UK prime minster backs Shetty’s Cayman project

| 28/07/2010

(CNS): David Cameron, prime minister of the UK’s Conservative-Liberal government, has offered his support for Dr Devi Shetty’s Cayman health city and, according to a release, has suggested that the UK could also benefit from the low cost model. Cameron and Shetty met in Bangalore today during the UK government’s high level visit to India, which has been overshadowed with news of a rift in the current collation Cabinet. During the visit, however, Vince Cable, Business Secretary and Liberal Democrat Cabinet representative, visited the hospitals that make up Dr. Shetty’s Narayana Hrudayalaya health complex with Cameron, where they both expressed their support.

Cable will advise the prime minister further on the “Dr Shetty model” of providing quality healthcare at low cost to high volumes of patients. “I told the prime minister that we needed his blessings on the Cayman Islands project,” said Dr Shetty, “and he assured me he was very happy with the plan.”  Cameron also asked if Shetty would consider building such a complex in England, and he said he would — after the Cayman project was completed, according to a release from the local spokesperson for the Cayman project.
Cameron has faced challenges in the UK to spell out the details and cost of the government’s reforms to the country’s National Health Service after previous Conservative party claims that NHS reorganisation causes disruption, demoralisation and an "inexcusable" waste of money. Cameron has said he is committed to the NHS and will continue to put real-term increases into it. Government currently proposes to make local health services more democratically accountable.
Meanwhile, speculation of a Cabinet rift over government’s proposed immigration cap for non EU migrants, which is set to come into effect next April, has threatened to overshadow the trip to India — a country rich with highly skilled professionals who have commonly migrated to the UK.
"I want to see, and the government wants to see, the level of net immigration into the UK come down to the tens of thousands, rather than the hundreds of thousands it’s been in recent years," Cameron told the BBC this week.  Cable, however, has said he was pushing for a "light touch" on immigration in the coalition cabinet.

Indian businessman, politicians, and commentators have been united in their concern and hostility to proposals to restrict migration from India to Britain. Similar restrictions may have damaged the relationship with India in the 1970s, and led a new generation of Indians to look to the US rather than the UK. Cameron has faced criticism from the Indian government over the planned cap, with commerce minister Anand Sharma saying it could have an adverse effect on trade relations between the UK and India and hit Indian doctors and nurses seeking employment in the UK.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    From "Mother Country’s" track record in "protecting" our interests don’t be surpirsed if Mr. Cameron’s interest is to lure Dr. Shetty to Britain (mainland, Channel Islands or IoM). While past Conservative Party governments have generally turned a blind eye to the customer base of our financial industry, there is no benchmark on their reaction to such a venture – and remember, they are beholding to a certain amount of influence from the Liberals. 

    • Pit Bull says:

      If it wasn’t for Mother Country the main activities for the Cayman economy would be drug and gun running.

    • Anonymous says:

      A medical toursim facility in the UK or British isles would not be mutually exclusive to Dr. Shetty’s proposed Cayman facility.

      So perhaps Mr. Cameron is interested in such an project.  But the govt run health systems in Europe would make opportunities limited, but I don’t know enough about the details in that part of the world to comment.

  2. Bow Line says:

    Cayman is a (Tourist) destination.If Mr Shetty is in such great demand he could keep busy building elsewhere.I agree with the poster,”socially its blaring madness” to even concieve it’s notion.It’s refreshing to see that someone in the Uk’s parliament knows Cayman actually does exist.They are quite aloof 99% of the time.The timing of Mr Cameron’s tid bit is interesting,almost typical but i dont drag to say expected.Mr Cameron should jot over to the home secretaries office & see the Caymanians who have relocated to the UK because of cost & other issues. Why dont we hear anything from the Uk on improving facilities that all ready exist in Cayman. Dr Tomlinson is a great doctor,who’s establishment continues to grow,i see no motivation or interest in assisting him with what he considers to be necessary.A shift from tourism as we know it ,to “MEDICAL TOURISM”? How can the two be seen to co-exist? One is vacation tourism & the other depends on people being sick.Baffling… Lastly its great to understand people needing help & providing help.But the average person today knows factors like envoirment,toxins in everything people eat,the medications used for ailments, are all carcinogens.It’s a fact & no surprise,highly “developed” industrialised countries have seen the highest ratios of cancer.So in concluding,the health industry thrieves on sick people.So it makes priceless sense to know what is good for yu as a individual & the hallmark statement “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN A CURE”

  3. Beachboi says:

    “Dr Shetty model” of providing quality healthcare at low cost to high volumes of patients.

