Crown witness AWOL at trial

| 04/10/2010

(CNS): A trial for attempted murder due to start in the Grand Court on Monday morning was adjourned after the crown revealed its key witness and complainant in the case could not be located. The charges of attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm against Justin Ramoon were also dropped and replaced with a single count of possession of an imitation firearm. The case relates to a brawl between the defendant and the complainant, allegedly involving a gun, which took place earlier this year. Ramoon has been in custody since February in relation to the original charges, which his attorney told the court the crown was never in a position to prove.

The court heard that Sven Connor, the complainant in the matter, was wanted by the police in other matters, which likely explained his absence.

Ben Tonner, who was representing Ramoon, asked for the case to proceed as his client had been in custody since February and had been anticipating the trial in order to clear his name. Tonner noted that the crown had indicated it was ready for trial at a preliminary enquiry back in August, which was now “plainly not the case”, he told the court.

The defence attorney said he had no objections to the prosecution’s request to change the charges on the indictment as it was not prejudicial to his client. However, what had been prejudicial was the fact that his client had been charged with a crime for the which the crown never had any evidence.

“My client has been in custody since February on a charge that the crown was never in a position to prove and it should not be charging people on evidence it hopes to get but on the evidence it has,’ Tonner said. He asked the court to proceed with the judge alone trial on Monday, as he said the crown’s situation was not likely to have improved by Wednesday.

The chief justice allowed the application by the prosecution for the adjournment but warned the crown that it had only until Wednesday to make its case as the defendant was in custody.

Brian Borden, who was also due to face trial on Monday in a case of wounding, was discharged after the crown offered no evidence in the case against him. The crown said the complainant no longer wished to proceed with the matter, which had occurred some three years ago.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And they are our police force. All that we have that stands between us and total chaos


    And here is the problem again.  The people in this community have nochoice but to accept this farce of a Law Enforement Agency.  You are correct in saying that they are what stands in our community – but I hate to point out that we are almost in total chaos now. I know it could be worse like Iraq but we are in the free world! They do not stand in between us and they have only intervened in what 3% of major crimes in commission. That is a total joke.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To 16:56 we sit advised. And they are our police force. All that we have that stands between us and total chaos. With all our negative feedback when they mess up,isn’t it fair we give them credit when they do something positive.Maybe just maybe someone in authority will hear and keep the pressure on for more of this type of action.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent point that Just Saddened just made. The Police and the rest of the gang are always seeking praise from the public and high-fives for arresting people for crimes, but here is the problem. Charges are never brought in a lot of cases, when they are they do not stick. When people are arrested a big media publication is statement is given by the Police, but when they never follow-up and tell anyone how they could not charge the people – point the CNB robbery in Sav. Baines touted as he was interested in CCTV at the time, how the cameras in the area proved how the eye witnesses were wrong and they arrested someone – however to my knowledge no one has been charged for that crime. How is this? Mr. Baines is a master illusionist trying to appear in alot of cases to do something, when in fact is it just smoke and mirrors.

    Another point is value for money. Take a look at the recent arrests. I would venture to say with the amount of men, a helicopter flying to arrest what 3 people, cost the CI Government over $30,000.00. That is crazy. You cannot justify that. I know they will try with more talk of this and that, but look at the facts. It makes no sense.We are chasing our tails here. The citizenship needs to demand answers and better producing Policing. The Three Stoogges act is costing way to much in money and reputation to the country.

  4. Just Saddened says:

    I would advise all you who are praising the police and legal system regarding the recent murder arrests to read this article! Arrests do not mean the suspects will be prosecuted successfully.

    Very sad, indeed.

    • Anonymous says:

      And  how can we blame the police for this. If witnesses  and victims decide not to go through, how is it the police fault. Everyone so quick to blame the police but they can only do so much without the victims/ witnesses as in  these cases their hands are tied.

      • Anonymous says:

        You can blame the police for not providing peace of mind that you won’t get retaliated against if you testify against someone!

    • Pending says:

      Hit the nail on the head there.

      Alot of the time, it is obvious to all (police, legal, public) that X committed the crime, but due to very poor work by the poilce / legal department the person walks away.

      Too many people seem to count the chickens before the eggs have hatched.

    • Anonymous says:

      I also believe everyone should pay key attention to what his lawyer said.


      " My client has been in custody since February on a charge that the crown was never in a position to prove and it should not be charging people on evidence it hopes to get but on the evidence it has,’ Tonner said."


      That should say plenty about this particular case, as this is the same scenario with other persons who are arrested for various charges.