Green iguanas lose protection

| 10/07/2010

(CNS): The invasive green iguana is no longer legally protected, and government says it will soon begin to address the pest which has flourished as a result of its unintended protection under the animal law. On Friday morning the environment minister brought an amendment of the Animal Law 2003 to the Legislative Assembly, which will protect the islands’ indigenous iguanas but allow for the humane culling of the green. Mark Scotland said that the departments of environment and agriculture would now engage in an education campaign to ensure people can distinguish, at all life-stages, between the indigenous blues on Grand Cayman, the rock iguanas on the Sister Islands and the invasive greens.

He said the change in the law was down to the expeditious growth of the green, which was a major pest that now needed to be controlled and would hopefully enhance the protection for blue iguanas which have suffered as a result of the competition from the more aggressive greens.
Scotland noted however, whatever measures were taken to cull the green iguana it would be done so without contravening the cruelty to wildlife laws.
The new bill repeals section 80 of the Animals Law 2003 which had offered protection to all species of iguanas and replaces it with a new paragraph indicating which iguanas are specifically protected.
The bill was supported by all members of the House and had arisen following a motion brought earlier this year by the opposition.
Alden McLaughlin, who had filed the original motion, thanked the minister for his speedy delivery of the amendment, which would enable the green iguana to be dealt with legally. He noted that the green iguana was not just a pest to farmers and gardeners but to everyone.  
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  1. Halifax says:

    They shouldn’t kill them!

    They should capture these animals and farm them. You can eat them! Just like they should be farming crabs!

    To just kill these animals because they are pest would be a waste

  2. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Thank you to Mr. Alden McLaughlin for bringing the private members motion to amend the Animals Law.  Thank you Ministers of Cabinet for bringing the Bill to the Legislature, but especially Hon. Mark Scotland for piloting the Bill to amend the Animals Law, and thank you to all other members of the Legislature for supporting the Bill which changed the status of the green iguana to unprotected.  A job well done, again thank you all!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Doofus, I didn’t use the 50s & 40s simply because I was not around then but the 60s and 70s I remember were sweet. The quality of life was a lot better despite what you think may be a lack of the ‘creature comforts’. Bet you could leave your doors unlocked! Creature comforts do not a successful society make. In any case, I come from a family which was showered in creature comforts courtesy of my hard working and nurturing parents. We had every modern convenience of the outside world except tv – thankfully or I may have been as warped as the generation who have grown up with that influence, so try to patronize me about creature comforts.

    You call it development – well I say they paved paradise and put in a parking lot!

    • Anonymous 10 says:

      Although the parking lot will probably easy traffic and parking problems in paradise.

  4. Anon says:

    And here I was thinking I was going to read posts about the green iguanas vs. the blue iguanas!….

    • The Watcher says:

      Nah, this is CNS, and it was bound to degenerate into a xenophobic rant driven by someone’s personal inadequacy and a chip on their shoulder.  The use of the woefully extended metaphor to do this was, it must be said, a cracker, probably not seen on CNS since Steve McField’s comical maritime analogy on viewpoint.

  5. What I don't get . . . says:

    At the airport the Walkers advert says that the Blue has been here for 2 million years.  But according to the Bible the world was only created about 7-10,000 years ago. 

    And someone told me the Blues "evolved" because they were living on an isolated island.  I really hope this in not true, although I still can’t work out how they swam all the way over here, and only here, after Noah let them out on Mount Ararat.


    • An Ony Mous says:

      I can only hope this has been posted with a "tongue-in-cheek" intention, otherwise we have much bigger problems than a few green reptiles.

