Robbery at knifepoint

| 19/11/2009

(CNS): Police have arrested one suspect following a robbery by two masked men in the early hours of this morning in the vicinity of Royal Palms, on the West Bay Road. The robbers, who were both dressed in full black, with hoodies and black masks and carrying knives, approached a man and took two phones from him. Police said no one was injured during the incident. The robbery was reportedto the 911 Communications Centre at approximately 2:15am. Officers responded and searched the West Bay Road area and a short time later one man was arrested on suspicion of robbery. Police have not conirmed if the victim was a visitor or a resident.

Investigations continue by RCIPS CID and anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call 9494222 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Sav/New says:

    Somebody’s gonna soon pick it up, just watch and see.. Then the innocent will suffer for the guilty just trying to defend his/her own life. 

  2. Bracka Babe says:

    They really want cell phonesthat bad? C’mon!

    So sad for such a small, beautiful island to amount to this. It’s gotten to the point where everyday there is at least one of these mindless incidents.

    It seems now that nowhere is safe, I actually planned to go to Royal Palms because my friends and I thought that the ‘tourist’ areas are safer to go to, I guess we were wrong. Thanks a lot criminals! Even staying home and having a cold one and playing some dominoes na safe, cah una comes there too!!

    Yes the RCIPS may need to work on a few things but the community has to make an effort too, show these criminals that we are not going to tolerate it! People are talking about they are afraid to inform. Yeah they business if you don’t talk about what you saw ah reckin! Please, they only worried about themselves, that’s why they are criminals.

    Getting on my nerves now. Can’t even have a drink or shake a leg for these astronauts wanting steal your cell phone or your purse! Wha they need to do is buck up on a bunch of us Bracka women when we out saucin’! Cha!

    Ok, I’m done now.

    Have a safe weekend everyone or at least try to. Hip! Hip!

  3. Richard Wadd says:

     Hmmm, GOOD POINT ‘Non-Tourist’ !

    IF they are contributing to the demise of these Islands, then can they be charged withHigh Treason?

    If so, this still attracts the DEATH PENALTY under British Law.

    That way, we can Hang the bastards !

    Nothing like a Good ‘Hanging’ to restore Public Order !

    • Anonymous says:

      "IF they are contributing to the demise of these Islands, then can they be charged with High Treason?" No.

      "If so, this still attracts the DEATH PENALTY under British Law."  There is no such things as British law, and none of the constituent legal systems of the United Kingdom provide for the death penalty for treason.

      But hey D. Wadd you have never let little things like the law get in the way of your pontificating on topics such as, er, the law.

  4. Twyla vargas says:

    GOOD JOB RCIP, Now I guess we can give them a break and start blaiming Judicial if they let them ago.  I dont think sooooooo.  Walk good

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a criminologist, an investigator nor a police officer but I have a little gray matter and a fair degree of common sense. So, I’ll rub my two cents together and suggest that all the robberies and muggings attributed to "two men" might be related and could be the work of the same two men. Thereby, theroetically, making them easier to solve.

    Think the RCIPS might have wondered about that by now???

  6. Non-Tourist says:

    Royal Palms… this would be where the tourists go, no? 

    Better to tour the streets of New York, where it’s safer.

    Presuming the right people are caught, these 2 are not just guilty of robbery – they are guilty of trying to destroy the Cayman Islands.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Then members of the public should come forward and offer evidence against people they know to be doing wrong, and juries should be prepared to find people innocent or guilty regardless of their ethnicity, or what street they live on, but based on whether or not they are guilty.

    It doesn’t matter if we have the finest police force in the world; when two men can be shot in a night club in front of 150 people, and no-one sees anything, justice goes out of the window. Sure, the police need to improve their levels of competence, but the public need to develop a feeling of social responsibility too.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that it is time that Jury Duty is made compuilsory for every Caymanian, Staus holder, Permanent Resident and Work Permit holder that has more than 24 months of residency in Cayman. It disgusts me when I hear about Caymanians or Status holders who do not want to get all of their paperwork, so that they will not have to serve on a jury.

      Being a member of a "Jury of ones Peers" is one of the most basic rights and duties of all members of a free and elected society. If we had a larger and more diverse group of people to draw from, maybe there would be fewer ‘Not Guilty’ verdicts in court.

      There would certainly be less chance of the jurists being related to, or a neighbour of or a co-worker of an accused in court.

      Even on the few occasions that the police have done a proper job of collecting, storing and presenting evidence, often there is a not guilty versdict, when most people know that should not have been the case.

      • Pale Rider says:

        You might want to reconsider that statment after you realise that Jurists are drawn from the election rolls…that is, in order to be called for jury duty, you have to be a registered voter….Do you REALLY want to give all these persons the right to vote, just so you can have a few more people who will have to think up some poor excuse not to have to do jury duty??

        • Anonymous says:

          That is a ridiculous argument. Surely the Government know the name and address of each and every person here in Cayman on a work permit. Why can the two lists – Electoral Register and those with work permits – be combined for jury selection?

          These argumenst are typical of the negative and unhelpful attitudes that are helping to spoil Cayman. We need a means of ensuring that juries act independently and form judgements based solely on the available evidence. The suggestion that juries be made up of both Caymanians and expats would help towards this and should be investigated. I doubt Mr Bush would approve, but then again he’s more concerned about politics and rhetoric than actually achieveing anything.

          • A 'Paper' Caymanian says:

            Pale Rider is an exceptional example of a narrow minded, scatter brained reader, or maybe an idiot savant waiting for a real talent to surface.

            A true mixture of Jurists that reflects the resident population iswhat is needed to balance the juries to prevent overloading of a select few jurors. Another benefit would be to give more people a real world lesson of how the court/judicial and policing systems work or do not work in the Cayman Islands.

            I do not see a down side to this idea. Maybe it is people like Ms Sherry Bodden-Coe that need to be reading and thinking about this revamping of the laws which allow people to serve as jurists, instead of McKeeva. I don’t think McKeeva is smart enough to make up his own policies and Sherry seems very intlligent and articulate when she was speaking about the proposed Immigration changes which she largely deserves the credit for drafting.

            It is people like Sherry who are driving the development of this government’s policies, which is much better than the last terms whem McKeeva was being driven by the Dart and the Ritz projects and the usual little cartel of Caymanian business owners who have gotten so fat and rich by taking advantage of other Caymanians and by manipulating past governments by the forming of Immigration, Duty and Planning laws to their advantage.

  8. Richard Wadd says:

     If he hasn’t been released already …..

  9. Hmmmph says:

    OMG, I was there last night too!

  10. Anonymous says:

    And he will be on the streets by this afternoon to do it again…….