Second machete attack

| 16/02/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman headline news(CNS): Another man has been attacked by two assailants in the North Town Courts apartments, Courts Road, George Town, and is now in hospital with serious injuries to his face and neck. A 34-year-old Filipino man was attacked around 5am this morning with a machete a day after a 25-year-old man, who is an Indian national, was attacked in the same way in the same place.Commissioner David Baines confirmed today that the level of violence used in both attacks far exceeds that which would be seen in a robbery.

Baines fell short of saying that the attacks could be racially motivated but said that the motive had certainly raised concerns and the attacks were clearly connected. The commissioner said enquiries continued but both men were seriously injured making it difficult to get a clear picture of the events. Polcie are asking anyone with information to contact George Town CID.

The man who was injured yesterday is believed to still be in a critical condition.

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  1. Erica says:

    What is wrong with you all ??. Stop pointing fingers and start working as a team to halt this series of crime and violence!!! If it should happen to u , what would u do? No one deserve to be treated like that. It has nothing to do with nationality. Did that little boy deserve to die like that??? What did his parents do to watch their son die infront of them like that. Come on people,stop it!!!  PRAY, BEG THE LORD JESUS TO TAKE BACK CAYMAN FORM THESE CRIMINALS NOW!!!

    I lived in Cayman for 5yrs, now living in USA, i’m afraid to visit.

  2. PNJM says:

    WHY this island is facing terror,there are so many reasons,each one has a different say.

    We talk about been a child of GOD,so WHY we differenciate between a caymanian and expats.expats come here to make his /her living and go back to respective home soil,cayman was always gracious and welcome everybody with open arms.

    BUT WHY the innocents getting slaughtered.WHY the innocent little jeromine or phillipino or the indian!.they all are same,GODS CHILD.

    They were not a member of any gang fights,just a hard workers.if anybody had a intention of robbing them,they must have robbed them easy but not by cutting them into pieces,its so unhuman.

    That phillipino has kids back home and he was here just to make some money for their education and to become a good human being first.

    about Indian,he was a gentleman,he missed his wife and old parents like crazy.just to  support his family,heis here sacrificing his valuable span of life,just to earn few penny more for the bettter future.

    Criminals must have wounded them or took frustration,but in whatever circumstances they should have thought,they got sweet parents,good girl friend / wife.or cute kidds.what will happen if somebody attacks their loved once or what will happen to their loved once if someday he himself  be victim.

    Please God sake stop attacking innocent people..

    my heartly sympathy,they will be fine soon.GOD IS GREAT!

    Specially to the indian sister,i know its different mind set in cayman but a real Caymanian has a heart of just a time that made difference.

    RCIP, you are trying your best.appreciate it,but dont you think waiting for witness means you are showing the hide ways to criminals.there is serious need.get experts opinon from developed countries to cut down crimes and how to counter a criminal in investigation.any slake in enforcement means you give a chance to crime.

    Lets not spoil our nation,we dont want to see bad name in the world or the paradise known will terms as terrorizes wont gain anything from doing so.few dollars you will earn,you will buy branded,jwellery etc,but imagine the victims family cry and curse,you and your family wont live happily after that,you try drugs or anything to be feel gracious,you will stale slowly but surely just because of victims mother tears 

    lets live together with peace,if it is a local or expats and dont attack each other…….or is it that  we dont deserve to live peaceful with no fear ,i question you BUT WHY ?





  3. Anonymous says:

    bring back the time…way back 2003 maybe?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am the sister of the 2nd victim in the said atttack.My brother is undergoing  2 surgeries right now.He is critically ill because of what happened.I just hope Police Authorities will do something immediate regarding this matter.This is a serious case. I hope NOBODY will be a next victim. Imagine, my brother who is working very HARD for his family will be beaten and attacked just like that.ALL of us were shocked & devastated to what happenned.In a sudden click of time, one’s precious LIFE will be changed because of very WRONG DOING whoever they are. May GOD’s hands touch them to STOP all of their inhuman acts. Free their minds fom bad spirit!!and instead equip with loving heart.  We are all human here….treat people right.AND we will be blessed by GOD. To my brother’s employers, friends, housemates, coworkers  and colleagues -thank you very much for the continued moral support & prayers.Pls CONTINUE to pray.That’s all we need at this time…..thank you to my families, relatives and friends. May GOD continue to give HIS  healing hands to my BROTHER.

