Police arrest 3 in GT shooting

| 15/08/2009

(CNS): Updated -Saturday 12:15 pm – Police have finally released limited information on the shooting which occurred at the Corner Restaurant on Eastern Avenue, on Friday evening around 8pm in which three men were shot. The RCIPS issued a statement on Saturday just before noon confirming that the men – aged 32, 30 and 24, all had received gun shot wounds and have been treated in hospital. Police said that three people have been arrested and are currently in police custody.

Police said that the 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call at 7:52pm reporting that shots had been fired along Eastern Avenue in the vicinity of the Corner Restaurant. Police and medics responded to the scene and were told that three men had been injured. The men – aged 32, 30 and 24 – were subsequently treated at the George Town hospital for gun shot wounds. CNS understands that the men were shot in the feet and legs and two have now been released from the hospital but one is still being treated.

Three persons have been arrested in connection with the incident and remain in custody at this time and the police said they are treating the incident as attempted murder and appeal for anyone with information to contact George Town Police Station on 949 4222.

Unconfirmed reports from a number of sources say the shooting was directly related to illegal gambling.

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000 should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me if it is Illegal to have "deer traps" as a security measure in these islands? …………..  I have a few ideas I’d like to suggest.. lol  😀

    • Anonymous says:

      Deer Traps, wow, I was thinking along that line too, why cant  we good abiding citizens have deer traps on our property and when these suckers come up they will get the shock of their lives and be on display for all the world to see what useless scruffs they are, please tell me we can, I will be the first to get them.

    • frank rizzo says:

      If you have to ask, it’s probably illegal.

    • Chuck Norris says:

      I don’t know about a deer trap, but I bet a hidden trench full of punji sticks would slow them down.  I bet no one has passed a law against those!

  2. Anonymous says:

     I agree with the posts regarding the Northward prison. I am one frustrated law abiding caymanian. Of whom I must admit, I have a brother currently serving a sentence in the luxurious prison that I contribute my hard earned dollars to.. and to show how disgusted I am with the privileges they offer the prisoners, I don’t answer the prison number, nor do I answer the weird cell phone numbers that my brother calls me from.. And I will have to tell you this, I will do my upmost to protect myself and my family from these criminals (including him!). In saying this, in my eyes, blood does not distinguish one criminals from another! Cross the line and they all get the same!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Name and Shame

    We need to make the public know who these criminals are;

    Print their name(s)

    Print their nationalty

    Print where these criminials live  and the area in which they live

    Print their photo, a mug shot

    Name and Shame

  4. Tootie Eldemire says:

    Guns… Shootings… Murders… Attempted murders….

    Horrible situation to say the least.

    Where are we heading? Another Caribbean island with touristst being shot and killed?.

    God forbid this happens because this type of reputation will be our un-doing.

    Governments here must start with a different way of thinking  in the education field, Hands-on skills !!!

    Until graduation, Christian  Religious Knowledge classes being madatory for students to learn,  In ALL schools, especially the Public Schools. Body , mind and spirit all  need to be nurtered trifold, if we are to remain sane and at peace with oursleves and the world..

    More hands-on skills need to be taught. Carpentry, photography, boat captain, diving, mechanics, accounting, secretarial, formation of a hotel training school teaching all the skills needed to run a hotel – chef, janitorial, front desk, gardening, etc. etc. This is just to name a few.

    My reasoning for saying these things, is because our society is rapidly changing (for the worst). Young people are restless, due to broken homes and marriages.They have no role models at home. No discipline in their homes due to a lack of love and caring with many of them experiencing "fatherless" home. Then mothers have to work two jobs to try and support these children. No home life!

    So what kind of attitudes do these children develop to life, love and other people? Uncaring! Unloving! Undisciplined! Succumbing to pier pressure where at least they can feel accepted! Even of it is bad. They care not about others – only what agendas THEY have.

    Life is tough for children who have no love, nurturing, discipline and self assurdeness in their lives. They then turn to criminality! Hence our islands’ gun and drug problems

    If we can offer them new attitudes to life, with the positivity of knowing that they have a skill to offer and the discipline to carry through with that particualr skill when they graduate, then maybe we can do a turn around.

    Something HAS to be done (martial law maybe) because the holders of these guns are ruining our society and will inevitably ruin our long-standing  reputation as  a safe place for tourists to vacation, and investors to invest, whiich we have always touted, then what will be say when this all crumbles?

