Teenage boy faces burglary and drug charges

| 03/06/2009

(CNS): A 15-year-old boy was charged with eight offences in court this morning (Wednesday, 3 June) following a burglary in West Bay last week. The teenager faced charges for burglary, various traffic offences and drug offences. He has been granted bail with strict conditions and, as a juvenile, the boy cannot be named. The charges come as a result of an incident which took place on Powell Smith Drive that was reported at 11.25am on Thursday, 28 May.


Homeowners alerted police to the break-in at their house where officers discovered that the offender had gained entry to the house by prying open a window and that keys to a vehicle had been taken from inside the property, the car had been stolen and some other items had been taken, including a riding helmet.

Investigations by detectives from West Bay CID resulted in the youth being arrested and the vehicle being recovered.

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Again with the constitution.  You lost – get over it!  I am however very concerned about what goes on at Camana Bay.  Increased security should be implemented right away and PARENTS do not let your kids go to the movies alone any more.  I don’t believe in the dropping off business and leaving.  Put your foot down and either have an older person go with them, do not give the kids money if they don’t like this and fore sure, don’t just leave them there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How can this government talk to kids or anyone about the laws when they have no respect for the constitution?

    • Curiosity says:

      What a stupid comment… Get over the constitution already, it’s now in the past.  Move on to more serious issues.  Your comment is one of the reasons why the Cayman Islands is NOT looking forward. Get a grip on reality.

      • Anonymous says:

        More serious issues than the Constitution of these Islands…..The Constitution is the bases of all our Laws. It’s in the past….OK a murder was committed nearly a year ago, it’s in the past get over it! to use your words. You are condoning breaking the law…don’t you realize that, or is it OK when it’s people you "support"?

  3. annoymous says:

    I am so tired of persons claiming that parents ‘can’t control’ or parents ‘should not be blamed".  Let me say this the first parent or parents that is held fully accountable for the actions of their underaged children committing criminal offences will show major changes.

    What will happen is that the parents who will be held accountable and fined and possibly imprisoned for their children crimes will be setting an example for all to come thereafter.  We must take extreme measures to slow down this growing problem.

    Parents are fully responsible for their children actions.  They are the rulers of their household and if they don’t enforce the rules and policies then the children will not respect any of them and do as they wish.  I know of parents who sit on the couch and let their children curse them and call them names and make derogatory statements just because they didn’t have $50 to give them that friday evening to hang out with their friends at Camana Bay.

    Speaking of Camana Bay, that is now the new Teen Scene Red Light District.  I am baffled by the number of guards on duty who can’t seem to see what is taking place, but we the parents who go to this location with our children can actually see teenagers who hang out with their boyfriends in the dark corners making out or having sed.  Yes, having SEX!!   My daughter points out who is who to me and informs me that this is the new hunting ground.  What is worse is that some parents come to the movies go to the box office counter purchase the tickets then hand them out to their kids and their friends and leave them alone.  These same young men and women then go off and do their stuff in the darkness and never see the movie. 

    Two weekends ago in the afternoon I was there with my daughter and two of her friends that play sports with her.  I didn’t want to see the movie so I purchased the tickets and waited in the car for them, till the movie was over.  However, when I noticed one of the young ladies walking out (about 15mins after I sat back down in my car) to the parking lot and a sports car drove up and she got in.  I instantly got out of the car and hailed down the sports car before it could leave the parking lot.  Inside was indeed the young girl.  I asked her to come out of the car as I had to speak with her.  The man (a big hardback married man – and I knew him) said to me that her mother had sent him to collect her.  Now, I don’t know this to be true so I took my cellphone and called her mother who was completely unaware of having sent anyone to collect her.  She was so shocked she was furious to the point of hysterical.

    I eventually retrieved the young woman to get out of the car and come with me.  She did.  A few minutes later her mother met us at the parking lot and the young girl then broke down, cried and admitted that she had been seeing this 40 something year old man for almost 6months.  She had been sexually active.  She also confessed he gives her money, and buys her gifts.  Her mother was distressed to hear this coming from her young child.  And what was worse is that she was doing it to keep with the in-crowd at school.

    This young girl is under the age that she can legally consent to sex.  This married man’s wife was notified and she has kicked him out of the house, and has since started the divorce proceedings.  He is not Caymanian, but the wife is.

  4. Nicole says:

    What you are all saying is so darn right!  The kids these days have no self discipline and they are all out of control!  I dont think they need to be lockup, northward  prison is a joke to them all,it is like a hotel, for they do give them good food and lodging plus it’s free! 

    These young people need to be put in places like boot camp and group programs,we keep saying it is the parents fault, but as parents we can only do so much especially when your teen son or daughter is out of controll!  Trust me I have five teenagers and I have been through it all.  I know it starts from the home, but it does not mean that we as parents dont try our best with them!

     My kids was raised in the church and given nothing but respect and love,but when they became teenagers they were totally out of controll!  They started swearing and back chatting, trust me they did get an a$$ whooping from time to time, but that did not stop them from being a typical teenager. 

    Sometimes it is cause by  being around their so call friends that influences them that leads them astray, when they are in groups they tend to talk back to you.  But when you talk to them one by one you will see how good they really are as a person, and how much respect they give you back.  They need help and they are reaching out to us all asking for help, and prison is definately not the answer!  We can come up with some other ways of solution.

    To the new goverment, I must say look to our young people they are reaching out to you!  They need help and the time is now!  

  5. Anonymous says:

    Until the public force the politicians to act these children will continue to become lost and end up as adults at Northward with alcohol and or drug addictions and career criminals.

    In many cases look to the family unit as a contributing factor in a youth who becomes lost. Broken home, single parent with multiple children, lack of discipline the list goes on.

    There are also puzzling cases of children from good homes that are simply out of control and terrorize the family.

    In all cases early identification of problemed children and steps to bring them back into the mainstream community is one answer.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I feel that the youths of today do not have direction, who is to blame for this we all are,  but if they commit adult crimes they should pay for their wrongs.  At 15 years old, why was he not in school?

    Sending them to Eagle House does not help and sending them to Northward wont either but putting them back on the streets only results in more crimes being committed and no one benefits from this. The laws need to change  where juveniles are concerned; the youths surly have change so the laws need to change along with it.

    They see this behavior  as cool and they act as though they are above the law because they are juveniles. 

    They have no regardfor self, the law or others peoples property.  What is going to happen if they break in to someone’s home and the owner is there and do not stand for it and they defend their home and themselves…..the criminal gets hurt.  Who do you think will be punished?   Take one guess…the home owner.

    Something has got to change, times are changing and people are not willing to sit back and take foolishness any longer, child or not.