Home intruder shot dead

| 22/07/2010

(CNS):  Update 12:55pm Police have now confirmed that a man who was shot during an attempted home burglary has died. The victim who was Harryton Rivers (29) of Prospect was shot by the owner of the property at around 2am this morning (22 July). The man told police he woke up at his home in Liguinea Circle off Aspiration Drive, in George Town to find an intruder inside his house. The home owner, who is a licensed firearms holder, shot Rivers with a handgun but he has not been arrested at this time. Rivers was taken to George Town hospital with critical abdominal wounds, where he was later pronounced dead. Police have now confirmed that a knife was found at the scene.  (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

Police say they are currently investigating the incident and will, as in all cases, submit the file to the attorney general for consideration. The RCIPS has not yet confirmed if Rivers, who was facing criminal charges, was on an electronic tagging device which he had allegedly removed.
Meanwhile, police say they are also investigating another home invasion in Cypros Road, George Town. At around 2.40 am a man and his wife were awoken by three intruders. One of the men, who was in possession of what appeared to be a handgun, struck the householder with the weapon and demanded cash. Police say the suspects, who were all wearing black clothing, made off from the house with around $3000 in cash. The householder sustained slight injuries as a result of the incident and George Town CID investigating this incident.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Something that’s really bothering me:

    Near the top of this page there is the following print by Cayman News Service:-

    "CNS- 22.7.10 Home Intruder Shot Dead (MURDER #6)".

    Let’s clear something up here and educatethose of a lesser intellect and poor grasp of the English language…

    What happened that night was NOT A MURDER! – According to the ‘Oxford Collins English Dictionary, Murder is however " The unlawful intentional killing of 1 human being by another. " – MURDER is what WOULD have occurred if the ARMED intruder was NOT shot!!!

    This statement is further supported by The Cayman Islands Law Section 18 (1) (a) (as if we didn’t know already!). – Essentially giving the people of the Cayman Islands the right to legally bear arms and use them in self defense or to protect one’s property.

    Additionally, to those who it concerns, do not blindly label this incident as ‘Gun Crime’. – YES. A gun was used. NO. A crime was NOT committed by the gun owner / firer! – This was not a ‘car jacking’, ‘drive by’ or ‘hold up’… Those are ‘Gun Crimes’!

    I believe the correct choice of words CNS is looking for is ‘SELF DEFENSE’, defined as:

    A) " A defense to certain criminal charges involving force."

    B) "Use of force is justified when a person reasonably believes that IT IS necessary for the defense of oneself or another against the immediate use of UNLAWFUL FORCE (say, like an ex-convict, that has just broken into your house, in the middle of the night, who’s armed with a knife perhaps..?). Force likely to cause death or great bodily harm IS JUSTIFIED in self defense if a person reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent their own death or great bodily harm"…!!!

    The fact that CNS would even contemplate, let alone actually going ahead with printing (MURDER #6) in bright red, just highlights their lack of intelligence and ability to grasp & comprehend the basic facts. In future, I would recommend that the wording / printing / evaluating of these statements be done by someone with a ‘Legal Background’ or at least a ‘University Degree’. – In the event, I’m wrong, and they do in fact have this background and education… Then I just don’t know what to say to that…

    By making such statements with no fore thought whatsoever, you are only firmly, further securing your image in the ‘stereo-type’ you are already cast as, portraying yourself in a poor light!

    Such embarrassments CAN actually be avoided if you just thought first…

    CNS note: What you are referring to is a comment by an anonymous reader – or rather a list of crimes that Anonymous (not you but a different Anonymous) has put together from media reports. It is not our statement. We are, of course, always looking for words, but only when we are doing the writing, which we weren’t in this case.

    However, you are right that no one has suggested that the incident in question was murder and I have deleted the offending part. Next time you see something you believe is inappropriate in a comment that you think I might have missed, there is a "Flag Abuse" button at the end of each comment which sends an email to my inbox. You could try that maybe. It’s what it’s for.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It just gets worse.