    The very essence of our social fabric is wearing thin and we ALL better wake up to the fact that money is not all their is to life. We have become greedy, We think that money is power. When all money is, is a paper or plastic tool  to shower oursleves with "things" when in fact we should be helping others with what we got!!. Money is not an evil thing… but the LOVE of money is!

    We have our priorities wrong!! The youth are our future and to have  good future we must all invest in their welfare, in one way or another.

    May God bless our future as we need many blessing from above to change what is occuring on our beloved, beautiful isle.

    When I hear of more shootings I cringe. Like may people here and I have heard it from many of my foreign investor friends too, that  they are very nervous about parking their money here and are thinking of selling and leaving. They now are fearing for their lives!!

    Never thought I would hear stuff like this!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Gov need to change things at the Prison and make it a livng hell.  Make it somewhere where things criminials don’t want to go.

    Am a law abiding citizen and I would’nt mine one of things criminials coming to my house to break in and try stealing my property.

    I would’nt mine a criminal coming up on me one night to rob me when my wife and I are walking.

    Rest to ensure, they will not live to rob again.

    Business people sleep in your business or have one of your employees sleep there.  Your employee will not mine because they sleep in a/c all night and get the next day off.

    I wound’nt mine a crimnal to try and break into my business,  I will call our too late Police Dept after I’ve put that one out to meet the creator.

    Signed: Law abiding citizen willing to put up CI$15,000.00 towards catching these mother f******.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i sent a comment this morning and you guys didnt post it why?

    CNS: I have to take time off occasionally. Check again.

  7. Annoymous says:

     Cayman people we all have a very serious problem here.  Number one The Police Dept!   Mr. Baines you need to first teach your Cops about morals.   They are lacking RESPECT in the Police Dept.  The way they talk to us Citizen is not how you would even talk down to a dog.  We are all HUMANS and RESPECT  is what this world is all about.    Your job as an Officer should be to serveand protect your Citizens from any kind of danger or harm, not downgrade them just  because you think you have so much POWER IN UNIFORM.  Let me give you Officers a few teaching lessons…

    1/Conduct yourselves in a proper manner when in the public eye

    2/Show interest in helping others more than degrading them

    3/Policemen STOP Flirting with WOMEN on the job when your suppose to be working

    4/Show consideration for others when help is most needed

    5/STOP talking down to our young men like they are ANIMALS

    6/STOP!  Talking about people in front of them when they can hear you

    7/Police Women please go to training classes to better conduct yourselves and for God sake act like you all have sense!

    8/Stop yapping on cellphones when your driving

    9/STOP giving out too much traffic tickets for it looks like that’s the only thing you all are good for

    10/ Patrol the streets more regular and get off your lazy butts just waiting for a car to go by to give them a speeding ticket

    11/Policeman please STOP asking women for their phone numbers especially when you know your already married(remove your ring a*sholes)

    Mr. Baines the Police women need to know to to act in certain situations when it comes to the public and car accidents and other etc.   They all lack training and they act like they dont have any sense at all especially when it comes to traffic related incidents.    Imagine if they had guns I am positive that they would shoot us all with the kind of attitude they lack.  The men are much better when dealing with road problems.

    I belive also in the right to bear arms, but with the kind of morals our Police Officers have I dont know about that now!   I only believe in the right to bear arms for our mature Citizens to protect themselves and thier families from any harm.  I am also in on this meeting.


    • Anonymous says:

      STOP! you sound like an idiot and like an individual who needs to go back to school…The Police have to give out the speed tickets especially to you dumb caymanians who like to speed and kill yourselves and others on these roads.

      Most Caymanians…. not all…Have a serious problem, you hate rebuke and you hate to abide with the laws of your own country. Open rebuke is better than secret love! train your kids and stop spoiling them, all they grow up to see is their parents, fighting, clubbing and cursing..A child lives what he sees! DON’T EVER FORGET THAT!

      You hate the idea of church and changing your lives. Those of  you are messed up totally and need to get back to the basics of life. All you are good for, is chasing and blaming the police for your ignorance.

      Get up off your fat lazy butts and help change the Island you are living own and stop expecting to police to come and clean up your homes.

      THANK YOU!

  8. Malli Scott says:

    A bunch of idiots with guns!!! Great that’s all we need more idiots with guns. No thank you!.


