Flooding expected in low lying areas

| 13/09/2010

(CNS): Update Tuesday 8am–Heavy rainfall is still expected throughtout the day on Tuesday which may cause flood water to accumulate in low lying areas. Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) is warning the public that roads, homes, businesses and parking lots may be affected. Residents in low lying areas may need to take precautionary measures if they live in areas with a history of flooding. An area of extensive cloudiness with widely scattered thundershowers associated with a surface trough/low pressure system over Jamaica moved into the Cayman area on Monday, 13 September. HMCI says it does not plan to open any shelters at this time, but residents should stay tuned to the media for further announcements.

In a warning released Monday morning, Hazard Management asks drivers to avoid driving in and around flooded roads if possible. “If you have to drive through flood water – drive very slowly. If you hit flood water at speed your vehicle may skid or sheer off. Be especially vigilant at night.”

Tuesday’s forecast  calls for cloudy skies with a 50% chance of widely scattered thundershowers through early afternoon with shower and thunder activity decreasing to 30% thereafter. Showers may become locally heavy at times.Winds over open seas are East to southeast 10 to 15 knots. Gusty winds and rough seas are expected in and around heavy showers. Sea States are moderate with wave heights 3 to 5 feet. A small craft warning remains in effect.

The outlook is for a decrease in cloudiness and shower activity from Tuesday evening as the surface trough/low pressure system moves west of our area.

Meanwhile, the tenth named storm of the season – Julia turned into the seasons’ fifth hurricane this morning,  but is forecast to follow this year’s trend for tropical weather systems and head on a northward path keeping away from land.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the rain???????????????

    There they (HMCI) go again, giving false info………..

    Stop crying wolf!!!

    CNS: It’s here on the Brac.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know something?  People like you are really idiotic.  If you followed the NHC, Wunderground, any of the official weather sites, you would have known that we were forecast to receive 6-8 inches of rainwater; that Invest 92 was going to pass just south of us in the process of turning into a Cat 1 or 2 storm.   That’s what the forecast was over the preceding 48 hours. 

      However (I guess this must be HMCI’s fault too?) that darned awkward storm decided to be a nuisance and shifted itself onto a more southerly path, meaning it didn’t come half so close to us last night/this morning as originally forecast, nor did it develop into a Cat 1/2 storm as had been forecast, hence nowhere near as much rain.

      Personally I am grateful for the warning and even more grateful the storm steered itself away from us.

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s been rain off and on all day in George Town.  Maybe it’s just that there’s no rain in your butt, where your head is. 

  2. Me says:


  3. Twyla Vargas says:

    The half finished project on Cumber Avenue BoddenTown is still waiting to see representatives of this district solve this rain/flood problem. 

    We have one long serving PPM member Mr Anthony Eden , and we have two UDP members,  Minister Mark Scotland  and Dwayne Seymour. 

    It is about time these three men set their differences aside and look after the needs of this district.  If it was’nt for Mr Osborne Bodden we would not even have a decent road on this avenue.  And it is a crying shame that every year the residents have to be losing their furniture, appliances, gardens etc. because of this flooding which was caused by the planning department allowing Look out Gardens to be built up, and putting in Highways without proper drainage causing extensive flooding, and blocking off the wetlands.  I have lived in my home for 37 years and has never had water come inside until this happened.  It has been 6 years now, of nothing but promises being told .  Money being wasted on parks and more parks in this district while the  residents suffer loss of the little bit they have.  Is anyone out there at all that is listening. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said, Twyla!

      • Anonymous says:

        why not make it mandatory that the cell phone use ban is in effect during any potential weather threat? thank GOD it doesn’t snow here….


        hang up and drive! 

    • BTer says:

      Thank you Twyla. 

      My property never used to flood much at all either – perhaps a small pool here and there in storm season, but now the entire yard, driveway and around my house and much of the road outside my house are filled with water almost every time it rains.  And we’re not talking a couple of inches, we’re talking at least 6-8.  The flooding spreads right the way through Sitwell Street and onto Yeats Street.  When storm season comes and it rains, I can barely get in or out of my property on foot.  I already need to add another 6 inches of fill to try and stop the flooding (I already did this once when they built the bypass a few years back which is when our flooding problems began as you so rightly observe).  Once the development in Lookout is finished I’ll probably have to raise it another 6 inches.  Our politicians promised several Belford residents assistance last year in the way of fill for the flooded areas but it seems these were empty promises as absolutely nothing has been done and further development is only going to worsen the existing severe problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      Twyla, they’ve pretty much sold every single piece of land in Lookout Gardens now so there’s going to be plenty plenty more development as the new owners move in and build properties on their land.  This in turn, is only going to make the misery worse for us poor Belford and Cumber Ave residents.