Jamaican authorities enforce curfews to tackle crime

| 23/07/2010

(CNS): Following the government’s failure to extent the state of emergency in Jamaica following the unrest in Kingston during the search for alleged drug lord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke the Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington (left) has announced a series of new anti-crime strategies, according to Jamaican Information Services. Effective from Thursday (July 22). These strategies reportedly include curfews in at least five areas as well as cordon and search operations without warrants, which will be mounted on what police described as a "continuous basis" where criminals have been located.

Speaking at a media briefing at the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) headquarters Ellington said failure to secure the extension and the attendant provisions, which the security forces "relied on substantially" for the success of their operations, posed serious implications for their anti-crime thrust.
These provisions, he outlined, include: forward deployment of members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) to areas assessed and deemed to have security risk elements grave enough to exceed law enforcement capacity; cordon and searches of premises without need for warrants; and detention of persons of interest without judicial challenge. In light of this, the Commissioner said it is necessary to implement alternative strategies and intensify those already in operation, in the areas previously under the curfew, and other areas of the country.
"The intelligence and the evidence which we have garnered through our series of operations clearly indicate that many of these individuals are on the move,” the commissioner said. “They are moving from community to community ….one of the things that we are determined to do, is to ensure that criminals do not feel that they have the freedom of movement around the country.”
He said there had been several seizures of contraband and the arrest of key individuals recently linked to drug trafficking and money laundering as a result of investigations.
Police had never anticipated that the state of emergency would be permanent and an exit strategy was in the planning Ellington revealed. “What has occurred now is that we will have to fast track this planning. They come with difficulties, but we are prepared to meet the challenges," he said.
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  1. Bow Line says:

    Interesting.The “Premier” should go & live in Jam now,since Mr Golding is so popular now.Have a dictators summit.Then they could cook for each other.Bruce would do Ackee & saltfish & Mickeywhaw could do fryfish & fritters.No warrants! Detention without judicial challenge? My god,cant these people see what they do for greed?

  2. anonymous says:

    This crime ridden country is the one the Premier is attempting to open up our boarders to with "NO VISA REQUIREMENT?"


    • Anonymous says:

      Blatant lie. Why are you lying about this?. What interest are you serving by telling a lie about this news item? I never read in the observe news on line that Bruce Golding asked the premier" Premier can you please lift the visa requirements for jamaican nationals". Your reading ofthe news or, rather hearsay of the news seems quite differenf from mine.

      • Bodden says:

        I agree, and I think such statements are not stemming really from a concern of our national security, but either 2 things:  the commenter is so blind by party politics or he/she have some prejudice and biasness against Jamaicans

        • anonymous says:

          No one is biased against jamaicans.,


          We have a right to iinsist that our destiny will not be decided by a dictator elected by you  who put in the UDP,  and a neighboring country that has destroyed itself. Jamaica handling our fiinancial industry ! Big Mac has got to be out of his mind if he thinks that Caymanians will go for him outsourcing our bookeeping or accounting!

          You think the public purse is in a mess now? If that happens, there won’t be any purse at all, they are professional at snatching, We’ll be broke and poor as church mouse if we allow them to keep our books!I

          Is not this the same country that destroyed itself with independence and  next to Haiti and the mIddle East has one of the most corrupt thieving and robbing Politicians that caused the Jamaicans to have to go all over the world seeking a life including ‘cayman?   Somebody making these decisions need to see a psychiatrist.




          • anonymous says:

            Any Leader of a country looking to Jamaica to get involved with their financial affairs should immediately be asked to step down. He could not mean any good to that country. It is suspicious, tricky, underhanded and unsafe.

            Jamaica handling Cayman finances !  There’s some strange undercurrent here !  the Crooks really have a plan to sink the Cayman Islands once and for all.  Arden hurry up with your plan this man has got to go!

            Give me a break!