    As reported by the local media in 2010 
    CC:     Caymanian Compass
    CNN:  Cayman Net News
    CNS:  Cayman News Service
    CNS— 22.7.10 Home intruder shot dead
    Police have now confirmed that a man who was shot during an attempted home burglary has died. The victim who was Harryton Rivers (29) of Prospect was shot by the owner of the property at around 2am this morning (22 July). The man told police he woke up at his home in Liguinea Circle off Aspiration Drive, in George Town to find an intruder inside his house. The home owner, who is a licensed firearms holder, shot Rivers with a handgun but he has not been arrested at this time. Rivers was taken to George Town hospital with critical abdominal wounds, where he was later pronounced dead. Police have now confirmed that a knife was found at the scene.
    CNS— 21.7.10 Cops arrest West Bay Robber
    Police have now confirmed that they have arrested one man in connection with an armed daylight robbery of a West Bay store on Wednesday morning (21 July) At about 11.40 am a man armed with what appeared to be a handgun entered the premises of a shop known as Shoes Best Repair and Variety Store in Fountain Road, West Bay. The man threatened staff before fleeing the scene with a small sum of cash. He was last seen running south on Fountain Road. Police immediately attended the scene and following a search of the area a 23-year-old man was arrested in Foremast Close on suspicion of robbery.
    CNS— 18.7.10 Truck used to smash and grab
    Police said Monday morning that an 18-year-old man has been arrested and is in police custody following an early morning “ramraid” at a George Town store yesterday. About 4.20am on Sunday 18 July, a white truck crashed into the door of Boosie Store in Mary Street, George Town. Two men jumped from the truck and grabbed the cash register from the store, and afterwards ran off towards Rock Hole. Police say that officers immediately attended and conducted a search in the area. As a result of the search an 18-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of burglary and is currently in police custody.
    CNS— 10.7.10 Armed robber flees on bike
    Police have confirmed that yet another gas station was robbed on Friday evening, at around 8:45pm. The gas station in question was Brown’s Esso in the industrial area of George Town. According to the police report, the man entered the store and threatened staff with a handgun. They handed over cash from the till and the robber then fled the scene on a bicycle. No one was injured during the incident and no shots were fired. Police have not yet arrested anyone in connection with the robbery but it is understood that the suspect did not wear a mask. Meanwhile, officers are also investigating two assaults at a George Town night club.
    CNS— 6.7.10 Masked robbers hit GT store
    Police have arrested an 18 year old man in connection with an armed robbery at Domino’s Pizza parlour on Mary Street last night (24 June) at around 22:50. Three men who appeared to be armed with handguns and machetes stormed the store during the robbery and smashed the restaurant door.  The robbers threatened staff and escaped the scene with an undisclosed sum of cash but no one was hurt during the incident. Police apprehended one of the suspects who is now in custody. The robbery occurred on what turned out to be a busy night for police following a shooting in a West Bay bar around two hours earlier. This is also the second time in a few weeks that a Domino’s parlour has been hit by robbers.
    CNS— 4.7.10 Couple robbed in Governor’s square
    Police are now investigation a reported armed robbery of a man and a woman in Governor’s Square, West Bay Road on Saturday (3 July). At about 8:10 yesterday evening police officers from the George Town Police Station responded to a the robbery report at the car park. The couple said two men, one armed with what appeared to be a hand gun, had approached them, made threats and demanded cash and then made off with a bag containing an undisclosed sum of money. No one was hurt during the incident and police are now calling for witnesses to come forward.
    CNS— 1.7.10 Junior jewel thieves strike in daylight grab
    Police are appealing for information after a group of young jewel thievesswiped a collection of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces from a George Town store on Monday afternoon. Police said that a group of girls and boys two of which were wearing school uniforms grabbed the jewels and fled from the Edward Street store at about 3pm. Police said that while some of the group engaged the saleswoman in conversation others suddenly grabbed the Swarovski jewellery from a display stand and were last seen running towards the Thompson building and into a black four door Honda civic.
    CNS— 25.6.10 Armed robbers hit pizza shop
    Police are now investigating an attempted robbery at Wendy’s in Savannah last night followed by an armed robbery at the Reflections 24-hour store in George Town early this morning. Two masked men, both armed with guns, got away with around $600 from Reflections on Godfrey Nixon Way at around 12:25am, while the two robbers at Wendy’s left empty handed at around 10:40pm as the restaurant was closed and they were unable to gain entry. Police have made no arrests and were unable to say if either of the incidents was connected. No one was injured during the robbery or the attempted robbery, though one of the men at reflections was believed to be carrying a shotgun.
     CNS— 24.6.10 Man shot in West Bay
    Police have now confirmed that a shooting has occurred at Kelly’s Bar in West Bay. Although officers were unable to reveal the full details, a police spokesperson from George Town said a man had been taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital with a none-life threatening gunshot wound in the leg following an incident which happened around 8:40pm this evening (Thursday 24 June). Police said there were no suspects at this time but detectives were still at the scene and an investigation was now underway. Other CNS sources have revealed that the shooting appears to have connections with previous shootings in the West Bay area.
    CNS— 17.6.10 Woman suffers vicious attack
    A young woman was rescued from a vicious attack in the early hours of this morning in West Bay by police officers patrolling in Garvin Road. A police spokesperson has confirmed that at about 2am on 17 June Uniform Support Group Officers approached a parked vehicle and clearly interrupted a savage attack that was taking place on a young female who was in her car. With the arrival of the police the offender ran off into the bush area and the officers rendered first aid to the victim who had suffered a cut throat as well as bruising to her face. Although a full scale search was carried out for the suspect no arrests have been made to date.
    CNS— 11.6.10 Crime increase official
    The increase in criminality of all kinds has been confirmed by the release of the RCIPS crime statistics on Thursday. The figures for 2009 show an increase in nearly all categories of crime over the 2008 figures, and then the first quarter of2010 shows a further increase of 10% in crime statistics compared with 2009. Of most concern, the police management said on announcing the figures, was the increase in the most serious and violent crimes. With five murders in the first quarter of 2010 the homicide rate was up by more than 66 percent and attempted murder was up by 150 percent.
    CNS— 11.6.10 Bag snatcher strikes in GT
    Police have confirmed that a woman was mugged in down town George Town today (Friday 11 June) in broad daylight at around 1:30pm. CID are currently investigating the incident which is said to have taken place in North Sound Road/ Godfrey Nixon way but police cannot confirm if the perpetrator was armed with a gun or another weapon. The victim whose bag was reported to contain around $10,000 is said to be unharmed. The police helicopter was sighted hovering in the area of the incident at the time of the assault but police have been unable to confirm if it was looking for the suspect who is said to have escaped on a bicycle.The bag snatched contained takings from a local business police said.
    CNS— 11.6.10 Thugs try to put chef in trunk
    Two armed men attacked an employee of the Grand Old House Restaurant last night and tried to put him in the trunk of his own car. Police say one of the men was armed with a shotgun and the other with a handgun; their faces were covered and they were wearing gloves. During the incident, which occurred around 10:00pm outside the restaurant on South Sound Road, the 31-year-old victim was struck twice around the face with a firearm and was taken to the George Town Hospital where he is being treated for head injuries. The two robbers stole the victim’s car and, according to sources, his wallet as well.
    CNS— 10.6.10 Third ESSO hit by gunman
    RCIPS detectives are currently investigating yet another armed heist which occurred at the Delworth ESSO On-the-Run gas station at the junction of Eastern Ave and North Church Street in the early hours of this morning, 10 June. Just before 2:00am a man entered the service station brandishing what police said appeared tobe a hand gun. The man mumbled something which was not that audible to the cashier before going behind the counter and taking the cash register. Three members of staff and one customer were present during the robbery. No shots were fired and no one was hurt in the sixth armed robbery in a week.
    CNS— 10.6.10 Gun crime persists in amnesty
    There have been nine reported crimes involving the use of firearms since the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service started its no-questions-asked gun amnesty, which ends at 7:00pm tonight (Thursday 10 June). From armed robberies at liquor stores and gas stations to street robberies and home invasions, Cayman’s criminal element seemed too busy using their weapons to bring them in. The police will be revealing the total quantity and type of weapons collected during the amnesty tomorrow, but despite their best efforts and a high profile campaign there appears to have been a surge in the number of gun crimes committed over the last few weeks.
    CNS— 8.6.10 Gunmen rob GT Burger King
    Three men armed with a shotgun and a hand gun robbed the George Town Burger King at around 10.00 last night (Monday 7 June) police have now confirmed. A spokesperson for the RCIPS said that one of the employees in the restaurant sustained a slight head injury when one of the gunmen hit him with a weapon as the robbers demanded money from the tills. There were no customers inside the restaurant at the time the robbery took place, although it appears some customers were at the drive in. Police said the three young men all wore hooded tops and dark clothes and witnesses said they spoke with Caymanian accents. The gunmen escaped on foot with around $300, no shots were fired during the incident and no arrests have yet been made.
    CNS— 7.6.10 Armed duo hit SMB ESSO
    Police have confirmed that a man and woman held up the ESSO gas station along Seven Mile Beach at around 1:20am this morning (Monday 7 June). Armed with a gun, the suspects forced staff in the gas station store to lay on the floor as they stole money from the till and personal possessions. No shots were fired and no one was injured during the incident. The robbers fled the scene on foot, though police believe they escaped in a car parked behind the station. Police said no arrests have yet been made and George Town detectives are now investigating the incident. This is the fourth armed robbery in four days on Grand Cayman and the second on a gas station. The ESSO station at Red Bay was held up by armed masked gunmen on Thursday evening.
     CNS— 5.6.10 Masked men rob liquor store
    Police said this morning that they have two men in custody in connection with a robbery at a George Town liquor store on Friday evening (4 June). The two masked men reportedly entered the Tortuga Liquor Store in Passadora Place, Smith Road, wielding machetes and made off with around $3,000 from the till as well as a handbag belonging to a member of staff. The incident, in which no one was hurt, occurred at around 6.50pm and the suspects made their escape on foot. Officers from the RCIPS confirmed that two suspects were arrested later that evening.
    CNS— 3.6.10 Gunmen hit Esso gas station
    Police have confirmed that two at least two armed and masked, gunmen have robbed the On the Run ESSO gas station in Red Bay this evening (Thursday 2nd June) at around 8:45pm. Officers were unable to reveal full details of the incident but saidtwo men had escaped from the scene with an undisclosed sum of money. The men reportedly entered the gas station carrying what appeared to be hand guns and threatened staff before making off with the cash. Police said that no shots were fired and no one was injured. Although no arrests have been made one officer stated that a car had been seized.
    CNS— 3.6.10 Teen girls rob pizza shop
    Police are currently investigating reports of a robbery which occurred at around 1.45pm this afternoon (Thursday 3 June) at the Dominos Pizza shop in Savannah, Bodden Town. Officers said that three teenage girls entered the pizza restaurant carrying machettes. They threatened staff before making off with an undisclosed sum of cash and some bottles of soda. No one was injured in the incident. The girls reportedly ran off into Pedro Castle Road where they entered a white Rav 4 vehicle and drove off. The suspects are described as aged between 13 and 19 years, all wearing dark clothing, baseball caps and dark sunglasses.
     CNS— 31.5.10 Armed men invade home
    George Town detectives are now investigating an aggravated burglary which occurred in the early hours of this morning (Monday 31 May). Police said that at about 2:41 am the RCIPS received a call from the victim who stated he was robbed, in the area of Point Four Street off South Church Street, by two unknown and armed men, who forced they way into the house. The victim stated that the two men had what appeared to be a shotgun and a hand gun. No shots were fired and no one was injured as a result of the incident. The victim and his son were held at gunpoint as the offenders demanded money. They were given an undisclosed amount of cash before fleeing the scene.
    CNS— 26.5.10 Man robbed of business cash
    Police have said that George Town detectives are investigating another early morning mugging by a masked man with a suspected firearm – the second in 24 hours. The incident took place in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday 26 May) when a local business owner was robbed of his night takings. Shortly before 1.00am today the man, who owns a licensed premises in the George Town area, arrived at his home address in Crewe Road, close to Ryan’s Retreat. Hewas accompanied by three friends and was carrying a bag containing the evening’s business takings. As he left his car to enter his house he was confronted by a masked man armed with what appeared to be a handgun.
    CNS— 25.5.10 Woman mugged at gunpoint
    Police said today that George Town detectives are now investigating a robbery which took place in the Queens Court Plaza area in the early hours of this morning. At about 1.15am a 20 year old woman was walking with two friends through Queens Court in West Bay Road, when they were confronted by a masked man. The man threatened the young woman with what appeared to be a handgun before grabbing her handbag containing a camera, a small amount of cash and personal papers. The suspect who wore a mask over his face had black hair and was wearing a white t-shirt and denim jeans.
    CNS— 20.5.10 Late-night foot store robbed
    Police have not yet confirmed the details of an armed robbery which took place at the Food 4 Less store by Foster’s Airport at around 9:30 last night (Wednesday 19 May). Although no on was hurt sources told CNS that the robbers who got away with an undisclosed sum of cash did fire bullets in the store as they fled the scene of the crime.  Three members of staff were reportedly in the store at the time the gun men entered with what witnesses told News 27 appeared to be a modified flare gun.
    CNS— 17.5.10 Man shot on own doorstep
    According to eyewitness reports, the holiday weekend has been marred by a major street fight that broke out in the Police said today that officers have launched an investigation into what they say was the attempted murder of a 50-year-old man in the George Town area last night, Monday 17 May.  The man was shot in the shoulder by a gunman dressed in all black who appeared at his doorstep in Cruz Lane at around 11pm, police, who are appealing for witnesses, stated. Although currently at the George Town hospital in a stable condition the injured man is expected to be transported overseas for further medical treatment.
    CNS— 17.5.10 Street fight ends in stabbing
    According to eyewitness reports, the holiday weekend has been marred by a major street fight that broke out in the early hours of this morning (Monday 17 May), which resulted in a serious stabbing and landed one man in hospital. Police have confirmed that one man has been arrested and another taken to hospital following the incident, which was reported to them around 4:10am. The police said the fight took place in the area near the Marquis Plaza off the West Bay Road but they did not have full details of how the fight had erupted. Eye witnesses told CNS that the police were called to the incident and were already at the scene observing the disturbance when the man was stabbed in the neck.
    CNS— 10.5.10 Man arrested after woman stabbed in the neck
    Police said this evening that officers are continuing their enquiries following the arrest of a 26-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder. At about 8:13 on Sunday evening, 9 May, a woman sustained serious neck injuries while at her home in the George Town area. Police say the victim of the attack called the police at the time of the incident and the man arrested remains in police custody. Meanwhile, police are seeking witnesses to another violent incident on Saturday morning in which a 29-year-old man was stabbed with a bottle outside the LI nightclub.
    3-months without a report of a violent crime
    CC— 12.2.10 Burglars target two businesses over two nights
    Police are investigating two break-ins of business premises that occurred on Wednesday and Thursday nights. The first break-in was reported at the Texaco station in Savannah. A report of the break-in was made to police at 5am on Thursday morning. On Friday morning, staff of Maedac on Shamrock Road arrived at work around 6am to find the premises had been broken into overnight. Undisclosed sums of money were taken in both break-ins. Police said enquiries were ongoing in both cases.
    CNN— 26.3.10  Editorial: Gun crimes must be stopped now
    Every day there seem to be more and more press releases coming from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS), reporting crimes of murder and other violence, including armed robberies and, the latest troubling event, a kidnapping. The situation has, quite frankly, become completely out of hand and, in the absence of effective remedial action, what do we have to look forward to. . .?
     CNS— 25.3.10 West Bay death toll climbs (Murder #5)
    Police and emergency services are still attending the scene of yet another shooting in the district of West Bay and have now confirmed that the victim is dead. The shooting took place in the area of Birch Tree Hill Lane at around 9:45pm on Thursday evening. A spokesperson for the RCIPS confirmed that a man has been killed. This homicide comes less than 36 hours after the killing of 25-year-old Alrick Peddie also in West Bay on Wednesday afternoon.  Although details are yet to be confirmed, it appears the latest shooting is also gang related. This is Cayman’s 5th murder for 2010 four of which occurred in the district of West Bay
    CNS— 24.3.10: Man shot dead in West Bay (Murder #4)
    Police have now confirmed that the man gunned down in broad daylight in West Bay on Wednesday afternoon (24 March) was 25-year-old Alrick Peddie from the West Bay. Police launched the murder investigation following the shooting, which took place at around 3:15 outside a residence in Willie Farrington Drive, West Bay, near Batabano Plaza. Emergency services arrived on the scene to find the man had received multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. The man was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town where he was formally pronounced dead. 
    CNS— 24.3.10: Armed thieves hit restaurant
    Police are investigating yet another armed robbery, this time in George Town, after armed men took cash from the Kentucky Fried Chicken in West Bay Road. They are also making enquiries regarding an attempted robbery at Champion House. Detectives say thatat around 10:30pm on Tuesday, 23 March, three men entered the Kentucky Fried Chicken. One of the men was armed with what appeared to be a firearm and another man had a machete. The men threatened staff and made off with a sum of cash. No one was injured and no shots were fired.
    CNS— 24.3.10: Bakery robbed at gunpoint
    In the latest in a string of armed robberies across Grand Cayman, last night (Tuesday 23 March) at about 9.45 pm a man armed with what appeared to be a firearm entered the Caribbean Bakery on Mount Pleasant Road, West Bay. According to the RCIPS, he threatened staff and made off with a sum of cash. He was last seen heading towards the Batabano Plaza where he jumped the fence. No shots were fired and no-one was injured in the incident. The man is described as being about 5ft 7inches tall and of medium build. He was wearing a black hooded top, light blue jeans and he had his face covered with a bandanna.
    CNS— 23.3.10: man escapes 2-day abduction ordeal
    Police have arrested two Honduran men following the Cayman Islands’ first ever abduction in which a young adult was taken hostage by his kidnappers on Thursday 18 March. The parents of the victim reported to police that they had received a phone call that afternoon from a man claiming to have taken their son hostage. The suspect demanded a ransom of hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure their son’s release and warned he would kill the victim if they contacted the police. However, a few days later the victim managed to escape and shortly after the police arrested two men.
    CNS— 23.3.10: Stabbing victim remains silent over attack
    Police confirmed on Tuesday that they are investigating a report of an alleged stabbing incident that occurred in Pasadora Place, off Smith Road in George Town on Saturday evening, 20 March. However, an RCIPS spokesperson said the police were unable to give any details of the reported incident as the victim was “being less than helpful.” CNS understands that a male was stabbed several times at around 6:00 pm, by his attacker in what was described as a violent incident. It is not known if the victim was hospitalized or how sever his injuries were
    CNS— 22.3.10: Guns found in toy delivery
    Cassandra Bodden, who has denied importing an unlicensed firearms and ammunition, stood trial this morning, Monday 22 March before Justice Cooke and a jury of four men and three women. The crown opened its case against the 26-year-old woman alleging that she knowingly imported weapons to the Cayman Islands in a package containing a toy car. The crown claims that between the 23 and 27 April the defendant imported four firearms, described as a .40 Smith and Wesson, a 9mm Ruger, a .45 Glock model 21, and a 9mm Arcus as well as 420 rounds of ammunition.
    CNS— 18.3.10: Gunmen rob gasstation
    Three hooded armed robbers targeted Delworth’s Esso gas station in North Church Street, George Town early this morning police have confirmed. George Town detectives are now investigating the armed robbery which took place Thursday 18 March shortly after 5.00am. Three members of staff were working within the service station when three hooded men entered the premises. One of the men was carrying what appeared to be a firearm. The men threatened staff before making off with the cash register from the store.
    CNS— 17.3.10: Police issue warning after overnight break-ins on 7MB
    Following a number of burglaries and attempted break-ins along Seven Mile Beach overnight officers from the Royal Cayman Islands Police are urging people to make sure that they lock their doors and windows before going to bed. Between 1.00am and 2.45am this morning, Wednesday 17 March the Grand Cayman Beach Suites, the Westin and Silver Sands Condos were targeted by burglars. Police said in all of the incidents they had got inside the various premises as a result of unsecured doors or windows.
    CNS— 16.3.10: Drive by shooting on the Brac
    Two teenagers have been arrested following a drive by shooting incident on Cayman Brac  which occurred earlier today, Tuesday 16 March 2010. Police said that at around 4.30 pm this afternoon a man was walking in West End Road West in Cayman Brac when he was shot at from a passing car. The man wasn’t injured as a result of the incident. Following a police operation the RCIPS said that two teenage males aged 14 and 17 years have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm. 
    CNS— 12.3.10: Couple shocked at audacious burglary
    While break-ins are no longer making the news these days as they have become almost everyday events, one couple living on Seven Mile Beach told CNS they were shocked when a burglar broke into their condo and stole a number of valuables from right under their noses as they both slept. While the gang crime maybe stealing the headlines, this theft still stole the victim’s peace of mind.  The couple who live in the Lizard Run area said they woke up on Thursday morning to find the window open and a number of possessions gone along with cash and some medication.  As a result the couple said they have now installed a new security system.
    CNS— 11.3.10: CITA calls on cops to act
    The local tourism industry has raised its voice against the rising crime in the islands and called on the police to do more to stop the criminals and gangs, which the industry says are seeing the Cayman Islands as a land of opportunity with inadequately checked borders and few consequences to their actions. The Cayman Islands Tourist Association Board of Directors has called on the RCIPS to try harder and asked both the police and the governor, at whatpoint will they realize that taking the same action will yield the same result and move towards a more aggressive policing policy?
    CNS— 11.3.10: One dead in gang shoot out (3rd murder of 2010)
    Gang violence seemed to reach ever more shocking heights on Grand Cayman this evening when at least one young man was shot and killed in one of two separate shootings in the West Bay area. The shootings took place at separate locations in the district around 8pm. One was off North West Point Road on Maliwinas Way and the other on Birth Tree Hill Road and at least one of the victims has been killed. CNS has also received unconfirmed reports of a further incident in George Town involving a fire arm. All of the shootings are thought to be gang related.
    CNS— 9.3.10: US sailor attacked in GT
    A member of the US Coast Guard crew currently visiting the Cayman Islands became the victim of an attack when he came ashore from his ship, CNS understands. Police have confirmed that George Town detectives are investigating an attempted robbery which left a sailor with head injuries in the early hours of this morning. About 2:10 am the 21-year-old American sailor, was walking in North Church Street with a friend in the Burger King area when a man jumped out of a side street, struck the victim on the face and demanded cash.
    CNS— 8.3.10: Hitchhiker escapes gun ordeal
    Police have confirmed that a woman was threatened with a gun after she accepted a ride from a driver this morning on her way to work.  The George Town woman is now recovering after she jumped from a moving vehicle when the driver pulled what was believed to be a gun. No shots were fired but the woman was injured when she leapt from the car. The female hitchhiker described her assailant as short and stocky with a light brown complexion, short hair and a Caymanian accent, driving a small red car.
    CNS— 8.3.10: Brac strongman burglar strikes again
    Following the recent theft of a washing machine and drier on Cayman Brac police are now investigating the theft of a filing cabinet from the Watering Place Post Office after a burglar not put off by the size and weight of potential loot made of with it. Sometime between 11.30 am on Saturday, 6 March, and 9.00 this morning, Monday 8 March, the three drawer cabinet, which is cream in colour, disappeared. The drawers contained a small amount of cash, stamps and cell phone top-up cards. “The cabinet is heavy therefore it’s likely that a vehicle may have been used to transport it. I would ask anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area of the post office over the weekend to contact me,” PC John Morrison said.
    CNS— 3.3.10: World hears about Cayman’s gang violence
    One of the world’s largest news agencies has now picked up on the escalating gang violence that is plaguing the Cayman Islands. A short, Associated Press news piece reports on the latest shooting which took place in downtown, George Town literally yards from the offices of some of Cayman’s leading offshore businesses, on Friday afternoon. The independent news agency is the oldest and one of the biggest news houses in the world and according to its website on any given day, more than half the world’s population sees news of some kind from AP. The stories are picked up by thousands of daily newspaper, radio, television, and online news providers across the globe. At a time when Cayman is struggling to attract both inward investment and tourism to boost its revenue and lift the flagging domestic economy, the news article illustrates one of the many major concerns in the local community about the damage this continued and persistent escalation of violence is doing to the jurisdiction’s reputation.
    CNS— 5.3.10: Woman shot in Mary Street
    Police have confirmed that a woman is now in hospital after a daylight shooting in the Mary Street area in the heart of George Town. The 911 emergency centre received the call around 4:10 this afternoon (Friday 5 March) to say the victim had been shot at Barnes Plaza. The response unit is now at the scene and investigations regarding the latest gang related shooting incident are on going. It has also been confirmed that the woman was shot in the face but is currently in a stable condition. The incident follows three other shootings in less than twenty four hours and police are calling for witnesses to come forward.
    CNS— 5.3.10: Two hit in West Bay shootings
    The ongoing gang violence on Grand Cayman has resulted in yet two more victims being shot. Police have now confirmed the details of two separate shootings that took place in West Bay this evening, Thursday 4 March. Police said that shortly after 8.00 pm a man was in Miss Daisy Lane when he was shot in the shoulder. He was conveyed to the Cayman Islands Hospital, where he is currently being treated. His condition is described as stable.  Meanwhile, in the second incident a man sustained slight head injuries when he was shot in the Birch Tree Hill area of West Bay around 8.15 pm
    CNS— 5.3.10: Gunshots in Georgetown
    Police have confirmed that at around 2:00 this morning shots were fired at a house in Templeton Street in the Windsor Park area of George Town. No one was injured though a number of cars were damaged. Police have cordoned off the area, which is currently being examined by scenes of crime officers. CNS understands that this could be yet another gang related incident.
    CNS— 4.3.10: Burglar takes cleaner approach to stolen goods
    Police on Cayman Brac are on the look out for some rather unusual stolen goods following a burglary from an unoccupied house on the island last week. Officers stated that they believe that the burglary occurred at about 11.00 pm on the night of Monday, 22 February at an unoccupied residence in Watering Place when the burglar helped himself to laundry appliances. Although electrical goods are often targeted by criminals they are usually considerably more portable. Police say this thief took a Whirlpool washer and separate drier from the property and are asking people to keep their eye out for the goods.
    CNS— 16.2.10: Restaurant armed robbery
    Police say that two robbers, one of them armed with what appeared to be a handgun, held up a restaurant in George Town last night, Tuesday 23 February, and made off with a small sum of cash. About 9.00 pm two men, dressed in dark clothing, entered the Corner Restaurant in Eastern Avenue. The armed robber threatened staff before making off from the scene with the cash. No shots were fired and no-one was injured as a result of the incident. Detective Constable Richard Scott, of George Town CID, is appealing for anyone who has information regarding this crime to come forward.
    CNS— 16.2.10: Baines warns off vigilantes
    In the wake of the shocking murder of four year old Jeremiah Barnes at a West Bay gas station last night,, the police commissioner has pleaded with the community not to take the law into its own hands. Despite the expected heightened anxiety, David Baines asked people to let the police deal with the issues. He said that while two men were in custody, police were still working on the enquiry, and patrols in areas where gang members are known to congregate were being increased along with more road blocks which would include visibly armed special officers.
    CC— 16.2.10: Two machete attacks on Courts Road
    For the second day in a row, a man has been attacked – apparently with a machete – at the North Town Courts Apartments in George Town. The latest incident occurred around 5am Tuesday on Courts Road.  Police said a Filipino man was stabbed and had his throat cut by two suspects. The victim, 34, suffered serious injuries and was being treated at the Cayman Islands hospital. Police were not certain if he would survive.
    CNS—15.2.10: Child shot dead, 2 arrested (Murder 2 in 2101)
    Police have now confirmed that a four year old little boy is dead after he was shot when a gunman opened fire on the car he was sitting in with his family on the forecourt of the Hell gas station in West Bay this evening and two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder.  At around 8:25pm (Monday I5 February) two men approached the station one of which was carrying a firearm and began shooting at the parked car before running off. The child who was sitting on the back seat was shot but his mother, brother and father escaped injury.
    CNS— 15.2.10: Machete attack in Court Rd
    A young man is in critical condition after a vicious attack by two unknown assailants in the early hours of this morning. Sometime between midnight and 2:00am on Monday 15 February, a 25-year-old man, who is an Indian national, stepped outside his home in the North Town Courts apartments, Courts Road, George Town to use his cell phone to call his wife, who is currently in Goa. Shortly before 3.00am the man returned to the apartment suffering from serious head injuries. He stated he had been violently attacked by two unknown men who struck him on the head with what could possibly be machete
    CNS— 15.2.10: Cops increased armed control
    Following three separate incidents over the weekend involving firearms, a senior police officer has confirmed that the RCIPS has increased the number of armed officers now deployed around the island. Alongside the threat made to a customer at a local barber shop by a single gunman, police said they also received two reports of gunshots being fired in George Town in the early hours of Monday morning, and although no one was hurt, one of the shots hit a parked car. Chief Superintendent John Jones called on those involved to stop the tit-for-tat.
    CNS— 15.2.10: Five busted for prison drugs
    Police have now confirmed that five people have been arrested in separate and unrelated incidents by unconnected visitors attempting to smuggle ganja into Northward Prison. A police spokesperson said that the five people were arrested yesterday (Sunday 14 February) at the prison on suspicion of committing various offences including possession of ganja, possession with intent to supply and consumption. The people included three woman, aged 20, 38 and 57 years, and two men aged 22 and 31 years. All have subsequently been released on police bail.
    CNN— 13.2.10: Gunman targets barber client
    A customer’s hair cut was violently interrupted last night when a gunman burst into a George Town barber shop and reportedly threatened him as he sat in the chair. Police have now confirmed that at around 7:50 pm Friday evening (12 February) a masked man entered Mr. G’s Barbershop on Eastern Avenue and pointed what appeared to be a firearm at the head of a man who was in the shop. According to reports the man was having his hair cut at the time and angry words were exchanged before the gunman fled the store, when the manager closed the shop early. Police said no shots were fired and no one was injured but enquiries are ongoing.
    CNN—12.2.10: Focus on crime prevention:
    The Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) held a forum last Wednesday on the prevention of crime and the utilisation of crime-fighting technology. “The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to assist the police and provide innovative ways in fighting crime, by providing confidential information that leads to arrest,” said Wil Pineau, CEO Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce.
    CNS— 10 February, 2010: Two busted for West Bay Burglaries
    Following a number of burglaries and attempted burglaries in the West Bay area overnight, two men aged 32 and 35 years have been arrested and are in police custody. Police say that between midnight last night (Tuesday 9 February) and 3.00am this morning (Wednesday 10 February) six burglaries and two attempted burglaries occurred in the West Bay area. Homes in Watercourse Road, Hillandale Close, Windstart Drive, Cadbury Link and Alexandra Close were targeted. In most of the incidents small amounts of cash were stolen.
    CNS— 10 February, 2010: Shirtless armed robber flees empty handed
    Police are reporting an attempted robbery at Welly’s Cool Spot, Sound Way, George Town last night. At about 7:40pm a man, who had a shirt covering his face but was bare chested, entered the premises armed with what appeared to be a handgun. Police say he threatened staff and demanded cash, but no shots were fired and no-one was injured. However, the man ran off empty handed and was last seen running towards AL Thompson in Sound Way. The suspect is described as being male, dark complexion, tall and of slim build. Police say he was wearing pants.
    CNN— 4 February, 2010: Woman assaulted on West Bay Road
    A woman was robbed and assaulted with a baton upon leaving a nightclub on West Bay Road on Monday night. A police spokesperson has reported that a woman was walking along Sleet Drive off West Bay Road at 10:40pm on Monday 1 February when she was approached by a man, and assaulted with a weapon. The woman was on her way home from “O” Bar, a popular night club on West Bay Road, when a man hit her with what appeared to be a baton and pushed her to the ground before snatching her handbag and running off.
    CNS— 4 February, 2010: Armed bank robbery
    The RCIPS has now released brief descriptions of the two men who robbed the Cayman National Bank, Countryside Shopping Centre in Savannah, this afternoon, Thursday 4 February, in broad daylight. Police say both the suspects are male, between 5’6” and 5’8” in height and dark complexion. One was wearing a red hooded top and the other was wearing a black hooded top. Both men were wearing masks. Shortly after 12:30 this afternoon, the two men stormed in to the bank. One of the robbers was armed with what appeared to be a handgun. The men threatened staff and one fired a shot intothe air, police said. The men then ran off with a sum of cash.
    CC— 2 February, 2010: Woman robbed in Georgetown
    A woman was physically assaulted and robbed late Monday night in George Town as she made her way home from a local bar.
    CNS— 29 January, 2010: Break-ins continue to plague Georgetown
    Although the police have not been issuing official reports on each of these crimes, several break-ins have occurred this week in and around the George Town area. An Arrest has also been made after a computer store became the victim of a group of female shop lifters last week.  This week, however, two schools and a restaurant have reported break-ins on their premises. According to reports on News 27, masked young men entered the Triple C School compound by jumping the fence on Tuesday, while the Cayman Prep School was also targeted by thieves on Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning.  
    CNS— 29 January, 2010: Murder victim found in GT (Murder 1 in 2010)
    Less than one month into the new year Police have launched their first murder enquiry of 2010 following the discovery of a body of a 32 year old man at the Progressive Industries warehouse in Sparky Drive, industrial area, George Town. Although the police said the man who was from Bodden Town had been murdered they were unable to confirm if he had been shot. CNS has received other reports that the man was shot in the head. The man’s body was discovered around 23:10 on Thursday night. Although police have not yet released official figures 2009 recorded the highest number of homicides in Cayman’s history with seven murders and one manslaughter.
    CNN— 10 January, 2010: Cayman’s Gang Culture.  
    There are possibly a dozen, and possibly up to thirty street gangs in the Cayman Islands.
    CC— 10 January, 2010: Cayman cops arrested most often.
    Cayman Islands police officers have been arrested more frequently in recent times than their counterparts in any other British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. That somewhat surprising statistic was revealed in a response to a parliamentary question asked by UK MP Andrew Rosindell last October. Mr. Rosindell asked the Parliamentary Under–Secretary of State Chris Bryant how many police officers have been arrested for criminal activity in each of the Caribbean OT’s over the past five years. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office found six Anguilla officers had been arrested, nine British Virgin Islands officers were arrested, two officers from Montserrat were arrested, and three from the Turks and Caicos had been arrested. The Cayman Islands had 13 officers arrested during that five–year period.
    • Anon says:

