British satirical magazine pokes fun at Levers case

| 05/10/2010

(CNS): Private Eye, the UK’s leading satirical current affairs magazine, which takes an irreverent look at government, politics, celebrity and everything in between, has also taken a swipe at the Privy Council and the removal of former Cayman Islands Grand Court judge, Priya Levers. In the latest edition (1 October) of the magazine that makes sure the British establishment never takes itself too seriously, an article in its ‘Legal News’ section observed the law lords’ decision. The magazine said they had "to rule on the possibly sensitive question of whether it amounted to misconduct for a Cayman Islands’ judge to have criticised her fellow judges for their apparent difficulty in arranging to hear cases after lunch.”

Suggesting that visitors to the Royal Courts of Justice in London on a Friday could conclude that the “affliction may not be confined to the Caribbean”, Private Eye said the original tribunal had branded the judge’s (Levers’) observations as “wholly in appropriate” but the Privy Council, which never sits on a Friday afternoon or even on a Friday morning, had downgraded the criticism to simply being “inappropriate”.
Private Eye is edited by Ian Hislop and offers a blend of humour, social and political observations and investigative journalism. Published fortnightly, the magazine is read by over 700,000 readers and is the UK’s biggest selling current affairs magazine. Since its first publication in 1961, it has been a prominent critic of public figures deemed incompetent, inefficient or corrupt.
The magazine has been criticised for its style and its willingness to print defamatory and controversial stories. This was reflected in its once prominent libel lawsuits, for which it became notorious. The magazine maintains a large quantity of money as a "fighting fund" and Hislop has become the most sued man in Britain.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    imagine if they heard about the civil service reviewing itself…..

    imagine if they ever listened to a debate in the legislative assembly….

    imagine if they ever listened to crosstalk……


  2. Warwick Hunt says:

    Just imagine what would happen if their "Rotten Boroughs" section, which mainly looks at official corruption in local government, ever turned its gaze on Cayman’s goverment and politrickal goings on. They’d have a field day!  

  3. My2cents says:

    You forgot to mention that Ian Hislop is also a very funny guy.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Lots more laughs where that came from!