    • Anonymous says:

      The second 2nd Victim sustained multiple stab wounds to his head and throat.  He went through a 12 hour surgery.  What type of indiviudal would do something like this to another human being?  Not only did he endure the attack, he endured the surgery and now months of therapy probably both mentally and physically.  My prayers and thoughts are with him and his family!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    You read this story and cringe at the gruesomeness of it all and hope the victims recover. Then you scroll down as start to see the nonsense. These comments and assumptions are sensationalized and every other story there is some poster now after this story commenting about hate crimes on foreign workers which I find really irresponsible. Please tell me where in thestory says it’s a hate crime committed by Caymanians. Why are people jumping to conclusions? Cayman is a melting pot of different nationalities that are well known to not get along. CNS please do us all a favour and follow up with Baines as he was the one "short of saying" why he felt it was racially motivated? For all we know police could have attended a dispute here before for something similar but never escalated to this level. Now it has and is being reported. CNS Can you tell us during the interview did Commissioner Baines give the impression that if it was racially motived it should be narrowed down to Caymanian Expat issue?

    I want to ask a question of every one reading this of every nationality. When you feel your nationality is being attacked what is your reaction, open arms to prove different or do you get defensive and habour ill feelings? I am a Caymanian and I have friends of many nationalities, out of my 5 closest only one is a fellow Caymanian. I’ve encountered people that I can tell have been blinded by this broad brush that Caymanians hate them, and even though they are rude to me without knowing me, I still smile and greet them because I refuse to make another’s perception cloud mine because in truth we suffer for a small few. There is good and bad in every nationality.

  6. Nicky Watson says:

    We’re trying to find out updates on the condition of the two victims. We do appreciate you all letting us know what you have heard, even though we may not be able to post your comment until we’ve verified the information.

  7. whodatis says:

    Violent crackheads?! Racist hate crimes?! Caymanians attacking expats?! Aggravated Robberies?!

    Slow down folks – why are we jumping to these conclusions?

    This could very possibly be the result of an ongoing dispute between the people (Filipino vs. Indian?) living in that complex.


    In any event I feel it for the victims – being chopped is not fun at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps you are right. How many years ago did a local editorial say it isn’t smart to kick out the people we know only to constantly bring in people we don’t know?

      And the majority of people genuinely believe in the rollover system. Somehow they think we are going to defy the history of humanity. Good luck with that.


      • Anonymous says:

        And now rollover is to blame?! In some cases we have improved on the quality of the people.

        • Anonymous says:

          Some cases? For it to be considered a success should it not be the vast majority of cases? 

          Is it not rather obvious that, on the whole, the direction Cayman has been heading since the introduction of the rollover is down. Any correlation?

          Division, resentment, hatred and protectionism never have been, and never will be good pillars to build any society on. 




          • Anonymous says:

            No, the vast majority don’t have to be better. Most of them are much the same. This is pure scare mongering tactics.

            You see a correlation because you wish to see one. One might say there is a correltation to the status grants. One might also say that an exponential increase in crime correlates with the new govt. being in power.


  8. itskindaodd says:

    clearly, there is some crazed maniac running around chopping up people who dare to exit those apartments in the wee hours of the morning. 

    we should set a trap? 

  9. bromah says:

    Let me begin by apologizing for the  poor structure of this.  Yes the crackheads walk around like schreeche owls and Duppies.  Through the night the forsaken wonder Eastern Avenue foraging for income to spend on their habbits.   The drugs and the thugs and the sleaze on our streets has grown to an intolerable level.  