      While the death of the burglar may be classed as a homicide there is no reason at this stage to include it as a murder. Murder has a very specific meaning in law.

      CNS: You’re right and I have deleted the phrase.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. – John 10:10

  4. Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

    Young Caymanian Rivers, may you Rest in Peace.  Surely this life has been a challenge for you…and many will not understand it.  That is not a surprise, they would not even listen.  God listened I am sure….and I pray that you have found peace in His mighty arms.

    You’re a seed (those with ears…may they hear)…and I also pray that as a society we will culitivate and use this to refocus and redirect our efforts to keeping all young caymanians in a place of "hope".

    I am hoping that the white elephant in the room will be addressed now.

    Let me sip my lil brew ya and try relax.

  5. Anonymous says:

    "Suspects in Serious Offences pleads Not Guilty"

    Please for those of you that have not read this page including all those "highty-tighty so call government officials" who are so caught up in their little world and lost to what is going on in our society I invite you to read this article!

    Can somebody confirm the ages of all these cowards? I bet that if any but all of them are all under the age of thirty, but yet they are of the age whereby they can chose right versus wrong, good versus bad. Read and understand the seriousness of the charges that are laid against them, murder, abduction for ransom, attempt murder…holly shit! I am so mad right now with our government past and present! Particularly PRESENT!

    Yes we the parents need to take responsibility as well but you pathetic bunch of so call individuals what the hell are you doing to stop this country from falling apart, if it has not already done so. I am a born Caymanian that right now I just want to get the hell out of here. Yes I will agree that there is crime all over the world but my gosh for less than 70,000 people on an island 8 x 27 miles is absolutely crazy!

    The nerve of these cowards to stand in court and deny any wrong doings, you all are a bunch of COWARDS! To the one man that did plead guilty to his charge I say do not go down alone take all the cowards with you. Yes you did wrong but atleast you were man enough to stand up and admit your fault and accept responsibility. To the courts I say work with this indivual give him some credit where it is due.


    To Mr. B you are a man of God and no man shall rise against God’s children! You have that right to protect your property,family and yourself. I can not imagine what Ms. B and you are going through right now but I am praying for you both and God will see you through this. I have known you nearly all of my life and I know the man you are; you are a humble man, a man of forgiveness, love and compassion and I know that one day you will reach out to the Rivers family and seek forgiveness. However I want you to know that you need not feel guilty of your actions. Heed the words of the Military writer.

    To the Police and Legal department you better know what you are doing in this situation as we the PEOPLE of the Cayman Islands will rise up and stand for justice this time!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The "Victim" was not "Harryton Rivers"

  7. Raffaele says:

    To answer your statement Mr. Ridley do you honestly believe they care and Garrison communities are going to be the only option and level of protection ( like the Rich) who already live in these type of environments "Vista Del Mar & Salt creek  Dragon Bay. See if you can gain access at any given time of the day or night..As for the Political Leadership, What the h*%# is that and who are they? we have not had that since the1950’s, we have elect a slew of self serving colonist and their uneducated henchmen who by the way have come into their own now, yet the benevolent crown holds their proverbial hand as long as they carry out her agenda and wishes. This has now bore some "unfortunate consequences" for all the residents of this island. If you and others are entertaining the foolish notion and doubt that they were not aware or are now unaware that this would be the inevitable outcome or consequences of their agendas and actions, keep deluding yourself, it is just that level ignorance that is going to probably keep hope in our dooms. We had seen enormous spending and political & UK interference in every aspect of our law enforcement agencies so much so that they have been rendered in effective and in some instances useless, yet we remain silent as some of our finest people and most capable were hindered obstructed frustrated humiliated and remove to make way for the incompetent and corrupt cronies. We sat by and listen to promises and our political nincompoops and their minders tell us how all is good. This shooting of a "Tagged" burglar by this homeowner is a testimony of their failure and lies and inability to adequate protect the citizen of this country from consequences of their actions and policies and foolish and deliberate decisions. Sadly they will now play mind games with the public sentiment in determining the appropriate charges to be brought against this elderly member of the public and homeowner who was only trying to protect his life and property a job by the way they are well paid to do. I say shame shame shame on them for putting the public and the criminal element in a virtual  Roman Coliseum control by them to fight like Gladiators in a fight to the death. My suggestion to you Mr. Ridley whom i hold in the highest regard is to try and get a number of persons like yourself and any others who care enough about this place to form another political option whom the UK don’t have to and can’t babysit to lead this overseas territory. So we can rid ourselves of this political tyranny run by them and their government agents which we find ourselves financially burden with also.

  8. Andrew Reid says:

    Tim Ridley is right when he says that hard questions must now be asked of those who claim to be managing Grand Cayman.

    The crime situation and other "difficult" issues have been left to fester for the past decade or more. Like the landfill, the problem is now stinking up the island and affecting everyone. I guess it is always easier to focus energy and attention on grandiose and unnecessary projects. That must change. Now.

    The ESO’s 2008 Statistical Compendium shows that over the ten years 1999 to 2008 reported crimes averaged around 3,200 per year. The worst years were 2001 and 2002, with almost 4,000 reported crimes in each year. Interestingly, reported crimes dropped from 3,509 in 2007 to 2,563 in 2008. I have not yet checked the 2009 figures.

    Up until 2001, the RCIP was able to "clear up" about 75% of the crimes
    reported each year. I am not sure what "cleared up" actually means. Hopefully "arrest leading to conviction".

    2002 was a particularly bad year for crime and detection with 3,996
    crimes reported and only 54% cleared up. In 2003, the RCIP bounced back, clearing up 84% of 3,194 crimes.

    Unfortunately, the period 2004 to 2008 saw a significant fall off
    in the RCIP’s success rate which was as low as 36% in 2006 and has
    averaged less than 43% over the five year period.

    Looking at the figures for RCIP’s banner year 2003, the RCIP cleared up an impressive 100% of drug cases, 100% of assault cases, 84% of thefts and 75% of burglaries.

    Five years later the picture had changed dramatically for the worse. In 2008, RCIP only managed to clear up 45% of drug cases, 54% of assault cases, 47% of thefts and 29% of burglaries.

    So what are the reasons for this drop in performance?
    After all, overall crime rates (not counting the rash of homicides and armed robberies over the past couple of years) and the size of the population have been fairly static. And resources are clearly not the problem. The 2003 budget allocated almost CI$3,000,000 for police patrols and community crime prevention. In the 2009 budget this category had ballooned to over CI$16,000,000.

    Violent crime and home invasions are making the local population and visitors very uneasy and are bad for business. In the meantime, those actively involved in the law breaking business have noticed where the opportunities lie and are taking full advantage.

    We need action and we need it now.

  9. Dred says:

    I think it is time the ruling government act as one to address the needs of this nation.

    1) Make our prison a prison. Stop all the pampering we are doing to these harden criminals. NO TV. No AC. NO Wonderful meals daily. I could care less what the Human Rights idiots say. Actually we should call the Human Rights group the Criminal Rights group since they care more for criminals than they do for law abiding citizens of any country.

    2) Stricter laws. Make having possession of a gun during a crime whether it ends in someone loosing their life or not EXTREMELY SEVERE. I am talking Minimum 10 years with tack on for crimes. I would think the minimum setence for a crime using a gun should be about 20 years in all. Knives when you add up everything like 15 years minimum. And for God’s sake no early release at all. NO revolving doors.

    3) Pro-active not Re-Active. Let’s start hitting the gangs and the drug dealers with a two prong approach.

    a) Bring in Special Gang task force from the USA, not UK. USA Only. Turn criminals into informants and let’s start taking down leaders not just the little punks on the street. Go for the juggular.

    b) Bringing in users. Let’s start identifying the users and bring them into under some new law to help clean up Cayman of the users. NO users no drugs. Now getting them all is impossible or at the very lease very difficult but if the # of users fall it will make their business harder to survive and flourish. Perform random testing on known drug users. I believe some sort of law that gives the cops the right to perform drug test if there is a belief that the person is under the influence will be required if not present as yet.

    4) 3 Strikes and you’re out law needs to kick in. If you have a record that involves 3 incidents of a similar nature then no bail at all. I read about this Harryton having a history of criminal behaviour and yet he is allowed to be bailed and I ask WHY?? If he has a history then what do you think he will do the first chance he gets? No traffic incidents obviously do not apply. However if you have 3 drug offences or violence offenses sorryno more bail. Next. We need to start a repeaters law. If you commit a second act you tack on 5 years to your sentence. A 3rd 10 years. A 4th 15 years and so on. The idea is to get these people away for good.

    People unless our laws are tough we will forever be in the same position. Unless our prisons are feared by criminals then why would they care about doing something they can profit from if the drawback of being caught is not something would fear. Our prisons need to be PRISONS. You go there once and the day you get out you get saved and start doing God’s work. That’s how criminals should react to prison not be looking forward to returning because it’s the best they have been fed in years.

    Our focus should be:

    1) Attack the gangs and bring them down.

    2) Create a prison people do not want to go to.

    3) Create laws that make people fear doing crimes especially with weapons

    4) Get users off the streets. As long as there are users there will be dealers.

    5) Repeaters pay to repeat. Prison is no longer a vacation destination but it could be your permanent home.

    Bottomline. Let’s stop waiting for them to do something before we do something. Let’s start hitting them instead of waiting for them to hit us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent post Dred.

      The only problem I see is that all the changes that you propose, and the country definitely needs, would require our politicians to actually go to the LA and pass laws that will not immediately lead to their personal enrichment.

      It may sound very cynical but the only way I see for us to get laws that work better given the present bunch of politicians, is if we include amendments which would provide for certain politicians and their cronies to get a payoff in unmarked cash in an envelope for every year of sentence a violent criminal gets. I would rather that we had provisions that said that for every violent crime that occurred our politicians would lose 2% of their pay but they would never vote for that.

    • Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice and a West Bayer at THAT says:

      All your suggestions are very very good if only the Police Commissioner thought like you maybe we would be seeing a decrease in all this crime, and as for the point you raised (3b) the users, you couldn’t have said it any better, this is the main source of the scumbags, the users are the ones who are stealing, robbing, shoplifting, and in some cases involved in much more serious crimes in the drug world, they are the menions for the drug dealers, some take the wrap for the drug dealers with the promise that the "dealer" will take care of them while they in jail (oops sorry on vacation at the hotel HMP) the problem is the RCIPS also use the CI’s (confidental informants) to "try" to set-up the rival drug dealers and others that they are targeting, therefore the "source" of the problem gets help from the same one that should be taking them off the street, so how can any of this actually be stopped??? we all know of some users that NEVER end up at HMP why? because they are CI’s and you also have the drug dealers that are CI’s too, the inform on the others that are moving in on their business and  by informing and getting their rival locked up it only opens that location up for that dealer, so again your suggestions are exactly what needs to be done, but would Baines take these suggestions into consideration? RCIP is always holding "Community"meeting and asking for suggestions from the people well you one with the right ideas i hope this post could land on his desk so his sorry ass could put some, no all of your solutions into play, but hey if they "really" wanted to solve crimes here, would it really take a CNS poster to have to tell them HOW to do their jobs?, You should be holding this position.  I might beable to sleep with my windows open at night without fear of anything happening to me, and i live on the second floor….Thanks for your great suggestions Dred….   

    • Heavy Cake says:

      There is no AC in prison cells.

  10. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Okay, how much longer does the Attorney General need before making a pronouncement?

    • Dred says:

      Hope we are not waiting on him. I’m still waiting for him to make a real call on the BT Elections fiasco. That too was his job.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I remember this individual very well when I was a young detective working at West Bay CID many years ago. He came to Cayman from Cuba (Isle of Pines/ Isle of Youth) when he was around 5-7 years old as I recall. His parents are both Cuban/Caymanians. 

    Back in those days we had a lot of contact with him starting around the age of 10 years in various criminal investigations. I remember sitting him down and counselling him upstairs West Bay Police Station on numerous occasions. No doubt others police officers, social workers, Justice of the Peace in Juvenile Court and many others reached out to him as well, in order to help him change but he did not heed the warnings and decided on this life of criminality……. of his own volition.

    I have not seen him in many years and what really amazes me is that he lived as longas he did (29 years old) living a life in the fast lane of criminality day in and day out.

    I really don’t feel no pity or sorrow for him whatsoever and I hope this is a wake up call to others close to him who are also involved in daily criminality activity to change from their wicked ways.

    If you really want to see how the Cayman Islands has changed, just you wait and see the type of people who attends his funeral and see their type of dress, attitude and their demeanour, and you will see where our country has really gone in terms of moral upbringing.  




    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe it is time for the community to start dropping the annonomous "dime" on who is committing these crimes instead of letting crimes get to this point where the criminal elements are continuing and now getting shot by homeowners?!

      Also, at-risk programs are needed immediately in the schools and community. As the poster above states, see who attends the funeral and target those individuals. The crime needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

      Sad times in Cayman!

  12. Rick says:

    Statistically, Guns Are Good

    Great reasoning, but well known to those of us who look beyond the headlines. I would only add that the US murder rate is much lower than Cayman’s (2009: Cayman: 16/100k vs <10/100k for US). And, this despite the fact that we have far stricter gun laws. Surprise!!!! That fact holds true where ever proper comparisons are made.

    There is no requirement in law for gun owners to keep their weapons locked away at home. The weapon is considered safe in their immediate possession whilst at home. Even Gun Club members licences do not require this. Weapons and ammo should be locked away for safekeeping when in storage.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Statistically, Guns Are Good

      Great reasoning, but well known to those of us who look beyond the headlines. I would only add that the US murder rate is much lower than Cayman’s (2009: Cayman: 16/100k vs <10/100k for US). And, this despite the fact that we have far stricter gun laws. Surprise!!!! That fact holds true where ever proper comparisons are made".

      I do not necessarily object to licensed gun ownership but it is false to state that there is always a direct relationship between strict gun laws and higher murder rates, or vice versa that lax gun gun laws reduces homicides.  

      The UK has fairly strict gun laws, yet in 2008-2009 it recorded only 689 homicides out of a population of 61.8 million – a rate of 0.01 per thousand of the population. 

      According to a November, 2009 article in the New Yorker magazine "the United States has the highest homicide rate of any affluent democracy, nearly four times that of France and the United Kingdom, and six times that of Germany" (all of which have far stricter gun laws).

      Read more: http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/atlarge/2009/11/09/091109crat_atlarge_lepore#ixzz0ubme4OnW

      It also appears that the opposite conclusion is drawn by U.S. lawmakers to rising gun crime


      The only exception that I can think of is Switzerland and there may be other factors at play there.  


  13. Anonymous says:

    It is not done lightly to take another human life. Take this from somebody that has an extensive Military background with a Regiment that has been at "The Sharp End" of international conflicts for over 4 centuries!

    To the Shooter:-

    At present I know what you are feeling. – It is only natural! However, do not, DO NOT let your conscience ‘sneak up’ on you! That night, you performed valiantly so say the least. Right now, you, your family, your friends and the other law abiding citizens of the Cayman Islands,  enjoy the right of filling their lungs again with the air of freedom & safety that graces this beautiful island! Never forget this!!!

