Adamurges zero tolerance

| 10/08/2009

(CNS): Speaking at a community meeting especially convened in Rock Hole to discuss the rising crime in the area, Minister for Community Affairs and MLA for George Town, Mike Adam, said that a small number of criminals were “terrorizing” communities with “unimaginable violence” and it was time for the community to fight back and make life impossible for them. He urged the community to adopt a culture of informing on criminals and helping the police.

Asking the community to join the government in fighting the plague of crime and to put public interests ahead of the special interests, Adam said it was time for the people of Cayman to stand and be counted.

“There is a minority in our country, in this very district and other districts that have made crime their business, who terrorize our communities, robbing, murdering, assaulting, abusing our people, in the process using unimaginable violence,” he said.  “Let us have a resounding ‘No!’ to crime in all its forms. Let us make life impossible for criminals and make them change their attitude towards a just and honest, hard working life.”

Adam said that rising crime has left people across Cayman feeling powerless and insecure and said Cayman needed a police force which intervened, confronted and challenged every kind of crime and disorder – from graffiti and litter to burglary, drugs and murder. “In short we need zero tolerance policing,” he added. He noted, however, that the police could not fight crime on their own and said it was imperative for the community to rise and assist in the fight against crime. “We must develop a culture of informing against criminals,” he added.

“Crime trends indicate that the biggest social crimes such as murder, rape, assault and abuse happen mostly between people who know each other.”

The minister said that placed an added responsibility on people to be more vigilant and report such incidents. He asked the community to contact the MLAs by phone, email, visiting or even dropping a letter in the mailbox anonymously, to use the CrimeStoppers Hotline or speak with local pastors to report what they knew about crime and criminals.

“Let’s restore the moral fibre of our society, to embrace values that ensure amongst other things; respect for human life and dignity and property,” he said adding that he was concerned about young people who were not receiving the proper care, love, discipline, and education to help them reach their full potential. “These children that are at risk may turn in the wrong direction if not guided by us, the parents and the community, on the right path,” he warned.

“I am urging each and every one of us to set aside our differences, and work together as one people with the single purpose of building a strong, united, safe, prosperous and equitable district and country.”

He asked the people to join the new government in creating a safe environment for ourselves and our children. “For I am heartsick, as I’m sure you are, every time I visit the hospital or worse, attend a funeral of one of our young people who have been a victim of violence or drugs,” Adam lamented.

He said his government was committed to the people and asked them to help it get Cayman back on track. “Join us in making sure that the reality of Cayman, lives up to the promise of Cayman,” Adam said.

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  1. Robert Morgan says:

    "Look how many foo foo caymanian men are breeding Filipenian women! Dem Filipinians aint fool, they know a Caymanian baby is their passport to stay down here. Pitty the eeediat caymanian men don’t see that!!!!!"

    The plague of roving bands of armed Filipino women killing and robbing helpless Caymanians is the stuff of legend… They are truly the menace of the modern world.

    [For those unfamiliar with sarcasm, that was it… take notes, there will be a quiz later.]

    PS:  "…foo foo caymanian men…"  – That’s priceless!!! 

  2. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    To Fedup

    Look how many foo foo caymanian men are breeding Filipenian women! Dem Filipinians aint fool, they know a Caymanian baby is their passport to stay down here. Pitty the eeediat caymanian men don’t see that!!!!!

  3. FedUp says:

    Oh please, to all you complaining about the statuses granted 5 YEARS AGO just look around you and you’ll see how many fat caymanian women are marrying jamaicans and hondurenians just so that they (the men) can live here! 

    Open your eyes and stop blaming expats for everything!


  4. Anonymous says:

    It is so annoying to read the comments by PPM supporters blaming everything on the status grants by UDP.  They always conveniently forget to mention that plenty of those nominees for status grants were put forward by the PPM (and I know a few myself).  So if you want to spread blame then make sure you include the PPM on that one.  We are not in so much trouble because of that.  We are in trouble because PPM were so closed minded while in power that they took their eye off the ball on everything, especially crime!  They alienated businesses with their arrogance or inaction and inefficiency and they especially did a great job of spending the country’s money.  The PPM should simply disappear as I don’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to vote for them again.