    Sounds like you dont have much confidence in them!!!!!

    • TwylaM Vargas says:

      HIGHLY DISRESPECT,  and I hope I am wrong in asuming that the writer of  ""A BUNCH OF IDIOTS WITH GUNS"  20:43 is really refering to the police.   " Idiots"?  critize yes, but we can still choose not to disrespect the police force on the whole.  It is nothing wrong with telling them what they are doing wrong.   This is how I look  at life, is like this,  If I run the red light, and it was my fault,  and If the police choose to give me a ticket it is still my fault,  if he adresses me in a decent manner he will get a decent response.   Many police officers are very good, and I must say the men are more decent in their approach than the women.  Women Police always speak in a tone of I am wearing the badge, take it our leave it.  Dont know why, any way I do hope they work on that.

      Now to Guns and Police, I really do not want to see police walking about the street with guns by their side.  Dont feel it will be c orrect, however I do feel that if police find thenselves in a position to use guns it will only be an arms length away.   After careful observation and listening to certai n coments, I am of the opinion that the break down in policing is somewhere between  top ranks and bottom ranks, where the police come from and so on.

      I am going to be very frank and say, in every police force in the world we have those we cannot trust, we have those that are in the force and supporting criminal behavior.   This is not anything new, it was happening 30 years ago.  When you prepared for a raid for drugs on certain persons by the time police got there the criminals were waiting on you.  If something went down between two residents, one was informed that the other had reported on them that they were selling drugs guns or what ever.  This is something that the Commissioner has to pay careful attention to in the police force.  Leaks, Leaks, Leaks.   The faucet is dripping into the Caribbean sea.   I know what I am talking about, go figure it out.   When it comes that you have to watch your own partner with suspicions it is dangerous.  Walk good.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have read all your posts and some of you critizise the Police they are doing their best and they need the support of the community.   I am a wife of a police officer and do you really think I like to send my husband out there unarmed right into a situation where there are shootings.  He goes out every night and I always worry he is not going to come back.  When I see him in the morning its a huge relief. 

    Iagree with the posts that they need to do something about Hotel del Northward why oh why do they let prisioners use their cell phones so they can continue to deal inside or do whatever chat/text their girlfriends (what happened to just one call on a public phone which is watched by prison officers), don’t let them have tv etc and live the life of Riley.  They need to be made aware why they are there.  If they are treated like non-criminals they won’t give a cr.p about being sent to Northward over and over again and keep on committing crimes so come on Cayman close the doors to Hotel del Northward and make it a prison like Alcatraz and I can assure you the crime will go down in Cayman as they will be too scared to be sent there.

    • Anonymous says:

      You might say that about your husband, which I don’t doubt your words, but you know that saying about one bad apple!!!!! Unfortunately this is an EXAMPLE…. there is always one good police man that is willing to do their job. But WHO?????



    • Anonymous says:

      They are doing there best?

      How can you substantiate that?  I am sorry but we measure their ‘best’ based on performance and security.  The police image is very bad, they act sloppy, undisciplined,  use their cell phones while driving and do not wear seatbelts etc – I know because I have seen it.  They enforce the law selectively and anyone with criminal intentions is going to weigh the risk of getting caught before he or she commits the crime.  We have created an incompetent police service and the criminals know it!


  10. Ruth Wagas says:

    Northward Prison how could I had forgot to had mention you all too!  You are also going to be on the Grey List lol.    STOP! STOP! STOP!  Treating the prisoners like they are Kings and Queens there!  Take away the TVS, the Cellphones, the radios and the great food that they are recieving down there!  Now that there is a new Goverment in lets hope things are going to change.   

    Mckeeva!  John John!  Mark! Elio! Ezzard!  and the rest of you big shots!  I know you all come on CNS and read these forums.  ACTION IS NEEDED NOW!!!!!  The people have spoken and it’s high time you all do something about it!  So get working unless we will all be Marching.

    PROTEST!  My Caymanians PROTEST!        

  11. Anonymous says:

    How can the Police possibly do their jobs and fight against armed criminals without being armed themselves. i certainly wouldn’t want to be a sitting duck which is what they are.  Criminals know police are not armed and that the punishment is a stint in the Ritz at Northward.  Prisoners should be made to work in the hot sun from dawn until dusk, have no a/c, tv, etc.  prison should be hard and a deterrent, not a better standard of living than most ordinary people have.  This is ridiculous.  If the Police can’t defend people, then people are going to defend themselves.  i’m a law abiding citizen but i’m not going to do whatever i have to do to defend my family and  myself.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I totally agreed with the post that began

    "Give the competence and ‘attitude problems’ that the police have, I think arming them on a daily basis would put even more people at risk from being shot." 