    Hopefully this is the 1st & final time you will ever have to perform this task. Don’t 2nd guess yourself. If you had performed with so much as 1% less effort than you did that night, it would be I and others reading about you, – ‘the casualty’ and your family, weeping, standing over YOUR grave. Rest assured, you are NOT in the wrong! This can not be construed as ‘Excessive Force’… To my understanding, you shot an ARMED (knife wielding) intruder INSIDE your premises twice (… not 15 times) with a registered / licensed fire arm! End of story. – I fail to see ‘the gray area’ here! – In the event this goes to court, rest assured it will be I and others like me that march for your freedom!

    To the Deceased / Assailant’s associates:-

    It is my understanding, the assailant was released from prison not too long ago and recently had his ankle-locator-bracelet removed 24 hours prior to his death… All I can say is thank you for proving the "Repeat Offender’s % Statistic"!!! I do not share a modicum of solace on either of your behalf’s.

    Note to all parents: This is what happens if you fail to bring up your children correctly! – And no, Your child did not "have-it-hard" or have a "hard life"… Children / young men in Baghdad – Iraq, Kabul – Afghanistan, Sierra Leone – W. Africa and a dozen other places have "a hard life"! – You are on a civilized, (mostly!) safe caribbean island, you are expected to behave in a civilized manner! – If not, you will be treated in an uncivilized manner… As an uncivilized individual!!!





  14. Big up Vigilante says:

    Theives dont come to a house with a hymnal and a bible what you all want  Mr. B to do…. sit there and try to pray with him..pray over his dead body and thank God it was the criminal who got popped a few shots and not Mr. B….I agree…SHOOT TO KILL, Chop to kill, Beat wit a baseball bat / 2×4 til your hearts content….do whatever it take to protect self and property.

    He had NO REGARD for the family home he was breaking into…he didnt care or have a second thought…I can betcha one ting…he wont try dat again!

    His family is left with the shame of a worthless human being violating another humans right.Hopefully they can go on with their lives and not be impacted in such a small community with discrimination for what he did to bring shame on them all.

  15. nauticalone says:

    It’s time the Police/Govt. make it easier for all law abiding citizens to own a gun and other means to protect oneself and ones family.

    It’s sad that the crime situation has gotten this bad, but the fact remains that it has!…and law abiding citizens should not be hindered by their own Govt. to have the means to protect themselves and families.

    It’s high time we all let our politicians know we want them to help us with the means to legally protect ourself and our family!

  16. Tim Ridley says:

    I am very much afraid that Cayman is entering the world that many other places reached long ago. That is gated communities with security guards 24 x 7.  And alarm systems and bars on windows and doors. It is indeed very saddening to those who remember and care for the "old Cayman".

    We should be asking some very hard questions of our well paid political leaders, senior police and senior civil servants (including the Governor) as to how this state of affairs has been allowed to develop and what proactive proposals they have to turn back the tide and quickly. Hand wringing and blaming society, the media and foreigners is not going to do thejob.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Also calling Caymanians irresponsible and lazy is not going to do as well. The government and leaders have to face up that they hold part of the responsibility for the people of these Islands. If the law-makers refuse to look out for the economic stability of the people of the Cayman Islands, we will see more crime…

      Responsibility works both ways!

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

         Cayman was always supposed to be "different". The leaders always stated Cayman would not follow in the foot steps of JA, Bermuda or the Bahamas. Our elected leaders over the past 20 years have allowed Cayman to flounder into an over priced, crime filled, politically corrupt, back room controlled Caribbean country. They have allowed a very unique country (the 3 islands are in the middle of The Caribbean Sea and not linked or tied geographically to a neighbor) the unique people (all Caymanians are unique, can be friendly and warm) allowed the country to digress into a same old same old crime ridden 3rd world due to greed and corrupt, inept management and leadership. Tim Ridley says it all way more politely than I do.

    • Bow Line says:

      True,true.One only need look at Bahamian society.It was a mirror image of Cayman.Today there are bars on every window.Trully disturbing.Ironicly Mr Bush is a frequent visitor there.

    • Anonymous says:

      My dear Tim,  we are already at the stage of the gated communities and armed security guards 24/7. Remember our premier and our deputy premier?  We need to change things at the top of our society before we can expect things to change for the entire islands.  If you cannot see (with your clear vision) that our leaders (tongue in cheek) are setting the precedent with their actions.  They are sending the message to the country that, as far as they are concerned, once they are safe, the rest of the country is on our own.  They are raping the Cayman Islands of our entire secure, free feeling and they could not care less.  The country is broke and they are allocating 9 million dollars to put an emergency hurricane center on the bluff in Cayman Brac, where there are two hurricane shelters already.  However, there is really no designated Hurricane shelter, except the different schools.  Doesn’t the people of Grand Cayman deserve a hurricane shelter?  I guess not.  So you see, Tim, people in Grand Cayman are of no count, unless you live in West Bay.  God Help Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I hear a lot of people referring to old cases in the UK about this.  But more recently, the UK are doing more to protect householders who try to protect themselves against burglers/intruders: http://www.guardian.co.uk/law/2010/jun/06/householders-rights-laws-intruders-burglars

    In Ireland, Irish gun owners can now shoot burglers/intruders: http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Irish-gun-owners-can-now-shoot-intruders–98813794.html

    Perhaps Cayman could follow their example?

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Section 18(1)(a) of the Cayman Islands Firearm Law (2008 Revision) reads: “No person shall discharge any firearm on or within forty yards of any public road or in any public place except in the lawful protection of his person or property or of the person or property of some other person.”

      Respectfully, they need to be following the Cayman Islands.

      • Legal beagle says:

        S.18(1)(a) makes no difference to the substantive scope of the defence of self-defence in Cayman law.  It certainly does not widen the defence as you seem to repeatedly post.

        Respectfully you should listen to the various attorneys who have repeatedly pointed out that s.18(1)(a) is a very narrow saving provision that does not impact upon the substantive scope of the defence of self-defence in any way.  Not a single poster who has claimed any legal qualification has supported your clearly wrong interpretation.


        • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

          Section 18(1)(a) permits a person to use lawfully owned firearms as a MEANS by which he or she may lawfully protect themselves and their property.

          • A Lawyer says:

            That is not what the section does and a legislative provision would not be needed for that.

            • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

              Are you saying that if the holder of a firearms license were to use his lawfully owned firearm to prevent a criminal from murdering him, the owner of the firearm would be breaking the law?

        • Anonymous says:

          Legal Beagle:

          I have an Honours degree in English Language from an ancient – not red brick or former Poly – UK university and I can’t understand what point you are making. Say it simply please and stop hiding behind the usual professional jargon -"narrow saving provision", "substantive scope of the blah blah" – which people love to use to show they are part of a brotherhood of like intellectuals. Try a simple Anglo-Saxon sentence telling us what you mean.

          best wishes

          Mutatis Mutandis

          • Qualified Attorney says:

            It means that without the "saving provision" one could read the rest of s.18 to render any discharge of a firearm in the vicinity of the public highway as an offence.  The section merely confirms that the pre-existing defence of self-defence is preserved.  It does not give a new right, nor does it give rise to any wider right of self-defence than existed before.  It simple "saves" the existing defence.  It really can’t be put any more simply than that. 


      • DR Kananga says:

        To do that, they would need the same level of crime as the Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:


        I think you are missing the point re section 18 of the Firearms Law.  It is saying that the discharge of a firearm in a public place is itself an offence unless the accused can show that it was in LAWFUL protection of his person or property etc. "Lawful protection" will be circumscribed by the concept of reasonable force. If one exceeds reasonable force in the protection of one’s person or property then it will not be lawful.   

        • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

          You’re agreeing WITH ME, so why are you saying I’m missing the point?

  18. just being real says:

    First of all I want to send my condolences to the famiy of Harry. It is sad that his life ended this way and it is also sad the life he chose to live. This is not a time to rejoice people. Our youth are dying young and it is sad why. Why? Because of the life they chose to live. Not becuase a man protected his self from an armed intruder. Weather it be a knife, machete, bat or gun, the intruder was equipt to commit a crime. What would we say if the tables were turned and this innocent man was killed by the intruder. Of course you will be hearing people say a lot of different things. Like the saying goes- "You live by the sword, you die by the sword." For those of us who know Harry, he wasn’t an innocent guy. Let’s not hide the fact. Long before the recession he was committing crimes, all different types of crimes. He wasnt doing this because he couldnt get a job. In the time when jobs were not hard to get he still didn’t choose to work. Maybe it was his police record that got in the way but he choose that also. Yes he is someone’s child but so is the man who’s home he broke into and if I were to wake up and find an intruder in my home, no matter what the time, I would probably do the same thing. Why? well because people are being held up with guns, knives, machetes, ect and one can not say "O well he is just going to stick me up and take my merchandise, no big deal!" I work hard to make ends meet every month. Life is hard for me too! But I work to make an honest living for me and my family. I can’t say that he wouldnt try to kill me! Didnt’ they shoot at police twice already? Who knows who that was because no one has been convicted for it!That’s why! May God have mercy on his soul. I only hope he had time to give his heart to the Lord before he died. One does not know his story but he was old enough to know right from wrong. I am sure the man that took his life is not rejoicing today. I am sure he is unhappy at the outcome. I am sure he learned something new and I hope all the other criminals out there who are stealing, robbing and killing have learned something from this also!

  19. Richard Wadd says:

     "KY", I’ve never read ANYWHERE in the BIBLE where Jesus condemned his executioners or spoke-out against the Death Penalty !

     I’ve never read any part where he Condoned Criminal Acts, or tried to ‘Justify’ them?

     He said ‘forgive your enemies’, but no-where did he say to allow them to ‘fall upon you, and do to you as they will’.

     While Jesus spoke against and indeed changed many of the perceptions of the Old Testament’s ‘Mosaic Law’, never once did he speak against the Punishment it outlines for those who would seek to murder, steal, and prey upon the innocent citizen.

     He never even condemned the ‘Whip’, a severe punishment, to which he himself was subjected.

    • KY says:

      ahh good then you are all for putting to death those your curse their mother and father then, Jesus didn’t speak out about that either (Lev 20.9)or and he that killeth a man shall be put to death. (lev 24.21)

      seems their are a few holes in your theory Dick Wadd


  20. Anonymous says:

    GAZA !!

  21. Anonymous says:

    It pains me to see some of the comments I’ve seen posted here. It’s almost as if people are viewing this as some kind of victory or reason for rejoicing and celebration. It is a loss on multiple, if not all, fronts. A young man has lost his life trying to ease his suffering, a old man has felt it necessary to resort to violence in an attempt to protect himself and his family and their material possessions but ultimately we as a community have failed a young human being. No person is born a murderer rapist thief or drug dealer, how did this happen? How did we as a community let another potential resource slip through the cracks?

    I don’t condone robbery nor do i condone murder but as a observant human being I understand that the human existence is far from black and white. We are just as responsible, if not more for this HUMAN BEINGS death as he or the man who killed him is.  As long as there are people that can view this as a victory and a success, we as a country will never transcend incidents such as this or the counterproductive mentalities that precipitate them. The only way this could have been a success would have been if the young man never felt that this was his best option. In my humble opinion this "us and them" mentality whether it be saints vs sinners, have vs havenots, educated vs uneducated only hinders us from feeling compassion from the people that may need it the most. When you’re unable to feel compassion then you are unable to relate and if you are unable to relate and empathize then you are unable to help change the direction of this vicious cycle. I don’t care if you’re a Xtian or rasta or hindu or athiest or agnostic, human suffering is universal and all of our lives are products of the choices we make to minimize it. Did this young man make the right decisions, it doesn’t look so. Did somebody help him in a way that was effective, doesn’t look so. 

    Not everybody has the tools or realizes that they do to provide for themselves in a societally respectable manner, and if you assume that just because you didn’t resort to crime that nobody should feel they have to, then you my friend are delusional. I don’t have the answer to world peace but my intuition tells me that they way we react to catalytic moments such as this will define who we are and what we stand for in the future. I hope we can all forgive both of these men and even more so ourselves for being a part of the problem and in doing so face reality for what it is instead of acting as if criminals are created in a vacuum. My condolences go out to the family who have lost a loved one and the man who has to weigh his actions in his own conscience (regardless of what any of our OPINIONS are). That being said maybe we might seem less ignorant of a people if we refrained from judging a man who we probably don’t know very much about.  

    • Anonymous says:

      The community didn’t fail him, his parents failed him.  As you can see in the above post he has been in trouble since the age of 10!!! 



  22. Rev says:

    I find it all very sad as a Christian, your posts remind me of those in the West Bank cheering on when the Twin Towers came down, as they all thought it was good payback time.

    I wonder if we will see the same level of celebration, next time a speeder dies while endangering all our lives with their stupid recklessness.

    I have nothing against someone defending themselves, I am only sickened by the other posters happiness that someone died slowly from a stomch wound.

    At least God knows your heart

    • Anonymous says:


      You must understand too that people have positively responded to Mr. B’s killing, not just because "someone died slowly from a stomach wound."

      I for one, did not rejoice when I heard the news. I was kind of troubled by the seriousness of it, because I know Mr. B and his family.

      One thing we can agree on though, is that Mr. B defended himself and is justified for doing so. Why?  Because that is the story. We weren’t there, but the story sound reliable and true. It makes sense!  I for one would have responded in a self-defense mode. It so happens that Mr. B had his gun by him and he used it. Now still… we don’t know the details.

      I for one will not praise the man for his actions when I wasn’t there to know what happened, but I assured you, if what happened the way the news said took place, I don’t blame the man for not responding in a self-defense mode.


  23. Anonymous says:

    First of all, my condolences to the victim’s family. His parents, brothers, sisters, etc. may have tried hard to get him to change his ways. Secondly, my sympathy to the homeowners.  I’m pretty sure that as a law abiding person, shooting and killing another human is not done lightly and he and his family will have to go through fear, stress, etc. whenever they hear a noise at night for some time to come and feel terrible about what has happened.  However, we do not know how we will react when faced with something like this until it happens to us.  I have had my home burgled and it is a bad enough feeling to know someone has been in your home, going through your things and stealing what you have worked hard for.  If I catch someone in my home and I have a weapon, I may welldo the same thing, or I may run.  I don’t know and I hope I never have to find out. I don’t know what the solution is to all this crime but to say that 90% of the unemployed Caymanians are unemployable is not correct and shows a great deal of prejudice.  Many are Caymanians who had jobs for years and have been laid off.  The Govt. needs to actively try to help these people find another job.  There is no need for so many work permits when so many Caymanians are unemployed.  I am not a Caymanian but have seen how badly some are treated in the work place by so say highly educated ex-pats in positions of power.  I have seen how they have to train ex pats on work permits who are earning far far more than them because their buddies have hired them when they may have a degree but no experience for the position.   Its time for the Cayman Govt. to look out for its own people first.  Also, there are plenty of people with work permis and no work who don’t want to go home.  How are they supporting themselves?

  24. Anonymous says:

    The home owner was protecting his family and his home! I know that this must be a very difficult time for you but have faith and pray for strength.

    For the parents of this young man I feel for you, I too am a parent…we raise our children to the best of our ability but we not sure what they will turn out to be.

    He was not invitedthere at that hour less his "ankle bracelet " – what a waste of government $$$$$ once again.

    Someone had to take a stance – too many criminals are out there and committing these crimes and getting away with it! Home/business owners are being robbed, threatened, raped and pistol wiped etc.

    I think he should be given an MBB – Medal Badge of Bravery!!

  25. A Caymanian says:

    To all those who would even suggest that this gentleman should somehow be persecuted, or prosecuted, for defending himself inside his own house, with his own personal licensed firearm, or would suggest that he used "excessive force", I submit the following for your consideration.

    If a man enters a locked home at 2am uninvited and unannounced, he has no good intentions.  Period!  He likewise must know that whomever he encounters inside is not going to be very happy and would quite possibly want to kill him for such a profound violation, particularly if there are other family members and/or children involved.  It therefore stands to reason that he must have already accepted the fact that he himself may have to kill whomever, he encounters inside said home.  So it is fair to assume that anyone who enters a locked home at 2am, or any other time, uninvited and unannounced is there with INTENT TO KILL.  It really is that simple!

    Anyone that would suggest otherwise is either delusional, or just being plain obstinate inthe pursuit of their own agenda.

    If you are uncomfortable with the thought of having to defend yourself and would prefer to depend on someone else to do it for you, that is your prerogative, and I pray for your sake that you and/or your loved ones are still breathing when help does arrive.  But to suggest that I have no right to a means to protect my family because of your insecurities is pure self righteousness.

    Those of you from other countries who do not like the fact that we Caymanians have the legal right to own licensed firearms, need to get over your fear of Caymanians.  This could be the only reason that you would come here from somewhere else and suggest that my government should take away what is now legally mine.  Fear and mistrust of all Caymanians!

    The real threat out there are the criminals who would seek to do us all harm, you and I alike, in the pursuit of their own agendas.  They do not seek licenses for their firearms and will not be constrained by your self righteous beliefs.  Your desire to disarm law abiding citizens is music to their ears and sadly your agenda is, in fact, aiding theirs.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with this writer and this goes exactly to my analogy ‘an eye for an eye’ which writer ‘KY’ did not get.

      If someone enters my house for no good purpose – then he MUST be prepared for ‘no good purpose’ to visit him also.

      Whether it be an ‘eye for an eye’, an ‘eye for a foot’ , a 2 by 4 or however KY would like to put it – I intend to do whatever it takes to prevent the Violator from doing whatever it is that he intends to do to me or my Family.

    • noname says:

      Intent to kill? Horse crap. To assume is to make an ass out of U and Me. From the look of the property it is in fact more likely that he thought it was vacant (given the shuttering) and therefore an easy target.

      Note to self: A shuttered property is not necessarily unoccupied.



      • A Caymanian says:

         Read my post again, I was speaking generally and not necessarily about this incident only.  In this case maybe this offender assumed that the house was "vacant and therefore an easy target" but what about the vast majority of cases where people are obviously at home asleep when incidents such as this occur?

