Governor calls on managers to release info up front

| 08/10/2010

(CNS): The country’s governor, Duncan Taylor, has said that information should be available to the public unless there is a compelling reason why not. At the end of Right to Know Week, the UK’s representative told information managers to take the initiative and provide information up front on websites before being asked. The message comes in the wake of a report by the information commissioner, called “Operation Fred”, which revealed that there were still significant problems in government departments when it came to releasing information. Following a full week of campaigning about their right to know, Jennifer Dilbert said that just about everyone in Cayman now understood something about FOI.

Speaking at a reception held at Government House, Taylor said he was a great believer in the people’s right to know and that freedom of information success rested on the provision of ‘up-front’ data on websites and other outlets.
“I know it’s not always easy for custodians to be forthcoming and the work can be both challenging and time-consuming. However, in the main, information should be made available unless there are compelling reasons why it shouldn’t,” the governor told the information managers gathered for the reception.
The final event finished off a week in which the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) conducted activities designed to encourage the public to use and understand the FOI Law. These events coincided with similar international activities. The commissioner’s main message was to get people to use the law and to follow up on requests that were denied and to ensure that their requests were handled in the time frames stipulated under the FOI Law.
Despite the controversy that FOI has stirred up with the country’s premier, who has criticized the ability of people to request information anonymously as well as the cost of providing information, Dilbert said that the law is working, and that despite what is being said, when people make their requests the information they seek is coming out.
“Just about everyone in Cayman now knows something about FOI,” said Dilbert. “It is indeed a success and we are seeing the benefits on a daily basis.”
She also revealed that the ICO will continue with a series of monthly meetings to ensure compliance with the law.
For more information on how to make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, contact the ICO on 747-5405 or at
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Governor Taylor understands what FOI is all about; he went straight to the point – a component of good accountable governance. 

    Politicians and senior Civil Servants need to get with the program do not fear the people knowing what they do, unless of course they are doing things that they should not be doing. 
    The days of the almighty powers of “Parliament Sovereignty” are over, the days of all powerful politicians are over, the days of Civil Servants being able to say that “it is for only us to know” are over. 
    In the end it will be actually better for all of “them and us” because as governance is understood and governance information becomes available there can be informed debate by the governed on subjects which affect their daily lives. We all benefit when we understand the many issues facing our leaders and can sympathize with them when difficult decisions have to be made for the overall good of our Islands.
    Thank you Governor Taylor, for defending against the foes of FOI as they attempt to destroy this new participatory democratic good governance tool.
  2. sammy says:

    And people… come on… let’s be nice to the Governor!  Of all people… he is the most transparent angelic being next to God the father


  3. anonymous says:

    Give mac a break

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Mac doesn’t need anyone to give him a break, he takes them whenever he feels like. By my calculations its once every two to three weeks.

  4. Anonymous says:


    CNS: "Governor calls on managers to release info up front"

    And what about the Governor (FCO) releasing info up front to the people of the Cayman Islands?

    You point one finger… three other fingers pointing back at you!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not sure what you’re getting at as the only officials here on-island who seem to hate FOI are Mac and the other LA cronies.  Had your comment been directed at them then perhaps it might have seemed more appropriate.  What information in particular are you expecting the Gov to be up front about exactly?

      • Anonymous says:

        Please read properly.. The commentor said FCO not FOI.. the FCO does not want to release any information about certain finanial issues with government. There are alot of pending issues that are not being answered by Government, yet the govener cn jump the gun to get "answers".


        Sometimes you people are quick to jump and dont look where you are jumping to.

        • Anonymous says:

           The Premier has the financial information doesn’t he?  Ask him?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Knowledge is power.

    People power is waxing.

    McKeeva power is waning.

    This is a good thing, it is good for the country.

    Keep up the good work Ms. Jennifer Dilbert.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good man!