  6. Joe Grinder says:

    There are, 530 plant species that are not ingenious to Cayman.There are  108 animal species that are not ingenious to Cayman.But we are to believe there is only one ,(True Blue Caymanian).That is indigenous to these Islands.C’mon let’s think about this for a moment,where did all the Bodden’s,Kirkonnell’s,Ebank’s,Fosters’s,Bush’s,Woods’s,come from?.They weren’t indigenous to these Islands,were they?.No they came from shipwrecked boats,castaway prisoners ,disenfranchised Jamaicans ,slaves.Now as much as you want to point out that you are 507 years old .Columbus never saw Grand Cayman.How did you TBC decide who got what back then,you put up a fence ,or claimed this much was mine before some other TBC did the same ,is this not true?.Never paid for anything.The true Pirate code "Take all yeah can,givenothing back".So  there lies the rub ,generations later ,you think it is yours you never earned it it was given to you ,and that is where the entitled mindset comes from.Now you are besieged by a  green/expat threat,and how do you react?.Let’s get rid of them ,kill them off ,roll them over.Why do you think we have a chicken problem,because you got rid of the dogs.Now before any of you pedigree TBC dog’s say anything.You are 1 hurricane away from disaster,I am not going to pull your entitled  XXX out of the next one.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I can’t help but notice the "true blue Caymanians" in going after the "Greenies"don’t seem to care much about the first settlers – the crocodiles and turtles. Typical. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 06:35. I’m not against foreigners but I’m against those who believe that we were nothing before the mass influx of foreigners came. I invite you to talk to any foreigner who was here from the early 1970’s and ask them when was life better in these islands – then or now. There are many foreign-born Caymanians who were here then – find one and discuss that issue over a beer, then re-submit your views. Pity you missed Desmond.

    See, that’s the problem – people like you who think you ‘rescued’ these islands when it’s closer to the truth to say you helped screw them up.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting post. Why not use the 60’s, 50’s, 40’s or before? Is it because the creature comforts that we all love commenced in the 70’s? Why did these comforts commence in the 70’s? 

  9. Anonymous says:

    another hideous waste of time and money! For Gods sake lets focus on some real issues please! like arming police so they can respond to crime effectively ! I dont think green iguanas are bank robbers are they?

  10. Anonymous says:

    ALRIGHT ALREADY… Back to the topic. KILL those pesky varmints! Down with the Greenies! Agriculture bring in the cages, let’s catch those little suckers.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It should YOU that should be exterminated!!!!

    Listen guys!!!  They have been here long before us, and they will be here long after we are gone!  LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!

    You people have no respect for the animal life!  It’s disgusting!!!  First you get rid of all the stray dogs inhumanely, now it’s the Iguanas.

    What did they ever do to you?  You guys are just digging yourself a bigger and deeper hole, with regards to your reputation.


    • CI says:

      Actually – check the facts.  They have not been here way longer than us.  They were brought here from Central America as part of the pet trade.  The Blues are endemic here, and remain protected as they should be.  There are several reasons the Blues are under threat – including the greens (brought here by people), the stray dogs (brought here by people), the stray cats (brought here by people), and of course development (people), habitat destruction (people), and roadkills (people).  Greens, on the other hand, are under no threat whatsoever. 

      • Anonymous says:

        "Greens, on the other hand, are under no threat whatsoever."

        They are now……

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sorry but you don’t know what you are talking about.  The green iguana was not here in Cayman before man.  It is an introduced exotic pest brought to Cayman by man in the 20th century from Central America.  I will defend preserving the green iguana in its natural habitat in Central America where it belongs, but it must be removed from Cayman.  If you truly care about animals then you should be concerned about Cayman’s native animals that are being adversely affected by the green iguana.  Think of all the native bird eggs that the green iguanas are eating, the wild fruits from native trees that they are eating leaving less for our native animals.  Think about our native blue iguana who cannot compete against the very aggressive green iguana.  If left alone, the green iguana will out compete the blue iguana and eventually drive them to extinction.  It must be done humanely but they all must go, they don’t belong here as they adversely affect the natural eco-system.

      • Anonymous says:

        So you are obviously correct (and I mean this sincerely) by the 13 thumbs up, when you say that we need to protect the local Blue Iguanas.

        And do I understand that you mean protect the Blues over or at detriment to the Greens? Is this because the Blues were here first? Or simply because they are animals and cannot protect themselves? Why are we "discriminating" against the Greens by choosing the Blues? Is it because the Greens are out-numbering the Blues? Is it because they are more than we can handle in this small island? Is it because they are different than Blues? Is it because they are more aggressive, or prolific, or bold?

        Very seriously, please help me understand (and you can get as much help as you can) why you think that the Green Iguana should NOT be favoured over the Blue Iguana or WHY THE BLUE SHOULD BE FAVOURED OVER THE GREEN? Would you be prepared to apply the principles you suggest above to protect an endangered people… oh, sorry I meant another endangered animal?

        • Anon says:

          I think you need to read the person’s post again, because I CLEARLY understood what they said, so I can’t for the life of me figure out why you are so lost on this one! The greens have to GO! SIMPLE! The blues need to be protected! SIMPLE!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Maybe all foreigners should leave, and then see how the true blue Caymanian can get along without all of the technical, medical, and other experts that would go.  What a crock!  Another self entitled Caymanian that doesn’t appreciate what they do have, and realize how good they do have it because of the foreigners.  If the foreigners leave, your standard of living will go way, way down.  Government collapse is all but certain, and anarchy will reign. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I will gladly sacrifice a decline in standard of living, for an increase in quailty of life/lifestyle.


      • Anonymous says:

        And for all those who think I am anti-immigrant/foreigner, I want to let you know that I am AGAINST THE ROLLOVER POLICY and will be spear-heading a drive for proper/irrevocable citizenship for ANY resident who wants to become a Caymanian.

        I am against the rollover policy because it is UNJUST! To expect an individual to contribute properly and positively to a community (for years)wihout promise, possibility or option of "ownership" in the community, simply is wrong and does not make sense.

        And I am against the present policy of citizenship/residency based on your financial position. This is unjust. I am not in favour of discriminationg against a man who has a good character. I am in favour of discriminating against a bad citizen.

        Therefore, I would be spearheading a proposal that ALL law-abiding citizens who remain good citizens while here (that is they have no crinimal record here or eslewhere) for a period of years (between 7-12) can become a Caymanian with the same rights and priviliges of myself.

        Now: does that sound like an idiot to you anti-True Blue Caymanians?



        • Anonymous says:

          Can someone help me undesratnd the thumbs up only on this one? Is it thumbs up/yes that I am an idiot because I propose a no-rolloevr policy (as per my question) or is it thumbs up because I suggest dealing with injustice (and I am not an idiot as some suggest I am)?

          It would amaze me (but it should not) that when I suggest that we should protect the rights of individuals to fundamental rights (to gain citizenship through a just process) it would get a majority of thumbs-up, but when I suggest that individuals that should inherit certain rights should have more of a say than those who have no yet earned that right, I am condemned.

          I am the "one and the same" . The one who proposes justice for both groups. Like it or not.

          • Anonymous says:

            I note that there has been no response to this. Is that because it "cannot" be answered or because everyone has stopped reading and debating?

            Either way/answer, this is typical. If we can’t answer the way we should  without admitting that we may be wrong, we don’t, or if we think it’ll "just go away" we stop talking about it. At least, I can assure you it won’t "just go away."

            • Anonymous says:

              I think every one has stopped reading my friend…. better move it to the top of the latest page 

  13. Sarah says:

    I wonder whether anyone has approached the businesses who make quality bags etc out of snake, eels skin etc and see whether we can identify a new export business in green iguana skins. Sounds crazy but someone came up with the idea for snakes so why not? New revenue, less greenies and everyone is happy (apart from the animal rights people – but you can’t please em all) – who is going to be the entrepenure to tap this gold mine!?

  14. Anonymous says:

    WOW!…. it’s like Alice in Wonderland!!! I thought I was reading about iguanas. Then I dozed off and suddenly I was careened down a rabbit hole onto a path of absolute crazy making. Woahhh!!! Strange creatures those Iguanas -a fight that is spurred on by colorful rights and territorial grounds. A fascinating comparison to what is perceived by some "extremists" to be an evil takeover plan by the alien expa…. errrr I mean alien green iguanas!!! I am sooooo confused!! I used to think we were all God’s creatures and that all the earth was our domain that He has placed us in. Earth is home to each and every one of His children is it not? What was I thinking????? Is it time to wake up yet???


    • Anonymous says:

      Right: so why don’t you bring your other 6 billion "children" and trillions of precious endangered animals to live on this 76 sq. miles. Indeed YOU ARE "LIVING" IN WONDERLAND!

      • Anonymous says:

        It is a Wonderland for sure 🙂 Glad to be living here. I actually don’t think that I have any endangered relatives. I am hoping to be eligible for adoption………

  15. Anonymous says:

    Re: Anon. 12:11

    I suspected this was controversial and needed to be said, but I am only now certain that it desperately requires urgent addressing (based on the thumbs down).

    While I admit I may have been a bit melodramatic… "Give me freedom…", maybe I was not OVERLY melodramatic based on some of the responses to the post.

    In any event, as I promised, your condemnation will not kowtow me any longer. I will continue with this cause to create a more unified voice against those who believe we should not have more of a decision in determinning what the Cayman Islands should be in the future.

  16. Cicero says:

    What has this to do with the topic? Suggest you keep such posts to yourself and get a life.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cicero. Thank you for your concern, but I I have a great life thank you; except for my concerns as listed in my wrting.

  17. Anonymous says:

    How about culling the chickens????  They are pests also!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Listen to this joker …. running mouth like like a tap of dirty water !! We all need each other and the sooner the likes of you realise that we can all live in harmony, the better off we all shall be. All you doing is pushing division and strife… Calling your self a true blue Caymanian? a real true Caymanian knows that without the days when Caymanians had to venture to foreign lands to find work and wolk alonside foreigners on ships and war posts.. we would all be nowhere. A real Caymanian knows that foreign investment was essential to the frameowrk fo building a world class offshore investment center…a real Caymanian knows that our tourism industry depends almost 100% on inviting those same foreigners to our land andmaking them feel welcomed and loved.

    Shame on you and your ignorance !!

    • Anonymous says:

      A True Blue would see the difference between our seamen who went to sea amongst others but did no try to demean their hosts and try to change them, a True Blue would not ever have a problem with foreign investment by those who have the interest of those they find in place already, and would always welcome tourists (and threat them special) who come and behave better than they would in their own country since they are guests in another man’s country. But you are either a sellout or an uneducated True Blue as to exactly what our seamen did, and what foreign investors and tourists mean to us.

      Since you obviously are not a seaman, I challenge you to speak with these seamen about how they feel about this matter and see whether they are happy with the present state of affairs.

      • La La Land says:

        Apparently we are to move towards a seamenocracy.

        • Anonymous says:

          It may be better than "no-ocracy" (where the "majority" -registered voters- live in a democracy but still have no say).

  19. Another True Blue says:

    Thank you! Regardless of the criticism your post will undoubtedly get for this post from certain quarters, your sentiments are shared by the majority of Caymanians.  However, in time …..

  20. Beachboi says:

    Anonymous 12:11 that was the most disjointed and uneducated rant that I have heard from anyone since the premier got mad at the press and the rest of us rabble rousers.  I only hope that you are not eligible to vote or that you are writing this from inside the mental ward.   How do you think your ancestors got to Cayman were it not by immigrating from somewhere else.  Thankfully you are part of a minority in thinking and citizenship.  At least I hope so!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      While I understand you saying it is uneducated etc. The point is that a lot of people come to our shores and in their country they refer to themselves as such. Can Americans claim it. No they came from Europe and found Indians and the same story goes for just about every country in the world. So when then is it not right for Caymanians to say so?

    • Anonymous says:

      Beachboi 16:45.

      I am your worst nightmare. I not only can vote but also have enough like myself, who may be a bit too shy to speak publicly about these issues but feel like this, and will support me. I am an educated True Blue who will not be silenced by your denigration. So let me be clearer. You are obviously an Invasive Green who, if not prepared to respect the opinions and desires of those who have inherited certain benefits, will be offerred the option of returning to your habitat. Is that less disjointed and clearer?

      Note I suggest an option.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Oh goodie, I ran over one of the lil friggers this am!

  22. Anonymous says:

    are you sure you want one of those 2 choices?? 

  23. Anonymous says:

    Something bothering you, Anon 12:11?

    • Annonymous says:

      Anon 12:11 is being "bothered" by the disinfranchisement of Caymanians in our own country and has written an excellent post (obviously to the dislike of some of your kind).


      • Anonymous says:

        I am a "true blue" as the mental case commentator calls it, and I think that my own people are absolutely stupid for taking this  kind of attitude.  Why not just cancel all work permits, force all non Caymanian to Caymanian married couples to relocate, revoke all status grants etc.  And dont forget the sigle mother’s with children by foreign men.  Then you could get to work on replenishing the "true blue blood".  I am serious!!!   What stupidity! 

        Now the true reason is coming to the surface as to why we have so many losers in the legislature.  It is the power of the "true blue’s" at the polls that make it possible.  Now the rest of the Caymanians know that it is our own people acting against us that are at the root of all of this mess.  Not that we didnt know that but it is just something that you dont want to believe. 

        • Anonymous says:

          The reason why we have so many losers in the legislature is because those who feel disenfranchised are desperate for leadership which they have not had before and will settle for anyone who promises to protect them. The problem is that they have only always had promises. Why do you think the PPM was rejected immediately after the UDP was rejected-because the PPM did not deliver on their "promise" of change from the UDP and now the UDP will be rejected again but this time for a truly better way forward. 

          • Anonymous says:

            The beauty of being Anonymous.

            I get significantly condemned for drawing a paralell between what it happening to the Blue igunanas and born-Caymanians but totally supported when I criticize my fellow Caymanian (Both sides of the Govt.).

            Typical; Caymanians criticizing one another (shame on me) and revelling in being right, and non-Caymanians being totally supportive as long as I criticize Caymanian and don’t have anyhing to say about them. Amazing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Total bullsh– Sat 17:28. Caymanians are the most legally and bureaucratically protected, entitled people in the world. The only thing "disenfranchising" SOME OF -repeat SOME OF- them is their poor work ethic, narrow minded bigoted outlook and hatred and contempt of everyone not born here as evidenced by so many of them (obviously embittered failures) who post on CNS. My spouse, a born one of Christ knows how many generations and in very gainful employment, is embarrassed and annoyed by it but daren’t speak out for fear of abuse from the Caymanian Gestapo.

        How do you explain the success of all these Caymanians in top positions in both the Government and Private Sector? Guess what? They worked hard, got on with people of all nationalities and colours and never expected the world would give them a living because by pure accident they were born here (although of course none of their ancestors was).


        • Anonymous says:

          Sat 21:02’s post is brilliant because it says it all in a few words. We Caymanians must stop listening to these deadbeat Caymanians who cant get jobs in Government or the private sector because of their stink attitude.

        • Anonymous says:

          If anyone is afraid to speak out about injustice they are cowards and have no place in any society. 

      • people's front of judea says:

        We are with you in this Cause.

        Will there be a third choice and is there free food provided?

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon.  17:28


        Thank you for your help and I will keep the cause going no matter how much condemnation I recieve.

      • Brit to the Bone says:

        Actually, as a Brit living here, it my country.

  24. durrrr says:

    Not just a pest, but damn tasty too! Stew iguana for lunch tomorrow!

  25. Anonymous says:

    No need for anyone to waste money on teaching a True Blue Caymanian to distinguish True Blue Caymanian iguanas from the green pests! 🙂 I know that a True Blue Caymanian igauna knows it place; next to the swamps and trees in the secluded parts of Grand Cayman and Little Cayman (as far as I know no True Blue Caymanian iguanas have been on Cayman Brac since before the 70s-unless they have been reintroduced). (Sort of like how True Blue Caymanians now are eradicated from certain areas and now "knows it’s place"?).

    The real issue here is that this is what happens when True Blue Caymanians allow others to dictate what should or should not be protected in The Cayman Islands. We have allowed people that have no experience with these matters in our islands to decide on how our country should be developed or run. If they are such experts, why not stay in their perfect country and make it more perfect-why come and try to change what we have built? If they don’t like the Cayman Islands the way we have worked to get it,  the last time I checked, we had an airline that I help pay for (THROUGH MY NOSE!) so that they can leave at their slightest whim.

    Now let me explain; I see True Blue Caymanians as much, or even more, endangered than the True Blue Caymanian iguana and so I will not be kowtowed by your claims that I am being anti-expat: I AM BEING PROTRUE BLUE CAYMANIAN.

