Construction controversy at Clifton Hunter site

| 20/08/2009

(CITN): Tom Jones International, the contractor building the government schools, is facing further controversy after accusations of seeking cheaper labor from expats. According to news reports workers from the Clifton Hunter site say their contracts with sub-contractor, East End Labour were terminated because the company had allegedly not paid pensions and health insurance and the employees were asked to leave the site earlier this week. Following a meeting between the contractors at the offices of the DER the workers are expected to return to work on Thursday.

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CNS Public Forum: East End Constructiontion Workers need our Help/Protection

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And whose side was DER on in this I wonder? 

    Rolston I hope you don’t have blinders on or have the wool pulled over your eyes. Remember, talk is cheap and not all that glitters is gold.

    Some people have the great gift of gab but if you listen carefully enough I think you will soon hear the real truth of what has been going on with this and other cases.