Court paves way for suspension of T&C constitution

| 14/08/2009

(BVI news online): Former Premier Michael Misick has lost his appeal against moves by the United Kingdom government to suspend the constitution of the Turks and Caicos Islands and impose direct rule. A three-member panel at the Court of Appeal in London on Wednesday delivered a final judgement in the case, paving the way for Governor Gordon Wetherell to officially take over the management of the affairs of this British Overseas Territory.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Folks PLEASE. Let me spell this out as clearly as I can for you. the UK govt wants us to go independent but they will not allow us to go off and do that on our own terms. They want to take away our ability to fend for ourselves, they dont want to leave Cayman in a position where we have a fighting chance. Why ? Well if we are no longer with them there is a chance we could join some other body (A federation of Caribbean States for example) and maybe one day compete with them internationally. Does anyone realise just how powerful (and self sufficient) the Caribbean region would become if we joined forces? We would have enough industries to be considered self sustaining, we would not need to import as much as the USA, Canada, China. We could develop industries for manufacturing, clothing, cars, food. Our financial services would support these industries, and we could compete against other ourism destinations together. Imagin someone purchasing a travel package that allowed them to move freely to any Caribbean island they chose with no restrictions, price increases, border controls etc.. We could share in medical research and services, we could extend the University of the West Indies education to all Caribbean Islands. We could develop our own military for defence. We could solve problems like coral reef bleaching, and lion fish infiltration together. We could compete at the Olympics as one nation. We could open up our economies to each other so that my local business would suddenly go from having a local potential market of 60,000 to millions of individuals. We could stop importing labour from other nations such as the UK, USA, Canada and hire Caribbean people who genuinely want to see the region thrive. I simply cannot understand wy we are not already in dialogue abou this idea because, the way I see it, our ultimate survival depends on it. The Uk simply want to destroy illigitimate children like us before we grow up and show them up to be the bad parents they are!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Take heed Cayman, we could be heading in this direction, by our own actions.

    Is is not the case that the Governor of the Cayman Islands is still substantially in charge of our affairs at this time? The handful of Caymanians who voted for change to our present Constitution, and who did not speak for the rest of us, have not yet had their new Constitution enacted as yet, right?

    So, why then did our Governor, who is supposedly now in charge here, allow the finances of this country to reach the sorrowful state that was recently announced to us?  Why didn’t he exert the power that he has at his finger tips to stop what has happened? Or, was it by design?

    Ken Jefferson as financial secretary reports to the Governor about our finances, doesn’t he? Regardless of what the politicians were wanting to do, as Ken claims, he is being paid a high salary to guard the finances of country, and so is the governor. If Ken was reporting to him about our financial affairs and was alarmed about the previous administration’s spending, why didn’t the Governor step in and put a stop to what the past administrations were doing (and yes that includes UDP when they were previously in power and spending like crazy, along with the immediate past PPM administration of spendthrifts).

    Our mess didn’t happen overnight and someone in authority should have exposed what was happening long ago.  Someone should have taken charge to prevent this country from reaching this sad financial state. Someone MUST be held responsible for this! 

    Of course, the inaction may have been by design to expose the incompetence of our so called "leaders".  If the latter was the reason then I clap, slowly, because now we have seen clearly.  Sad, but, true fellow Caymanians.

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:
      Ultimately, it will be Caymanians along with others collectively working for the best interest of the Cayman Islands that will make the difference and nothing else…
  3. the Empire Rules?? says:

    If Britain is really responsibly running the Cayman Islands through the Governor and his good governance, we should speak to them about repaying the $600M in public debt that they have accumulated here, we should speak to them about the Governor’s bills for Tempura, Cealt, sushi, and others not yet known., we should speak to them about having a minority of the population change our Constitution!

    The Governor is the person that has signed each of those documents and thus should be held accountable. While we are speaking to him we should also ensure that the mother country’s Prime Minister pays for potential damages for his international utterances in recent times!! of course by deposit in our offshore banking system for future Caymanians.

    As scary as it is I prefer George Town ruling anytime over the FCO technocrats…at least I can see this gang and figure out what is happening!

    Long live the Empire! but let us not forget about the Chagos Islands. This is the same british government that is ruling us from London. I say keep an eye on them. Please read:

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good.  As a British citizen I take great comfort to know that this territory is governed from London not George Town.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, and little do these greedy bastards know that there is a higher power than them. They  have already broken the law in our Constitution (that alone is enough corruption), but still feel that they could use it to their advantage, so conveniently. I believe they are going to get the surprise of their lives very soon just like the Turks & Caicos former Premier. I pray for that! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Excuse me while I hurl – I happen to have made the opposite change of locale and let me assure you, your memory has faded =)

  5. job says:

    ok ok here we go, roll out the usual ‘England can’t interfere with our cuuntrah’ routine…

    If it wasn’t for the ability of the UK to impose direct rule (or ‘gunboat rule’ as it is known) when the wheel comes off,  then these little countries wouldn’t have the security they do. What would you rather have when Cayman finally falls off the rails? The same people who caused the mess carrying on  running the country, or a sophisticated, experienced, democratic, skilled and progressive world class nation helping out?

    Get your head out of your money maker Cayman, and look beyond the benefits of your cousins and sisters.

    • job...less says:

      “a sophisticated, experienced, democratic, skilled and progressive world class nation”???

      thank you for the good laugh this Friday afternoon if you were referring to the UK… You obviously need to revisit the motherland sometime or even try the internet — there are a few websites from there now.

      no ill will intended here but really, really funny… thanks 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    That is what might happen to us here in Cayman if we aren’t careful…

  7. anti-spelin natzi says:

    Not to be a stick in the mud, but shouldn’t it be "Court paves way for suspension of T&C constitution"?  It ain’t the Turks and Kaicos…

    CNS: Yes, indeed.