Bush talks tourism with Cuban officials

| 04/07/2010

(CNS): Joint vacation packages to Cuba and Cayman for European and Canadian tourists as well as more flight between the two countries were some of the topics on the agenda when the premier met with the Cuban ambassador to Jamaica. McKeeva Bush welcomed Cuban Ambassador Yuri Ariel Gala Lopez to Cayman and discussed what government officials described as “topics of mutual interest”. Bush met with Lopez, who is stationed in Kingston, at the Legislative Assembly on Friday, 25 June. He was accompanied by Igor Hevia, the counsellor from the Cuban Embassy.

According to a release from GIS, the premier suggested that direct charter flights to the Isle of Pines, without having to go via Havana, would greatly facilitate travel between Cayman and that area, especially for those with family connections.
Bush also outlined his ongoing efforts with Cuban authorities to offer joint vacation packages with Cayman, particularly forvisitors from Europe and Canada.
Lopez said he appreciated Cayman Airways’ service to the country and said that Cuban authorities were aiming at increasing the frequency of flights. CAL is one of only two regional airlines currently flying to Havana.
Bush and Lopez were reported to have exchange gifts to commemorate the visit.
Earlier, the Cuban officials had called on Governor Duncan Taylor and Deputy Governor Donovan Ebanks. 
Following a lunch hosted by Cabinet Secretary Orrett Connor and Franz Manderson, Chief Officer in the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs,  the Cubans went on to meet officials from customs, Cayman Airways and the CI Airports Authority.
People in Cayman seeking Cuban consular services can contact the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba at 9, Trafalgar Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica; fax: (876) 978-5372; web address: http://embacu.cubaminrex.cu/jamaica
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  1. Beachboi says:

    The Canadians and Europeans are traveling to Cuba for simple reasons.  Cuba is a beautiful country with beautiful white sandy beaches and it is CHEAP!!!  Why would these tourists want to come to Cayman when they can get the same product and more in Cuba for less.  Believe it or not there are people that dont care about Stingray City.  Tourists in Cuba spend the US$ and it buys them a great deal.  Here their US$ is worth less and everything is tripple or more the price.  Why would anyone want to spend MORE for LESS????   I have to imagine that the rampant crime in Cayman also weighs heavily in the balance.  Street crime in not prevalent in Cuba, as far as I know, because the criminals know that they would have to PAY for their crimes in a SERIOUS way.  Castro doesn’t let his prisoners smoke ganja all day long and watch dvd’s while enjoying 3 balanced meals.

    Yes I am sure that the premier has an ulterior motive but hopefully this "deal" will fail and we will not have to suffer through whatever it is.

  2. anonymous says:

    Pretty soon the USA will put the Dog and Fleas together and put us out in the Pound.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Funny how all dicktators in the region want tohand everything to the chief dicktator in Cuba. Chavez gives the Cubans oil and everything else they want, now Mack wants to give them our meager lot of visitors.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think we really need to look at the possibility that we will become the world’s smallest dictatorship if we let this government remain in power.  The only recourse we have is to have His Excellency dissolve the assembly and call for a general election.  Everything thar was done by the PPM has been wrong (according to the UDP), but nobody is doing any better.  Concerned Caymanians need to get a majority to declare a "vote of no confidence" in our government and elect a new one and for God’s Sake do not get sucked in be the "Party" system.  Let’s go back to where we used to elect people for their true worth, not because they holler the loudest and offer the most "free stuff" before the election.  Wake up Caymanians and take back our country from the dictators.

  4. Anonymous says:

    They could use Virgin Airlines, who already fly to Cuba from UK. Two centre vacations are very popular with the European vacationer. Having tourists for 1 week of their two week vacation is better than not having them at all. Good move.

    • Adam Smith says:

      Or we could just extend the runway and have direct European flights too. 

  5. Kent says:

    HMMM, let us make it really easy for our tourist population to make a apples to apples comparison with Cuba.  BRILLIANT!

    I would love to hear the thought process here!

  6. Anonymous says:

    While we (Mckeeva Bush!!!) are at it why don’t we also "talk" with Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, & any of the other communist countries that the country we most depend on (the U.S) is fighting against. There is nothing better than pissing off our allies, especially the one that we most depend on! Good idea Mac! And for what?

    • Gordon Barlow says:

      A silly comment.  Cayman doesn’t have to back every invasion the US decides to mount.  We are entitled to our independent opinion.  I am not going to back McKeeva on everything he does, but he is right to talk with Cuba.  Britain (our colonial master) has diplomatic relations with Cuba, and Cayman Airways flies to Havana.  What’s wrong with that?

      Give credit where credit is due. 

  7. Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice says:

    Lets see what he is up to with this little tatic with Cuba now!  guess?

    McKeeva we are watching you!!!!   

    • Kent says:

      Unfortunately by the time you see what exactly is going on, it will be to late!

  8. Anonymous says:

    What happened to the WestJet claims of 3 flights a week out of Toronto written up in the Cayman Compass????

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, I can’t understand that. Air Canada at that time of year also has 3 direct flights/wk. and is often reasonably priced…

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, Air Canada is the ONLY direct flight out of Toronto, which gives them a monopoly.  For that reason, the flight costs are very high – the highest in the Caribbean region flying out of Toronto. 

        Canadians are thrifty and with our dollar rising and falling and Cayman’s automatic 20% higher currency exchange over the USD this makes Cayman a very pricey destination for most Canadians. 

        There definitely needs to be more competition in Canadian market or that 8% market share that we make up that the Compass cited is going to dwindle.

        • Maybe says:

          Perhaps we can introduce some moose to the East End or build a curling rink.

          • Anonymous says:

            Canadians will be a good safety net when Cuba opens up. While Americans are flocking to Cuba, Canadians have been there done that in Cuba.  If Cayman could get some airlines flying in for LESS then Canadians would LOVE to come to Cayman. 

  9. Scrooge McDuck says:

    I’d like to see closer economic ties with Jamaica and Cuba…..one of the premier’s more sensible (the only??) moves.  But let’s not stop there as the rest of the world gets mugged by Wallstreetington I believe Cayman’s only viable future and that of it’s neighbors lies in the Caribbean region.  We should never sell-out cheap again though and that can only be accomplished by solidarity with our neighbors to counter act the divide and conquer tactics sure to be planned.