    I remember when it first began around 2002 for me.   They would break into my friends business at all hours, he would pray it was rats setting off the alarm at 3am!  My car ransacked soo many times for loose change!  Pettie break ins and thefts.  Our police did nothing and the boldness of our villains grew.  

    We need night vision equiped boats patrolling our waters and a policy of not imprisonning these villains northward and giving them a better life than they have on there terrible island but sinking their boat burning their drugs and sending them home penniless and in debt to the mobsters frunting them.   We need to round up in one swoop all the dealers, and distributors on our island and lock them away.   The addicts need help and are foolish victims that need treatment.  May every villain profiting on the pain suffering and misery of our people weep in a tin shed in the sun over the mistakes they have made. 

    Let us give our kids a future and clean our island up.  Lest we become like our unsavoury neighbors and degenerate into chaos and entropy. 

  10. Anonymous2 says:

    So sorry for the families of these men.  Imagine how distraught that poor wife must be.  I hope someone tries to contact her and let her know how he is.


  11. Alex says:

    You can not change peoples mind just because there is a new premier, or a new police comissioner or unemployment, but if you see people commiting crimes and getting away with it, them you probably will try it yourself. Of course you need a previous condition for that,criminal premorbid personallity. As a society we have to identified the risk factors in order to target those persons who would probably commit a crime and work on their problems so they dont become an issue for the rest of the comunity.

    For those who already commit the crime they need to know that they are going to pay for it in a civic but strong way, no more 4 star hotel with tv, cell phones and drugs, AC, menu or any other luxuries.

    5 persons were taken into custody during the weekend trying to smuggle drugs into the prision and they are already on the street on bail. Well, did they gave the name of the sellers? are they into custody, why are they free? That is what is happening here, you brake the law an dnothing happens, next time you will go further.

    No mercy with the criminals, apply the law all the way to the legal extreme, make the Northward hotel a real prision, punisment, punishment, punisment, once the streets are clean tem educate the society so the new generation will be better

  12. Caymanian at Heart says:

    I think the message was clear in this case… "Get out!".

    Shame that the criminals are so blind sided, they are sending home workers- they will be discouraging business growth and tourism too.

    Its clear people are trying to send a message to government, what a sad time for Cayman.

  13. Xeno says:

    Racist hate crimes in Cayman


    The MLAs, CIMA, and media outlets that have said such horrid things or allow others to express them have blood on their hands.


    • Anonymous says:

      Why the rush to judgement? We do not even know the identity of the attackers or the reasons for the attack but here you are making a statement that these reflect racist hate crimes in Cayman. If after a murder and before any arrests have been made Caymanians made the charge that these crimes were committed by, say, Jamaicans they would be roundly condemned as racists. Why the double standards? Are the crimes committed against Caymanians by foreigners also racist hate crimes? If you were a member of the jury a Caymanian defendant would stand no chance of acquittal since you would already have assumed guilt. The irony of these comments is that they reveal the latent racism of the posters.

      Let’sgive justice a chance to work before we decide in our own minds who is guilty and the reasons for the crime.  Hopefully the perpetrators will be caught and justice will be served whatever their nationality or roots.     

      • Anonymous says:

        I am curious – why would anyone put a thumbs down to this post (unless of course you are one of the expat racist posters)?

  14. Dey gettim? says:

    CNS – Any truth to the rumour XXXXXX

    CNS: There have been a lot of rumours floating around today. We’re trying to get to the bottom of them for you and will post as soon as we get any confirmation. We do appreciate all tips and will do our best to check them out.

  15. Anonymous says:

    So obviously whoever is doing this – lives around that area, or goes to work there or hangs out at someones house over at Courts Road – the police just gotta be more proactive!  What the hell are the cops doing?   

