Kurt queries Mac’s motives

| 23/07/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island Headline news(CNS): The recent amendment to the planning law, which removes the need for government to gain planning permission for development if it deems it to be in the public interest, has been questioned by the leader of the opposition, who asked why government needs to be above the law. Kurt Tibbetts said no government should ever have more democratic rights than its people. He queried the reason why the premier needed to remove the obligation for government to seek planning permission unless it planned to go ahead with a project where it would wish to avoid the regular planning process. Speaking at a PPM meeting in George Town on Thursday evening, Tibbetts told the audience that he felt “something stinks” over the change. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The former leader of government business, who had responsibility for planning during his administration, explained that government, like anyone else, needed to go through the process of seeking planning permission when it intended to develop in order to allow objections to be aired and the people to be warned of the impending project.
However, clause 15 in the new amendments to the Development and Planning Law (2008 Revision) gives the government an overriding power to simply dispense with that process. This means that unless it chose to inform the people, the first a community could know about a major project would be when the heavy equipment arrived.
“How can you object when there is no application process? How can you appeal when there was no decision made?” Tibbetts rhetorically asked the people gathered at the court house. “I know people call me naive but something stinks with this. I see no reason why this amendment was necessary unless government has something in mind.”
The opposition leader wondered allowed why the premier would chose to remove government’s obligation to seek planning permission when it was an important, tried and tested part of the law which had served the community well.
“I believe this could be seriously detrimental,” he added.  “No government should have any more democratic rights than the citizens it governs, and this may not seem serious now but just wait until government announces the project that it says it doesn’t need planning permission for.”
McKeeva Bush brought the planning amendments and new regulations to the Legislative Assembly earlier this month with a number of major changes, including significant increases in fees, the increase of storey heights for buildings on Seven Mile Beach, an environmental impact fine, the removal of the requirement for legislative approval for regulations and this overriding power of government.
Tibbetts said while much of the law was commendable, there were serious implications with the power to override the law, as well as the removal of the legislative input on regulations, which he warned was “a regressive and undemocratic step”.
Raising concerns about government’s future development plans, he told the people to lobby their government representatives about their own concerns, as he said the premier was simply ignoring any raised by the opposition.
The changes to the planning law could facilitate government’s proposed plan to build a cargo dock in East End, which has so far met with considerable opposition, not just in the local community but across the islands. With this amendment to the law, however, government will be able to by-pass the entire planning application process and move to excavation of the area, which locals say would have serious negative environmental and social implications for the entire area, despite any and all objections.
The opposition representative for East End, Arden McLean, and the independent representative for North Side, Ezzard Miller, whose constituents would be directly impacted by the proposed project have said they will do all they can to fight the proposal. They have both said they believe the dock is simply an indirect way for the owner of the land, wealthy investor Joe Imperato, to excavate and quarry the land he owns in the area to generate millions of dollars in profit.
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  1. Anonymous says:

     "Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely".

  2. Man says:

    Here is a group that is making the PPM and the UDP shake! All none party members on here need to help promote this group in every post you make! If nothing else, we will force these two parties to fall in line and put Cayman First!!!

    Derrington Miller, Bernie Bush, Walling Whittaker, Joey Ebanks, Lana Mae Smith, Theresa Lewis-Pitcairn, Paul Rivers, Woody DaCosta, John McLean Jr., Burns Connolly, Reginald Delepenha, Eddie Thompson, Tara Rivers, Dwayne Ebanks and Joey Hew.

    New Blood for 2013!!!! End the political party system.

    • Anonymous says:


      Get real. We are in enough trouble as it is.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It also occurred to me as I used the "Minions" analogy that this is letting those minions off too lightly. God willing, I intend to offer an alternative to the UDP and the PPM, but not a PARTY, therefore it is imperative that we REMEMBER!

    That the so-called minions actually have names: Juliana O’Connor-Conolly LLB, (she the "Extremely-well-rewarded" minion), Rolston Anglin, (Minion "Certified-Public-Accountant"), Cline Glidden, Capt. Eugene, Mike Adam,  Elio Solomon, Mark Scotland (Minion "Should-have-known better), and Dwayne Seymour (Minion "Didn’t-see-another-alternative?").

    We must remember that when these minions had an opportunity to speak out or at least try to speak out against  the insanity, they did nothing! (except support the insanity- e.g. Juliana). They put their positions in Cabinet, Party, and the house, BEFORE country and it’s people.

    I beseech us all to NOT forget as, if those who joined and/or voted for the UDP had REMEMBERED who the dictator of the UDP was, they may not have voted the way they did. And if we REMEMBER, we would recall why poeople voted UDP; the PPM had it’s serious challenges especially of leadership. N.B. I voted for the PPM due to the lack of a better alternative AT THE TIME.

  4. Man says:

    Where is Derrington Miller, Bernie Bush, Walling Whittaker, Joey Ebanks, Lana Mae Smith, Theresa Lewis-Pitcairn, Paul Rivers, Woody DaCosta, John McLean Jr., Burns Connolly, Reginald Delepenha, Eddie Thompson? We need new innovative thinkers for 2013 not the same old BS.

    • Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice and a West Bayer at THAT says:

      You better double check some of these names you calling out here, some are wolves in sheeps clothing as the old saying goes, running as independants but sleeping in the UDP camp  

      • Man says:

        Who cares…They have never been elected as members of the PPM or the UDP and the country is too small for people to avoid each other.

    • Dred says:

      Problem is this.

      In 2013 we are going to get these or some of these people running but unfortunately independents simply CAN NOT WIN IN BIG DISTRICTS. We have far too many people voting straight.

      In East End and North Side yeah. It works there but not in West Bay, George Town and Bodden Town. Generally this is where parties win the majority vote. In truth BT has become the swing district. Whereever BT goes so does the control.

      My call has always been for a new party. I want to see a new party to split up the votes. Bernie, Tara and Dwayne would be a nice starting 3 for West Bay and I’m sure we can find others from other districts. 

      • Man says:

        Dred, Tara and Dwayne would make an excellent addition to this group and we can rid ourselves of the two parties if we lobby the swing vote for this group. The UDP and PPM do not have the majority of the voters as members. If this group builds a platform on Education reform, Political reform, Social reform and Economic reform it will be to everyone’s advantage to lobby the swing vote in their district.

        New blood for 2013.

      • Anonymous says:

        So……if it takes a party to win an election, then you good independents should get together and form the Independents for a Better Cayman (IBC) party/group/movement.  Whatever you call it, just make sure that it is a better alternative than the UDP or PPM!

      • Anonymous says:

        8:19 Dear Lord – we are doomed if these are our next political leaders! What do you people think with or you just don’t think when you make such suggestions?!

    • Anonymous says:

      There are some good men in your list and personally I would like to see a group formed with Derrington ‘Bo’ Miller as the leader.  Also I do not think that we can wait for 2013.  Why not overthrow this government now before more irreversible damage is done??

      It is nonsense to keep rotating UDP and PPM.  PPM does not have the answer to the problem.  They are 50% of the problem and the other 50% is the UDP.  Get rid of both!!  Stop the madness now.