    Where is this gonna happen????  Not in Cayman whether we have the so called "medical tourists" or not. 

  4. anon e mouse says:

     Are we that under-educated that we can’t read and comprehend a simple News Article?

     Here we have something Positive, even beneficial for our country, and we are going to be so heffin PETTY about it?

     Yes, give ‘The Devil his due’, Mac has done well, and Dr. Shetty isn’t some fraudulent shyster, but an INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED LEADER in his field.

     So why waste time being Petty about it? Why complain because Dr. Shetty has Vision, and the Ambition to do something about it? He dosn’t need us, WE NEED HIM.

     So WHAT does our Immigration Dept. do when Dr. Shetty was leaving Cayman after his high-profile meetings with our Leaders and Chamber members? Anyone know the answer besides me?

     Which ‘local’ Dr./’s areso upset that THEY didn’t have the foresight to do what he is doing, that they are so intent in undermining this great opportunity for our islands? Talk about ‘cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face’.

     How are we to grow IF we are too (full of fertilizer) to learn from others? What if our ‘founding fathers’ were as closed-minded as we have become? They traveled the world and LEARNED from other cultures and people. That is what they brought back and used to shape the very foundation of our economic model.

    So now, in just 2 generations, we have become smarter than the rest of the World? We are but a Pimple on the ‘back-side’ of this planet, and if we are not careful, someone will come along and scrape us off ! Then what?

    We have no Natural resources besides SMB. If we want opportunity, WE MUST MAKE IT !

     Small island, small minded people. Sometimes my own people bring me such embarrassment, that I am ashamed of my roots.

    • Man says:

      Here is the real problem Mouse, the PPM is watching their remaining 5 seats disappear and is willing to destroy this country if necessary to hold onto them.

      Fact, as much as thought I would not be saying this, it seems the UDP is turning this economy around and the "bet" will pay off for all of us. I still disagree with some of their plans; however, I support the Shetti hospital 100%. The potential for improved health care for all alone is reason enough.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you listen to the public and I do mean the voting public as well as other residents, it is not the PPM seats disappearing its the UDP. The problem is that if the people had their choice they would put neither in.

        By the way how is the financial situation of the country being turned around?

        The UDP cuts 3.2% CS salaries including those making less than $3,000 per month but dont deal with the main problem, they do not privitise any of Government.

        Proposals were made to put a land tax but the rich real estate people cut in because it was cutting into their profits and it was quickly dumped.

        There is even a half hearted push to replace the Premeir. It will not work because the UDP holds too much of Government.

        • Anonymous says:

          People did have a choice – there were many independents running in each district and yet only Ezzard Miller (running as quasi-UDP) was able to win.

          If the majority of Caymanians wanted independents in government, then there would be independents in government.

          The majority of Caymanians wanted the UDP to be in power last May, and thus they won.  Some people may have changed their minds since then (we will find out in 2013), but that doesn’t change the facts.

          So please don’t confuse the views of a small group of squeaky wheels on CNS and radio call-in shows with what "Caymanians" want.

          • Anonymous says:

            Anonymous 15:11 I agree with you that in the last election the voting public wanted the UDP in. Four years prior they wanted the PPM. But as it stands now they want neither. This is not a small group as you claim.

            The problem is the choice. You say we have independents. They are few divided and do not present a better alternative. You name one good alternative but who were the Bodden Towners to vote for or George Town or West Bay. If the problem is going to be fixed in this manner then it is a wave of independents that need to go in so that they can determine the Government.

    • Pit Bull says:

      Re moaning doctors: It is a Caymanian’s right to protect oligopolistic profits while moaning about the cost of living in the territory.

