Police look for SUV in West Bay murder case

| 13/09/2010

(CNS): The RCIPS is seeking information about a charcoal grey coloured SUV which was seen acting suspiciously in the West Bay area on Wednesday 8 September, the night 20-year-old Tyrone Burrell was shot and killed. The vehicle was reported to be close to Dominos Pizza, Garston Smith Drive, West Bay around 9.34pm. Burrell was shot around 8.00pm in Birch Tree Hill Road. The detective leading the hunt for the killer, Detective Inspector Lauriston Burton, is renewing his appeal for people who have information about the murder to come forward. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

Appealing for information on the SUV, he said, “I know this is some considerable time after the shooting took place but the actions of the driver drew attention to the vehicle. The car and driver may not have had any connection to the murder but we need to speak to the driver as a matter of urgency to establish if he/she had any involvement.”

The Royals Cayman Islands Police Service is also appealing for witnesses to the shooting death. “We know that there were around ten people attending a social event in the yard where this shooting took place,” Burton said. “When Tyrone was shot and killed those people scattered in all directions. Over the last few days we have traced a few of them, but others have not yet come forward.”

West Bay detectives have today, Monday 13 September, revealed that a post mortem examination carried out on Burrell on Saturday afternoon confirms the death was caused by a gunshot wound.

Anyone with information can call the following numbers:
West Bay murder incident room – 949-3999
RCIPS confidential line – 949-7777
Crime Stoppers confidential number – 800-8477 (TIPS)

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  1. West Bayer says:

    Boy I hope the catch this LITTLE PUNK!! Imagine the nerve to do this with a crowd around!!

    Cayman needs the DEATH PENALTY back!

    And have those prisoners be dressed in pink lace jumpers with rhinestone deatails and load them into buses, shackle their behinds in a chain gang and put them on the sreet to do clean up work while listening to classical music!!!

    Then for food – let ’em grow and raise it themselves!!

    And as far as their "entertainment"  is concerned – let em do like the Arizona prison and make em ride a stationary bike to generate enough current to power the TV and radios!!!

    These are just some of the ways to help save gov’t some $$$$ and scare LITTLE PUNKS straight!



  2. Anonymous says:

    Sure they can all party together, hang out together, drink & smoke together but as soon as something happens to one all the so called wanna be – gangster gals & guys turn dumb! I hope the youngsters coming up are taking note of this. Everyone is your friend once things are going good but as soon as something happens they dont care about you – in that world it’s every man for himself. Remember that!

    • Anonymous says:

       ship dem to southeast los angeles for a taste of real life. gangstas yuh!! Ha!


      my cholo neighbors will eat them alive…but, i guess you have to start somewhere…maybe little rock arkansas…good luck with that on too!