UK prisoners to be forced to work for their keep

| 05/10/2010

(The Independent): Prisoners will no longer live a life of "enforced, bored idleness" and instead be forced to work to pay compensation to their victims, Ken Clarke said today. The Justice Secretary said he wanted prisons to become "tough places of hard work and reform" and ensure more private firms are brought in to rehabilitate offenders on a payment by results system. Too many prisoners existed in a system where getting out of bed was "voluntary" and instead they should work nine to five jobs to gain a trade or skill, he told activists at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. Mr Clarke wants private firms to create the jobs for criminals and is even looking at the possibility of creating purpose-built workplace prisons.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I trust the the Cayman Island and all our polititians will do as the UK has done. After all, why should good law abiding citizens have to pay to keep gangsters, murders, thieves etc, alive while we can hardly get food for ourselves.  Polititians I urge you to do the same as the UK is doing.  The will save the government a lot of money and help  put the ecomony back in place.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Finally someone with a brain!!!

    Why are we not doing this here??

    It should be: you work or you starve! Real simple.  What is the point of giving criminals idle time?

    I guess if we tried to do this here someone would burn the prison down again in protest!  I say make them rebuilit it or they eat and sleep in the rain and hot sun!

    It is supposed to be prison not full time vacation!!!


  3. JUNKY says:

    I Agree 100%

    Cayman prison system should set up with this same system.

    Some of them love the free boarding, feeding etc.

    it’s us that have to work our butts off to keep them in prison it’s time this XXXX stops.

  4. Bobby Anonymous says:

    Great timing. What a perfect solution to sorting out recycleable products as they arrive at the dump.

    The only problem being that they will kick and scream for an hourly wage, and more than likely get it!

    Fit them with day glow coveralls, tracking systems and make em work !!!!!!!!!

    I love it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    There’s a new concept, prisoners having to work and prisons becoming ‘tough places of hard work and reform’! Perhaps the UK Government has wised-up and realized that human rights ‘protections’ can be taken too far by prisons. Perhaps this might allow us to implement such a penal system and make prison time at Northward something to fear.

    Until such is the case our violent crime statistics will keep climbing.   

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great Idea! Cayman needs to do this with our prisoners. Most of them don’t know anything about hard work. I say we should put them to work pulling the bush along the side of the roads, or other useful community work. After all the law abiding citizens of Cayman are the one’s paying for them while they are in Northward, so we might as well get something good back from them. Why should they be able to commit crimes against us and then sit back and relax while we have to go to work everyday to support our families and them also. And just so they don’t get any ideas of escaping, lets chain them all up together in a row like the old time chain gangs.

    • Anonymous says:

       I agree! Caymanians should not have to support people that have broke the law while they sit down and have 3 full meals a day. they should have to work for their food. to hell with human rights, they lost them when they committed a crime!

    • Anonymous says:

      The UK now is doing it, BUT THE US has been doing it all along.  How come we haven’t done it…oops I know why because if we do, who will watch them?  An accident waiting to happen.

      Armed officers are guarding the prisoners when they are working in the US.  Don’t want to bring this up, but remember Sabrina, that was a work camp and look what happened.  God help us if we put them out on the street

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is the type of programme Cayman desperately needs. It used to be said that prisoners could did not have to work in Cayman because they did not have to work in the UK. Hopefully the politicians will see to it that it happens here as well. I will even offer a slogan, " No work – no early release".

  8. Anon says:

    We need something along the exact same lines for Northward

  9. Anonymous says:

    This practice should be mandatory everywhere. And I really don’t care whethere they gain a trade or skill. As long as they are working and not allowed to lay around all day like they’re on vacation. And forget the "nine to five", should be dawn to dusk. I surely put in more hours than "nine to five".

  10. Pending says:

    I wonder if Governemnt would be willing to implement this strategy at Northward, but also make them work for their meals, comfortable beds and any other bills that we as the public  have to foot inorder for each prisoner to be kept at Hotel Norte.

    $60,000 per prisoner is a lot of money, much more than the majority on this island with legitimate jobs make.


  11. peter milburn says:

    Here Here.Thats exactly what Cayman needs as well.Let them earn their keep and also help to pay victims costs which many cannot afford to pay.Our prison system is far to "easy"and should be toughned up.Our laws need to be overhauled so that these wrong doers will think twice before they commit a crime.The punishment MUST(should)fit the crime.9f!?m

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sounds good to me!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    This sounds great – now all we need is for this to be implemented for HOTEL NORTHWARD.