  5. Jesse says:

    See these BCC links and you will know why their is a special relationship –

    • Theo says:

      You may disagree with me –

      But Prime Minister Cameron is a very clever business man. Why? A few days ago, he accuses Pakistan of supporting the terrorists whilst giving a speech in India. Although those claims he made may be true, it is a tactical move to get India on his side, because they too have had a history of complaints against Pakistan on supporting terrorism against India. India and Pakistan has always been at odds. Pakistan is a Muslim country and India, its neighbor, is a Hindu country. Both countries at one time use to be one country – India, but Pakistan was separated from mainland India after Mahatma Ghandi led them from British Rule and India became Independent. At that time, the British were their oppressors of colonialism. You see, it is always good to know history in the context of Politics.

      I interpret that PM Cameron goes to India and becomes their voice against Pakistan; a stratigic move that has many in the country against Cameron. You see, it also has to do with money making – to generate jobs and stimulate the economy in the UK. Cameron wants to develop good trade and business relations between India and the UK. For many Indians, it will take alot of trust on their part, seeing the dark colonial history between them and the UK, who were one time, their oppressive masters.

      With Dr. Shetti’s hospital and all of this money-politics going on between the UK and India, I think the important question should be asked – Will this hospital 100% benefit the local Caymanian people, or is it set to benefit well-off Caymanians, Indians, and British alike?

      A concern of mine

      • Anonymous says:

        wow, very deep analysis.  maybe the CIA can use your skills.  you must be a product of the Cayman Islands university… 

      • Anonymous says:

        I think its safe to assume that Dr. Shetty would like to keep at least 1% of the benefits.

        How in the world is any country going to attract even $1 in foreign investment if it wants to keep 100% of the benefits?

  6. Anonymous says:

    you still don’t get it this hospital isn’t going no where. It will destroy what little social harmony we have left.

    • Anonymous says:

      If its not going anywhere, then how will it destroy the social harmony? 

      That doesn’t make any sense.


    I am one of the many who is sensitive about the cutting down of 500 acres of trees and shrubs to pave way for Shetti’s hospital.

    But this is a great endorsement for the UDP!  I am thankful that I am not blinded by party politics in giving credit to whom credit is due!  

    In the midst of intense criticism and call for a "no confidence vote," it will now be interesting to see how the PPM will respond when the UDP will for the first time in history introducing MEDICAL TOURISM in the Cayman Islands – A BIG REVENUE MEASURE and ACCOMPLISHMENT!

    No PPM member or Independent like myself who says they are not thankful and appreciative for what has happened, can say that they are grateful first to God and to their own family. We will just have to see!


    I am still unhappy with your other policies and would rather see a change of government now.

    But this… is BIG!


    • Anonymous says:

      Lets wait and hear Mr Cable and PM Cameron side of the story. The article did say Cable would be advising the prime minister further on the model.

    • Anonymous says:

      your dreaming mate…this hospital won’t happen…..

      but in the mean time continue to slap yourself on the back……thats all the udp can do right now…talk about pie in the sky projects

  8. Anonymous says:

    It is all still a farce that Dr Shetty is supposed to bring in a new era of medical tourism, when the government of the day has signed an agreement with Dr Shetty that there will be NO medical tourism facilities built in competition to Dr Shette.  XXXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanians are exempt from that provision.  So Dr. Tomlinson, or any other Caymanian, can build a medical toursim facility if the capital can be generated.

  9. anonymous says:

    Well the Medicine man Dr. Shetti is leaving no stone unturned.And rightly so.

    He like any other educated consumer or investor is continually wacthing the Cayman Islands News media and perhaps he feels that our Premier will indeed be "Ousted"   he’s just making sure that the UK will back him and still be behind him making sure all government promises that were made to him by Big Mac are honored by our local government regardless of who’s IN CHARGE!

    A clever man indeed.

    That’s my interpretation for such a visit. What else would a renowned surgeon like Dr. Shetti be visiting the Prime Minister of the UK ?

    Apparently there is also immigration concern.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually it was the other way around David Cameron the prime minister was meeting Dr Shetti in Bangalore…I believe they are looking at his cost models and perhaps looking to learn a thing or two…

      But at least we know he is serious about Cayman

    • Man says:

      You are so dense! Do you have any idea how much demand there is globally for the Shetti model of Health Care? Have you not been reading about the number of applications coming into us from the USA health care businesses following the mou with Shetti? Admit it! The premier got it right!!! he may be a loud mouth, but he can stimulate business for this country!

      And yes, I am still supporting anyone who has never been elected before!