    • durrrr says:

      The names of the people who received the status grants were published in the Gazette. I’m guessing the register of indictments (sp?) is not open to the public? If not, the names of people charged with crimes (charged, not necessarily convicted) are published on public Summary Court hearing lists. Get the lists back to 2003, and search one against the other. End of debate.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are right, but the status grants play a role. How many children were imported and called Caymanian overnight? How many status recipients left their jobs as teachers or helpers or police and immediately set up in competition with existing Caymanians? How many children were added to schools contributing to classroom overcrowding and reduced quality of education. How many status recipients are receiving how many millions in aid from Social Services, displacing indigenous Caymanians who need that assistance. How many status recipients stopped training their Caymanian "replacement" who until then was progressing in their career and has now hit a concrete ceiling? How many status recipients took jobs existing Caymanians would otherwise fill?


      I will damn the manner in which those grants were handled and distributed until the day I die. .. and we will all be writing the checks to pay for it.

      • A Smith says:

        "How many status recipients left their jobs as teachersor helpers or police and immediately set up in competition with existing Caymanians?"  Oh it was terrible.  The beast of the freee market and competition was let loose with the horrific result of better choice of products and services, reduced prices and employee mobility.  It was terrible. 

        I mean before I could only go to one place to get somehting, pay what the demanded or else and there was no need for customer service.  This was paradise, a paradise lost by reason of the status grants. 


  5. Wes'Bay-a says:

    Caymanians. Oh! the consequence of your actions!!

    You’re just realising it now huh……Its been "too late" a long time ago now.

    Think back to 2003. Was the crime being committed at that time so violent as what we have had in the past 4 years? Statistics will prove the answer to be ‘No.".

    Then what happened since 2003? Lets do the math.

    Massive status grants that were granted by UDP Cabinet who specifically created a law to by-pass the Immigration law and requirements, and gave status grants to many individuals that did not even complete the necessary documents and application, such less apply. Do you recall who ran around that Thursday and Friday to get the names of all whom they wanted on the list? Well my fellow Caymanians, it was some of you!!!

    Then we had Hurricane Ivan 2004. During the few weeks after this disaster, our Govt (UDP at that time) and Immigration authority didn’t have the ???? (call it what you want) to send the unemployed back to their country. THEN we all got this bright idea to make money so many of us employed unskilled laborers from other countries to help clean, restore and rebuild the island. Due to the great demand of work permits and urgent need for man-power, the processing of the applications and background checks were gravely pushed aside or circumvented.

    Since 2004, has crime increased and become more violent??? YES. statistics will prove this answer to be correct. Murders, bank robberies, armed robberies, shootings, fatal stabbings, chopping to death with a machete, drugs in the prison, prisoners committing murder while in prison and now possibly shooting at a magistrate home.

    The only thing next for these criminals to do is to kill our jurors……..then we’ll all be totally intimidated and out-numbered!

    Today, its my belief that many of those unskilled laborers were hardened criminals and are still here with us. Its also my belief that our Immigration procedures and laws are grossly out-dated and does not call for the appropriate or adequate investigations into someone’s past (and I’m not talking about producing a useless police record of where someone lived for the past 6 months – that’s rubbish!). Our laws and retribution is inadequate. The type of crimes being committed have changed but our laws haven’t. Our Govt seems to be somewhere else other than in Cayman…………

    Then, to top-it-off, MANY of the young Caymanians who want to get RICH by selling drugs, guns, ammunition and other criminal means, have joined the race for the ‘LOVE FOR MONEY’

    Caymanians, when you support a Govt, an Immigration and some of our very own people that allow any one nationality to out number us within our own country, what did you expect to get return??????…..Money??

    When you allow the majority of our population to consist of unskilled, under-paid and persons living in pooooooor housing conditions, what did you expect to get in return????????…… Money??

    When we sit back and allow our Planning authority to regulate the building construction on our homes for a vast amount of money but allow people to live in shacks, degrading and over-crowding environments, what did you expect to get in return???????…….Money??

    You may have gotten the money but you’ve lost your country…….its the consequence for your decision.

    There’s no one else to blame but yourselves.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Two preschools/daycares and the Georgetown primary school right in this same area. When are we going to say enough is enough. Right now our babies sit right at the heart of this crime laden area. Pray to God none of them ever get caught in the crossfire walking to school!


  7. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Adam,

    Change the Prison system for one; make it a living hell that these criminals wish not to go.  Take out all this expensive food and have a simple plan meal like below. 

