West Bay gas station robbed

| 08/10/2010

(CNS): Update 10:38am – The RCIPS have now released a description of the armed man who robbed the 4 Winds Esso Gas station, close to the four-way stop in West Bay, on Thursday evening, 7 October at around 8:50pm. Sources told CNS that one man armed with a gun threatened a member of staff at the gas pump by placing the firearm to his head in a terrifying ordeal. The robber forced the attendant inside the station store and made him open the cash draw. Taking the money, the gunman then made his escape behind the gas station on foot. The robbery comes exactly one week after the Alfresco Restaurant, which is yards from the gas station, was robbed by two masked men, who remain at large. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)  

Police confirmed that no shots were fired and no-one was injured.

The male suspect is described as being around 5’10” in height, with a clear complexion. He was wearing a grey coloured long sleeved t-shirt, short blue jean pants, tennis shoes, a bandana and a black baseball cap.

Anyone who has any information about this crime, or who was in the area of the four-way-stop last night at the relevant time and saw anything suspicious, is asked to call West Bay police station on 949-3999 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477(TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I never see any police doing foot patrols ever, only driving round in cars with AC on (windows up). Why is this?

    These low-lifes seem to have no fear of being apprehended.

    Why is this?

    Clearly we have, at present, a police force entirely incapable of policing Grand Cayman. The Governor is responsible for the police, so why is he silent?

    Nobody wants to admit things are terrible, and things continue to spiral out of control.

    Cayman is a crime-ridden society with nobody who could do something about it saying anything meaningful.

    It’s almost to the point where groups of citizens need to start organizing foot patrols because the police surely aren’t going to.

    Commissioner, if you read this, start putting some boots on the ground asap for goodness sake! And if you haven’t enough personnel ask for help from able bodied citizens.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Education and agood ass whooping would help. STOP. I mean STOP blaming the police. Hey all you parents out there. Where were you when your child robbed the pizza hut?? Gas station, bank,your neighbors house??????  The problem will stop when the parents of these children take RESPONSOBILATY. for the actions of their children.


    • Dick Shaughneary says:

      "RESPONSOBILATY" – typing in upper case is ghastly enough, but honestly did you not look at the word you had just typed and feel sickened for the harm you were doing to decent spelling?

      And by the way, one question mark does the job.  Using four does not make it a bigger question.

      Awful.  Just awful.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then the problem will never stop.  The children are not responsible.  The parents are not responsible.  What a cesspool of humanity.

    • Anonymous says:

       Legalize the herb (ganja, marijuana, hashish, cannabis etc).  Have the government assure its purity. Tax it.  

      Have zero tolerance for violent crime and hard drugs.  

      Banish violent offenders and hard drug runners to private Cuban jails.  Zero tolerance for robbery, murder and sexual assault.

      Start methadone type programs for narcotic abusers.

      Good Luck Cayman.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Answer the question.  How many banks and businesses on the island have cameras installed?  It really amazes me how simple minded some people are. Just travel and you get a better understanding of how the wheel turns.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, they DO have the footage.  It appears they want to give the criminals enough time to disappear.  This is the first time I know they have acknowledged they have footage of a crime, but they still aren’t releasing it.  It seems evident now that they really do not want the publics help.  Below is the link where they acknowledge they have the footage but don’t want to release it.


      CNS, do you know or can you please ask, during regular business hours, why they don’t release the footage as most places in the world do within hours of a crime being committed?  I would ask, but it isn’t really and FOI request from my viewpoint, so possibly you might ask if they ever hold another news conference or you have contacts within RCIPS that might be able to answer that. 

      CNS: They read these comments, so keep asking. Also, next time the RCIPS holds public meetings, ask the commissioner directly.



  4. Anonymous says:

    on Fri, 10/08/2010 – 17:02.



    What good will that do? There are freedoms that we all enjoy and I do not for one like the idea of people watching me all day, and I am not doing anything wrong. Plus this will never happen as there are people that do not want themselves filmed, not that they are doing crime, but somethings are better off left not seen like bunky-bopping! Do you think that people want this stuff you be common knowledge? Putting that aside this will not stop nor curb the crime wave, just waste more of the peoples money.

