Car chase ends in drugs and firearms bust

| 04/10/2010

(CNS): Police found ganja and ammunition in the early hours of Sunday morning after searching a car and its occupants at the end of a high speed car chase from Rock Holeto McField Lane, the RCIPS said Monday. About 12.45am on Sunday, 3 October, the driver of a Honda Civic car refused to stop at a static police road check in Rock Hole, George Town. The car made off from police at high speed towards McField Lane. Police officers, in a markedpolice vehicle, began following the Civic. The officers used blue lights and sirens to signal the driver of the car to stop. The driver continued into Mary Street and then School Road, still travelling at excessive speed and overtaking other vehicles in an apparent attempt to evade the police.

As the vehicle approached the junction of School Road and McField Lane, the backlog of vehicular and pedestrian traffic caused the car to stop. Officers immediately approached the Civic and, as a result of subsequent searches of the individuals and the car, a quantity of ganja and a number of rounds of ammunition were recovered.

All three male occupants of the car, aged 21, 23 and 31 years, have been arrested on suspicion of possession and consumption of Ganja and firearms offences. They remain in police custody while enquiries are ongoing.

George Town District Commander, Chief Inspector Richard Barrow, said: “The static road check was part of our high visibility approach in the George Town area. These types of checks have two specific objectives; one is to provide a reassuring presence for the public and businesses, and the other is to detect offenders. I think it’s fair to say that this road check more than achieved those objectives. The officers carried out their duties in full compliance with the RCIPS pursuit policies. The safety of the public was, as always, of paramount importance. I commend the officers for the way they dealt with this incident.

“Our high visibility approach and random static road checks will continue throughout the George Town area. My warning to those who carry drugs, firearms or other weapons in their cars is that they, just like these three young men, will be caught.”

Anyone who has any information about the crime, or who witnessed the car travelling at speed in the Rock Hole / School Road area, is asked to contact George Town police station on 949-4222.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "high speed car chase from Rock Hole to McField Lane"

    That’s about what? 500ft? The speed must have been incredible and terrifying experience for all those involved!

  2. xtra intell says:

    I decided to do some light detective work from home. I went on facebook, and via friends of friends of friends, was able to skip over to some of the profiles of young Caymanians. Want a scary eye opener? Go view your kids, nephews, neighbors profile on Facebook or even complete strangers. These young Caymanians are flaunting it all- feelin they are above the law. 

    Seriously, one is smokin a spliff, drinking beer, and spewing hate on his wall. Another has photos of a wad of $100 bills rolled tight- a nice big wad of bills. Considering he is friends with the dude with the spliff and both worship Bob Marley and speak in code on their Facebook pages, it seems pretty obvious what trade they are in… especially when they claim to be not working yet driving a Benz…hmmmm and remember these are boyz not men!

    and this is no one or two examples, give yourself a coupleof hours and browse the profiles of Caymans youth, and if I was the police, it be pretty easy as to where I would start the searching- these idjits are all to proud to show off their gansta ways, even mocking the RCIP on some photos and comments.

    No detectives needed here, just a few hours of scouring social media will turn up more leads than you can imagine.

    And the parents of these kids….where are you??

     get your head out of the sand and start watching what your kids are doing… unless of course you condone their criminal ways.

    go get ’em rcips. 


  3. Anonymous says:

    EXCELLENT. PLEASE PLEASE we beg you to start this type of operation on Cayman Brac. Every day there is evidence of drug activity but the Police seem to be relaxing at the station or at home. When on the road they are too occupied attending to their own private business in the police car and just enjoying the drive in the air conditioned car while our youth are increasing their drug use/trade. Not just young men but young women too.



    • Anonymous says:

      What about the under age drinking in Cayman Brac? That was mentioned by Ms Julie before. Or the resturant that is really a bar but caters to young people?

  4. Anonymous says:

    WELL DONE RCIP and to the dumba$$es that tried to get away in the car what were you thinking???  Better to get caught with the crap in your car then try to get away and kill someone in the process and then get another additional charge of killing someone added on to it.  Comeon now really?where did you think you could go?

  5. Anon says:

    Another good result RCIPS.  Keep up the good work – don’t think we’re not noticing, and appreciating the improvements.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes indeed. Don’t conclude that an absence of public expression doesn’t mean we aren’t appreciating your good efforts. Every time I learn of an arrest or conviction I gain hope for our community. Please keep up your efforts.