    And my moitves are just; I know that when a group of people feel/are treated unjustly they retaliate to the extreme and I am not an extremist or do I believe in condoning or supporting extremism. Check any country where the indigenous (born) people have been treated this way.That is why  this matter must be addressed by those with the insight and responsibility to do so. The fact is that like the True Blue Caymanain iguana, (who exists nowhere else?) True Blue Caymanians have remained in the bushes near the swamps, kept their mouths shut, behaved themselves, AND NOW  THEY BOTH ARE BEING OR MAYBE HAVE ALREADY BEEN REPLACED BY INVASIVE SPECIES.

    And the sad thing is, that unlike the True Blue Caymanian iguana, we have allowed this to happen with the help of our own who have been pleased to accept a cage in the home of wealthy owner. I would rather die while free in the bushes, killed by dogs than to die a caged/imprisioned PET of a wealthy owner because, you see, I am NOT AN ANIMAL but a free-thnking human beilng who would say "Give me feedom, or give me death".

    • Anonymous says:

      Simmer down buddy.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am simmering. But I may start to heat up again :-). Depends on what I see written???

    • an embarassed caymanian says:

      Your ignorance brings me far more grief than any iguana issues we have. I suggest that you rethink what you post, before you post it. People like you are key to increasing that unnecessary division between locals and expats. Great job, idiot.

      • Anonymous says:

        Au, contraire.

        My goal is not to bring division; but to hold together a society based on good priniciples. One where animals are not as important as people, and where people do not feel they must resort to extremism because they have a voice in matters that affect them negativley. Do you think the 19 (20 including mine?) thumbs up just decided that I had made a vaild point or do you think that there may be a festering problem that needs addressing?  

        If you think about it, the group I would suggest I would be representing, are the minority in this country that we call our own. At any given time they may also represent less than 50% of the people in this country, and certainly less than 20% of the people who have access to this site and would be against this posting due to lack of understanding of the issues.

        Here is what I mean. The Caymanain that I suggest I represent is a seriously endangered people. 

        Our habitat, the Cayman Islands is less than 100 sq. miles of habital land counting all three islands.

        Caymanians (either those born in the Cayman Islands or born of born Caymanians) are less than a total of 30,000.

        In the Western hemisphere, there are only a very few smaller islands/populations: Anguilla is the only one I can think of.  

        Our culture included a number of things no longer permitted; some of which we consented to, others that we did not agree with. Some good for the environment, and some not good for anyone.

        We are used to being misunderstood and persecuted for thinking differently than others. For >50 years we have fought for the right to be a haven for those that beleive that they should be able to minimize the amount they pay to Govts.. As a result of this we have drawn the ire of many, and the admiration of others. We are now under serious threat from external and internal forces to change this.

        We have allowed >100 nations to immigrate here and call this place their home (and become born Caymanians).

        We are genuinely concerned that we will lose any identity as a people that we (may have?) had.

        Forgive me, if you don’t consider 20 of us should believe that we should have had more of a say in how these Green Pests should have been dealt with rather than allowing it to get to the point where there may be no chance of ridding oursleves completely of these "cute" things that have now become pests. Now we have to be humane about it, which I am all for if someone can show me how to get rid of a wild invasive pest humanely.

        Am I now back on the the Green Pests subject?

  26. Goanna says:

    As any first year law student can tell you (having read the chapter on the "golden" and "mischief" rules of statutory interpretation), the green iguana was never legally protected under the Animals Law. It is inconceivable that the draftsman meant anything other than the Grand Cayman blues and the Sister Islands rock iguanas. The supposed need for an amendment was just a cop out to justify the complete failure to deal with a problem that everyone has known about for more than twenty years.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Please define "humane culling".  What would the Green prefer?

  28. Anonymous says:

    How can we humanely rid ourselves of them? They are a great pest to us living in our closed hurricane shutters, defacating on our patio furniture and eating our plants. All that being said I still stop in the driveway and let them cross never once feeling the urge to run over them. Perhaps an iguna hunter will soon emerge to remedy the situation (at a great price).

  29. Anonymous says:

    and what is this based on?

    where is the scientific research and report?