Recovering addicts to step into spotlight

| 31/08/2009

(CNS): Those who are working hard to overcome addictions will be celebrated in September when the Department of Counselling Services (DoCS) joins other countries in marking Recovery Month. Although no statistics have been provided it is widely accepted that Cayman has a significant number of people struggling with addiction and focusing on those that are winning the battle is expected to raise awareness that drugs and alcohol can be beaten.

“Recovery Month draws attention to the positive aspects of overcoming addiction,” said Department Director Judith Seymour. “Rather than focus on negatives, we use the month to pay tribute to our clients and others in Cayman who are taking that bold step to get on the path to healthy lifestyles.”

She added that it is also a way to celebrate the counsellors, families and community members who provide support to loved ones dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Seymour said the campaign will help the DoCS to engage the wider community, enabling persons to better understand addiction and thereby provide greater encouragement to recovering substance abusers. The department will be conducting a public awareness campaign and each week will focus on a different aspect of recovery.

“The first week in September will focus on recovery and the family, followed by an emphasis on women. Week three will concentrate on children, while the final week will celebrate recovery in general,” Seymour added.

For further information on Recovery Month and DoCS, call 949-8789 or visit their offices on the third floor of the Flagship Building on the George Town waterfront.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I, Quincy Brown have had a serious alcohol addiction in the past.  I am completely sober today and free from the evil bound of alcoholism because of my faith in God, the fervent prayers of the people of the Cayman Islands and effective programmes put on but the gov’t and private sector.  TODAY I MUST AVOID ALCOHOL or I DIE!! 

    I have nothing to hide.  May my life and my past bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ and inspire some one still suffering. There is Hope!


    Quincy Brown.

    PS. Why did you fear me when I was drunk and acting like a mad man?

    Fear me when I am well, sober and trusting Christ!