Police nab nine “bail-bandits” in warrant operation

| 24/08/2009

(CNS): Police said on Monday that they had arrested nine people in a special operation designed to target those who have failed to appear in court as bailed or had not paid fines imposed as punishment. Those netted owed between them over $16,000 to the court system and two of those arrested were given prison sentences of 70 days and 27 months respectively. While another two people paid their fines immediately, the remainder were bailed by the court to appear again at a later date.

The operation, conducted by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s (RCIPS) Process Department on Friday, 21 August targeted individuals who had warrants issued for their arrest. Eight men and one woman aged between 16 and 62 were arrested in the process.  “People who do not appear in court or fail to pay the fines imposed do not respect the criminal justice system,” said Sergeant Angela Madourie of the Process Department. “We will not allow people to dodge the punishment they have been given for their crimes. People should not see a fine as an easy option. If it isn’t paid, you will be arrested and taken back before the court.”

Sergeant Marourie also stressed that the police would rather not have to go looking for people. “If you have been given a court date or a fine to pay, your best course of action is to turn up on time or pay the fine,” she said, “otherwise you will face arrest for a second time.”

Anyone who thinks they may have an outstanding warrant against them or has yet to pay a fine issued by the court should contact their local police station or the court house as soon as possible. Residents who have been issued with a traffic ticket or similar should pay it as soon as possible, rather than waiting until the final day of payment which can often be forgotten and missed. In addition, everyone should keep a record of receipt as proof of payment of a fine and record court appearance dates so they do not get overlooked.

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  1. Tired of Dead Beat Dads/Moms says:

    When is there going to be a penalty for non-payment of child support?

    My ex-husband hasnt paid for over a year now, we have been to court 6 times and each time it has been set for another review…why dont these judges get real and get a back bone….we need tougher penalties for crimes and certainly not "Hotel Northward"

    If this was the USA, he would be locked up by now!

    Just venting!




  2. Anonymous says:

    toothless judges using toothless laws.  maybe we all quit trying to work and join the criminals.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So the penalty for bail jumping was more bail? Sounds like this story is fruit for a follow-up.