    I couldn’t agree more!!!  Last weekend I witnessed first hand the "competence and attitude problems" that some of the so called police officers have.  A friend of mine was involved in a minor accident with another vehicle on Spotts straight and a female officer with a strong spanish sounding accent turned up, full of attitude and little else going on for her to make any sound judgement, much less investigate what had happened.

    Before madam officer had even taken measurements or even examined both cars she was telling one young man that he was clearly responsible for the accident and was asking what he wanted to do!  Then suddenly mi lady remembered the other car, looked at it and started telling the other driver that he had caused the accident!  Wow! Us onlookers were amazed!! Inspector Clouseau in female form was on duty we thought!

    A lady present at the scene stepped up and asked the "officer"  if she was sure that she had FINALLY decided who had cause the accident, since she had witnessed her telling BOTH drivers that they were responsible!  Amazingly the female officer’s"response was,  "Weeel I ave d a-tor-i-tee and I can shange ma mine" to which the lady replied, "Officer I was not questioning your authority but I am questioning your judgement!".  Madam officer was hot at all happy, of course, but with all respect I must say that most of us present felt the same as the lady who questioned her because this clearly was not the way to carry out an invetigation. Any officer worth their two cents would know that they should wait until they have gathered all the facts before engaging their mouth to try to accuse anyone.  The "officer" went on to say how she is the officer, and she has "a-tor-i-tee" and bla bla bla and bla bla bla, to which we all walked away. How pathetic but what a rude awakening for us who witnessed that! It brought up front and personal the caliber of people that have been recruited into the RCIP!  Thankfully other officers arrived on the accident scene and took over. The lady who had questioned the female officer told one of the male officers who arrived about how his colleague had behaved and he said that he would inform the Inspector because he agreed that what the female officer had done was not right and would probably cause confusion. THAT my dear Caymanian public is one example of what our RCIP has been reduced to. The "female officer" with all "a-tor-i-tee" and very little policing sense is an example of who we are now relying on to investigate for us!  It is no wonder the criminals are taking over.

    • irarms says:

      I would be more terrified if these "police" were armed. It’s is clear to anyone that they have competence and attitude problems.

  13. Anonymous says:

    What the police needs to be doing is staking out the areas where most young boys that don’t have anything to do and hangs out in.


    Stop sleeping on the side of the road waiting for some to pass 3 miles over the limit to give ticket, which is the lease the police should be concern about. if someone wants to drive like they are being chase and ends up killing themselves then at least we can well he or she was a nice fellow.. but when you see a drive by shooting in the middle of George town where almost everyone goes to buy food, that is something to really worry about.

    Please everyone get together and do something about it. Not JUST CAYMANIANS everyone is affected by this, and all that would like to contribute there opinion should be allowed to talk. Yes this is Cayman and yes it belongs to the CAYMANIANS no one will ever change that. Please think outside the box…..

    God Bless our Cayman Islands!!!!


  14. durrrr says:

    Isn’t it time we legalised and regulated gambling?

  15. Anonymous says:

     A bunch of idiots with guns!!! Great that’s all we need more idiots with guns. No thank you!.

    As for Richard’s suggestion whilst it provides comic relief and is quite temptiong in all seriousness we would be taking a step back especially with a new constitution to boot. So that’s not a plausible solution.

    So we should take a look at what we have and fine tune that to send a clear message. Northward is simply not sending a message or deterring anyone from crimes. Criminals clearly weigh the life and profits of crime against being caught and sent to prison(IFthe police manage to bring a proper case) and the life and profits is winning by a landslide. So we need to reverse this.

    Seeing that Gov’t is broke changes can be implemented immediately. No more TV, A/C or cell phones or phone access! Three meals cut down to two; what are their meals like anyway-cut back on that too. 54k to house a prisoner is way more than most decent law abiding citizens in this country. There is something seriously wrong with that picture!