        I find it interesting that you would state that "from the look of the property it is in fact more likely that he thought it was vacant (given the hurricane shuttering) and therefore an easy target", that was a huge assumption on his, and your part, and begs the question who is the real ass in this instance?

        I also find it interesting the you would make a "note to self: a shuttered property is not necessarily unoccupied".  It sounds to me like you are not delusional, so what is your agenda?

        If this thief was your friend, family, associate or an accomplice of yours, you have my sympathy and I understand that you might be bitter and want to defend his actions, however irrational that might be.  But I can tell you that if you should decide to enter my home uninvited and unannounced in the dead of night (whether my hurricane shutters are up or not), you can go ahead and assume that you will be shot!

  26. No Winners says:

    Folks, the sad fact is that there are no winners coming out of this tragedy.  It is the most primal and basic of instincts to protect one’s own life and that of your loved ones.

    The violation of one’s home at 2am is not the time to wax philosophical (to all those screaming excessive force).  If you are a legal gun owner, baseball bat owner, machette owner, 2×4 owner, and you feel your personal safety is under threat in your home, you cannot stop to call the police. You have only a split second to take defensive action and protect life and limb.

    In fact you have a responsibility to protect yourself.  To the shallow mind who sarcastically asked how many people have been killed during home invasions in Cayman, well I want you to count how many people have been raped, sexually assaulted, beaten or pistol whipped during homeinvasions…’Nuf People is the answer. 

    The sad fact is that a life was lost, not because of a gun or a law abiding citizen, but because someone chose to commit a crime.  I feel deeply for both families. 

    There is nothing to rejoice about.  Let’s just be thankful that the people in the right, whose rights were violated when their home was invaded, were the survivors this time around.  And let us not deify the criminals nor celebrate their demise.  Its going to be a long hard battle to get order back in our country and we are all living on ground zero.

    • Anonymous says:

      22:09 I could not have put it better, you have expressed my sentiments. As sad as this whole situation is, on all sides, let us hope and pray that somewhere, some how, other would be criminals will think twice before engaging in such activities.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whether you like this or not, there is a winner here.

      The dead man entered these premises expecting to come out the winner, by either leaving with property not belonging to him or harming some innocent people in their own home.

      The fact that he left dead makes him a winner since he should have expected that he could be shot and killed for his actions.

      The only loser here is the poor innocent homeowner and his family who now have to deal with this trauma.

  27. KY says:

    As for an "eye for an eye"

    mm, if that was the case then the homeowner can burgle the guys house and one of his family can now kill the home owner!

    otherwise it’s an eye for a foot. Two different crimes

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh Baloney !- you’re talking semantics KY !! You have obviously never been burgled before to know how it feels.

      The Legacy that I have been left with is that I can never again sleep peacefully at night – I have to have my Bedroom door locked and still, every night I shudder to think what could have happened to my Family. As I said, it haunts me – every night I lay my head down !!

      Not only have I lost in terms of what these ANIMALS stole – I have had to spend more on Security/Alarm Systems etc…. andthis is a pitiful situation for a Cayman that only a few years ago had citizens who were not scared to stop every few yards and pick someone up along the road (not now, for fear of having their Money stolen at the threat of a Knife Blade)….or leave the Doors and windows open at night.

      These people (the ANIMALS) may be crying for drug money or whatever it is – but me – I am an Unemployed ( not for want of trying) person who struggles to make it day by day and then what little I managed to acquire – these ANIMALS feel entitled to come and take away from me – NO – It is not going to happen !! I have worked too hard and too long not to look after my own.

      As hard as it has been to get by – I very rarely see the ‘do-gooders’ (who know my situation) knocking on my door saying "Here, here’s a crust of bread"… so I have to look after what I do manage to make for my family.

      I am NOT condoning murder – I am simply saying that after my experience, I will do whatever it takes to stop it happening again and as you can see by the majority of responses – Caymanians are TIRED of being the passive people that they once may have been.


      • Anonymous says:

        Whether it be an ‘Eye for an Eye’, a ‘Eye for a Foot’ or a Swift kick up the backside with a 2 by 4., I will be protecting my home and Family to the best of my ability……

      • KY says:

        Semantics? in what world do you live in?

        Burglary is not even close to shooting someone dead.

        Hey maybe that Hiot and run driver thought the two ladies were ptoential burglars and hit them for that reason. Yeahhh! let’s celebrate that

        • Anonymous says:

          Obviously KY, I am living in the Real World whilst you are off on ‘Planet who knows what’. No-one equates Burglary to shooting someone dead but these people are entering other innocent peoples’ Houses with every intent to do them harm, or whatever it takes to steal their hard-earned belongings.

          When will you come down from whatever Planet it is YOU are on and realize that people are not in a position to stand by the door or window and ask the Burglar to help him go through and tick off his check-list as to whether or not he should use deadly force to protect himself and his family.

          Like I said before, I don’t think you could ever understand what a person goes through when this is or has happened to them. Maybe luckily I did not wake up whilst the intruder was violating my House but just the fact of knowing that he was there is traumatic enough to have a devastating influence on one’s life !! – It is like being Burglarized on a daily basis…what do you want me to do – THANK the Burglar ?? that he didn’t kill me ??

          Have you not read or heard of the number of Murders, woundings and Thefts that these people are inflicting on innocent Caymanian (and other) Citizens on a Daily basis now ??

          What planet am I on – PLEASE – look in a mirror.

      • Night Flyer says:

        22.7.2010       22.18

        Aww your post touched me, its not nice to live in fear and be affected by every little noise real or imagined. Hope you can eventually fined some peace,and may you find employment soon. God bless. 

  28. Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice says:

    I wonder what is next?  UDP & PPM this is what you have both let this country come to.  and i know i will get thumbs down for this but anyhow here goes,  the report that this young man was on a "monitoring system" and he found a way to get it OFF! he was tracked to a different location while perpertrating this crime, so how is this device effective, maybe if this was monitored properly by actual "knocking on his door at home and demanding to see him face to face" like the do with some juvaniles he may have been alive today and they B family wouldn’t have to live this terrible nightmare over and over in their minds. How much money did Govt waste on this little venture? 

  29. Anonymous says:

    As someone who has been burglarized twice and considers himself a Christian – I take exception to KY (16.17) ‘s comment that so many ‘Christians are celebrating’ the taking of a life….. I do not believe this is the case at all….. people are not celebrating the Burglar’s death so much as celebrating the fact that one less Home has been violated and the Home owners are Safe. It is the saddest thing that somebody had to get shot , but when I recall the last of 2 incidents where ANIMALS Burgled my House, probably walked past my Wife and I & our Children’s beds ( with every likehood that if the mood took them, they would have slit their throats before stealing the Laptop which I, an unemployed person had scrimped and saved for months with my little side-job to buy for my Wife for Christmas – ordering off EBay, waiting weeks for delivery, collecting from Customs and paying my Duty )…. I can only imagine that the nearest violation (which I, as a man could not envisage) would be getting raped. The total feeling of invasion and hopelessness to do anything is only something that someone who has been through it can properly imagine. Burglary is a complete invasion of everything a Man works all his life to protect – His Home and his Family and believe me – it is a hopeless feeling that you had been in such a vulnerable position – while this ANIMAL was wandering through your House. Yes, let’s mourn that a death had to occur – let’s not rejoice because of it – HOWEVER, let’s remember what could have happened to my Family – it Haunts me every day !!! Yes, I will be sleeping with a Machete and/or Baseball Bat handy and I am sorry, I shall be ‘taking an eye for an eye’ and if that other eye offends me – I shall jolly well ‘pluck it out ‘ if I ever get the chance !

    • KY says:

      the post below yours begins

      Amen! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.

      that sounds like celebrating to me

      • Anonymous says:

        The "Amen! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord" post says nothing specifically about Celebrating the death of anyone – it could just as easily be a comment lauding the fact that at last someone is sticking up for themselves (which is actually what they are saying in the last sentence).

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I had a burglary recently and it really has a horrible effect on a person and their family – not only the thought of people being in your own private house, but also all the hard work that was put in to purchasing your possessions just to be taken away without any thought by the lazy, cowardly self-centred morons that are free to roam this island!

      Can I have a big wall too please?

    • captain pug wash says:

      7/22/10    19.13

      Eye eye

  30. Anonymouse says:

    Amen! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.

    A poor homeowner had to jump out of his sleep at 2.AM in the morning to do the Police work for them.

    This is great news. How about arming some more of us decent law abiding citizens so that we can protect ourselves and our families, because the RCIPS sure is not doing it for us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just a side note, it is hardly jumping out of bed when you have time to go get your keys, unlock your gun, load it and then go confront the intruder.

      Seems like the homeowner had other options besides going for his weapon, calling 911, exiting through a window….

      If his gun was kept loaded and in easy reach then wasn’t the homeowner improperly storing his firearm?

      While I applaud his defending his home and family, picking up his gun (and shooting to kill rather than wound) was a deliberate act, a choice, and one that will likely (should likely) have some consequences.


      • Anonymous says:

        Scenario:  He heard someone in his house, acutally I think the burgular actually pried off the hurricane shutters, his gun safe may be the one with thetouch code pad, so he could get to his gun quickly.  If he called 911 and waited for the police to get there he could have been dead!!!  The police response time is poor.  He did what was right.  Excessive force, I don’t think so.  The guy had a knife, what was he going to do with it?  I am sure he wouldn’t have given it a thought about harming the gentleman or his family with it!!!  He came uninvited.  You do what you have to do!!!  THis man SHOULD NOT BE PROSECUTED!!!  But again everyone is allowed their opinion that is why we have this blog to do it with!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        The story says that the intruder entered by breaking a window. That should have given the homeowner enough time to prepare for what came next.

        The fact is, the intruder entered the home with the intention to do harm of some kind, be it steal or cause harm to occupants of the premises. Many intruders have been succeeding, unfortunately for this one he got what he went to look for.

        He was carrying out an illegal act according to the Bible and the Laws of the Cayman Islands and the homeowner did what he was legally licensed to do.

        May god continue to bless the homeowner and give him guidance as he suffers through this unnecessary trauma of his life.

      • Anonymous says:

        Obviously you must not have a family, do you think that when you are in this type of situation you will plan to shoot him in his leg or something???? You want him to jump out of his window leave his wife and kids etc. give the burgular time to do what he wants and leave the scene without being found??? What would your comments had been if this burgular murdered him and his family??? There would be injustice if this found is found guilty on any account for defending himself against an intruder plain and simple as well as legally having a registered fire arm.

  31. Anonymous says:

    this is something that was going to happen sooner or later. Every day it seems we get up and find out that burglars have broken into another place.

    I do not celebrate the death of an individual regardless if he did come to steal.

    That being said this is not a case of the kids next door kicking the ball into your yard this was someone coming in the middle of the night to commit a crime. An individual has little time to think and reason things out so I hold nothing against Mr B.

    Unfortunately the law tends to judge him almost as hard as the intruder himself which is very unfortunate. I dont call what he did a crime, he simply protected his household.

    What is particularly sad is that this appears to be a repeat offender. That means this individual does not care if he is sent to the prison. That means the prison is intimidating no one. That probably also means that burglars from now on may not bring a knife to a gun fight.


  32. quick release says:

    just get a quick release gun locks that are child proof mounted to your bedhead.  Gotcha

  33. Anonymous says:

    guy consider these facts: the couple were elderly (ages 66 and 65 i think). 2 persons actually came to the house that night (one got away). do you really think that he should have allowed the intruder in and hope for the best?.

    we have to realistic about things like excessive force or whether a weapon was held by the intruder. there is NO time to consider these things when you and your family’s life are in danger. you will risk a chance of losing your life if you don’t take some form of defensive action. he did all that he could do. and that was to protect himself and his wife in the face of what can only be described as life threatening danger (because once someone enters your home at 2am..anything can happen). should he have taken a chance on his own life? surely NOT!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Its so easy for everyone who is not related to the guy who was killed so say "well done" but what if it was your son, your nephew, your uncle, your brother, have a little heart.  I am not taking sides here because I see this as an unfortunate situation for both the homeowner and the family of the deceased.   Criminals will only get smarter and figure out new ways to become the best at what they do.  To all you thinking of living a life of crime, it just doesn’t pay ! 

    • Blunt says:

      Nope.  Don’t get it.  Convicted criminal takes off tag and commits more crime.  Just saved us the cost of jailing him as far as I am concerned.  Weep for his victims not him.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Finally an all too familiar news report but this time with a happy ending!  Quite bluntly stated, my only sorrow is that the family and friends of the deceased were unable to steer his life in a different direction.  I find no reason to be candid though that I am quite glad that a known criminal who chose to continue his criminal enterprise has been rid from our world.

    You can add another person to the list of those who will stand in support of the home owner, should he be charged.  I am glad to see that so many of the people in this community also support his actions.

    To the few people who question the use of deadly force,  I welcome to react in any way that you see fit should you become a victim at the hands of a criminal.   The criminals should take serious note though that not everyone will surrender next time you decide to rob someone or invade their home.  That could be your last decision; the one that ends you life!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree.  I certainly don’t like being robbed, or fearing it, but people seem a wee bit rabid 

  36. Anonymous says:

    I have know the B family ALL my life. Mr B would never hurt someone intentionally. I have been to his home and have know his sons for as long as I can remember. For all those of you with the "thumbs down" and "excessive force" and trying to find an excuse and some how trying to justify this in your little mind you have never been violated by someone or you are just as bad as this crimminal it seems. Its unfortunate that someone lost their life and someone else has to bury a child, but to be honest I feel no sympathy for whoever this person is. You pick a crimminal life style and then want to say "Oh my life is so bad, the system failed me" when you get caught. 

    He tresspassed in a home and to steal from other people who are working hard to make ends meet (which could be any of us) and he just want to come and take it when he was ALREADY facing other charges? Iam not saying to take the law into your own hands but if its mine and you think you are just going to come and take it expect to follow in this thief footsteps.

    This is why I sleep with a machete…..


    • Anon says:

      I sleep with a door shoved under my door lock each night, a baseball bat, a shovel, a hammer, a kitchen knife, a box cutter, a can of hair spray, bug spray, wasp spray and a lighter by my bedside every night…..and I still don’t feel safe!!:(

  37. Anonymous says:

    It was going to happen sometime.

    None of us know what happened in the house only the person pulling the trigger and the dead burglar. I have a couple of questions, did the home owner have his firearm locked away as per his license or did he have it under his bed waiting for a burglar to break in? If locked away and he had enough time to get out his firearm and confront this burglar I see he was acting in self defense. Now if he had his firearm under his bed not secure, I unfortunately feel that he could be charged as he had intent to shoot someone if broken into, this is what the police have to investigate.
    I want to make it clear that I feel no remorse for the burglar at all and hope this home owner is not charged. I do however feel that our laws have to be up held and if someone does have a licensed firearm it must be secured at all times unless going to the range to practice.
    • Anonymous says:

      "It was going to happen sometime.

      None of us know what happened in the house only the person pulling the trigger and the dead burglar. I have a couple of questions, did the home owner have his firearm locked away as per his license or did he have it under his bed waiting for a burglar to break in?"


      This gentleman knows and follows the rules of a licenced fiream owner. He keeps his gun locked away at all times. But what you’re saying is that the way the criminals have taken over our community it is wrong for us to keep a weapon for protection near by, and it would be wrong for us to defend ourselves if we find a burglar in our home, but it is his right to enter our home with a weapon. What are is intentions? oh yeah he has come to have steak with us. He needs the knife to carve it or if he has a gun then he needs to shoot the bull in our back yard to get it ready for a meal. Why do you think he has come to your house?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Cayman, meet your next Premier!

    This homeowner should run for office. It is finally time someone stood up. All these marches and police initiatives are fine and dandy, but it is about time we had some real vigilantism around here. It is sad it had to come to this, but it did.

    Now everyone needs to figure out how to get a gun license so they also can defend themselves in their own home!!!! There is going to be a large influx of requests for gun licenses now because honestly it is the only REAL way to protect yourself nowadays.

  39. KY says:

    I’m so glad to see so many Christians celebrating someones death, Jesus will be proud of you all

    Does a man deserve to be shot dead for burglary. Can we all rejoice when a young Caymanian dies on the roads when they are speeding? After he is endangering others to and breaking the law.

    My prayersare with the young man’s family and the home owner who will also have to live with taking anothers life.

    Now can we please legalise Gambling after all what is that compared to so many people rejoicing over a young Caymanian being killed.


    • Anonymous says:

      As reported, the "young man" (actually 29, a grown man) broke through a window of an occupied home at night and entered it carrying a knife.  How do you know his intent was just to make of with some spare change or perhaps make himself a sandwich? How dare you minimize the threat. This is not a "property crime", it is a direct and immediate danger to the personal safety of the elderly couple who lived there and who might well have been murdered in their beds. It boggles the mind how you can imply this "burglary" was no big deal. It’s one thing to get mugged or beaten or shot by your gangbanger friends outside some nightclub and quite another for innocent people to be roused from sleep in their own home by an armed intruder intent on who knows what mayhem.

      • KY says:

        Really? How many homeowners have died in Cayman during an aggravated burglary on someones home in the last 5 years?

        As for police finding a knife, if the police came to my house they would find many sharp knifes, I have a whole block of them for eating and cutting meat.


        • Tequila Rose says:

          Right.  Just because no homeowner has died during an aggravated burglary on someone’s home in the last 5 years,  then a homeowner awakened at 2 am by an intruder with a knife, should use reasonable force with a spatula.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m so glad to see so many Christians celebrating someones death, Jesus will be proud of you all

      What would you have said if this morning we awoke to hear that homeowner killed by intruder? How do you know that he did not intend to kill the homeowner after he burglarized his home? Should the homeowner had waited to see if was going to kill them first? Do you seriously think he would have gotten the upper hand of that man, remember now the intruder was already prepared. What would you say .. "this young man had every right to defend himself, after all he was only going to commit a burglary"?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Da wa ya get!