      • Anonymous says:

        haha – Bo Miller as leader – as least you made me laugh! And as for suggesting we overthrow the government you should do your research! That is only possible by a no confidence vote from the elected MLA’s.

    • Anonymous says:

      Derrington Miller, Bernie Bush, Walling Whittaker, Joey Ebanks,Theresa Lewis-Pitcairn, John McLean Jr., Burns Connolly

      Independents are not so independent they’re UDP in disguise

    • Hallowe'en Jack says:

      So, you want a cabinet that includes professionals who can’t find jobs, individuals with allegations of financial misconduct against them, someone whose main platform is "foreigners block the roads" and someone who wants to develop the whole island and create a local monopoly for designing it.  Hardly a coalition of the generation is it?

      • Anonymous says:

        Halloween Jack, what is your solution to the mess?  The descriptions that you give sound a lot like the bunch of jokers who are there now.  Sure you’re not confusing the names??

        • Ali Louya says:

          Well the following would help:

          1) Reduce the MLA’s down to 9 or 11; and

          2) Remove the restrictions on who can stand for election becuase it reduces an already tiny "talent" pool.  The holding of another passport should not be a reason a Caymanian cannot stand for election.

          Of course:

          3) Widen the electorate to reduce the scope for inappropriate electoral practices

          Would also help but that will never happen.

          • Anon says:

            Wrong on all three counts. I don’t think you have any concept of the scope of the resposibilities on each elected Minister. That is the basis for increasing the number of Ministers which means that the number of MLAs must be increased. 

            Holding another passport as you put it should always be an obstacle to running for office since you owe allegiance to another country which may compromise your allegiance to this country. If you are unwilling to renounce the other citizenship in order to stand for office it shows that you have no real commitment to this country.

            I don’t see how widening the electorate would do that. The electorate was widened after the 2003 status grants and that helped bring us to this point.


        • O'Really says:

          Not to step on Jack’s toes, but maybe it’s time for a solution which seeks to unite and guide modern day Cayman to include the non-true blood population. Would anyone question that Travers or Ridley could provide skill sets not available to any Caymanian politician?

          Having written this, I have been reading the exchanges on here between Brackers and GC posters. Given the small mindedness, lack of understanding and overwhelming " what’s mine I keep " attitude on display between two branches of the same family, so to speak,I hold little hope that outsiders will be invited in any time soon. 

          • Anon says:

            Fine. If Mr. Ridley and Mr. Travers became naturalized as BOTCs and run for office I would vote for them, but I suspect they wouldn’t.

          • Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice and a West Bayer at THAT says:


            You better believe this isn’t gonna happen anytime at ALL, that’s what the problem is now outsiders, influencing those in POWER, so can you just imagine the kinda shit "true blood Caymanians" would be in if outsiders were running our country?  O’Really not going to happen, not in your life time…..
            • O'Really says:

              I’m sure your attitude is common, but integration is inevitable.

              It may not be through a conscious decision by the political parties to support high profile individuals like Travers or Ridley ( who I suspect would not get elected in the current anti-expat atmosphere ); it will likely be the next generation, the kids of first generation expats ( or expat and Caymanian mixed marriages ) who, like mine, are Caymanian by operation of law from birth, think of themselves as Caymanian, have been educated overseas to the highest standards, have been trained by lifelong example that success requires long term effort and who have all the same advantages in the job market as a true-born. As they rise through the employment ranks to positions of influence as Caymanians they will become increasingly capable of being elected.

              In the long run this is inevitable. The only issue is whether true-borns welcome this natural development as a sign of Cayman’s growing social maturity, or whether they desperately try to cling to an outmoded "us and them" attitude when there is no longer any legitimate means to differentiate between "us" and "them". 


            • Anonymous says:

              I hear about the evil influence of the nefarious outsiders on "those in POWER" all too often.  You make it sound like Caymanians don’t have enough sense in their own heads to make their own decisions.  Surely, all the leaders in government are not idiots?  Or are they?  Can they not make their own decisions?  You seem perfectly content to blame all bad thing on the influence of outsiders.  I suggest your blame might be more justly aimed at "those in POWER" rather than outsiders. 

      • Man says:

        I want anything other than what we have had and currently have. Why don’t you submitt some names? Or be honest and state here which of the parties you belong to.

  5. And The Truth Is says:

    "It is impossible to introduce into society a greater change and a greater evil than this:
    The conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder." Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) "The Law"

    An instrument of plunder indeed. I propose we change the title of Premier to Chief Pirate.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The same yesterday,today and tomorrow…..from Poor People Mistake to People Promising Money,these tricksters will never change,Caymanians are sick and tired of the two parties….Goodbye PPM so long!!

    • Dred says:

      You are partially. The poor people did make a mistake. We put UDP in. Caymanians have a problem but thankfully the problem is not a really really bad one. We suffer from short memories but unfortunately for you it does last at least one election cycle so next elections we will take UDP out and more than like put PPM back only to put your sorry @#@ back in 4 years later. That’s the bad part I was speaking of. After one election cycle we seem to forget why we removed the trash in the first place. 

      Our greatest problem is we vote straight because if we had half a brain but unfortunately we don’t we would find bums on the street to run our country rather than putting UDP in office.

  7. Bodden says:

    *** R-E-F-E-R-E-N-D-U-M ***

    "A direct vote in which an entire electorate is asked to either accept or reject a particular proposal" – Wikipedia definition

    What I am hearing over and over again, is that we shoud have a REFERENDUM of "NO CONFIDENCE" against the Premier, McKeeva Bush, because of his handling of our economic downturn.

    My people, I have been watching our politics for many years now, born and raise a Caymanian and I tell ya the more I see the transition of parties and new faces in our government over and over again, is the more I realize folks that the problem is not really WHO is in power, but –

    "THE SYSTEM of LAWS" set up that allow a politician to do whatever he/she feels should be done with the PEOPLE’S MONEY!

    I have suspected this and many others in East End, North Side, and the Brac are convinced that their is no checks and balances to ensure that monies coming in as revenue or being made from our resources, are being used 100% for the people.

    I think this is self-evident when we see so many expatriates here with work permits about 20,000+ yet this same government can’t provide 2000 Caymanians unemployed with a decent job. You would think that Department of Employment Relations, Immigration, and UDP government would help the unemployed. But sadly from the reports I am hearing -CAYMANIANS THAT HAVE NO WORK ARE BEING CALLED LAZY and IRRESPONSIBLE. They have went so far as to say that our young are on drugs and won’t amount to anything. And then what tops the cake, although many Caymanians I know believe in personal responsibility, our very own government takes no responsibility for the unemployment of these youngsters. It appears everybody seems to be blaming everybody, and more psychological pressure is being put on the youngsters instead of helping them out of the rut. Government goes as far as to help Dart, Ritz and wealthy elites and business owners of these Islands with the false view that a trickle down effect of the wealth from these individuals they benefit would help the populous of these Islands. Far from it!