    Alone in a totally dark cell that was too small for him to stand up, the American con artist was transported back to the 17th century. He describes the place in Catch Me If You Can:

    There was no light switch. There was no light in the cell. There was, in fact, nothing in the cell but a bucket. No bed, no toilet, no wash basin, no drain, nothing. Just the bucket. The cell was not a cell, actually, it was a hole, a raised dungeon perhaps five feet wide, five feet high and five feet deep, with a ceiling and door of steel and a floor and walls of stone. (Catch Me, page 226)

    A sentence to Perpignan‘s prison was not meant to rehabilitate anyone. It was meant as punishment for a crime.

    • Twyla M Vargas says:

      THANK GOD, Someone has been caught for some of these shootings.   I certainly agree with the comments  at  13:45.

      NOW, let us see if the police can make a case,…………………… then let us see if the Judicial system will give them a pat on the hand,……………………. and then let us see when they go to the Gran hotel up there in Northward if they will have VIP treatment…………………..Thank you Jesus, you know we were getting more than we could bear.

  16. jj says:

    The usual suspects to please the public Cayman this is really sad sad never thought it would come to this

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dear Angry Caymanian, great idea, let’s follow the Amercian model and enshrine the right to bear arms.  They have very little gun crime in America.

    Let’s face facts almost everyone involve din ther ecent round of shootings have been involved in crime or activelly spending their time with criminals.  These are not innocent victims. 

  18. Anonymous says:

    To :Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 08/15/2009 – 10:40.


    Give me a break it was at 8pm and at a restaurant!!!!.. Lets not get sanctimonious here. I am sure there were many totally unaware people simply trying to get something to eat. That mindset is one of the most destructive to have duringg these times. The fact of the matter is it may not be a restaurant that you frequent but I guarantee if this keeps up and this brazen behaviour is unchekced the very restaurant that you actually frequent will be next. If you live in this country this WILL affect you so stop the foolishness!

  19. Anonymous says:

    The RCIPS are obviously too scared to patrol this hotbed of criminal activity during the "party" hours.  

    To prevent crime in these scenes it is critical that a strong visible police presence exist throughout the skid row party hours.  

    As an aside, have no doubt that it has become a skid row – no respectable person would go to this perpetual crime scene during "party time".  I won’t even drive down Shedden Road by the bar after work on Friday due to the increased likelihood of getting hit by stray gunfire from the drunks wandering backand forth across the streets.  

    Given that the RCIPS won’t/can’t police Cayman’s skid row, perhaps it is time to contract out the job of armed policing of skid row.  From personal experience, I can recommend the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  They are effective, respectful, pleasant to deal with, and aren’t afraid to put on the vests, sidearms and various other crowd control devices and walk into a mob of partying people to maintain the peace.  It works.  They are in fact very effective at crime control during street parties.

    I add that catching people after the fact is not the same as preventing the crime.  We need a police force that can act BEFORE people have bullet holes in them, not after.

    Since the RCIPS can’t do the job, it’s time to start thinking outside the box.  Any other recommendations?

    • Concerned Native says:

      Writer you are so correct. Maybe it’s time to call in an effective police squad like the RCMP. Let me state for the record I have about asmuch faith in the RCIP as I have in the UDP’s ability to get us out of this recession.

      I would only call the West Bay Police station if there was a canoe sunken in Barkers with a few thousand Jamaicans. Cayman Islands Needs an ethnic purging; revamping of the judical laws; revamping of the various enforcement agencies and and a purging fom the CEO of Cayman down.


      • Anonymous says:

        According to what I heard the shooters are Caymanians and the ones shot were Jamaicans.  So ,  why do you talk about importing their horrible lifestyles . Caymanians cna’t think for themselves and don’t know the difference between right and wrong.  Stop blaming foreigners for every crime that happens here.I too am a "Concerned Caymanian."

        • Concerned Native says:

          You should not have uttered your senseless words that Caymanians can’t think for themselves. Listen I’m a NATIVE with many generations before me who put this little country on the map and it’s my good folks who gave you and these wagabons the opportunity that is afforded to us. 

          THink, Think! Look at where we are today because of the looking through a false mirror. The day I find an expat that want to keep Caymans Tranquility will be th day I renounce my heritage. We have over the past four decades imported  a breed of expats who have bred into our Caymanian normal society a sense of distruction and greed and what we are now experiencing is vegilanty mentality amoung the seeds.

          A need for a total Expulsion of foreigners could do less harm than keep on the current track we’re on.


