Disaster kits up for grabs

| 05/08/2009

(CNS): As part of Hazard Management Cayman Islands’ (HMCI) bid to keep people on their toes about disaster preparation the unit is raffling kits as part of the ‘disaster kit giveaway’ which is now in its second year. HCMI said that disaster preparedness kits are an important component of preparedness, especially in hurricane season. Worth $200 each staff from HMCI are offering the chance to win one at AL Thompson’s, Cox Lumber Company, Kirk Home Centre and Uncle Bill’s on Saturdays. 

Some of the items included in the kits are flashlights, radios, batteries, a small portable propane stove, an ice chest, gasoline containers, can openers and a first aid kit. As Saturdays are typically the busiest day of the week for the hardware stores, HCMI representatives are handing out hurricane information booklets to residents who can then enter the raffle. At the same time HMCI staff ask residents about their contingency plans in the event of a major hurricane.  Residents who indicate that their dwelling is unlikely to withstand a major hurricane, or who live in vulnerable coastal zones are asked about their plans for sheltering.

Deputy Director of Preparedness, Omar Afflick thanked the hardware stores for their continued involvement. “It is a great opportunity for HMCI to remind people that they have to take personal responsibility for their preparedness,” he said. For those who do not yet have a copy of the hurricane information booklet it can be found on the Cayman Prepared website, or for a hard copy head down to the HMCI office on the second floor of the Corporate Centre.


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