    Folks, THAT IS HOW THE MONEY IS NOT BEING USED TO DIRECTLY HELP THE PEOPLE, BUT INSTEAD IS FILLING THE POCKETS OF POLITICIANS and THOSE WELL-OFF!  It even makes me wonder if these hikes of fees and duties, are to really centralize the wealth of these Islands in the hand of a few who got power and money.

    Overall, does it really matter WHO runs this country when their is no real law to economically protect the stability of the average people of these Islands from greed and self-interest. We were presented with a marred constitution that to me did little to represent the people of these Islands. And it is with good reason why, because those on top would be able to have some kind of control over us.


    Mr. B


    • Independant says:

      Mr. Bodden

      What I suggest is that we have a Referendum of no confidence in order to launch a General Election before 2013. That way despite the corrupt system of politrix, the people can once again can be the ones to find "someone" who has a "good heart" that would be TOTALLY for and by thepeople of the Cayman Islands.

      And please people… this time, let us not put back in the same people, and let us try to mix our votes. The more diverse the house is, the better I feel

    • Jeff says:

      Just face it!  The "system" like the Matrix of confusion, is not working and never will.  Do you seriously think Mac or Kurt would want to change the system which gives them the open door to lots of money? 

  8. Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice and a West Bayer at THAT says:

    THANK YOU CNS FOR ALLOWING THE PEOPLE OF CAYMAN TO VOICE THEIR UTTER DISGUST WITH THE PARTY POLITICS OF THE UDP & PPM HERE ON YOUR FORUM, you have really given us a place to communicate and “gather” to let the politicians know we are fed up with their lies and incompetence, in some cases there are things that have been done to this Country that may not be able to be undone, and we hope and pray that we can bring about the change that our beloved people seek which is to again live here in peace and harmony, the outside world may be in peril but for tiny lil jewel in the Caribbean we don’t have to follow suit with what has caused all of their problems-MONEY,GREED&POWER.

     No we don’t long for these evil things a lot of Caymanians are humble loving people who live within their means and make due with what they have and they are just happy to see another day with their loved ones, what we have been through since Hurricane Ivan until now is pure HELL, so many of us are still trying to just barely  surviving nowit is really unbelievable.
    The beautiful smiles that once greeted so many to our islands on the faces of our Caymanians are no longer there because of  hardships that we are unnecessarily being put through we have lost hope for a better tomorrow, we literally now dred the new dawn of the day, but this is what fear and intimidation does and this is what a dictator’s power thrives from, so let us all stand up now and be counted and bring back those happy glorious days to our Country….
    My fellow BORN Caymanians a better day is coming and it will be before 2013, if we stand together as ONE we will come thru this. We have been beaten and abused but we are stronger than they think we are, this is a new Generation we will take our COUNTRY back the HONEST and DIGNIFIED way. 
    McKeeva this is not a threat, this is a promise from your people, you fooled us one too many times but you are done with, your fellow UDP members can thank you know for ruining what could have been their cahnce of making it in Poltics but they stood behind you now they can fall behind you. 
    • ex-Pat Eric says:

      No one is going to stand, march, or protest! It’s too hot, got to go to church, out fishing, Barkers for the race, etc….

      Today is the same as yesterday and tomorrow will be same again.

      That’s why you have the same parties and the same people in government.

      So yes — Caymanians are lazy!

      And STOP with the "born here" — it matters not. If you really cared about your heritage, culture, or government — you’d be doing something about it! Unfortunately ex-pats are forced to go to the Humane Society to walk dogs as it is the one of the few things they can do to make a difference.

      Get down from your high horse and be a part of the community. The only way that will happen is if you get past the bigotry.

      And you know what — 200 unemployed people is probably one of the lowest rates in theworld! Sorry they cannot get a job but my guess is they graduated High School based on attendance! My 7 year old got tested as Post High School for vocabulary because of the people he was tested against. 7 years old!! Get the new schools finished and increase your educational standards or you’ll never get off this downhill slide!

      • Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice and a West Bayer at THAT says:


        EX-PAT ERIC,
        You can say whatever you like because of FREEDOM OF THE PRESS so can I and I did my post are to my people, who knows where we have come from and not the like of you, if walking dogs is all you can talk about contributing to then you are also one of our problems you only seem to see the surface shit, "I’ll spend my time walking abandoned unwanted dogs instead of doing something that is really important,  hey after all the "LAZY CAYMANIANS"(your words) won’t! 
        As for no one doing anything we are a small island and you know what everyone is connected in one form or another, our elected members are who we rely on to do their jobs, we have asked for a call for NO CONFIDENCE by them because those of us (who are still  employed) HARDWORKING CAYMANIANS can’t find work now as it is so if we were to dare go up against a evil vindictive man like McKeeva that would just be another "LAZY" Caymanian (again your words) now without a job, maybe you should study with your 7 year old about the "WORLD" we Caymanians live in. History lesson no country on this plant is without immigrants whether by choice or force (Slaves) we all immigrated to somewhere, but your families roots affixed to one country stems your origin after a few generations, so please bear this in mind, smart ass….I AM A PROUD ASS CAYMANIAN, WHO BELIVES IN MYSELF AND MY PEOPLE….not you and yours…..
        And as formy HIGH HORSE if you are man you try take me off my HIGH HORSE, what makes you any better than me, or my people? 
        You are a guest in my Country, I have pride yes, why should I not have pride are you not proud of your home country, and why are you here in my country if yours was so great? You too are looking for the almighty dollar.
        If you really were here and had the best interest of these islands that you have come to live in you wouldn’t be just "walking dogs" you lazy ass expat, you claim to be so intelligent but that is what the problem is with all of you expats that come here you want to change us and our country to suit your liking and that has caused the animosity amongst Caymanians and all EXPATS we don’t go to other EXPATS country and try to make their Country like ours we adapt to your culture and way of life, and you all have the leash around our LEADERS necks and as you all jerk on them they have to HEED or else!!!  
        • Sandra says:

          THANK YOU!!!

        • Macman says:

          Let me see the old days…

          Most of the men having to spend months away from home going to sea to make money to send home.

          Beef only at Christmas and ice cream? Burger King? multitude of restaurants? TV? Cinema? all the Stores?

          A/C and electricity even…when you were young did your mother spend hours fanning you so you could get to sleep?

          Motor cars yes the roads are congested but at least we have them.

          Flights to Miami and the rest of the world available to a lot of us.

          Schools and UCCI.

          Lions swimming pool.

          The list goes on and on but of course you would still expect to have all these things without the money that the Ex-pats have also brought to the Island.

          Who works in the majority of the bars and restaurants, Ex-pats that is who because it is most young Caymanians consider it beneath them to actually wait on people.

          You are living in your own little dream world when you say that we don’t need the money Ex-pats also bring into the country..but then I ask do you have a job? Probably not as you certainly don’t appear to have taken in anything they taught at school, but you beleive the propaganda of the ignorant!

          • IRON CLAD says:

            MacMan…. The very things we oppose now IS the HELLISH price we as Caymanians are paying for these ‘amenities’ and so-called ‘blessings’. 

            But guess what? This is ONLY  the beginning of the HELL we will be living in for our FUTURE. The very HELL that it will take for YOU to understand what we ALREADY see, FORESEE and UNDERSTAND.