  41. From FL says:

    First off I would like to say to Mr. B I dont know you personally but I commend you on doing what you needed to do to do to protect yourself family and your belongings that you work hard for. 

    To the people saying he didnt have to shoot him seriously think about it with the way things have been going in Cayman was this man going to just steal some stuff and leave probally not get real people the days of leaving houses unlocked are long gone.  If I was in Mr. B position it would have ended the sameway with the theif on a strict LEAD diet.

    Yes that was someone’s son, brother, cousin, maybe father but he was also a grown ass man 29 years old breaking into someone’s home. Remember people everything you do has consequences. Maybe now all these want to be tough guys that watch too much TV will start thinking about what they have been doing to their Island and Community.

    For anyone that didn’t like what I had to say tough shit I could really care less. 


    I remember Dennie speaking of a time like this that would come; many criticized him and misinterpreted his stance.

    I thank God that Mr. B, the homeowner triggered a shocking stimuli in our community that will be a topic for years to come. We have to consider totally legalizing firearms in the Cayman Islands for not only the Police, but civilians.

    Also, like what Steve Mcfield was saying over the air on Radio Cayman,  Caymanians need to look out for Caymanians. We have 20,000 work permits and you mean to tell me that we have around 900 youngsters unemployed?  It is time that our government get their act together and start looking out for the local people, and it is time for those educated ones to also look out for their own, and stop running from responsibilities.


    • Dennis Smith says:

      Although I agree about needing more Caymanian employment criminals are criminals by choice not circumstance.

      • Anonymous says:

        My friend, the politicians and law-makers of this country do play a role in crime. Don’t forget that!  The more desperate people become especially those who are trying hard but not getting anywhere, is the more it will be easy to commit offences in broad day light. I am not on the criminal side, but the law-makers do have some control over our economic stability. I am afraid they have terribly failed to look out for their own.

    • Blunt says:

      90% unemployed are unemployed for one of four reasons : they are criminals, they can’t read, theyare on crack or they are drunks.  For all of them their problem was their choice.

      • Another West Bayer says:

        Blunt you are right, have you seen these nasty ass crackheads, they look like the walking dead, yet your money and mine are spent on these good for nothings "the drug court" what a joke, they go to Caribbean Haven and then what? back to the crack, im sick n tired of hearing the excuses made for these low life like you said they made the choice to hit the crackpipe, so it’s not my problem right!  wrong it is all of our propblem because we are the ones who work frekken hard for what we have and they believe "WE" have to HELP them because they gotta a problem with drugs,  my ass, i have no pity what so ever for them, the women ol d prostitutes will do anything with anyone for the drugs and they just dont care, and the men they are no different some do the exact same things the worthless women do too,   the drug court should have been used for something a lil more promising, DRUG COURT plzzzzz

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s a very stupid comment. We have those same people who have some of the best jobs on the island!

    • Anonymouse says:

      Of the 900 youngsters that are unemployed, about 899 are either unemployable or have no intention of seeking employment. Most only join the unemployment line as an excuse to make it appear that they are disadvantaged.

      Pass by the junction of Northward Road and Bodden Town Road at anytime of the day and night and you will see a fine example of what the Caymanian unemployed look like.

      • Anonymous says:

        "Of the 900 youngsters that are unemployed, about 899 are either unemployable or have no intention of seeking employment."

        So that’s how bad you look down on our youngsters!

        No wonder why we had 300 graduated last year and many of them have found their own "world of acceptance" overseas far away from home!

  43. Anonymous says:

    The home owner needs to be made a National Hero and a statue erected in town in his honour!!!

  44. "Miss Chief Maker" says:

    It is with great interest to read another article posted that the deceased was in fact fitted with an electronic device.  So the question being asked is, "how was he able to be out at that time of morning and not detected".  I thought that once prisoners have on these devices, it makes it easier to track their movements. Well sad to say but true, he took matters into his own hands by breaking possibly his curfew and trying to evade the law.

    To the homeowner, you did what was right at that moment in question to protecting yourself and family.  To the family of the deceased I trust you will look at this as a lesson learnt on the part of your family member and trust others will take evasive action as not to be caught in the same situation.

    We have to realize that persons who are good law abiding citizens have become burdened with the fact that these "idlers" have no respect or regard for anyone or anything.  They are on a "retrieve and recover" motive and homeowners are on a "aim to lame or kill motive", if persons are found trespassing in or around their properties.  A law must be set in place to enable homeowners the RIGHT to defend themselves in any given situation.

    This is just the first of many to come!!!!



    • Flor de Cana says:

      …he was able to be out at that time of the morning and not detected… because the detective assigned to detect him has his feet up on the table and his eyes closed (lol). 

      Peace everyone.  If I’m a homeowner awakened at 2am and find an intruder in my home,  I’ll probably have a heart attack.

      But that won’t do me and my family any good, would it?

      In the presence of clear and present danger,  an animal’s instinctual reaction is to flee.  But what else could a man do if the safety of his home  and family is in danger but to fight to protect his turf?

      Who can be calm and reasonable having been awakened by an intruder at 2am?  Should I think first and decide to use just 5 bullets instead of 6?  Is that force reasonable enough? Duh!


    • Anonymous says:

      The Ankle monitors need to be charged as well.  If the person wearing it does not charge it, the battery wears down, the GPS no longer gives off a signal and and then there is now way to detect where they are going. Then the security center monitoring the device starts calling the person, the people s/he is supposed to be living with etc. By that time, the person is long gone from where they are supposed to be. Just an FYI…

  45. whodatis says:

    May I remind the "thumbs downers" and those citing British case law and EU legislation etc. in the room of the very recently deceased Mr. Raoul Moat?!

    I truly fail to comprehend the Brits’ stance in regards to serious crime.

    Mankind is often simple and does not require all of the debate and discussion – some people simply need to feel to understand … in this case he most definitely felt it.

    The last thing I want to see in Cayman is us pampering and pussy-footing around these criminals.

    Many of them would kill any of us in the blink of an eye.

    If it was up to me I would bring back the death penalty in the Cayman Islands.

    Some people need the fear of a grotesque final destination to stay on the straight and narrow in this world.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Aren’t firearms licence holders required by law to keep the firearms in a locked cabinet? I thought so, so how did he have time to get the keys to the firearm cabinet, unlock it, maybe load the weapon and then shoot the intruder?

  47. Mr. B

    Well done!

  48. vocal local says:

    Actually the Police/Govt. should be encouraging all law abiding citizens to become properly trained and own their own guns (and other means of defence).

     And in so doing, encourage the start up of new business opportunities.

    It’s very sad that it has come to this, but for too long now, the criminals are getting away with murder (literally) and others crimes. While law abiding citizens ar increasingly living in fear, as it is clear the Police cannot possibly be everywhere!…and even they are not trained (most).

    Can you imagine what it is like to have criminals invade your home, and you have nothing to protect yourself and family?…unfortunately too many have felt such trauma and powerlessness…and if we wait until such time, then it is much too late. Yes!..it must be difficult to shoot another human being, however it surely is far more difficult to have someone invade our home, traumatize, rape, and very likely kill our families and ourselves.

    We only need recall the horrific ending that Estella faced.

    It’s time we all lobby our Govt. for changes to allow law abiding citizens to more easily become properly trained gun (and other self defence means) owners.

    Because currently it seems there are more roadblocks than help!..(pun intended).

    My condolences to both the invaders family and also to Mr. B. and his, as this must surely take it’s toll on everyone.

    It will surely help us all to hear from the Commissioner and Attorney General in a timely manner.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Good to see homeowners fighting back! Enough is enough!

  50. Anonymous says:

    I vote this home owner "Mr. B" for Premier, Police Commissioner and heck even National Hero!

    Here’s a tip RCIPS….HIRE THIS MAN!!!!  You will learn a thing or two from him and Cayman will be a safer place.

    A tip of the hat to you Sir!  Good job! Only thing I would ad is if rumours I’m hearing are true that there were more than one intruder is that too bad you didn’t them all!!!

  51. Dennis Smith says:

    Up till now guns have been mostly used in robberies to intimidate. My fear is that home invaders will now anticipate armed defense and enter ready to shoot first. That escalates the risk to everyone in Cayman.

    A robber wide awake and ready to shoot will always react much faster than a homeowner who wakes up to find a stranger in his bedroom. Its impossible to wake instantly alert, assess the danger and dive for a loaded gun on the bedside table and release the safety before being shot by an invader at the ready.

    Since guns are suppose to be kept locked up in Cayman it is impossible to react quickly and abide by the law.

    Looks like the only option is to sleep with a chambered round in a gun hiding under your pillow. God forbid that there are kids in the house.

    Hopefully the next shooting story is not about a homeowner or business employee being shot by nervous robber with a twitchy trigger finger.

    The only way to keep violent crime from escalating now is to have very aggressive policing and much stronger and meaningful convictions or this will be only the beginning not the end of killings in the Cayman Islands.

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Mr. Smith, since Section 18(1)(a) of the firearms law allows legal firearm owners to protect themselves…, why would the law then prevent owners from having quick access to firearms?  Would you please say where it does so?

  52. kent says:


    • Anonymous says:

      …because the penalty for grand theft boat motor…. is death.

      jeezus, you think true-borns are a minority now…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Then how is he gonna tell you where it is now?

  53. Around & Around We Go says:

    I am all for people defending their family but if the person was showing force to the home owner that’s fine XXXXX let’s be fare it not right what the guy was doing but to take a life is to take life no mater who was right or wrong it not something we should be giving people props for like I have seen others posted..

    Also keep mind the ill effect of this. Now petty burglars will start to be more violent or take guns or other things to do a small burglary as they fare if they are found by the home owners that would shot them so guess what they will more than likely fire with out even thinking who is standing their.


    In the past most all home robberies were done so with out any real danger to the victims apart from some slapping about and stuff what you think the new level will be after this?? What do think he gona wait to see how fast you can get to yours be fore he use his?//


      Please don’t think am taking up for this criminal but let also not show so much praise for the way the incident went down..


    Cayman is losing the battle with crime and this is not going to change because of this. If any thing I think this will make the criminals become more violent when there are in the commission of a crime.


    The only real way to start to win this is for the same people who you see posting on this and other site to actually say something when they have information and stop saying” Who me I Na ga say nothing Dat Na my Problem” it happens every day that’s why the crime is like this now.


  54. noname says:

    Good!!!  To all the thieves in Cayman "Enter at your own Risk"

    because we are fighting back to protect what is ours!

  55. Anonymous says:

    I know the home owner for a very long time and know that he as worked long and hard to make a living and I am also sure he is not rejoicing about what has happen but lets look at the other side it could have been him dead, would some of us who speak bad feel the same way my heart also goes out to the young man’s family as they too are suffering with pain and they might not have known that  he was living of life of waiting until someone work so he can reap the home owner is a very respected citizen very honest and hard working and a very loving person it is but with deep reret that this has to happen but we cant just sit back and wait for someone to come in our homes and ake what they want and most times kill us too

  56. Anonymous says:

    Mr. B you and your family have my support as well as the 100% support from all other licence firearm holders in the Cayman Islands. I’m sure at least 95% of the community supports you as well. Everyone in the Cayman Islands knows Mr. B as an honest and upright businessman and like so many others, have fallen victim to blatant criminality here in the Cayman Islands.

    My home too was attcked by two thugs in January of this year and I too as a licenced firearm holder had to fire two shots in the air to prevent a counter attack on me and my family. Luckily for these two bastards, I did not get to see them sufficiently to engage them appropriately. They had luck on their side that night as it was my wife who saw them and not me.

    I emplore the RCIPS and the Attorney General office to objective, fair and impartial as it relates to Mr. B who is the real victim in this incident. Everyone has a right in law to protect his/her self and property from imminent threat by thugs such as the one who was shot inside Mr. B’s home.

    As I understand it from preliminary reports, this thief (I will not call him a victim) went so far as removing Mr. B’s hurricane shutters to gain entry into his home at 2am this morning. XXXX

    I’m already hearing that if Mr. B is charged with any crime then all licenced firearm holders as well as members of the business community and others, are prepared to hold a peaceful demonstration on the streets of the Cayman Islands (Under Public Order Law) in support of him.

    As for the thief, robber XXXX who Mr. B shot, you got what you deserved. So go now and join the rest of your comrades down below and enjoy your stay down there forever, where you will no longer be a threat to us law abiding citizens up here.

    GOD BLESS Mr. B and his family.




  57. Anonymous says:

    If you lay down in the middle of a road, you can’t blame a car driver for running you over.  The intruder could have avoided being shot by simply not intruding.  What a horrific experience for the homeowner — try sleeping soundly again.  

    Im sure if the tables were reversed, and the homeowner instead invaded the intruder’s home, there wouldnt be much left of the homeowner.

    Too bad he died, but what did he expect.    

  58. Anonymous says:

    Reading some of these comments are a little unsettling with me. No one seems to even care that a life was taken. I know that we have (some sort) of justice system here. The article in the Caymanian compass says that the man was shot to death. I don’t know how many times that means but I would have preferred if he was shot in the leg, foot or better even just plain captured. We also do not know if the man was armed. I know that we are keeping in mind recent armed robberies and I also hope that this situation will serve as a deterant but I still cannot say that I am happy that a life has been lost and that is something that the victim has to live with forever as well.

    • anon says:

      can i ask you what you would have done in this situation?Please put yourself in his shoes for just a few seconds!  just imagine what might have happened if he had not reacted.

      the homeowner was scared for himself and his family. he reacted quickly and i’m pretty sure he was not focused on where he was shooting him, who he was or if he had a weapon – accept that he had to!

      I have absolutely no sympathy for this man – its very simple –  if you don’t break the law you have nothing to worry about.

      Lets not make excuses or sympathise with this disgusting excuse for human being!


    • Anonymous says:

      "…but I would have preferred if he was shot in the leg, foot…"

      That only happens on TV and the movies.  The real world is different.

      If you have ever had any firearm training and actually fired a handgun, you would know shooting at anything other than "center mass" is very, very difficult and unwise in a situation where your life or the life of a loved one is at risk.


    • Minnie The Mouse says:

      Your right. I do not care that the intruders life was taken. Also, if you are going to have a gun, point it at somebody (with cause) you shoot to kill.

      The homeowner should be given an MBE right now.

      If I hear that the CIG is even thinking about any charges against the homeowner I will be more than irate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Poster at 13:07 What would you have done in that dead hour of the night? Don’t condemn the house holder. I know of a a case in a foreign country where a burglar broke int a house in the night and the householder died of a heart attack from the fright? what should be done with the young man then.?  Get real. tThis is a real world and like it or not ,this is the reality in today’s Cayman Islands. You mentioned shoot in the leg. In the dead of the night when you feel that your life is in danger especially in a darkend house  and adrenilen flowing,Can you aim for the leg.? When people in the military or police are trained , they are not trained to shoot for the leg. If this were the case they would endanger other persons by stray bullet. They shoot to kill. Therefore if they pull their pistol its not to fire over an assailant’s head or to scare him , its to kill. So what you see in the movies of cowboys shooting guns out of  an assailants hands or shooting them in the leg its a fiction.It is easy to make judgements when you are not in the immediate peril or situation it is quite another matter when reality struck.

    • Self Defence is My Right says:

      I care that a life was taken.  It was the correct result in the circumstances.  Nobody should be happy about this, but an armed robber entering an occupied home at night needs to be shot to death.  No question about it. 

      I feel bad for the owner who had to do it, but I’d do it myself in a heartbeat – because I want my heart to keep beating. 

      Self Defence is My Right

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m going to assume your comment was made before the updated story was posted….

  59. Anonymous says:

    The sad thing is that in cases like this you almost certainly HAVE TO KILL the burgular.  If you don’t and you shoot to maim, then once recovered the burgular will come back and shoot you for shooting him.  Petty but true.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Firstly, my prayers are with the family of the theif. I dont know who you are but I know that we can raise our kids to the best of our abilities but they are still thier own man, with thier own plan and intent. The pain and greif of a lost loved one is just as bad for a criminal as is for a saint. Someone loved him….With that being said, I hope that the old man, that mostly lived alone, that protected himself is NOT charged or bothered because the majority of places in the world where a stranger uninvitedly comes into your home at 2 am, this is a closed case. Licensed or unlicensed is all the person can only be charged with, but not the death. The homeowner was probably like most of us, scared, restless, worried because of the recent crime and lack of justice and felt to bring some comfort or peace of mind they needed to have a weapon. I dont fault you, but I am not God. A murder is a murder and it is commandment number 1….The homeowners justice should be between him and the good lord, and they say that any sin can be forgiven……

  61. Anonymous says:

    Statistically, Guns Are Good

    A very wise man named Thomas Jefferson once said: "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms..disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one."

    In the USA alone, handguns are used for protection against criminals more than 2 million times per year. Thats up to five times more often than theyre used to commit crimes and nearly 128 times the total murders in the US. It is statistically proven that guns can help reduce the amount of crime. Criminals are much less likely to invade a home if they know the owner might blast them into their next lifetime.

    Unfortunately, the USA and global mainstream media does purposely do a very poor job in reporting the countless occasions where disasters have been averted due to the presence of someone using a licensed gun. It would not fit the liberal agenda for these statistics to be public knowledge, because statistics always win when stacked against the emotional argument, which is exactly the side they choose for their arguments.

    Unfortunately, statistics is the name of the game, meaning that there will be unfortunate accidents from time to time where guns are present. However, the same thing can be said for many objects present in our lives, since any tool usage leads to occasional accidents and it can become a weapon in the hands of the wrong person.

    However, it’s virtually impossible to stop criminals from obtaining weapons, so why should it be so hard for educated, even keeled individuals to have the ability to get trained, have our weapons registered/licensed, and be allowed to defend our homes/families against these monsters?