  20. Twyla M Vargas says:

    THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH CAYMANIANS LEFT WITH ANY GUTS IN THEIR STOMACH to do anything about what is happening.  Remember the old days?  when something went down and the Cayman People would say  enough is enough?  They meant that and the next day every body would be out on the street in a MARCH and sat down at glass house until we got results.  And believe me when I tell you CIVIL SERVANTS WERE THERE TOO They were not afraid and did not care one rat behind what anyone said.  

    I am darn sure there is not enough prison to hold five hundred or more people.  I am darn sure that if 200 or more civil cervants joined the MARCH, there is not a dam thing that anyone can do to them except listen to what they say.    Sorry to say but something has to be done.  There is a reason for these shootings and not a darn soul is even getting on the talk shows and publicly asking why?   Maybesome one will answer!!!!!!!!! who knows? , instead every day we beat our gums talking shit  about what this government did and the other did not do.   Hell UNA NEED TO WORK TOGETHER!!!!!!! ..  Cant you people see that somebody needs a job at the talk shows.  Who is comming back and saying I have followed up on this,  and this is what I found out.  For Petes sake cant evveryone see that we have enough? 

    Maybe some consideration need to be given to stay at your home and cook your own food in the evening, maybe some consideration need to be given to buy your own six pack and a bottle and stay at home or meet at a neighbours house.  Maybesome consideration need to be given to stay at home with your family and pay more attention to your nice wife/husband and family you have at home instead of looking somebody.s  else, maybesome consideration to be given to watch your own TV, Dish, Frying Pan or pot at home instestead of going out to the movies.   why fast food?  If this is done more often then there would be less people on the streets, less money making for business and then someone will fel the pinch.

    I will say it again, and I am sure the poilice is doing all they can. But get it into your head that the police can only do so much.  If people are so afraid to find one police they can trust, that is very bad.  If we have so manypolice that we cant trust none of them, that is worst.  Get rid  of them.   I am going to close this long comment with a story I got from a friend over the week.  A Honduran National said he parked his car in the village and was in the process of getting out, when a young man aproached him, speaking in a strong Jamaican  accent and with a knife in his hand  said, ‘MI WAN WHA MONEY YE AVE"   The poor guy said all he had to his name was one  Ten 10.00 dollar bill to buy luncg the next day.  He opened his wallet and gave it to him.  The guy took off running and he left and went home without even reporting it to the police.  Said he was afraid.  I can understand his decision.   I probably would do the same.  Who can find a needle in a hay sack?  It is time for cayman to get in the streets and let our voices be heard.  Someone is to blame, consider who it is and let us take to the streets.

  21. Ruth Wagas says:

    I guess you all want us to sit here and die like poor ESTELLA may her soul R.I.P   Angry Cayman you are so right I myself as a woman should have my right to defend myself.     I dont want to end up like Estella(r.i.p)  We either take charge now because this gang violence is way out of control. 

  22. Anonymous says:

     How many ‘qualified’ gun toting citizens would have been present at this alleged illegal gathering that one poster has ‘heard’ was numbers selling. If they were present then surely being involved in this illegal activity would have unqualified them. Your arguments are unsound. At the times and places of these shootings – for the most part – there would not be any qualified citizens  – of the type you would wish to be qualified, present. They are in bed or at home with their families.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is not true of this shooting. The time was early evening 8pm. And whilst this may be a "numbers" hangout it is also a very good restaurant and decent people do go there to buy food. That is the problem with Cayman – no "uptown" and no "downtown" ie. discrimination – the good, the bad and the ugly all live together and hang out at the same places. Other countries have their ghettos and you can keep the trash in society where they belong but in Cayman no the trash are allowed to go anywhere and hang out with decent folk. Trash/ghetto people should be confined to the ghetto’s. Discriminatory YES – Snobbish YES but Crimefree also.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Give the competence and ‘attitude problems’ that the police have, I think arming them on a daily basis would put even more people at risk from being shot.

    Individuals carrying arms would also put more people at risk as those keen to have them are showing themselves to be too keen to use them. They are the very people, behind to the criminals and the police, who should never be allowed access to guns.
    The current rise in the amount of crime, especially armed crime, needs to be urgently tacked by not only the police, but every resident. The best way to solve this is to provide the police with the intelligence they need to apprehend the criminals and remove the guns from circulation.
    Although the guns and drugs may be imported, it has to be accepted that the criminals are more likely to be locals. It is wholly wrong to blame the expat community for this problem. Cayman, look to yourselves, it is your sons and brothers that are destroying your very chance of earning a living in these difficult economic times.
  24. Richard Wadd says:

     Dear Angry Caymanian,

    I too agree that QUALIFIED persons should be allowed the right to keep arms, however actually carrying a concealed weapon in this society would be something that I believe should be up for debate by the people. I shiver to think of some of the ‘Ignorant’ people I know being able to carry around a gun.