            Wise-Up boy?

            Simply IRON CLAD.

      • IRON CLAD says:

         Ex-Pat Eric, when you make the generalization, you ARE saying that ALL Caymanians are lazy. I would pay for your airfare to come back to the Island to tell me that in person. You know that beside that outcome, you need to take your prejudice and hatefulness out on your OWN people. If it weren’t for your OWN kind who RIP and TEAR at the Caymanians in our own country and the Wealthy, Greedy and Merciless investors/EX-PATS that our Filthy Rotten Governments have SOLD the Caymanian People out to, then we MOST likely WOULD NOT have the MANY issues we have as a Native people and those that we NOW NEED to struggle, battle and live with.

        Furthermore, when you say Caymanians, it would include all other FOREIGN Caymanians(Status Grantees). Quite simply put, if Caymanians are lazy, then that would apply to every nation as with the FACT that if ALL Caymanians were lazy then ALL the MANY that has achieved MORE than you EVER will, would not have done so if they were lazy.

        As for the Dog-Walking, I would imagine the ‘Voluntary Work’ by most ex-pats is the first in the ‘Stepping Stones’ to get some type of ‘Merit’ toward getting their feet in the proverbial door or the their future application for Permanent Residency here in our ‘wonderful’ Islands.

        So just go do what you are brought here to do or not and make your FAT Salary that you most likely make as a result of prejudice and discrimination against the Caymanian by your own kind.

        Thank you.

        Very IRON CLAD!

      • anonymous says:

        I do not agree with the para. that "expats are forced to go to the Humane Society to walk the dogs".It’s their choice but,  Did you know , this is one of the community services that they place on their applications?   If they seek Caymanians to assist they would willingly do so, but being a criteria and ways and means to achieve recognition of course with a "ticket to Cayman".  Thankful for making that difference.

        Yes, it is the lowest rate in the world, did you ckeck what the population of Cayman is? So please understand Caymanians owned properties, established their businesses and were employed prior to the influx of foreign workers which speaks for itself.

        Caymanians have been known to be Hardworking people, from the seas/Oceans of the Caribbean, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and achieving high acolades,  but you know what? too many faults are found  that they are booted out the front and back doors of their work places, where you have persons who conspire against them, that results in  making a difficult life for their families.  When these positions are vacated by our own they are filled with other nationalities who do not live or has never contributed in this country.  It reminds me of the Farmer that  had an imported Hen that layed one dozen eggs but when hatched only six chicks lived. How would he replinish the other six chicks? Import again.  right!! EX-PAT  ERIC,  to educate yourself please read Cayman’s History.


      • low-key says:

        Ummm… 200 unemployed people here???

        I thought there was more than that…

        And you said, being born here matters not???

        I can see if I ever knew your name, I would make sure with so much complaints of Caymanians here, you find another place on this planet to live other than here.

        And yes… I am an expat as well who is grateful for what the Caymanians have contributed towards my success

      • IRON CLAD says:

        Three Major Battles, Two Major EVILS. 

        Just look at us…. as Native Caymanian People isn’t it obvious that among all the other struggles we deal with in life, we have THREE Major BATTLES to fight and of those there are TWO major EVILS. The battles are – One, the anonymous PROCESS by which Caymanians are consciously or subconsciously TRYING to EDUCATE and RECRUIT a large portion of Caymanians to somehow REMOVE the TYRANT/DICTATOR we have as Premier(the SPLIT-THREAT to our country) and two, WHILE we are fighting that battle, our second battle is to FIGHT with the nasty-minded Ex-Pats we have here like ERIC who know nothing better than to use the PRECIOUS SPACE here on CNS to write their CYNICAL and NASTY comments against Caymanians and the third battle is that WHILE fighting the previous two, MANY Caymanians now have the STRUGGLEto survive/live in our own land as a DIRECT RESULT of the XXXXX DICTATOR we have as the Premier as COMBINED with the Large number of DISCRIMINATING foreign investors, business owners, managers and even those other EX-PATS who are told to make the lives of the Caymanians working with them, a living HELL so that they(Caymanians) would get fed up and LEAVE their employment. As many of us have tarnished our employment history, the EX-PATS are using that AGAINST US. In my honest opinion, I believe the ‘EX-PATS’ are using this concept as a way to build a so-called ‘credible’ excuse NOT to hire Caymanians among a few others such as that we are "Lazy’. What do you think Ex-Pat Eric???

        So CLEARLY the two major EVILS we deal with are none other than our POLITICS who have SOLD us out and strives to do so further COUPLED/ MARRIED with our NASTY-MINDED, CYNICAL and PREJUDICE EX-PATS like yourself Eric. 


        May the Creator dispense his MERCY upon our NATIVE Caymanian People.

        Truly and Solemnly IRON CLAD.



        • Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice and a West Bayer at THAT says:


          You go there bobo, tell it like it is, they want to run us out of our own country, but guess what it nah going to happen, mind you expats, we Caymanians are peace loving people but whoa, dont get us out we are brave, strong minded and determined people when we ready, and all your Merlin the so called Magician has done was pull trick after trick out of his bag, but he fooled you all making you all believe that you are all better than us, he may not be looking out for us but we are looking out for each other….
          .I wish the expats would go so sit down, if where they come from was such a “great place” and life was so good they wouldn’t be here, 
          You know what gets me is how the Jcans boastn brag bout “Yard” so sweet, yet they would kill not to have to go back a they “Yard” funny eh!!!  
          All you here from expats is how life back home is sooooo good and that they don’t need to be here and they should pick up and go back home, well why are you still here? Guess you all are just as good aliar as the same one who fooling unna to believe that he gonna serve this country up to unna on a golden platter, I don’t know about anyone else but unna can have my scraps but that’s is all I willing to give unna.
           Iron Clad you socked it to um
  9. Anonymous says:

    something stinks……. yes that would be the dump kurt…. one of the many things you failed to tackle in your 4 years……

    as much as i dislike the udp….we all know the ppm are not the solution….

    • Anonymous says:

      Firstly Kurt/PPM did not create the dump – it’s been there growing/lingering for years and years – no government (including the previous UDP government) tackled it previously. Secondly far as I’m aware the PPM did thoroughly research and come up with appropriate plans for proper waste management and recyling programmes however these were some of the projects that were put on hold when the world economy started to deteriorate – people think that because the PPM went ahead with the Schools/Government building they were recklessly spending and not paying attention to what was happening with the World financial crisis, but the Schools/government building were considered priorityand therefore not stopped while many other projects were put on hold.

  10. The watcher says:

    Cayman is a country where even the stupidest person can be elected.

    Where thieves are taken care of by the people.

    Where Corruption is normal.

    Where education is optional.

    Where incompetence is encouraged.

    Only after this has changed will Cayman become a good place to live.

  11. Pit Bull says:

    These local politicians, they would be funny if they weren’t filled with a misguided sense of their own importance and competence.

    Is being crap a pre-condition of standing?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anyone seen "Despicable Me"

    I just realised that simply of the cuff, I may have coined what may be considered a perfect description for those who are following Mac so blindly.

