Chamber launches Cayman leadership initiative

| 21/08/2009

(CNS): People over the age of 25 are being given the opportunity to take part in wide ranging and intense six month leadership programme run by the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce. The industry body said the course is designed to promote and enhance community leadership through a series of in-depth seminars and retreats that will focus on social, economic, business and political issues in the Cayman Islands.  (Left Jeff Brandes the driving force behind Leadership Cayman.)

Speaking at the launch of the initiative, Stuart Bostock, the Chamber President, said it was intended to help the men and women in the gain a greater understanding of the society in which they work and live. “This new initiative will help to develop the next generation of leaders in all areas of business and government,” Bostock said, adding that he himself hope to apply and be considered.

Jeff Brandes, the grandson of well known Caymanian businessman, Linton Tibbetts, and the driving force behind the project, said it would provide an opportunity for people to learn about areas in society outside of their own working arenas from leaders in different fields. He explained that each of the eleven specialist seminars would cover different aspects of society from government and diversity to diversity and financial services.

Brandes said that each seminar would be held at a different and relevant location, some of which people who have lived here all their lives may never have visited, such as Northward prison for the seminar on criminal justice or the studios of CITN for the media seminar. Local leaders and experts will host the seminars in a conversational format and give students the benefit of their specialised knowledge.

“It is really about connecting people, growing understanding of the different aspects that make up the community and inspiring them.  All of our lives run parallel; this is about interconnection” he added, saying it would also offer great orientation for people who are new to the community. “It’s essentially Cayman 101.”

The course costs $1,950 for Chamber members and $2,250 for others. The application is an essay format and application forms are now available. The deadline is 16 October and Brandes said 20 of the most suitable applicants will be selected for the first course which will run from January 2010 for six months.  Other than the minimum age of 25 the programme has no other restrictions and people of any nationality or age in any profession from the private or public sector are encouraged to apply. Seminars will typically take place on Thursday and applicants will need to attend nine of the eleven in order to pass the course. The opening retreat is the only mandatory event which will take place between 14-17 January with guest speaker Peter Hammerschmidt, a professor of Economics at Eckard College and expert in leadership issues.  

The Chamber said it was seeking title sponsors for the project but as yet there were no scholarships for the course and it hopes that those who join the programme will be subsidised by their employers.   

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Outstanding effort to improve the Cayman Islands and what it could have to offer in the human resource and business arena.

    Where could one obtain an application?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is great!  Thank you Jeff Brandes for giving of your time to share and assist with skill building for your fellow Caymanians.