CUC upgrades to cause West Bay power outage

| 09/06/2009

(CNS):  Residents in the Mount Pleasant and the Shores areas of West Bay will be without electricity on during Tuesday 9 June due to upgrade work on lines in the area Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) said. The power firm explained that there will be a service interruption between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 pm in order to facilitate the work.

Homes from the junction of Meadow Avenue and Up the Hill Road off Mount Pleasant Road, Bonneville Drive, Glade Drive, Radiant Lane, Adonis Drive, Lynnette Crescent, Shorelink Terrace, Violet Lane, Bayshore Drive, Shorescape Lane, Shorewinds Trail, Shoreview Point, Shoreline Drive and all side roads will be affected. CUC apologises for this interruption which is necessary to facilitate upgrading of lines in these areas. Customers may contact CUC’s Customer Service Department at 949-5200 for further information.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you CUC I need electricity, so thank you for your service.

    West Bayer with children

  2. Caymanite says:

    CUC for the sake of humanity, PLEASE install this annon person security light before they go on a rampage & start throwing their stinky rotten food at the poor people in GT.

    I will pay for it myself if you are too wrapped up in counting your profits, just add it to my next bill 🙂

  3. Caymanite says:

    I live in West Bay 🙂

    Well we have bashed Jamaican’s, Filipino’s, other expats, those damn furriners, LIME, CUC, PPM, UDP, the Governor, the RCIP, kind of running out of people to throw stones at – check your glass house is intact before you all go to bed tonight.

    Goodness me, how about positive thinking for a change? How about love thy neighbour?

    Next thing you will be telling me you go to church too – LOL.

  4. I C, U C, we all See says:

    They have electricity in West Bay these day? Yeesh, next thing you know they will be wanting running water too! On the bright side, if your monthly electric bill averages $200, then CUC just saved you approximately $3.33 today alone! Thanks Ritchie and crew!

  5. West Bay Resident says:

    well since I don’t read the papers (due to over sensationalizm) or listen to the one radio you mentioned that elminated my chances of knowing about this beforehand. What happened to notices on the doors of your home like they used to do in the past.  They could have sent out two employees door to door in the evenings to make sure every one knew about it since it was such a small area affected. 

    It is called good CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE!!  But CUC has none because they are the monopoly and therefore when you have that crown we either shut up or get shut off!!

    I watched the news there was nothing on it last evening.  Why couldn’t they have utilised all the media knowing that there are more than just two resources available.  The posting on CNS came in late yesterday.

     Hell we have over 10 radio stations, and they only put it on one!!!!!  Shame on them.  PSA’s (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS) are free on all Radio Stations.  Oh I get it the competent Caymanian (Miss Karen Thompson) who worked there previously was so good at her job of informing the public, they couldn’t keep her employed.  I hear she was replaced by a work permit.  What a shame.

    Maybe we need to revamp that ICTA law and and the CUC contract to state that they must utilize all available media to notify the pubic.  Oh I keep forgetting that Law and that Office was created only to deal with a small sector and not the populus.  What a joke that office is and a waste of money too.  That should get some revamping as well.  I am my UDP Govt. will cut the wasters loose and clean up the messes these incompetent people getting fat paychecks monthy are doing to this country.

    That’s my 25 cents worth today.  Rebutt if you want.

    • Caymanite says:

      Please READ whatis being posted. I never said it was put on ONE radio station I said it was put ON RADIO, I heard it advertised so on various radio stations!

      Don’t use this as an excuse to get vexed with CUC! By the way, if CUC did not provide good customer service then WHY would they be UPGRADING power supply for YOUR area? Hello!!!!?!?I am in no way saying they are perfect but you are going against your own argument here!

      Also, if you are not into oversensationalizm then do not read this website either, it is basically an online news service! The newspapers are a news service in the same way!

      Lastly, Ms. Thompson was not pushed out of CUC, she left for better opportunities that she found as a Caymanian professional.

      Stop turning this into an excuse to bash CUC who on the whole do provide an excellent service and also stop using this as an excuse to get back onto that whole expat/Caymanian bandwagon, it is getting old now.

      • Annoymous says:

        you know people like you should not use the good name of Caymanite an indegenious beautiful rock found in our country.

        CUC can do better, if you lived in West Bay you will know just how many power outages we get down here in a month.  MANY. For the price we pay for electricity including the license fee, fuel use, and under insured premiums I have every right to complain about their Public Relations.  It sucks!!!

        Who is bashing foreigners, why like they don’t bash us any chance they get?  Give me a break.  What are you on self concientious detail or what?

        CUC should be criticized they did not use all the resources available and I am going to complain because I have that right to doso, just the way you have the right to rebutt every comment I make.

        CUC for what we pay your customer serivce and public relations should be impeccable, and right now they are not even satisfactory.

        Please install my security light as I requested!

  6. Anonymous says:

    To the first poster if you limit the opening of you fridge all frozen goods will remain intact. Why not give it to the people in West Bay i feel quite sure there is as many needy people there as in George Town. There are alot of options for alternate power feel free and best of luck maybe you can use the outage time to go and search.


  7. Caymanite says:

    What short notice? It was advertised in the press and on radio over the last week!!!

    CUC need to do the work they need to turn off the power, unless we want to cook some poor employees for the sake of your convenience!

  8. West Bay Resident says:

    Good luck contacting CUC, they never answer that number no matter what time of the day or night you call.

    I applied for a security light 4 months ago for our strata in West Bay and still waiting on the light.

    Now we have to endure a long power outage with very little notice so we could have had the chance to clean out our fridge and give the food away to people in G.Town.

    Come on, CUC this short notice is absolutely ridiculous. 

    I am looking into alternate ways to power my home and I don’t give a darn what their contract says,.  When I switch to alternate energy then we don’t have a contract to be disputed.

    Crap now I have to go clean out my fridge.