    Minions: servile (slaves, meanly or cravenly submissive) dependent follower.

    So its Mac’s Minions or Mac and his Minions. (Mac, Rolston, Cline, Capt., Mike, Elio, Julianna, Mark, Dwayne-and orginally Ezzard-but he may be rebelling a little).

    Maybe someone’s already used it but I hadn’t thought about such an appropriate description-just see the minions in the movie and you’ll undersatnd how appropriate it is. If only we could hope for three (3) little girls to change Mac’s ("Gru") heart. Anyone out there willing o try? (Don’t count on Sis. Julianna being one of the three).

    • Man says:

      I agreee!!!! It is a great example of our political leadership!!! But Ezzard has not rebelled, just sharpened his tricks!!!

      I say 15 persons that have never been elected before for 2013.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Blog 10:43 please read the LA Hansard Reports and you will see that the Opposition has tried to point out to the UDP and their Leader, where certain ideas will be detrimental to Cayman, they have opposed, made suggestions and because it is only 5  against 9 of them, their ideas and suggestions are always defeated.  I am not for any Party, but I can see a difference with the 2 parties.  You are bias and probably blood, so you cannot see or hear the evils of the LA.  Go read the LA Hansards or listen to the repeat radio broadcast and tell me what you find out, if you can.  I would like to take this opportunity to BEG the other UDP members to look at yourselves in the mirror and tell me what you see.  The face looking back at you is that the face you want?  Why are you trapped in McKeeva’s world, don’t you have a say, don’t you want something better for Cayman? Are you feeling ashame yet? Find your inner man and stand up for something and stop falling for everything.  McKeeva is NOT the voice of the Cayman people, he ONLY speaks for himself and the rich man.  He don’t CARE for us.

    • Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice and a West Bayer at THAT says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    Come on Kurt.

    Mac and his minions are destroying the Cayman Islands and you have a meeting to guestion his "motives"? This is not worthy of a meeting; everyone knows that Mac’s motives are questionable. Even when some of his projects turn out to be satisfactory, it’s the grace of God as Mac’s motives are invariably wrong.

    The PPM is finished because it was so inept that it allowed Mac to return from exile. Because of the PPM’s lack of progress and success, The Dictator believes that he can do whatever he wishes knowing that as the PPM has no support, there is no organized resistance or at least no competent resistance.

    We have The dictator proposing to break the Confidentiality Preservation Law, indebt our descendants, spend $9 million for a pet project in the Brac for Julianna (I have no problem with $9 million for the Brac-we’re already hundreds of lillions in debt for the three islands and since Grand Cayman and particularly West Bay seems to be lost to dictatorship-we may really need a SHELTER in the Brac-not from hurricanes but from The Dictator. My point is that the $9 million could be invested so much more productively.), and the best you can do is talk calmly about Mac’s motives. Come on Kurt, this is serious. Don’t you see that?

    But since I have already pronounced the PPM finished (and I could be wrong about that-just look at what the UDP did!), my question is rhetorical.

    • Anonymous says:

      Since we always know that McKeeva’s motives are always questionable then we have no one else to blame but ourselves for electing him and his party members. You are continuing to contribute to our unfortunate situation by attacking the Opposition rather addressing the real issue.   

      • anonymous says:

        I have a feeling that instead of Arden  trying to have a general election, why not try to move Big Mac from the position, put him on the back bench and continue with Government.

        This may work better becasue ezzard just got a second chance last election. He’s not going to throw that away for his people to try to elect him all over again even though I’m sure he will be re-elected because he is really performing.

        Arden we have a problelm, who is going to replace the lame duck Capt Eugene pulling abig check for doing nothing?

        Who is going to replace Cline and Rolston the miserable one?  do you have strong PPM or Independents in West Bay that the people are standing behind and putting forward?  what about George Town, who is strong in George Town to replace the two lame ducks Elio and Mike. You know they are one term that’s obvious, lets give them half a term!  

        Arden if you have strong candidates that will lead people in the right direction and stop putting our people last and giving away Cayman to the developers, then you have a good chance of  pulling this off with a general election.  The other alternative is to get those idiots to mark X   as no confidence vote in the house. But they are so darn weak and stupid that they’re propbably afraid of him.  Rather than upset the system why not get thousands of signatures and present them to the governor, if he does not listen, there’s the UK   


        We are being sold daily under the uDP





  15. Right ya so says:

    Don’t you all get it?  NOONE is going to stop this man – he does and will do whatever he wants, whenever he wants! EVERYONE is too frightened of him as they know how vindictive he is.

    And this has always been the case.

    We may be sarcastic and call him Papa Doc, McChavez but, my friends, his name is MacKeeva and he is our very own dictator.




  16. Man says:

    I want to see the engineering plans and the conditions for this port before I take a position for or against. The PPM will not make me decide one way or the other.

    If the plans and conditions are good, I am supporting it publicly. If the developer gives us a new Cargo Port and makes $200 billion profit I could care less. Provide jobs, minimize the environmental impact, improve the infrastructure stimulate the economy and you have my support.

    Hell, I will drive the bulldozer!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Rather than the PPM hopefully commonsense would make you decide differently.

      Who is to say the environmental impact is being minimized if no environmental study is being undertaken? Do you have any concept of the environmental damage this port can cause not only to EE but to the whole Island. 

      Isn’t the real reason the new Environment Law is being delayed is to allow destructive projects to go through first?  

    • Anonymous says:

      The way the new law is written you may never get to see the plans before they are approved.  Because Our Leader can override any need to consult or inform the public.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dear Kurt,

    Thank you for putting it into perspective for those who still do not get what is going on with the absolute dictator in power. The UDP has a single voice and it is McChavez’s voice or no voice. So much for all the UDP whimps who cannot think for themselves and allow this madman to lead them all to the slaughter at the next election. All because they did not have the guts or balls to stand up for themselves with an independent voice for what is right and for what the people want and support. This is why the people voted for them in the first place.

    They are actually quite pathetic. A sad state of affairs !!!!

  18. Hallowe'en Jack says:

    How easily we forget how Kurt spent four years spending money, promising much and achieving nothing apart from swelling the civil service and spending money.

    I am not a supporter of either party, but for the sake of Cayman it would be better if KT stood aside as leader of the PPM and gave the opportunity for someone competent to lead the opposition.

    • Albert Jackson says:

      With Kurt in the lead it makes in very hard to take him serious about  anything. He is too yesterday like Truman & John. Yes that’s how bad he is.

    • Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice and a West Bayer at THAT says:

      H’Jack, as i former UDP then PPM then UDP then NO MORE PARTY POLITICS voter I agree with you 100% except there is no one in the PPM that is also worthy to lead they all (UDP & PPM) must go, a new election and no party canidates are the same will continue to happen over and over and over again, til the record is broken and the country is sunk into the sea and but a mere part of history.. I SAY NO MORE PARTY POLITICS FOR CAYMAN, every man runs as an INDEPENDANT and on his/her  own merit, this time we choose according to Educational Level (no entry level position here sorry),Knowledge of World Economics,  known Bussiness ethics, Intigrety, dignity, and especially respect and understanding that they work for the Wishes of the Caymanian People.etc…..  

