Alcohol protects men’s hearts, study says

| 19/11/2009

(BBC): Drinking alcohol every day cuts the risk of heart disease in men by more than a third, a major study suggests. The Spanish research involving more than 15,500 men and 26,000 women found large quantities of alcohol could be even more beneficial for men. Female drinkers did not benefit to the same extent, the study in Heart found. Experts are critical, warning heavy drinking can increase the risk of other diseases, with alcohol responsible for 1.8 million deaths globally per year. The study was conducted in Spain, a country with relatively high rates of alcohol consumption and low rates of coronary heart disease. The research involved men and women aged between 29 and 69, who were asked to document their lifetime drinking habits and followed for 10 years.

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  1. Anonymous1 says:

    One more excuse for them to drink.  We also have a high rate of heart attacks.

  2. Awww CNS did you have to? says:

    We got enough alcholics roaming the streets here as it is!