    What we DO NEED, is More Effective Punishment, and the Judicial Application there-of.

    Time and time again I raise the point of ‘Corporal Punishment’, or the lack there-of in these Islands.

    No-more effective deterant exists than the Application of the infamous ‘Cat-of-nine-tails’. Thousands of years of History document its effect on controlling unruley society.

    YES, it is harsh, YES it does scar the Criminal both mentally and physically, but THAT is what it is supposed to do, and THAT is why it is so effective …… FEAR of Punishment !

    A little ‘buss-ass’ never did us any harm when we were growing-up. That is what kept Order, Respect, and Discipline in our parents’ homes. THAT is what taught us these values. The LACK of effective Punishment is WHY we are in the pickle we now find ourselves.

    Ask ourselves, ‘Do we REALLY want to bring back the Cayman of old? Do we want the society where we never even locked our doors, day or night? Where women were not preyed upon, where our sons were not aspiring to be Thugs, but rather Doctors, Lawers, and succesful contributors to our society?

    The ONLY way to do this, is by Creating and Enforcing an Effective means of Punishing these Criminals. A means where, not only will they be so impressed upon  that they WILL change thier path in life, but forms of Punishment that will also act as a DETERANT to others, who will Respect the Law, for FEAR of the Consequences.

    I say we should Bring Back the Whip, and Apply it Judiciously to ALL types of Violent Crime. Rape, Murder, Armed Robbery, Home Invasion, ALL Gun related crimes. Let it be a MANDATORY application in the sentencing of these types of offences. Apply it LIBERALLY to Drug-dealers of ALL levels.

    And IF we find that traditional means do not deter repeat offenders of so-called ‘Petty-crime’, apply it to them also as a deterant / reminder of WHERE a life of crime leads to.

    Look to Singapore as a shining example of how Discipline, and Respect for the Law, can turn a country around to become a respected and prosperous nation.

    Take back Cayman from these Criminals.  BRING BACK THE WHIP ! 



    • Anonymous says:

      TO BRING BACK THE WHIP!!! I agree with your article  100% I have been saying this for many years.  Spare the rod spoil the child. It has proven that it worked in the past and it will work again. BRING BACK THE WHIP.

  25. Annoymous says:


  26. drapan says:


    i wonder if anyone in cayman knows how many dollars leave our shores each week over this "cashpot" "drapan" business.  this is what happens when you bring these elements into our island and allow them to thrive.  the police are not stupid they know this is a big thing in the Jamaican community that lives here.  draws three times a day the poor mans dream of winning big.  but some of the people who are involved with the selling and buying are not "law abiding" people.  they do the dirty work and the big man flies in once a month to collect his cash on our National Airline i have heard.

    Cayman we haven’t seen anything yet.  where are the police when these numbers are being sold right on eastern avenue?  they don’t care and they won’t care until some innocent child or passerby gets shot over one of these money disputes.  the cashpot business is taking over the hunduran number business that used to thrive in Cayman because the numbers are pulled three times a day.  hundreds of thousands of dollars are being made right here on our shores each week.  its not for the want of people reporting it to the police.  its just a lax attitude.  they were told about this two years ago when it was starting up and they left it alone.  well prepare for more shootings and more fights Cayman.  Welcome to Jamrock.

    • Twyla M Vargas says:

      I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE GOVERNMENT IS WAITING ON, to bring the National lottery to the Cayman Islands.  They would only have one place to put police , guard instead of chasing corners stores and hot pockets. " Everybody has a dream."  

      listen up good.  The Jamaican lottery is being played three times a day. At 12.30, at 5.30 and 7.30.   The Honduras lottery plays every sunday, the Belieze lottery plays every night, the phillipino lottery plays every day, the Indian lottery plays every day.   Does anyone know how to count?  well count how many?   I dont know which brain child that think the police going stop this, please, everybody buys.  Church members buy before the go to church, and while the last song is beign sung, they are wondering what played.   This is a changed society, we wanted it so live with it.  If you dont buy lottery, then dont buy.  But leave the others.  Its just like watching xxxxxx on Tv, you either watch or "Dont touch that dial"  I would like to say that the private section of this Island with money had better get in line, because if you think that this wont reach you one day, think on.  Guns will get bigger and criminals will get smarter.  Come up with a plan.  Blessed.


      • Anonymous says:

        With a post as thorough, and correct as yours…there is nothing to add other than to say ; " I 100% agree with all you have said"


  27. Anonymous says:

    The fact of the matter is crime pays! Look around our society. 

    It’s only a few known criminals who rub time in Northward.  The rest of the known criminals are living the high life rubber necking with high society, driving the same cars and living in the same pricey communities as the wealthy.  What kind of message does that send our youth?

    So long as we as a people continue to turn a blind eye to crime (no matter how petty) this will continue.  Criminals are not the outcasts in our society.  Instead, we treat many of them like celebrities and happily use and benefit from their proceeds of crime (using their homes, cars, boats, wining and dining).  If we continue to encourage and tolerate high-society criminals, the crime will continue to flourish in our community. 

    Remember petty criminals usually turn into big criminals.  Accept some responsibility and think about your own lives.  How are you contributing to this lawless society? What are you doing to condone crime? Play your part, not matter how insignificant it may seem, and then start pointing fingers at others!

  28. Anonymous says:

    8pm!!! WTF any innocent person could have been hit by stray bullets. These kids are out of control and have no fear of repurcussions and are getting very brazen.

    Action is required enough of the talk now.

    I am not one who agrees with having Cayman become a gun toting nation where after a while every tom dick and harry is packing a gun…No way we are way tooooo small of a country for that.

    This unfortunately comes with progress but we need to take back our streets with effective policing, there is a complete lack of trust and respect in the police. The judiciary is in disarray and the prison is a joke. Then the bare bones of it is  we are spilling out un-prepared illiterate children by the hundreds from the high school and the opportunities for these children are limited and thus the problem gets escalated. We as a community along with the government can work together to get those children going into the primary school we catch and nurture that bunch and not make the same mistakes. However the ones that are already out of the system for the most part are a lost cause and hence the importance of the police judiciary and prison system to put them under control.

    This is really difficult but it CAN be done together. Enough of this now!!!


  29. Yates says:

    I am feeling you "Angry Caymanian."  I myself are fed up too, you can count me in, let me know the date,place and times of these meetings.    That is so true how are Cops not wearing guns and the criminals are?    Cayman is gone and we need to bring it back.

  30. Angry Caymanian says:

      I believe that the purpose of Government is to protect our life, liberty and our property.   I also believe in the right to bear arms.  I am ANGRY at the Police Dept/Goverment & these Stupid Constituition Laws that we have here in Cayman.   

    Look at it this way the Police are not carrying guns but the thugs are how STUPID is that?????
    The Police are afraid to go to shooting incidents  because they had no guns to protect themselves.
    Around the time when Ivan hit Cayman the crowds were so out of control that half the Police quit the Police Force because of no protection, they were all scared and crying like little boys who cried wolf.

    If you all so called High authorities cannot find ways and solutions in protecting your people, I say we will not TOLERATE VIOLENCE here anymore and we will form a RALLY  to march all the way down to either the Court House or the Goverment Office.
    Elderly responsible Cayman Citizen should all have a right to bear arms to carry around on them for protection and keep in their homes.  We all need to abolish that old Stupid Law and bring on a new one in.   Women especially should be allow to carry mace and used any kinds of self defense weapons to protect herself in horrific situations.   
    My Caymanian people those of you who think I am right here lets all get together sometime next week for a meeting and ;ets all start marching!   First topic we are going to talk about will be getting rid of every known Criminal whos living in our Islands that is not a Caymanian and shipping them back to where they belong!  
    Immigration we are not going to leave you all out too, some of these crimes you all should be responsible for too, you have let Criminals into our Country and never even run a background check on them or fingerprint them.  Our Island is sinking and the time to ACT is NOW!  I will be back here next week to give my followers the dates and times of these meetings!   
  31. Annoymous says:

    Dear Mr. Minister of Tourism,

    There is a BIG hole in your ship. You are taking on water. Immediate action required. If situation not rectified, then BIG BOAT TOURISM will Sink. Can you swim?