  19. Anonymous says:

    I fully support the concept of a cargo port provided that it can be designed in such a way that the channel to be dredged into North Sound is also used to access the cargo port which could be located in West Bay. That way all of the people who voted for the Premier can benefit from the development and not just his cronies.

    With that simple solution the people of West Bay will get  the full benefit and the other people won’t have to suffer the rantings of a person who seems to have lost touch with reality.

  20. suomy nona says:

    Perhaps, although I like the idea of reviving the Island through it, there may be issues the government have to  amend laws  to cater for building plots of land that the Shettyhospital may be built on?  Mastic Trail destruction? No idea but just a suggestion.  

  21. anonymous says:

    Yes!!! the PPM sat in the L.A.    What  could they do? "Nothing"  Did you know  UDP has the majority of votes. Many of us requires knowledge of government /Parliament ,  da   y  we caught ina da  mouse traps. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    What do you mean "allowed" the law to be passed?? I don’t think you quite grasp the situation wehave here.  The LA is a numbers game! Right now, the opposition cannot make or break anything that happens in the LA.  The voting public of Cayman allowed this law to be passed when the elected a UDP majority government. 

  23. anonymous says:

    Where is Dr. Lahee ???  He is needed to dispense his "Purple Pill", to bring the UDP back to their senses.

    • Anonymous says:

      If Dr.Lahee was here, how would his Purple Pill bring back the UDP to their senses, when they didn’t had any from the beginning.

    • Bow Line says:

      I heard Dr Lahee was last seen in Veitnam crossing a alligator infested river,he ran out of toiletries & was crossing to the other village.He too alledgedly had gone completly bizurk,after all a man is greatly influenced by those around him.He gave up on swimming across,i hear,& tried a Tarzan,the vine broke.Going down he said Meeeekeeeeeeeewhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  24. Anonymous says:

    In regards to post at10:00 am. Where have you been this last year?  Kurt, Arden, Alden and Ezzard have all been giving this government ideas and  solutions, but your leader said he don’t want to hear what they have to say.  They told him about the 3 years sustainable plan and he had to go all the way to England to be told the same thing.  I have listened to the PPM on the radio with their open air meetings and they do have ideas and solutions, but you and your leader refuse to hear them.  I have listened to them on opposition Wednesday on Rooster and they have mentioned some solutions, but you guys minds are so convaluted you cannot hear, you just want them in writing, so you can run off and said they were your ideas.  Your leader and the rest of the UDP are incapable of coming up with any solutions, so you opted to used the rich man’s solutions.  They are in the best interest of THEM, not our beautiful Cayman islands.  If PPM gives anymore solutions, then they should be running the Government not UDP.  You are blinded by blood or money and you better start looking outside the box, because its a good damn thing the PPM are not "Clueless" but rather they are ALERTED and has kept the people aware of what this current leader is doing, to these here Cayman Islands. Under McKeeva’s leadership we are heading for total destruction. I Pray to God for a Devine intervention before we are destroyed. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Blah, Blah Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.

      Speak for yourself and the PPM but not for me. You have enlightened me as to why you support the PPM, but you have not convinced me that they have a clue.

      As the countries opposition, the place to demonstrate their opposition is in the house so that people like me can be convinced that they have a clue, not in a political meeting after the Government has already did whatever they want.

      • Bodden says:


        I don’t understand why Kurt has took so long to speak out

        • Anonymous says:

          Because he is always asleep in those comfy house chairs he misses everything and then has to call meetings to try to figure out what went on.

      • Born Caymanian says:

        I normally don’t comment on CNS, but just thought I would elighten some people of how paliament works and also democracy. Some people place comments on here stating that the opposition sat in the LA and let laws past. As a person that monitors politics and have knowledge of how paliament works, I think I can help some of those out there to understand how it works. The only power any opposition has is to, speak on and or vote no any legislation, which in the end the legislation still passes because the government has the majority. Here the breakdown of the Legislative of Assembly: The LA has fifteen seated members after an election and out of that fifteen, the party that has the majority forms the government. In today’s case, the UDP had nine members that was elected in the election in 2009, which out of that nine, five have to be cabinet ministers and the remaining four, forms the back bench of the ruling party. The PPM won five seats, which made them the minority in the house and along side the PPM, there was also an independant member that was elected from the district of North Side, which brough the minorty in the house to six. In any democratic  society, the majority rules, regardless of how many times the opposition (minority) makes noise and votes no. So for people to say that the opposition sat there and let laws past, doesn’t understand how our Legislative of Assembly works or fail to learn. Take a look at our friends to the north and I’m not referring to Cuba, but the USA. In the US, they has two houses, one is the House of representitive (Congress) and the other, the Senate. In both houses the Democrats has the majority and the Republicans are considered the minority. The republican voted no many times in the past two years against legislation the democrats tabled, but the laws still passes, because the democrats has the majority in two houses. The republicans only has the filibuster at their disposal to block any legislation from passing the senate, but we in Cayman doesn’t have that luxury, so whenever the government passes the law, that is it and the only person that could veto the bill is the Governor, which in most cases he doesn’t. So the opposition has nothing else to do, than to bring to the people by the way of talk shows and meeting, the interpretation of any laws and why they voted no. The opposition tabled many suggestions (go to the LA and get a copy of the ansurds) which was strucked down by the government. I give the the opposition, including Mr Ezzard Miller a E for effort and to show the people that you all were trying to help, but to no avail. So for people to say that the opposition did nothing, there’s absolutely nothing they could done or do, unless three of the back benchers walks across the aisle and votes no to the Government, which it’s a very small chance of that happening in these Islands. The US is one Country where you see a lot party members walking accross the aisles either to vote for or against any legislation. Now that is what I call crossing the party lines. God bless these Cayman Islands and it’s wonderful people.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Allowed the law to be passed? If you have been following the issue you will know that the Opposition vigorously objected and voted against it. Obviously since the govt. has the majority and canpass any law it likes, especially when all its backbenchers are spineless wimps.

  26. Anonymous says:

    It is very important that these rights are not taken away from us.  Whatever happened to working for the people and wanting transparency?

    • Bow Line says:

      Personally i am sick of hearing about this XXX MAN.After reading what Mr Kurt & Arden are saying i see where all of this is going.Is this to draw Caymanians in a broad sense into a war?Is it?Hypatheticly speakin,lets say equipment shows up in East End to clear this proposed site for a dock.Are East enders just going to say "go ahead"? No, absolutely not,they are going to be VERY serious about any such imposition.Lets say it escalate’s beyond anyones previous thoughts & assumtions & becomes terrible.Do the imposters feel Caymanians will just over look any atrocity being done to their own?They will not & i’m one of them.I despise violence,but i would do everything legally possible to stop it.Thats what all of this looks like to me,a fermenting disaster.Caymanians have seen with crystal clarity all the moves of the Goal Post Shifters,the Legal Accrobats,the Spin Doctors,who hav spun so well.I met Tamara Hill yesterday,but not that i would know who she is by any publication or media outlet in Cayman highlighting her."Propagandists whose duty it was to deny the Caymanians even the virtues they manifestly possesed in order to maintain the thesis that they were hopelessly incapable savages"Mr Kurt yu do read CNS dont yu?Almost every post is a politics related one of immediate issues,we are behind our good leaders,so lead.Many point out yur short comings,but a new constitution which facilitates Referendum,Human Rights & FOI is a milestone,a many mile stone for this country.I’am confident & sure that would have still been somewhere being tweeked if at all had it been the United Down Pressor party.I am proud in this regard.That said,where is England??????? the champion of good governance?I will never forget months after Ivan i heard Arden in the legislature he said "Madam speaker,where is England? where is England Madam speaker,where? Madam speaker tell England to send us atleast a bag of fertilizer so we can get a leaf back on a tree" never will forget that. England can sit mum while all this is happening? Of course she will,she chooses wisely & is a Fox of all Foxiz,si,iz,iz.

  27. Caymanians for long range Planning says:

    Requiring a Bond from the cargo dock developer in the amount of $50M to $100M will remove any doubt that the development would only be for a quarry. If they excavate it and leave town, then the bond will kick in and Government can use that money to complete the cargo dock. Simple and effective way to ensure that the developer does what he says he will do. Should be mandatory on this large project.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are way off. Try CI$200m required to complete the dock

      Sales of fill from this east end quarry will be 17m cubic yards x CI$20/cy =CI$380m does everyone get the true picture of what is going on here because this figure discounts the additional sales earned from dry conconstrucvtion aggregates quarried above the water level. With this included you are well above the CI$400m mark.

      Wake up and smell the coffee Cayman.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thank you KURT

    It’s encouraging to see the Opposition playing its critical role. 

    As Caymanians we can’t stand by and let Big Mac (and the rest of the UDP like Mike Adams, Cline Glidden and Julianna that hide behind his cover) treat our Country like they OWN it.  They don’t they are supposed to be working for us and protecting our land.  Instead they are using it to serve their own purposes.

    They are one step at a time changing the rules to give themselves full power to do as they please.

    Please, Arden, call for the NO Confidence before it’s too late!


    • Man says:

      Do you really think this country needs a general election now? To return to what? PPM?

      The PPM needs to stop the scare tacticts and treating the people as if they are all stupid.

      I do not care what the PPM has to say. They were telling us "God will have to tell me different…" "You all dont understand…." and "My job is to spend the money and the civil service job is to find the money" when they were in power. Now you all want me to switch back to that?

      Look, take the Premier out, but please PPM, go with him.

      • Anonymous says:

        The trouble is that the UDP are even worse. After announcing to the world that we are "broke" and cutting civil servants pay supposedly to reduce the deficit they are on their own spending spree on unnecessary projects in the depths of a recession. If I were a civil servant I would be really pissed. 

        The UDP have got you exactly where they want you – disregarding the substance of what the Opposition is saying and giving them a the UDP a free pass because the PPM overspent. The UDP are treating the people as if they are stupid and obviously in many cases they are right.       

  29. Anonymous says:

    Well it sounds really noble and honourable of the former LOGB to point out that Government needs to go through the planning process just like everyone else, unfortunately I am of the firm belief that currently the whole process of Government going through that process now is just for show only and therefore is a waste of taxpayers money anyway.

    In my humble opinion, the Government is going to build what they are going to build, irrespective of what Tom, Dick or Harry say. If it is in the interest of the people and country, the Crown has the authority to simply pay people a fair market value for property, take it over and build whatever they want so maybe in the Premier’s limited scope he is thinking to eliminate all the red-tape of Goverment going through the process.

    Think about it…if someone actually objects to anything the Government applied to Planning to build, you really think that is going to stop them?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Kurt queries his motives and meanwhile I am querying, on a daily basis, his sanity.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Theoretically it should really matter as Government do not have any money right now so regardless of whether it is in the "peoples’ best interests, they should be building anyway.

    However I am in complete agreement with Mr Tibbetts, the Government should not be above the law in any way or form. The normal planning procedures should apply.

    Quick question – has the new Hurricane Shelter been given approval yet? Something to think about. I have heard a lot of people against the shelter being built on the Brac, this could be why the amendment is in there – so they don’t have to get approval.

    CNS: It has been approved by the Development Control Board.


  32. Anonymous says:

    We just decided the other day to invest in some property abroad rather than investing further in our own home country Cayman. Given all the recent disaster decisions by the government, we didn’t want to continue and put all eggs in one basket so to speak. Reading this article re the changes made to the planning law confirms further that we have made the right decision! Peopel who have saved a life time to built their home my find themselves with an airport in the back-yard! Who knows, next thing is that the laws are amended and government can willy/nilly take one’s property.

    Things are completely out of control when laws can be pushed around and changed as it suits!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dictat Mac is an unstoppable destruction machine!

      You did the only thing you could do, vote with your feet, leave while you still can and more of us will move as soon as we can also.

  33. Anonymous says:

    One further step towards dictatorship!

  34. Anonymous says:

    After they sat there in the L.A and allowed the law to be passed they wanna have meetings about it? I listened to the radio that night.

    • Ray says:

      All of the opposition & independent members voted against the passage of the law being discussed, due to their concerns. What else are they supposed to do? Their discussion in the L.A. failed, so now they have brought it further to our (the voters) attention.

      • Man says:

        Yes, just like back in the day when the spending was being debated and the now Premier warned about the pending recession and was told, "Not on my ……day will I take advice from you."

        All we have here is a reversal of roles of two a**** and their d*** followers, main while, this country suffers while the membership of the two parties ignore us and fight like children. He said….. and He said….. and They did …. but they did….

        I promise you this, come 2013 I am going to do all in my power to get as many new members elected as I can.

  35. Joe Bananas says:

    You are right!  But there is still nothing that you or the public can do about.   Those who profit themselves by takeing from others will always win over those who do nothing but talk.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Good Morning,


    I hope you all read the last part of this article. If the UDP wants the dock they will get the dock. Period. Dont be fooled by them.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I said this once before and I’ll say this again. McKeeva please put the Cargo Dock in West Bay Opposite the Boatswaine Beach facility, as the infrastructure is already in place, it will cost less to set a dock up there as this BIG open space can accomodate all the containers, heavy equipements and they will have less distance to travel at night to the containment area in George Town. The Boatswaine parking lot is already there and its not being used, it is a totally wasted space. Seperate the turtles farm from the Boatswaine Beach section, then convert the Boatswaine  Beach faility into the cargo processing area and this will help cut Government’s Annual $10mio contribution to Boatswaine.  I beg you kindly McKeeva, please leave the Eastern District alone and stay in the West where you are belong. The Eastern districts are for the people and Tourist of the Cayman Islands.  West Bay road and West Bay are for YOUR people. Please listen to the Caymanians on this.  Listen for once!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    I was quite baffled when it was originally announced by Mckeeva of the UDP led government, that he was taking control of Finance, Tourism and Planning plus.  For him to take on such BIG portfolios and still play the Premier role, my ears automatically became alerted that something BIG was going down. These BIG things was NOT going to be in the BEST interest for Cayman, XXXX.  It scares me MORE when he is on these Islands as everyday I wakes up I am expecting the unexpected from him.  This man is not educated enough to realize that when the money man comes calling, they are not coming with the BEST interest of the Islands prosperity nor is it for the benefit of the Islanders, but rather for their own interest and of course they gives him an offer and he falls for it. Money talks and McKeeva walks.  He is selling his soul for the almighty green dollars and gaining the world.  Its serves no purpose in the eyes of God.  Why is it he has to break the law for these people? Why?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Through their projects and dredging, my fear is that they are going to SINK this Island. We are on the edge of a mountain and this is the kind of powers this government is fighting for – to be above the LAW.  This government  apparantly has no regard for our environment and people of these Islands. All they see money; money has blinded their eyes.