    1. One slice of bread or two crackers and a cut of tea for breakfast.

    2. One sandwich or an apple and a glass of lemonade for lunch.

    3. A Chicken or fish dinner with a glass of water for dinner.  

    Am ******* tired of here in "I will kill you and go to prison for you"  Let’s change things, make them sleep in the heat.  Cut out the a/c and make them work on painting the Gov buildings, Hospitals, schools and so on.  Cut that cost out of the Gov expense.

    Put five to six prisoners in one cell, make it very uncomfortable for them.  

    GOV need to save, start here Mr. Adam.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Who is protecting our borders?

    Last I checked we don’t mnaufacture firearms on the island so they’re coming in in from somewhere. Is enough being done to patrol our borders not just by way of the canoes / boats coming  to our shores but searching the cargo that comes into this island on a daily basis? Are the three main departments responsible for this Customs, Immigration & Police working together and doing enough to conquer this ever growing epidemic. In the last year how many "busts" have been made as a result of searches conducted or should I ask how many searches are being carried out? Very few are reported in the media. Let’s stop focusing so much on collecting revenue and conduct more searches. All the money in the world can’t protect our community if we don’t focus on the real problem keeping the guns out of our islands! 

  9. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    Dear Mr. Adam,

    Here are a few ideas I’d like you to consider.

    First of all, we need to increase the penalty for firearms for one! A mandatory life sentence should be put in place. It’s quite clear that no one is taking the 10yr sentence seriously as it seems that every fool on this island has a gun! Also bring in the death penalty, we hang one or two of the scumbags that are being convicted of the recent murders and I’m sure we would see a decline in violent crimes.

    The police need to set up a heavily armed task force or swat team, to go into areas that are known for drugs guns and violence and raid them on a regular basis. We all know the areas that harbor these criminals so I assume the police do to… but they just ignore the problem instead of doing what needs to be done.

    As far as asking the community to come forward and inform on criminals, that is ridiculous! Who in their right mind wants to put themselves and their families in danger of having their home mowed down by a shower of bullets?? If the police were actually doing their jobs and got a grip on the situation there would be no need for innocent civilians to put them selves in danger. Look what happened to the informer that was being held in witness protection at the islander complex a few years back… Incase you didn’t know he was shot 5 times by a ‘pizza delivery man’.

    Get real Mr. Politician!


  10. Anonymous says:

    This is in ref to Wow! I am so proud that the….no disresperect to you but did you just read this topic of what Mr. Adam just said?  If I may remind you he said..

    .“I am urging each and every one of us to set aside our differences, and work together as one people with the single purpose of building a strong, united, safe, prosperous and equitable district and country.”

    Caymanians when are we as a people going to try to come and work together as one, and put aside all this crazy politicts for once.    I was never for the UDP I was a PPM supporter and today I will stand by the UDP & PPM elected members to help fight against these dreadful crimes.  We need to work as a team and leave politics for 2013.    Cayman is gone and it’s not only the expatraits that is doing crime here it’s also our own young Caymanian men.    

    I’m willing to help the police with any suspicious crime I see in my district, we should all have a neighbourhood watch aound each community and work together to insure peace back again.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ok Cayman…..we finally have a government that is asking for our help and mean it! They want to stop these criminals as much as we do and the only way for this to happen is for us to help them and the police by giving them our support and giving them the information they need to catch these people!

    Come on Cayman….put all political differences aside and let’s work together! This is our last chance before we completely lose this island to these monsters who are threating our lives and those of our children!!!

    Stand up! Call your community meetings and fight against these criminals!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      "Ok Cayman…..we finally have a government that is asking for our help and mean it!"

      Partisan statements like these are divisive and counterproductive. They do not help us to put political differences aside, but instead accentuate them.  

    • Anonymous says:


      The first thing mac did after the UDP won the elections was called on the PPM to work with them, but to date Kurt and crew haven’t answered.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Please dont get on the UDP Soap Box now, this issue is too important to become a political basketball. Lets leave the protection and well being of our people out of the politricks.


  13. Richard Wadd says:

     Ok brother Mike, I am behind you.

    LEAD the way, and we will follow. Be strong, be brave, we will ‘have your back’.

    Remember, there MUST be effective Punishment to reduce Crime. Simply put, FEAR of punishment makes people obey the Law.

    For inspiration, may I suggest you look to Singapore.


  14. Anonymous says:


    I am so proud that the UDP is willing to stand up against crime.

    I don’t recall ever hearing of the PPM having meetings in Rock Hole etcetera about Crime.