    It’s easy to sit on our pedestals and have liberal attitudes, but…….. God forbid, would anyone still be so opposed to guns if it’s your wife/husband or any family member that was assaulted in your own home in front of your eyes, and you had to helplessly sit and watch? I dont think so……

    • KY says:

      Was that the same Thomas Jefferson that was a slave owner??

      • Anonymous says:

        oooooh please, it’s terrible that slavery happened so long ago, but do we have to continue to perpetuate it and continue the divisive rethoric? Pls move forward and let’s let the Al Sharpton’s of the world continue to race bait, we dont need this in our beautiful island.

  62. Anonymous says:

    It was only a matter of time. I can’t rejoice at the death of a human being under these tragic circumstances, but I can’t fault the home owner either. I would fight to the death to protect my own family and would probably have done the same thing. Hopefully it serves as a deterrent to other would-be burglars and I pray that the man who shot him is not prosecuted.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Yes, it was only a matter of time. This incident should not be praised, copied, respected. Yes if I had an intruder in my house with my family I would do whatever needed to be done. What I am saying is this is a yet another sad moment in history for Cayman. The crime situation and violence is now moving into the private citizens hands. A whole new pandoras box is now open. I still wonder why the politico’s, Bush and Julianna especially spend more time spending money and very little time addressing crime. I don’t accept the excuse that it is the Gov’s and The Uk’s problem. That is a lame excuse. It is the elected members problem as well.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Great job Homeowner!  Although you are a real Cayman Hero to the good people of Cayman now we all wait and see What attitude the Government takes.   Good luck.

  64. Man says:

    There is a case in the courts now where a young man’s bail was posted by his parents and he left the island. I say enough talking to these parents. They must pay the $50,000 or take their house, lock them up too. This crime has to stop and these predators cannot continue to make us live in fear. Enough is enough. Great shot Home Owner.

    Message to other predators: When this happens to you we will view your life in the same way we view this one. No Good On Earth. Forgotten.


  65. Anonymous says:

    Bravo.  One less criminal to worry about.

    In most developed countries, citizens allow the authorities to have a near-monopoly on the use of force (especially lethal force) in exchange for a police force that ensures their safety.

    But when crimes go unsolved and citizens don’t feel protected that contract is broken and people will take steps to protect themselves.

    In Cayman the level of protection afforded by the authorities is insufficient. Crime is running rampant. Guns are everywhere and criminals are becoming more violent.  People are not safe in their beds at night. 

    This was bound to happen sooner or later and will continue to happen if the authorities cannot get crime under control themselves. 

    I’ll bet there is a surge in firearm licence applications today.



  66. Anonymous says:

    Spade is a spade.  The Victim shot the theif! 

    • Anonymous says:

      at least we THINK he was a thief 

      • Wowzers says:

        now that they name has been release, we now KNOW he was a thief and no longer have to THINK that he was, as he has been in jail for that before, as well as being involved in teh BT gas station incident a few weeks ago!  From he was in school he was a criminal!

        • Anonymous says:

          2 strikes and you’re dead? 

          • Jack says:

            What is the benefit of waiting for strike 3? 

            If you invade a home at night even once, that’s sufficient justification. 

            I’m surprised gas station owners aren’t standing by with guns to repel the armed robbers as well.

      • anon says:

        what do you think he was just sleep walking at 2 am? He was already a convicted criminal!

        Don’t be so niave!

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you think he was there at 2:00 in the dark to change the lightbulbs?


  67. Bubba Jay says:

    I say the homeowner needs to be bestowed with the OBE or at the very least with the Cayman Certificate and Badge of Honour for BRAVERY.

    Should the homeowner be charged I say us law abiding citizens take to the streets and march in support of him because there is NO justifiable reason wht charges should be brought against him!!

  68. One tired Resident says:

    The home owner has every right to protect his or her property, from some PUNK who does not give a dam,  worse in these times where most are trying to keep their heads above water. The home owner should be commended for taking one more XXXX off the streets, because the police dont seem to want to step up to the plate, until its too late………

  69. Cayman Resident says:

    Good job owner!  I hope this causes no distress to you, as having to kill a man is not your normal day-to-day activity, but know that you are supported by your community.  We’re with you on this.

    Police: don’t even think of charging this man.  You failed to control crime, forcing the public into situations where we have to defend ourselves.  Now that we’ve started to do so, and you’d do better apologising to the homeowner for failing to control crime rather than thinking about charging him.

    This criminal will not offend again, and other criminals will think twice about their next home invasion or robbery.  We all need to buy guns, legally and properly, so that the crime wave in Cayman can be slowed from the raging inferno it has become.

    My thoughts also go out to the loved ones of the criminal.  You are also victims of your loved one’s choice, and you have suffered a loss.  You can’t blame the owner though, as the choice to be a criminal and invade the home of another was not that of the shooter, but that of the criminal, and the criminal bears full responsibility for his fate, and your suffering.  I am sorry for your loss as well.

  70. Anonymous says:

    As someone who was the victim of a burglary last year that left my family devestated, I’ve been trying really hard to feel some small shred of sympathy for this thief but it just isn’t happening. *shrug* You reap what you sow…

  71. Anonymous says:


    CNS are there more details to this story?

    CNS: Any new information will be posted as soon as we get it.

    • Anonymous says:

      What are you "stupid", did the homeowner use excessive force?  Someone entered his home without his permission, he has no business being in his home….case closed!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wha you talking bout??? The man did what he had to do to protect his family and property. Geez, what’s in that don’t you understand?

  72. Legal Beagle says:

    The police or the Attorney-General must make a statement very quickly about the strict limits on the scope of the defence of self-defence in the context of a gun-owner using a weapon against a tresspasser.  This is not Texas and we must be sure that one incident, whatever the merits, does not lead to a spiral of vigilantism and murder.

    • Anonymous says:

      To bad, you enter my home without my permission and I have a licensed firearm I will dam well use it to protect myself and family, for the police can’t.


      Remember if women were able to carry pepper spray Estella may still be alive today

      • KY says:

        Jovah Witnesses constantly coem on my property, as do the next door neighbours kids when they kick the ball over my fence.

        Can I shoot them for entering my property without permission?


    • Anonymous says:

      Vigilantism implies to someone going in public and trying to solve crime on their own time an merit. this case is a case of self defence in ones home and property. Yes this is not Texas or Arizona but, this is a community that is getting out of hand. gone are the days where you can walk the streets in peace or even have your door or windows open. the fact of the matter is, in any situation where one has to protect him self, one shall do what ever it takes to defend home, land and love one’s. I’m not saying this isn’t a tragic situation but it sure is a situation of fair morality.

      if you steal or abuse you shall reap the fruits of sed actions. so for you to say this will cause "vigilantism" i think you are mistaken.

    • Anonymous says:

      > Attorney-General must make a statement very quickly

      Actually, if he’s consistent he’ll take the same stance as he did when Mark and Dwayne got elected illegally.

      Power to the people!

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Legal beagle, your anti-firearm venom is really pouring out now…

  73. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how you can justify blasting and killing an unarmed man with a gun and then claim ‘self defence’. The home owner will have to be charged with something…..

    • Anonymous says:

      If someone comes into my house I will attack them no matter if they are defenseless. Breakinto a house and expect retribution.

      • KY says:

        Retribution, ok so you will kill someone for revenge then, not self defense.

        Now that is murder under the law

    • Anonymous says:

      How was the homeowner to know he was unarmed? When you are awoken in the middle of the night by an intruder most people these days would assume the person is dangerous/armed. IAre you suggesting one wait until shot at before returning fire? By then the homeowner might be dead. t is better to take your chance with twelve jurors than six pallbearers.

    • Anonymous says:

      so if that happen to u, u found 3 intruders to your house while ur wife and kids are also in there? you just going to let them hurt or worst kill your family huh? i dont get u #^*£>~

    • ?? says:

      From what I understand, he was NOT unarmed.

    • Self Defence is My Right says:

      Idiots are everywhere.  Fortuntely most are smarter than this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excuse me he does not need to be charged with anything if u read ur news correct he was armed how would u feel if it was you. you rass woulda dead so let me tell u come enter my home without my permission and see if i dont blow your face off you think i would stand there and let them raid my house u must be mad action have to be taken to show these criminals they aint bad ass as they say they are. so take into consideration what u type before you send it

  74. Anon says:

    Aaamen! Aaaamen! Aaaamen! Sing with me now! Aaaamen!

    Enough is truly enough. Who has the right to try and take what others have worked so hard for!? This kind of thing happens all the time in the Southern US.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Cayman law states "protect person and property with reasonable force". All cases that i can recall were dismissed as "self defense".

  76. Anonymous says:

    There is equally no indication that the home invader was unarmed. A balanced writeup would have said that "there is no indication whether the intruder was armed."

  77. Anonymous says:

    Hope this serves as a warning that we will no longer tolerate these hulligans invading our lives!!

    • One tired Resident says:

      We can’t say that we didn’t see this comming, local property and buisness and even the local people that are tired of all the ( BS ) Its sad he died but some one has to be made into an example. The Cayman residents have had enough.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Person (the shooter)  Deserves to be HONOURED "OBE" Please have him short listed forthe next list going to the Queen.

       You have to be intruded on in order to know what this man experienced in the privacy of his home.

      Hehas done Cayman Well. Someone has to stop these hulligans.  It is long over due.  Sir Thank You Very Much for taking care of  your owns self and at the same time you have procted the entire Cayman Islands.  These people who will not work, need to be taught a lesson. We on longer tolerate intruders.  Job Well Done 

      These hulligans just intend to make life hard for every hard working Caymanian or Resident.

      No Jurors needed – No case. He  sent a message for the whole Cayman Islands – He even Help the Police Force. Well Done. You Are Our Hero

  78. Recently Enlightened says:

    We all saw this coming. With the rash of burglaries it was only a matter of time before one of these guys decided to burgle the wrong house/business. Now either two things will happen, we will now see in an increase in armed burglaries, or a decrease in burglaries altogether. Hopefully it will be the latter.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with this case!

  79. BigBen says:

    This is shocking news indeed. While there is no doubt that the current surge in crime is dispicable and that all thefts, break-ins, burglaries, and robberies are wrong, I would like to know more details on how the Law regards this incident here in the Cayman Islands.

    This case imediately reminded me of the case of Tony Martin, the Norfolk (England) farmer who was convicted of murdering a burglar in his house. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Martin_(farmer) ) The reason for his conviction was that the jury determined that he intended to kill the intruder.

    The concept of self-defence in English law appears to stress the use of reasonable force, along the lines of "… even allowing for mistakes made in a crisis, the amount of force must be proportionate and reasonable given the value of the interests being protected and the harm likely to be caused by use of force" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-defence_in_English_law#Defence_of_property ) For completeness, see also the entry on Defence of Property ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defence_of_property )

    My own opinion is that the a small community such as Cayman has no place for firearms. Handguns should be outlawed entirely (if they are not already) and the number of licenced firearms holder should be counted in tens, not in thousands as it seems to be.

    A recent article on the BBC from the former North America Editor sums up the big difference that occurs across the Atlantic divide, where he stated: "With guns, Americans (outside Manhattan) tend to see a method of protection, of legitimate defence, of freedom; Europeans see a murder weapon." ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-10665372 ) Have Caymanian traditions become so Americanised now that we are acting in a fashion dictated by TV, when the heritage, and more importantly the laws, seem to be becoming distant memories.

    It would be a great shame to see Cayman fall down the slippery slope of believing that each individual has become their own last line of defence, and any calls for more arms should be put down with the greatest opposition. I call on the elected officials (come on, pull your fingers out) and the RCIPS to issue some statements and guidelines on what is acceptable, what is the Law, and what on earth they are doing actively to deal with the current situation.

    If this does not happen, I fear will be reading more sad headlines like this from now on and that gung-ho gun owners may find themselves falling foul of the law and into a vigilante state of mind.



    • Anonymous says:

       From what the article states, he was a lawful gun owner.  He was protecting himself from a robber who intruded into his personal and private home.  He did not know if that person had a weapon or not.  If someone is breaking in, everyone in your home is accounted for, and you do not know this person, you shoot and ask questions later.  It should be a basic human right to protect what is yours.  Once you break the law, you lose your rights!  May god be with the law abiding home owner to see that he comes of no harm, legal or otherwise.  And may God also be with the family of the deceased criminal.  Loss of life is never a good thing.  But I further predict a drastic decrease in home invasions.  RCIP would be doing a grave community disservice to bring any charges at all to the home owner.  He did nothing wrong.

      • KY says:

        "Once you break the law, you lose your rights! "

        I will remember that if I see you speeding, it’ll mean your fair game for a shooting

    • Man says:

      Sorry BigBen but the first writings on Cayman included this statement, "It was not uncommon to see a man shot in the street like a dog." All home owners need to arm themselves against these predators.

    • Anonymous says:

      I DON’T CARE

      … if I was a farmer I would have the "intentions" of killing a stranger I find in my house. I would ask questions after the incident – not before. And no one can tell if an intruder means any good to you or any member of your family. He may have the intentions of killing you! To just allow him to walk away scotch free is taking a larger risk!

      Suppose Mr. B had allowed this man to go free, and this man came back with a firearm to kill him or any member of his family, or this man had another agenda planned against him if plan A didn’t work.  You see what I mean!  You can’t just allow someone to come into your house 2 o’clock in the morning whilst you and your family are sleeping, an you do nothing about it! 

      That would be foolish and could mean your very life to let that person go scotch free!  You would be taking a CHANCE of a lifetime!

    • Anonymous says:

      Diametrically oppose your view. A very wise man named Thomas Jefferson once said: "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms..disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one."

      In the USA alone, handguns are used for protection against criminals more than 2 million times per year. Thats up to five times more often than theyre used to commit crimes and nearly 128 times the total murders in the US. It is statistically proven that guns can help reduce the amount of crime. Criminals are much less likely to invade a home if they know the owner might blast them into their next lifetime.

      Unfortunately, the USA and global mainstream media does purposely do a very poor job in reporting the countless occasions where disasters have been averted due to the presence of someone using a licensed gun. It would not fit the liberal agenda for these statistics to be public knowledge, because statistics always win when stacked against the emotional argument, which is exactly the side they choose for their arguments.

      Unfortunately, statistics is the name of the game, meaning that there will be unfortunate accidents from time to time where guns are present. However, the same thing can be said for many objects present in our lives, since any tool usage leads to occasional accidents and it can become a weapon in the hands of the wrong person.

      However, it’s virtually impossible to stop criminals from obtaining weapons, so why should it be so hard for educated, even keeled individuals to have the ability to get trained, have our weapons registered/licensed, and be allowed to defend our homes/families against these monsters?

      God forbid, but would you still be so opposed to guns if it’s your wife/husband or any family member that was assaulted in your own home in front of your eyes, and you had to helplessly sit and watch? I dont think so……

      • BigBen says:

        You are entitled to disagree with my opinion.

        With respect to the other information you offer, the quote you offered was not by Thomas Jefferson, it was a poor translation of the original Italian text that Jefferson inclluded in his book ‘Legal Commonplace Book’. The source material was lifted from Cesare Beccaria’s ‘Essay on Crimes and Punishments’ which was first published in Italy in 1764. I think you will find the original text was more theoretical and less targeted to gun ownership than the version you offer, and was probably more relevant when it was written in Italy 240 years ago when I am sure there were many more citizens carrying any mixture of daggers and flintlocks.

        Jefferson never commented at any length on the text, nor did he endorse it. In fact the reason for including it has never been clear, but perhaps to serve as some stimulus for debate (which it appears it still does). ( http://wiki.monticello.org/mediawiki/index.php/Laws_that_forbid_the_carrying_of_arms…(Quotation) )

        The folow-up claims you make about how gun ownership in the USA serves to reduce crime come stright from the prominent conservative zealot Phil Valentine ( http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=20749 ), whose opinions have got him onto Fox News, and also got him dropped from more than one newspaper carrying his work ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Valentine#Newspaper ). If you want to quote from people, please name your sources.

        You are entitled to your opinions, but we are all subject to the same laws.Let’s see what the authorities have to offer in response to this incident, and we can all pray that we don’t have to live in fear. I hope that answers your question.


    • Anonymous says:

      10:50  You stop trying to be a god here.  What is sad is that peole can’t even enjoy the peace and quite of thier own homes. The man did what he had to do. Stop trying to make it look like its not what it is.  This man protected himself and saved the Cayman Island and the Police force a lot of time, money and worries.

      I feel it for him, I was once intruded on in the early morning, being a woman all I could do was to sit still.  To this day the person was not found. They have no business in people’s house looking for peopl;e hard earned cash. etc.

      We don’t have to wonder who this one was. Job Well Done.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps you should research more before posting, then again, maybe it is your intention to twist the facts to suit you own ideology.

      CIRCA 2005 The Director of Public Prosecutions, Ken Macdonald was quoted in the TIMESONLINE referring to guidelines of what is acceptable as a response to a home intruder—"You are not expected to make fine judgements over the level of force you use in the heat of the moment. So long as you only do what you honestly and instinctively believe is necessary in the heat of the moment, that would be the strongest evidence of you acting lawfully and in self-defence."

      The leaflet produced as a guide on the use of force points out that householders do not have to wait to be attacked before they use violence themselves. "If you have acted in reasonable self defence …….and the intruder dies, you will still have acted lawfully."

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps you should research more before posting, then again, maybe it is your intention to twist the facts to suit you own ideology.

      CIRCA 2005 The Director of Public Prosecutions, Ken Macdonald was quoted in the TIMESONLINE referring to guidelines of what is acceptable as a response to a home intruder—"You are not expected to make fine judgements over the level of force you use in the heat of the moment. So long as you only do what you honestly and instinctively believe is necessary in the heat of the moment, that would be the strongest evidence of you acting lawfully and in self-defence."

      The leaflet produced as a guide on the use of force points out that householders do not have to wait to be attacked before they use violence themselves. "If you have acted in reasonable self defence …….and the intruder dies, you will still have acted lawfully."

