Jamesette is crowned Miss Teen

| 31/08/2009

(CNS): Jamesette Anglin from West Bay, sponsored by Weststar TV, was crowned Miss Teen Cayman Islands 2009 at the Miss Teen pageant Saturday 29 August at the Lions Community Centre. According to the profile of the candidates on CITN’s Daybreak show, Jamesette is sixteen years old and wants to be a social worker and a music artist. She is a performer who enjoys nothing more than writing songs but also plans on studying music business management and want to build a music school for kids in Cayman. (Photo courtesy News 27)

Watch the News 27 coverage of the crowning

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the bottom line – people will always have negative things to say about ambassadors to these Islands. With respect to this particular Miss Teen pageant, certain individuals need to GET OVER the fact that their family members did not win the crown this year or previous years. You should support the young lady regardless of who she is (talk about crabs in a bucket)!! Congrats to Jamesette and all the girls! Good luck to all Miss Cayman contestants! STOP WITH THE NEGATIVITY!! GET OVER ITT!! Its time we Caymanian stop putting each other down and work together and bring each other up!

  2. anonymous says:

    Congrats to Jamesette.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jamesette is a talented young woman.  I have seen her perform and I know she has what it takes to be Cayman’s Rhianna or Alicia Keys! In order to shine like a star Jamesette–like Selita Ebanks, you’ll have to live abroad. 

    Set your goals—with determination you’ll reach them.

    Put God first, work hard—and success will come sooner than you think!

    Your parents and family should be very proud of you–and indeed all living in the Cayman Islands.


    Quincy Brown



  4. Anonymous says:

    there is absolutely no controversy in Cayman about the pageant, these are just stupid rumours one person wants to spread…   Certainly the judges, some of which are local and talented young Caymanians themselves like Luigi Moxam and Rita Estevanovich have no personal gain in being biased towards a particular contestant but to choose objectively with all due honor to the call of duty.  UDP?  what does UDP have to do with everything?  Congrats Jamesette, you did awesome!  All contestants did a fabulous job preparing for the pagaent, unfortunately only one gets the crown.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The tallest…what does that have to do with anything?? The most talented??..ahh, she did not win most talented on the night soooo…..

    Congrats to Jamesette, I think she is a wonderful young lady and my comment has nothing to do with her but I do feel the judges got some things wrong on that night… I knew Jamesette would place  maybe not in the order that she did and as for the others…well I just think there were more deserving girls.

    I really don’t know what the judges are looking for in these pageants nowadays……

    It actually reminded me of Ms. Cayman last year, there were one or two young ladies that were oustanding but did not even place, I’ve been considering entering Ms. Cayman but  after paying close attention to pageantry here in Cayman I have definitely decided not to.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with what one of the above comments. I DO NOT think think that Jamesette deserved the title and there were other girls on there that were so much more intelligent than her and looked so much better. No disrespect to Jamesette, or her family, but if the Leos Club wants a certain person to win they will do everything in their power to do so.

    I also agree with the comment she made stating that the etiquette coach was a judge…and needless to say that she was also a past Leo member! How can this be fair?? This is not fair at all in my opinion! For too many years the Leos Club of Grand Cayman has been doing their dirting work and hiding it under the mat. This has to stop. How can scores be on the score sheets before the judges recieve them on the morning of the interview? Who else put the scores there and why did the contestants not know they were being judged on anything else? For those of you who were in favor for Jamesette to win, so be it… Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I am also entitled to mine. Many of you dont know what really happens when the Leos Club is involved.


    • Anonymous says:

      I think you have this all wrong.  What would the Leos club gain from that? 

      As i understand it, the judges are the sole keepers of the scoresheets (apart from when they are given to the talliers), so how can a comment be made on what was on the scoresheets?  If a judge were to recieve something with scores already on it, wouldn’t it be right for that judge to withdraw?  The panel of judges were all respectable individuals, and i think they would nothave proceeded if that were the case,.

      As far as a judge being a past Leo member, why should that matter if she is no longer affiliated with the leo club? 

      I think the leo club put on an excellent show and for those young people to organise and put on such a show of that magnitude speaks volumes to me.  Why tear them down??? This is the mentality we as a country need to get rid of!

  7. Jackee says:

    People, why must we bring politics into everything? Can’t we just show support to our young Caymanians, irrespective of poitical affiliations? I didn’t see the UPD or PPM on that stage……so how about just saying congratulations, well done or better luck next time to the beautiful young ladies who were there!

    The election is over, so let’s move on and try to show our support to our children and community instead of finding fault in everything around us just because of political preferences.

    Congratlations to all the young ladies who participated; you couldn’t all win; but each and everyone of you can be an ambassadors for these islands.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ignore the stupid comments please, it’s just another fool-fool PPM supporter who is riddled with hate and jelousy.All the young ladies deserve credit but Jamesette was the best by far,congrats to Jamesette and do enjoy your time as miss teen Cayman Islands.

  9. noname says:

    You must be related to one of the girls that didn’t make it.

    Sorry to say but Jamesette was the best on that stage, the tallest and most talented, I’m not surprised she won, she looked very elegant in that dress and I’m sure she’ll do a good job representing th Cayman Islands.

    Congratulations and don’t listen to the haters!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please explain to me how one of the judges was also one of the people training these girls? Where has that ever been done? Do we not know anything about proper protocol?

    There’s a lot of controversy surrounding this Miss Teen title this year and I dare say it’s no coincidence that this young lady is related to the UDP leaders.

    I saw a lot of talent on that stage but I’m not convinced she was the best one. Just my opinion for what it’s worth but I know a lot of people share it.

  11. Love child says:

    Congrats……..Daisy you done a wonderful job……She’s royal….



  12. Anonymous says:

    I agree that this beautiful and talented young Caymanian lady deserves our best wishes and respect.

  13. MonkeySee says: