Former F1 engineer unveils new city car

| 03/07/2010

(CNN): His most famous car has a top speed of 240 miles per hour. With a top speed of 80 mph, Gordon Murray’s latest design isn’t likely to trouble too many speed cameras, but it shouldn’t worry environmentalists either. The former Formula One engineer who created the iconic McLaren F1 supercar has officially unveiled the T.25 — his idea for a new class of city car. At less than eight feet long and a little over four feet wide, the T.25 is smallerthan Daimler AG’s popular Smart car, and a petrol engine model will retail for around $9,000. The price tag isn’t exactly Formula One, but the technology employed to create the T.25 certainly is.

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  1. Shawn says:

    oh good greif


    I admit I did not read the entire article, but choked at the fact that this is a petrol powered car> The fact that such a high profile car with so much R&D investment be powered by fossil fuel, is almost criminal.