding Nicoletta’s absence from the air other than saying he is no longer working at the station. But comments made by the former radio jock on his own Facebook page indicate that his departure was not a necessarily an amicable one and he is currently in New York.


Nicoletta has posted a number of cryptic comments on his Facebook page that seem to refer to his former employers in a less than favourable light and that he has taken some issue regarding his employment to the Department of Employment Relations.

Nicolette began his time with dms broadcasting at the launch in April 2005 as the breakfast time show host onX107.1 before moving across to HOT 104.1’s as the morning dj there with co-host Jules. He has now been replaced by D-Docta who was presenting Hot’s evening drive time show. Dms said that the new morning show will be called “The Morning Grind with D-Docta and Jules” and will air weekday mornings from 6 to 11 am.

“I am very excited to be jumpstarting Cayman every morning,” said D-Docta.  “We have big plans for your morning commute.  Jules and I have some interesting new features for The Morning Grind that are sure to fire up your day.  All I can say is…get ready to jump and wave, Cayman,” 

New features include “The Pepper Pot”, a rundown of both local and Caribbean entertainment, an overview of headlines from around the region called “The 411” and “Auntie Julia’s WTF Story”, a collection of weird news that the morning team has collected. “Along with bringing our listeners the best mix of Caribbean music to perk up their morning, D-Docta and I will be informing Cayman of what’s hot in our region as well as around theworld,” said Jules. “I’m particularly excited for ‘Julia’s Daily Horoscope’ and our ‘Shout-Outs’ segment.” 


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  1. Vanessa says:

    I met Gil while he was on vacation In Nassau, Bahamas..

    He was warm… and very friendly…..and I thought ..darnn nice guy…..

    He showed great interest in the culture.. the music.. and I hope I did a good job of introducing him to ppl.. that he needed to know…..

    He also told me about his wonderful country..with passion …….and I look forward to visiting Cayman soon..

    However, I find it amazing how to say negative things about you ..after you are gone.. no matter how positive the contribution that you have made….

    I am certain he would not have been in that position as long as he had..if it was not working…

    and yes folks once you are will vent….show me one that doesn’t

    I am certian that the career path that he will follow …will take him to higher heights..

    I wish him God’s speed…only the best…from the 242..

  2. Jesumpeace says:

    Please at least give Docta a chance to prove himself before jumping all over him like he is not able to do it. He actually has a lot more to offer than spinning songs, and has a good sense of humor, is very good at promotion and production and I think he will do a good job. Just give him a chance nah! Jesumpeace!



  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I am a radio jock out of Florida, Iam always in and out of Cayman.  I must say….. There is Radio DJ’s and then there is pro radio jocks, since day one on HOT 104.1 Morning show always sounded the same… If its not Gilbert making fun of the other lady, It’s the other way around. I have nothing against both of them but, what about content, more info… a show is not always about the DJ that host it… Its about the people, Country, Entertainment….etc. I have to give it up to Docta, he is fun, full of energy. I aslo thought he was not a morning person, but after tuning in a few times he convinced me that he has talent.

  4. Nicole says:

    I met Gil once and what a cool guy!  Always smiling and very friendly!  Luv your spirit Gil and do keep up the good work!  One luv! 

  5. annoymous says:

    yea after the elections we have nothing of importance to talk about, well let me give you some tippers:

    1. Cayman Brac Residents still need roofs over their heads – still waiting!!
    2. Children going to school hungry
    3. Social Services dept. getting abused by lazy people dont’ want to work
    4. Under aged teens having sex over at Camana Bay while guards turn blind eye
    5. Medical Insurance Companies fleecing the populus harder than CUC, & the former monoply C&W
    6. Immigration short-staffed can’t keep up on enforcements, so many working illegally
    7. Parents should be held accountable for children’s criminal acts
    8. Pensions for non-Caymanians should be abolished – whats the point?
    9. Every Caymanian should have a home or a piece of land they own
    10. Banks to stop favouring foreigners over Caymanians for mortgages etc.
    11. Post littering signs all over the island – including the beaches or biggest asset
    12. Govt. employees should not be able to use company vehicles for personal or private use outside of business hours – check Camana Bay parking lot on the weekends or many local bars
    13. Insurance companies locally refusing to let you choose your doctors in the US, Canada and insisting you go to Jamaica – a banana republic to be healed.  Yikes!! that one is scary.

    So opening a can of worms is just as justifiable as peeking into pandora’s box!!

    Now that’s news.


  6. annoymous says:

    yea finally we can all listen to the radio again.  Gilbert sucked and I can’t imagine how he lasted this long….

  7. Caymanite says:

    I thought they were both pretty cool together actually, & to answer a question, yes he is Caymanian, BOTH of them are……..

    Good luck with whatever you do next Gil, I for one will miss ya x

  8. ZZZZZZ says:

    Dear lord, slow news day?

    What next, "Dolphins subject to Rollover Policy but likely to be granted Key Employee Status" says Mac??

  9. Rootical Messenjah says:

    Now dms is grasping for straws by thinking that the "docta" can fill island boy Gil ‘s shoes. The docta can play preprogrammed music, his skill is really in the mixing as a DJ , not as a morning host. You actually have to speak to be on the morning show, and the evidence is in, the docta CAN’T speak , only spin.

  10. young boy kirby says:

    dont hate on gil

  11. Anonymous says:

    I cant say I blame him or them for leaving, "island boy Gil" isn’t cut out for radio and truth is Jules is really the only one that makes the morning energetic and intresting! As for facebook comments..everyone is a hot shot on facebook and he should just hush and get over it…..

  12. young boy kirby says:

    How dare you guys diss my boy Island boy Gil.  Now da he na on the radio anymore i can’t have my good morning laughs again. The  morning radio show is now no longer as funny as it was when he was there.  


    Submitted by islandboy kirby, a true Islandboy Gil fan.

  13. NATIONALIST says:

    Is D-Docta Caymanian ????

    • Stephanie Bodden-Sommerville says:

      of course not…but why are you making this a different issue…it’s about who can make Cayman smile in da morning..get a grip..geeeeeeezzzzzzzzz

  14. Anonymous says:

    I can’t say I blame them, this guy was not someone I wanted to hear in the morning.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Another one bites the dust!

  16. Docta fan says:

    Finally, I can go back and listen to the radio again!