  16. Anonymous says:

    What does the government rollover policy and increase in heinous crimes have in common? Caymanians are anti-expat. Soon you get your prayers answered and no tourists come anymore. I aint risking my kids life to go see turtles or dolphins.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow! You have concluded that the increase heinous crimes are due to Caymanians being anti-expat? Based on what? There is Caymanian on Caymanian crime, expat on Caymanian crime, and expat and on expat crime as well. No one has been arrested yet in connection with these machete crimes and yet you are ready make these statements. What a racist mindset! If a Caymanian had made these statements about expats CNS would not have published it.     

    • Anonymous says:

      People like you who turn everything into a racist or anti-expat scenario contribute to the growing divide between Caymanians and expatriates. I am Caymanian and I don’t hate any expatriate but what I do hate are the attacking words and hateful attitudes portrayed my people in our country by those we welcomed here.

  17. Anonymous says:

    OMG police must take drastic measures asap. Violent crime is escalating at an extreme rate.


    Time for extreme measures.

  18. Anonymous says:

    That has to be crack heads.  Those areas are full of crack heads wondering around all night long til daylight high on crack.  Crackheads live like vampires – stay up all night long hitting crack til daylight come.  Cayman has a serious crack problem, they are who does most of the burglaries in the island, and now they are becoming murderers.  Cayman has a HUGE crack problem!!  The cocaine to make the crack comes in on illegal boats mostly, and sometimes through the shipping agencies in the shipping containers too unbeknownst to the shipping agencies of course.  Guns come in both those ays too. 

    Got to get more vigilant with tightening up the borders of the island to decrease the amount of drugs and guns that are coming in to the island.  They fired Mr. Kernohan and up til now the helicopter he bought on their behalf (because he knew that was a powerful tool to combat illegal boats with drugs and guns coming in to our shores, and he knew how to make good use of it), the helicopter has yet to arrive here due to our disgusting Governments.  Mr. Kernohan knew how to combat this crime problem in the island, but got booted out before he could get a good start on it.  He is a wise man with integrity, so Cayman got rid of him because they don’t like integrity and wise, they like foolish and corrupt. XXXX

    Well, we reap what we sow.  This is what we are reaping now.

    Wish they never fired Mr. Kernohan.  Bad mistake!!  The gangstah thugs (who of course are all part of the illegal drugs and boats coming in to the island) were afraid of him too, he is the only Police Chief they ever feared!!  They were afraid of him!! 

    I don’t hold out much hope for this place to get better, because the stupidity of the Governments that run this place seems hopeless that we’ll ever have a sensible Government.  All they do is encourage more developers to develop more, but then it’s all foreign imported workers that have to come to work in all the development.  That’s why our conch, lobster and fish are becoming so scarce, too much mouths to feed on this island!  Too much more tourists, too much more traffic, too much more stress, too less natural parks and natural land, insanity!!  Island too small for all this.

    I think it’s time to invest somewhere else in another Country, between having 2 earthquakes in the past month, and all this brutal horrific crime, brutal murderous rapes, and murders and robberies and innocent children now being murdered in driveby gangster gun warfares, the violent assaults and attacks, loads of burglaries, gun shots becoming a regular thing to listen to on a regular basis – frightening you out of your sleep sometimes in the nights, what’s left to seem appealing to live here anymore or invest here??? 

    I hope at least Big Mac gets voted out next time, cause he needs to retire now, he’s beyond useless, and no, don’t bring Kurt Tibbets back either, he needs to retire also, he is beyond useless as well! 

    We deserve better Leadership than this!!

    A Fed Up Caymanian.


  19. Anony-mouse says:

    I wish both of these men a speedy recovery and this is another sad day in Cayman, which now appears to be quite often. What in the world is this little island coming to? Surely these sick people who are committing these vicious attacks and murders are taking over the place! And you know what? We, the innocent people, are having to suffer and be inconvenienced because of them and their violent acts. Pretty soon we won’t be able to even poke our heads out of our front doors. And now it would appear that we are even risking our lives while pumping gas!!  I was recently offered a night job at a certain location but after all of this, I don’t think so!! I guess I’ll also have to resort to spending more time on my treadmill at home. Thanks to the barbaric clowns, my battle with the bulge has hit a bump in the road because we’re no longer free to walk the streets as we did a few years ago. This place is a mess!!

