LIME’s acts of kindness treats movie goers

| 07/08/2009

(CNS): LIME conjured up a little of their own magic at a showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last Friday at the Hollywood Cinema, surprising movie goers by giving away tickets. LIME Country Manager Tony Ritch said, “Lots of people were surprised when they turned up at the cinema to be told that LIME was providing them with their tickets for the movie. This is not the first time that LIME has treated the general public to its ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ we have done several of these since we launched our new brand." (Left: two recipients of the free movie tickets)

Ritch continued, "The public love it and they have no idea where or when we will strike. We have done things like free breakfasts; free car washes, given out grocery store vouchers and roses on Valentines Day.”

LIME will continue showing its customers that it cares throughout the year with a schedule of Acts of Kindness that continues to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the Caribbean and its people.

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