    Because crime is on the increase and yet this government has done nothing ECONOMICALLY to curb it.  We keep hearing from them that it is people responsibility to make themselves financially sound – true but still Government keep raising duties and fees on the people, no minimum wage, and is doing nothing to ensure jobs and business for the locals.

    Yes… RESPONSIBILITY but don’t take out the "WE" in being RESPONSIBLE!

    • Bodden says:

      Not dissing personal responsibility, but the "WE" was taken out of it long time, and pretty much all Caymanians that are unemployed are branded by the well off as being lazy and on drugs.

      And many of those in government are looking out for themselves and those who GOT THE MONEY!  The people mean nothing to them; their only concern is to make money from the big projects.

      Sadly, this is how government is being run today.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dont worry Kurt B you never see smoke without fire. There is some reason for this, he is again carring out the wishes of miss julie. She is going to bury him with her wrong ideas. Is there anyhow Mack can have her name changed to LORD JULIE?

  40. Richard Wadd says:

     Motive? =  $$$

     Reason? =  Large Developers need / want to access Lands and ‘Fill’ in Environmentally Sensitive areas, (THE SAME REASON FOR THE DELAYED ‘CONSERVATION LAW’)

     We are all aware of The Dragon Bay / Ryan project, but how many are aware of what the Canal Depth is at Camana Bay, Salt Creek and others?  What about the proposed ‘LAKE’ in West Bay, in a sensitive wetland area? 

     Has the East End "Port" lost support because it is so unpopular?

     How many current Developments received a letter from the CPA stating that they could apply for deeper canals? 

     Why is the WATER AUTHORITY LAW being disregarded by the CPA? It IS a LAW, and no-one, not even Govt. is ‘Above the Law’.

    Why is the Media not following these leads? Are you all so frightened of the ‘Great Dictator’?

     These are questions that need to be asked, AND ANSWERED.

     I know one thing, IF Desmond (RIP) were here, he would !

    CNS: And who was it who brought your attention to the CPA decision on the Dragon Bay canals? Hmmm? And who posts under a pseudonym? …. Because they are frightened of the "Great Dictator", perhaps?

    Dick, Just to remind you – again – we have one full-time journalist working flat out. However, we are encouraging the concept of "citizen journalist" – with FOI you have the ability to find these things out for yourself and we will post it in our FOI section. So stop bleating and send that FOI request to the CPA.

    • Anonymous says:

      Welcome to the new Cayman, under the rule of a dictator.


      Democracy has gone

      Freedom of speech has gone because even the UDP MLAs are afraid of speaking their mind or having an opinion other than that of their leader.

      Civil rights have gone.

      Human rights has gone

      Full employment has gone

      Law abiding society has gone with the increased crime on the island.

      Respect has gone.

      Ethics and honesty has gone

      Good Principals have gone


      What do we have left ?????????????

      Self interest and greed has arrived.

      Welcome to the new Cayman under a dictatorship and those who voted for this equally share responsibility for the ruin of our country.



    • Man says:

      CNS you are doing your job, typical, people are always looking for someone else to do the heavy lifting while they complain.

    • Richard Wadd says:

       Dear CNS,

         Please know that my previous comment was not in anyway meant to be directed at CNS (I would have said so), but rather the ‘Mainstream Media’, who given their greater resources and higher profile, continue to fail the people of these islands, and indeed the very concept of ‘Freedom of the Press’.

       I am (as should we all be) very grateful for your hard work, not just as an Independent Journalist, but for also hosting this Forum, that has allowed so many of us an outlet to express our views, opinions and ignorance.

      You are wrong about the ‘pseudonym’ though. It is not out of fear of the ‘Head Cheese’, but rather because in this small economy, it can be very bad for business, as Desmond so often proved. A great many journalists and writers find it liberating, as do I.

      However, please know that I am not ‘bleating’, but rather ‘$heet stirring’, and I don’t need the CPA or FOI to tell me what I already know.

      Keep up the good work.

  41. Anonymous says:

    What a waste of peoples time.

    Calling a Political meeting to complain about the Governments doings when  we have so much other important problems to deal with.

    Instead of calling meetings to test your political following you should be calling meetings to put forward ideas and solutions so that the people can come out of this locker of despair and see some way forward.

    What a clueless bunch we have to lead us. They remind me of the childhood story "THE PIED PIPER OF HAMLIN"

    • anonymous says:

      What else can the PPM do but to call Political Meeting? They do not have the majority voting powers in the LA -we should be glad that they try to educate some of the fool fool people.

  42. Frequent Flyer says:

    Absolutely amazing


  43. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how much of this bill was drafted by the legal draftsmen that work for government. The rumor is that the final draft was done by a private lawyer, an architect and one other person. I believe the word for that is cronyism. It will be interesting to see how many cases concerning planning this lawyer will now win since he drafted the bill. Or how many projects the architect will get because of his helping to write the law. The one thing missing is the input from the people. Mac obviously does not want or need our input. He and his cronies have their own agenda and it is above the peoples.

    In this case Kurt is right, not because he is PPM, but because Mac is way overstepping the trust of the people who elected him and his position.

    UK it may be time to step in before He make democracy something that is only in the history books.

    • Bow Line says:

      If da naw tellin it like it is.I wasn’t rulin out that he wrote it himself.It didn’t Mickeywhaw long to realize there’s money in politricks.THIS IS WHY NO PUBLIC SERVANT SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO EXPLOIT THEIR POSITION FOR PERSONAL GAIN.Let the Reniassance begin all you declined adversaries of Democracy.Let the Reniassance begin.

  44. WesBaya says:

    The saying goes "there’s never smoke without fire"..Big Mac aint proposing this idea just for the sake of it..like Kurt says, something stinks here..mr premier has something up his sleeve!! Between the EE cargo dock and the North Sound dredging….or possibly both!!


    What has cayman come to? Thought the people we vote in are suppose to look at the wellfare of the people they represent? All this govt. seems to be doing is looking for big bucks! if we were to look in their eyes, all we’d see is dollar bills because thats all they are looking at, and deficit or no deficit, i believe they would still be pushing at these projects…they just want someone to blame to get another stripe on their shoulder.

  45. Dilemma says:

    Although I too have my concerns about this i must admit that I am equally bothered about the excess red tape in this country that continually stifles business.