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps you should research more before posting, then again, maybe it is your intention to twist the facts to suit you own ideology.

      CIRCA 2005 The Director of Public Prosecutions, Ken Macdonald was quoted in the TIMESONLINE referring to guidelines of what is acceptable as a response to a home intruder—"You are not expected to make fine judgements over the level of force you use in the heat of the moment. So long as you only do what you honestly and instinctively believe is necessary in the heat of the moment, that would be the strongest evidence of you acting lawfully and in self-defence."

      The leaflet produced as a guide on the use of force points out that householders do not have to wait to be attacked before they use violence themselves. "If you have acted in reasonable self defence …….and the intruder dies, you will still have acted lawfully."

    • Anonymous says:

      This is bull. When an elderly person is confronted with an intruder in his bedroom in the dark at night, is it really reasonable to expect him to try and ascertain exactly how deadly the intruder’s armament is before trying to protect himself and his wife. Academc arguments about "excessive force" are irrelevant in such situations.

    • A Caymanian says:

      Each individual actually is their own last line of defense Big Ben, and if you are too afraid to stand up for yourself and would prefer to have someone else fight for you, I suppose that is your prerogative.  For my part I will stand firm before any threat to my family and fight to the death to defend them, be it with a gun, a stick or my bare hands!

      You not being aware of the laws here indicates to me that you probably came here and found them as such, so who are you to suggest that they be changed to suit your liking?  The new Commissioner of Police maybe?  You certainly seem to share his views on law abiding Caymanians having licensed firearms.

      I am sure that this will be used as a beating stick by all of your kind in the continued effort to render us powerless against our predators and to ensure the need for more police "protection", but at 2am with a predator in your home (with a knife, machete or gun?), would you rather have a telephone or a handgun?  Let’s see… dial 911 and wait for who knows how long while hoping for the best, or pull the trigger?  Let me think?

      I do understand that firearms can be intimidating to most, but with a little instruction from the competent individuals at the gun club, and a name like Big Ben, you should have no problem.

  80. big whopper says:

    Now lets see who gets locked up here now

  81. Anonymous says:

    It’s sad that he died…… but it was only a matter of time before this would happen and people take matters into there own hands! Hope this will send a message out to all the other thieves.

  82. Pending says:

    Heres a link to a similar situation that occurred in the UK, XXXXXX



    • Anonymous says:

      Hardly a similar situation. In Cayman we are talking about a legally licensed firearm used by a really solid citizen to protect himself and his wife. In the UK situation the intruder was shot in the back by a homeowner who had paranoid delusions. If a man cannot protect his family in his own home, in the dark from a criminal in any way he can, what can he do? And by the way, what good is electronic monitoring if these devices can be removed?


    • Anonymous says:

      Hardly a similar situation. In Cayman we are talking about a legally licensed firearm used by a really solid citizen to protect himself and his wife. In the UK situation the intruder was shot in the back by a homeowner who had paranoid delusions. If a man cannot protect his family in his own home, in the dark from a criminal in any way he can, what can he do? And by the way, what good is electronic monitoring if these devices can be removed?


  83. Anonymous says:

    good job with the clean up home owner, I am waiting to find someone burglarizing my house too

  84. Anonymous says:

    tragic that another person lost his life, no surprise cayman fights


  85. Anonymous says:

    Well done! The thief comes only to steal, to kill and to destroy. so is either kill or be killed.

  86. Anonymous says:


    He got what he had coming.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Well I hate to say this as I am sooooo against the public being armed but hopefully this might befood for thought and act as a good deterrent for all those petty burglers out there considering similar criminal acitivities.

    • Anonymous says:

      Burglary is not a "petty" crime. Home invasion at night is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a person.

  88. anon says:

    One less criminal on the streets, I applaud the homeowner. I hope the police do not charge him with anything.

    There have been ridiculous examples in the UK where homeowners have been prosecuted  or sued by the the offender/ offenders family for wounding/ killing them! If they hadn’t been breaking in, it would never happen.

    You should be allowed to protect your family and home.


  89. Anonymous says:

    Well its bad to know that this young man has lost his life doing crap. But to the home ower a job well done this mite teach these dam thiefs to stop breaking in to people homes  and invadeing people privacy this crap is happening too often and its about time that someone done something about it . this is a warning to all you thiefs stay out of people homes becasue there will be a lot more waiting for una.

  90. Anonymous says:

    We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later.  The people have no choice but to protect their own.

  91. Anonymous says:

    This is brilliant news and hopefully the start of Cayman’s fight back against crime.

    Don’t get me worng, I am not into vigilantes etc but somebody standing up for their right to protect their own property has my full support… I commend you Sir!! 

    As for the fool who though he would help himself to others hard earned property, well I guess he will not do this again and I hope this is the start of many such losses.

  92. Anonymous says:

    I would like to congratulate the owner of the home who shot the intruder!

    **10 POINTS**


    Maybe this will be a deterrent to all burglars who attempt robbing people for now on!! I am going to get a registered as soon as posible now too, crim in Cayman is too bad now, if that is what I have to do to protect myself and family so be it.

    I going to get me a PIECE A STEAL, and let me tell you PEACE WILL BE STILL in home.

  93. Anonymouse says:


    Why did it take so long and so many criminals were allowed to have their way.

    This is real cause for celebration. Finally they picked on their match.

  94. Rights Defender says:

    I have a feeling that burglar won’t try that again.


  95. Anonymous says:

    Well…..it was only going to be a matter of time before something like was going to happen.  As sad as it is for the guy that got shot, but he shouldn’t have been breaking into someones home.

    I heard the Police Sirens from South Church Street, and knew something serious was wrong.  We had a power cut at the same time, so we could hear clearer since the everything was switched off.

    Another sad day for Cayman!

  96. Ex-Caymanian & Not by Choice says:

    it was only a matter of time…. this should look real good in the international news….Breaking News….Home invasion, one dead…. 

  97. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully the man who shot the burglar will not be charged since he is license to have a firearm as everyone in Cayman needs to start protecting their homes,  themselves  & ther families.   At least that is one less robber that we as a society have to worry about.  Thankfully the story was not the other way around where the home owner was killed. 

  98. Anonymous says:

    It’s about doggon time!!!!  Been waiting for this to happen!  Nuff props to whoever pulled the trigger!  Hopefully this sends a strong message to these criminals to stop this nonsense and let Cayman return to how it used to be with peace and honest people.

  99. reap what you sow! says:

    Finally good has trumped bad. The good has defeated the bad in this case, as opposed to what has been happening where bad always defeats good. "Reap what you sow." Notch this up as one for the good guys, AMEN!

  100. whompa says:

    hopefully this will make the other think before they enter people home to steal . i understand that the victim was on bail by the court. and has a monitoring device place on his foot by the court. what was he diong in that man house that time of the night. the bible tells us that a thief come to kill and distroy

  101. Anonymous says:

    It is sad that it has come to this BUT we all knew that this day was coming! Now maybe those disgusting robbers, home invaders & terrorists will think before they act! It is a sad day, but they get what they deserve. I hope this puts a STOP to the crime, but if not then I hope those crooks expect moreof this! IT IS ABOUT TIME!

  102. Anonymous says:

    the tip of the iceberg thats what this is. Sooner or later the public is going to start reacting to these thugs. A society can only take so much from these hoodlums. Let this be a warning to them. And for the pat on the shoulder they get when they are convicted in the courts people are getting impatient . I hope those bloggers who are always making excuses for the "poor youths who are not working" see that your unfortunate situation in society don’t give you any excuses to prey on hardworking honest citizens. People can take only so much and no more.

  103. Anonymous says:

     It’s about time something like this happen.  Although the loss of life is unfortunate, I believe it will send a message to others around the island who are thinking that they can get away with invading someones home.  I predict a dramatic drop in home invasions.

  104. Anonymous says:


  105. Anonymous says:

    good its about time

  106. Anonymous says:

    Its been a long time in coming.  With all the violence going on I am sure the home owner had no time to think, someone was in his house and he protected his family.  I for one am happy that the story reads the way it does and not that an innocent person was beaten in his home or his wife raped.  The ‘victim’ obviously did not have any concern for the law or his own safety or he would not have broken the law – so is he really a ‘victim’?

  107. Saw It Comin' says:

    I knew it would only be a matter of time before this type of thing started. It may sound cruel, but maybe this will help to deter other fools who are contemplating burglarizing a particular location. Not everyone will run behind a counter, or jump under a bed in fear. It’s sad that a life was lost, but with foolish acts, come foolish losses. I have little sympathy.

  108. Pro Caymanian says:

    Hope this serves as a lesson for the rest of the CRIMINALS!!!!

    Go get a job, cut grass or rake leaves!!!  Stop taking what other people work so hard for!!!


  109. Anonymous says:

    Death is never a good thing but I’m glad the homeowner protected himsel and his property.  This may finally be the turning point we need to put some fear in the minds of these criminals.  Maybe now the criminals will think twice before breaking into peoples homes and businesses.   PROTECT YOURSELVES PEOPLE!  YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN!!!

  110. Anonymous says:

    Bravo home owner!!  I hope this sends a strong message to criminals in Cayman that the community will not sit around and watch this downward spiral continue.  The RCIPS should be giving this citizen a medal of honour for taking a criminal off our streets in a very efficient manor.  No wasted money or time.  Again BRAVO!

  111. Anonymous says:

    good its about time

  112. Anonymous says:

    good its about time

  113. anonymous says:

    RCIP, Judges and Jury

    Let’s get one thing straight here. Whether the investigation results say that the intruder a BURGLAR and danger to the community went  to the house ARMED OR NOT,  that is not the concern of Caymanianians.



    Judgement for the Plaintiff:   ‘NO CHARGE"

    Home Owner is free to live and continue  to enjoy his life in peace with his family.

    This will give the criminals something to think about.

    • Anonymous says:

      And I would like to ad to this that should this case begin to go anyother way even so much as to attempt to convict this homeowner of any lesser charge that we as Caymanians and honest working expats living here stand up and march/protest and stand up and support him in anyway we can because he has sent a MUCH NEEDED statement to these no good criminals that are degrading our society and our country.  And if there’s anyone who thinks "oh this was drastic, he didn’t have to handle the situation like he did" (though from the looks of it it seems the majority agrees – AWSOME JOB Mr. Homeowner!)… what if it were you and your family put in the situation or your parents or others you love and instead the ending read the other way around with you or them being hurt, killed or raped?…… I bet you’d wish there was someone there to make the story read just like this one!

    • Anonymous9 says:

      Poster 9:35

      Somehow I don’t think the will feel peaceful again for a long time.

      I am sorry that he has to live with the fact that this ended a persons life. I can’t imagine that he feels good about that. But hope he knows that he didn’t have much choice in protecting himself and his family. You could never know if an intruder is armed these days.

      Hope he gets counseling if he needs it.

  114. Anonymous says:

    It was only a matter of time. Perhaps some of these scumbags will now think twice before creating havoc in oursociety.

  115. My2cents says:

    Fantastic news…..put the fear of god into anyone trying to break into other peoples houses. I say fight back every time…and damn hard too. Make them suffer for every step into your house.

    Put the fear onto them. Make them be afraid for their lives when they break in.

  116. Anonymous says:

    Well it’s about time!!!

  117. Anonymous says:

    It was only a matter of time before this happened.

  118. anonymous says:

    First Example of citizens right to protect his family and his property.

    Sets a precedence for the other bandits who hold  the community as hostage to serve their own selfish and drug supporting purpose to rob the struggling hardworking people of the little they have accumulated..

    Sorry he died but, enough is enough.

    The man pulling the trigger should not be arrested and no investigation should yield an arrest nor any defamation of the character of a home owner or head of household responsible forthe safety of his family.

    As  sad a case as it is, its about time citizens fight back.


  119. Anonymous says:

    We need more of this.  Great advertisement! For home intruders.

  120. john say what says:

    finally someone as stand up for there property i have all respect for this home owner and sorry for that robber was not his night

  121. Wild Wild West Indies says:

    It is hard to feel anything but support for the shooter.  Anyone who has ever been burglarized knows the feelings of loss and violation the victim suffers.  It was only a matter of time before one of these hoodlums hit the wrong person – and I can only look at it as one less lowlife on the streets.

    There will be a lot of debate about reasonable force – and I side with the shooter – he had no idea if the robber had a gun, and given the large number of recent gun crimes, it is only reasonable to assume they might, so reasonable force was used.  


  122. Man says:

    I hope that CNS monitors and refuse to post any comments that are in anyway attempts to make excuses for the decease. The home owner is the victim here. I am very sad that someone lost their life, life is very precious, but we need to stop the blame game and excuses now. No more of blaming the Government, no more blaming the expats, no more blaming society in general. This was a big man who knew what he was doing. Good riddance.

  123. Anonymous says:

    Nice job Mr. home owner, well done.

    I don’t really care if they guy that broke into the house did not have a weapon; he invaded someone else’s home and go what he deserved

    I hope the law does not once again side with the criminals and come with some foolishness about arrest the home owner because the convict did not have a weapon. that will be a sign to the criminals to continue distressing innocent people. Someone breaking into my home and I caught them but can’t react until I confirm he got a weapon? Please, by that time I might be the one tied up on the floor or dead.

    I also heard from several sources that this convict was actually let out of prison with this so-called GPS activated ankle bracelet the RCIP was so prouder of. I think this home owner has the right approach and should apply for Mr. Baines job

  124. Anonymous says:

    gr8.. teach them a lesson… we are with you the Owner!!

  125. Anonymous says:

    This was going to happen sooner or later.

  126. Anonymous says:


    I know it would not be long

  127. 911 HELP says:

    If more people stand up to these PUNKS they would stop there foolishness.It was long over due now i knew it was coming.I hope they dont charge the home owner or we will have to stand up and protest for his rights.If the bugular was Armed or on Armed he have noright to try and take what not belong to him.I got 2 machetes waiting cause i dont have a gun.

  128. Anonymous says:

    Since jail doesn’t scare these type of people, maybe news of this will.  There are many people on island with licensed firearms.

  129. Anonymous says:

    It is very sad that this person is dead, but this is the type of things that will happen, when you do home invasions.  More and more homeowners are arming themselves and you cannot blame them.  The Legislators needs to change this stupid law that, everything you use to protect yourselves is a weapon.  What about self-defense?  These robbers has no right breaking in to people homes and stealing from people, as its Bibically wrong.

  130. Anonymous says:

    Well it was just a matter of time before this was bound to happen. People have the right to defend their property and person. However, I don’t think the RCIPS are going to see it that way. I am sure this poor homeowner is going to be arrested. Don’t think there will be a jury out there that would convict him though. People are fed up with these criminals breaking into our homes.

  131. Disgusted says:

    The time finally came that one of these ruthless, coward criminals met their maker. Now I hope that the homeowner will be commended for his/her actions as this individual invaded their private and personal space with what can be conceived as ill-intentions.

    I know this will get many thumbs down, but I dont care and will say it anyway- we hope that this is not the first and last this happens and if criminals chose to enter private dwellings illegally, be preapred for the same kind of welcome treatment.

  132. Rather Live Brac says:

    Wow talk about robbing the right place this time! And the robber shouldn’t be called a victim. The victim was the one defending his home. I tell you what they better not bother the home owner for protecting his Family and home on which he had every right. I am glad someone finally showed what needed to be shown for so long. You see at the end the report where another place broke into and the owner over taken by force and were hurt. That home owner should also have had a gun to defend. Listen if that is what it takes to win this war on crime to defend ourselves and our families then so be it. Listen those people who decide to take advantage of people like that and breaking into people’s place of comfort and rest, those people who are doing it made their bed and whatever happens during their heartless acts, they will have to sleep in it.

    How sad this is! Every day I can expect my blackberry messenger to get a BREAKING NEWS message from Cayman 27 and sure enough it has something to do with breaking in to someone’s place or running over someone or shooting someone or some crap that our four fathers and the people before us would be rolling over in their graves, at the sound of this unruly country. It’s about time to read the story be turned around and here that a Victim became the defender and the criminal got what was owed!

  133. Cayman Fisting says:

    Its about time!!!! Make them think twice before breaking into someones house at 2 AM……hats off to the homeowner

  134. Anonymous says:

    Was only a matter of time…unfortunately!

    Home invasions are nothing to to joke around with

  135. Rick James says:

    Good on the home owner!

    Criminals 1,000,000… – Civilians 1

    Finally civilians get a point on the board!


  136. Anonymous says:

    Lord I hope these stupid politicians don’t ever campaign about crime because none of them can or will do anything about this ever growing problem! UDP crime is at a all time high under your watch what are you going to do?

  137. Dean says:





  138. noname says:

    I say its about time!…I bet this has sent a very clear msg to all those criminals out there.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all for gun crime and violence but i do believe that if we as a community are being victimised that it is high time we take pro-active measures to protect ourselves.

  139. Anonymous says:

    It’s about time!!!! I was waiting for the day someone would show these punks who is boss!!!! Good job to the homeowner; protect what you worked hard for! One less criminal in Cayman!

  140. Oliver says:

    I support the home owner, self defence as far as I am concerned. This should send a message to these criminal I have no soft spot for these thugs. If the Police or Government can’t same to get control of the situation then the citizens will have to take matters into our own hands.

    Again I fully support this home owner,


  141. Anonymous says:

    God Bless the homeowner in this difficult time for him. No sympathy for criminals though, even if the use of force seems a bit excessive; with criminals you’ve gotta act first to avoid being the victim & can’t wait to see if they’re armed (as most infact seem to be).

  142. Anonymous says:


  143. noname says:

    How does that song go again?

    "Its been a looo-ooong, long time coming …"

    Dude should have behaved himself – congrats to the homeowner … with no apologies to who it may offend.

    Send in another one!

  144. KY says:

    Another young Caymanian man dead, it is tragic

    • ?? says:

      No, what is tragic is that we have so many young Caymanian men doing this type of crap in the first place!  It all starts in the home people.