Minister in hospital scare

| 07/08/2009

(CNS): Although he was admitted to the hospital earlier today (Friday 7 August)  the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment Rolston Anglin said that he is feeling better thanks to the care he has received. The minister was admitted to the Cayman Islands Hospital as a result of a rise in his blood pressure and doctors have advised he will remain at the facility for observation for the next 24 hours.  

“I’m feeling much better, and I thank the hospital staff for their excellent care,” said the minister who was coincidentally admitted to the hospital on the same day he was scheduled to begin two weeks of personal leave and once he is discharged, he will resume his plans, he said.

While Minister Anglin is on vacation, the Minister of Community Affairs, the Hon. Michael Adam, MBE, will act for him starting from tomorrow, 8 August, until 21 August. The Minister of District Administration, the Hon. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, JP, however, acted for Minister Anglin on Friday. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr.Anglin remember Mr. Mac is not aways right, so stay focus and remember the people of the Cayman Islands.  Don’t let Big Mac stress you out……….

  2. Caymanian at heart says:

    It is really sad to see the few irresponsible posts on this subject. For example see the post :Submitted by anon1 (not verified) on Sat, 08/08/2009 – 09:58.

    It is persons like you who have no heart nor empathy for HUMANS.

    Rolston is human and has a heart just like you do running his body. But I hope and pray for your own good that nothing this serious is reaped by yourself as you cannot be sure that you wll be as fortunate as Mr. Anglin.

    I am, like many many people happy to know that he has been released from the hospital and that the scare wasnt too serious.

    Get rest Mr. Anglin ao that you can come back stronger than ever and try to make things in this country right.

    Oh and by the way anon1- are you one of the many who get medical treatment at the HSA for FREE but continue to abuse and malign the institution? Answer this question HONESTLY

    • anon1 says:

      I am sorry you missed the irony in my sense of humor. I in no way suggested I wished anything bad befall the Minister,  Hon. Ronston Anglin ( go back and reread my post). Indeed let me state HONESTLY that I wish Mr Anglin a speedy recovery and all the best health in the future.

      What you seemed to have missed is my strong disbelief that the HSA will improve the lot of any Cayman resident that have to utilise the services of the Government Hospital where maintaining the status quo in terms of service will prevail. Getting the finances ofthe HSA in order, while laudable will NOT improve the health care that is being offered by the Hospital. Getting rid of some of the dead weight there in terms of unproductive department heads is more in line with what will produce excellence at the hospital. I think we will all rue the day when Mr. Ezzard Miller was passed up for the post as head of HSA as he appears to be one ofthe only men in the country that is willing to make unpopular decisions where necessary.

      HONESTLY I have never been a government employee, nor have I ever recieved FREE treatment from the Government hospital with the exception of when I was in school. My visit to the hospital was on the referral of my private physition, who reminded me that it was my civic duty to report my incidence of the swine flu to the hospital as this was the only means of the statistic being recorded. I paid for the "treatment" I recieved, even though it was nothing more than sticking a thermometer inside my mouth I was charged for a consultation as well.

      Lighten up, no one including myself, wants to see anything unhealthy befall Ronston ….. if it did I would have to find someone else like him to vote for in the next election. I, like every other citizen, do however need to remind him at every oppurtunity to keep his eves on the road for the good of Cayman.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They say that you should never critizise a man unless you have walked a day in his shoes. The UDP thought governing the country was easy. Well now they know better. That being said, I pray that the Minister will recover quickly.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear that my brother … watch the weight and mind the stress – these are things that come with being in charge of the most important ministry in our Government. 

  5. anon1 says:

    Nothing to be scared about Mr Minister. Your other Minister Mark Scotland, as you so readily attest to has everything under control at the Hospital with his new crack team atthe head of the HSA.

    You are one of the fortunate ones, they even found a bed for you. when I was there last week with the swine flu, they told me that I  needed monitoring but there were no beds available so I should go home and monitor myself and repoty back to theemergency room if I had distressed breathing or felt anything funny with my heart.

    The good news seems to be. things are betting better already ……………… By this Imean with my swine flu ………. not the hospital ….. and certainly not with the crack team at the head of the HSA.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am glad he is ok.  That being said,  I was there and he didnt have to wait the 3 hours to see a doctor as posted, and there were just as many people in his situation. Guess if you are "special" you go through the express line.

    • clearviewer says:

      I am very glad that he is doing better, we know that the job comes with a lot of stress, so Mr.Anglin your life is far more important, do not pay the nay sayers any mind, yes if he got in right away he should have,   two reasons being,  one, palpitations high pressure and second yes as a minister in gov. he should have preference, now start whipping me for my thoughts.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hope all is well with the Minister and that he will be able to continue on his much needed vacation soon

    • Concerned Native says:

      I wish you well. Take my advice, have a stress freevacation at a Spa and get plenty of massages!! All the best.

      God Bless you and your family.