  20. Night Flyer says:

    Both attack’s sound like hate crimes to me, sad.

  21. Welcome home Mac says:

    Welcome home Mckeeva…welcome HOME!!





  22. Anonymous says:

    I hope that foreign residents are not being targeted by groups of xenophobic thugs.

    The foreign workers have been invited here to fill a position and if anyone has problems with their being here then speak with the person who brought them here.

    No stomach for that, no doubt…

  23. Anonymous says:

    Machete attacks, a poor child murdered, armed robberies and home invasions almost every day, young thugs shooting up neighbourhoods every night – and our useless politicians – even the one or two government politicians that may actually be taking time out from their world tours to collect their fat pay checks and order more limousines say nothing and do nothing. I am disgusted. 

    I used to support him but now I hope that MacKeeva likes Canada so much that he resigns as Premier and never comes back. Maybe that way we could have a political leader who will do something about crime and corruption in this country. 

  24. Anonymous says:

    Someone that lives in that complex said that the Indian national was attacked on Monday morning while the Filipino was attacked on Tuesday morning.

    Please check this story.

    CNS: I’ve clarified the time of th this morning’s attack but you are saying the same thing we are. We also reported on the first attack yesterday (Monday). However, we are waiting for more details from the police.


  25. Michael says:

    What no Comments? 

  26. Anonymous says:

    Is he 34 or 54?  Cayman 27 has another age…

    I’m not sitting and letting these fools scare me into feeling I don’t belong & don’t deserve to live… Time to take a stand

    Gov’t aint doing it… Police aint… God help us cuz time to protect me and my family…

  27. Anonymous says:

    why attack a Filipino or Indian national ? Robbing them would not likley be profitable. Looks like it is teenagers doing it for kicks. This place is becoming like Jamaica.

    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous3 says:

        CNS: any new information on these two men?

        CNS: We’ll be posting an update later on today.

    • Incognito says:

      Yeah, cause these things ONLY happen in Jamaica.. right?!?! (Sarcasm here if you couldnt read into it)

      Its really a shame that every bad thing that happens on this island has to be compared to Jamaica…

      Instead of comparing we all need to help find solutions and help fix the problems that this island face. I miss the days when we could leave the front door open and enjoy the Sunday breeze.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not they don’t ONLY happen in Jamaica, but Jamaica is the nearest and one of the best examples of things going wrong. Sorry if you don’t like to hear it, but it is the truth.  

    • Anonymous says:

      We have scum on this island who will rob & attack someone for $10, they do not care.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would you have to say Jamaica??? Figures!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Because it is our next door neighbour and everyone knows of the situation there? Because it has one of the highest murder rates in the world? It would be strange if the comparison was not made. 

        • Anonymous says:

          at the rate cayman is going, we may already have the highest crime rate in the world as it is compared to population! wait til that hits national publication….we may all end up ex-pats someplace else looking for work!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the depth of reaction you have? My God! So flippant and dismissive! If it is teenagers responsible it would be no wonder when this is the attitude of those who should be leading by example.

      The blatant racism and xenophobia that plagues this country has come to head.

      I pray for the full recovery of both of these gentlemen. No one deserves to be attacked as they have been.

    • Anonymous says:

      Worse actually because the majority of Jamaica’s violent crimes are "for profit", domestic or gang related. Very few of their murders (which are many) result from people going around killing each other for kicks.

      It seems to me that these people are targeting ex-pats. Perhaps Cayman needs to look at the growing hate culture that its creating by always pointing out how ex-pats are "nogood for us" and that they should "go back where they come from". Remarks only serve to inflame a society inevitably leading to attacks like this.

    • Anonymous says:

      How does jamaica come into this? If you were all raising your children properly then you wouldn’t be having these problems.

    • Anonymous says: