Brewer takes a light approach

| 14/08/2009

(CNS): After going easy on the earth with its recycling initiatives the Cayman Islands Brewery Ltd (CIB) is going easier on the body too with the launch of CayLight. Described as a “Premium Light Beer” by the brewery it has an alcohol content of 3.4% is only 95 calories and light on carbs. James Mansfield, Commercial Manager of CIB said the brewery was thrilled to deliver its second product and was proud of the new beer which he said had been “beach tested and taste approved.”

“We are very proud of CayLight as we have used our environmentally intelligent brewery to produce an extremely light beer whilst maintaining a great taste,” he said. “The whole team is proud to introduce CayLight and we encourage all local customers to support us in our mission to look after our country’s environment and support our country’s economy.”

The brewery noted that CayLight is being produced with the same environmental philosophies as Caybrew and comes in the same returnable bottle. Encouraging consumers to keep up on the returning of empties he brewery pointed people towards its collection partners, at Liquor for Less in George Town, Divers Down in East End and also the Brewery in Prospect where a return fee of .8c a bottle or CI$2 per box will be paid to the bottle returners.

The brewing team, Landell Brown, Kemar Golding and Andreas Moerlsaid they were delighted with the new product.  “We have created a beer which is very low in calories – 95 and carb count which for a light beer of 3.5 was a pleasing challenge,” said Moerl.  “We are very pleased with the flavour and look forward to CayLight taking its place alongside the active lives in Cayman which we all lead.   Cayman now has a light beer of which it can be proud and by drinking it, Caymanians are also supporting local business growth and protection of the local environment.”

CayLight sales representatives Peter Carlowe, Jarrett Nicholson and Matthew Leslie will be running promotions around the three Islands.  If you would like to sample CayLight you may visit the brewery between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. CayLight  is now available in all liquor stores and bars nationwide.

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  1. rob perrie says:

    Recycling: This was around years ago when i was a lad and worked perfectly, really dont understand why other companies don’t go down this route ,baffles me..