  5. Yard byrd says:

     Quite a few hair brain ideas on here,When all we simply need to do is hold the people responsible for Law enforcement accountable… But we never do and those people will continually get paid mega $$$ for doing absolutely nothing about this situation. And for those of you who think It’s Mr. Baines’s fault kid yourselves, this was here long before he arrive round ya and it s every body problem now. The installation of lazy an incompetent and obviously corrupt officials from here and overseas merely complicated and compounded this problem. No amount of equipment boats, helicopters, or "cameras" will solved this problem, if you have a problem with the operators of such equipment you are simply throwing your money away. A solution to this problem is stop supporting their little mechanisms which enable them to avoid and dodge responsibility and give account for spending our money and their actions. Now that is a serious task. For those looking topoliticians for help good luck that’s not a solution. They should be the people we jail first.

  6. Anonymous says:

    2128 And once again I will say as I have before- the criminals committing these crimes has NOTHING to do with un-employment. These are ruthless, gutless and coward persons. 

    This is so wrong it is not funny. If anyone thinks that people that are not working, sitting around doing nothing does not breed crime and desperation they are ill-informed. I aggree in part with your article but when you say things like this, it dis-credits every valid point you make. There is no way that un-employment does not go in hand with crime. Granted there are those that it does not go with, BUT in general that is not the case in a broad picture.

    There are far too many Caymanians that cannot read, write or do math to the Middle School level. Couple this with the gang-culture that they are attracted to, and to a slow economy, you have the makings of a society that is a place where most people that are not swinging through trees do not want to live.  You cannot escape the fact that the problem is with the people of Cayman ignoring the fact that their children are useless to the community and it is not the Police or the CI Governments FAULT as a whole on why this is so. But when you are in that perspective, you do not want to look. No one wants the Government telling you how to raise your kids, or too much intervention, no one likes it when the Police do in fact do their job. "Police did this to my boy……….." This island over years has bred lawlessness, it has just been high time that it has graduated to the level that it has. You cannot correct this with more Police, or over-night. It is just not that simple to arrest a few people and be done with it. This is being proven daily. You cannot also pack every J-word up and send them home. More blame and not enough fact. The fact is they are not the ones committing the host of crimes that we are seeing. Look closer to home and you will find the answers you seek!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to all of those who gave their support and sympathy to Four Winds Esso and its staff. And yes we will be there to serve you with a smile and not be deterred by the robbers. Thank you. Look forward to serving you. Safe motoring.

    • Anonymous says:

      Right next to this gas station is a common spot for police to hide to give traffic tickets.


      How much robberies that must take place to see that there is no time for police to sit in offices and behind desk.   Police need to be parked in the parking lots of businesses and patrolling (i mean actually observing, listening & hearing) not driving through areas for the sake of it.!!!


      And families come on turn your LAZY, ANGRY FAMILY MEMBERS  into the law and stop living on money from ROBBERIES -the receiver is just as bad as the thief.


      Mothers-Proverbs tells us not to be a party to your sons death and when we enable them this is what we are doing-If ya not working or going to school YOU DOING SOMETHING ELSE TO SUPPORT YOUR –  DRESS UP, DRIVE AROUND & CHECK GALS.    Wake up MOMs & (Dads)!  STOP THE CYCLE TODAY!!

  8. Bubba Jay says:

    To say that West Bay is a drug haven is certainly taking it overboard. YES West Bay has a drug problem- but EVERY other district also has a drug problem. Think of Banana Walk in GT, think of "The East" in GT and move right up to BT, NS and EE. Have crimes not been committed in these districts as well?? To the poster that said Wesy Bay is a drug haven- you really have issues. Ponders some to ask where do you live? West Bay is a good place- not all of West Bay or West Bayers are bad people. This would be like saying that all of Miami is a bad place because crimes are committed in Hialeah, Little Haiti or Overtown. Its person like you that make these irresponsible remarks on here that makes a reasonable man question humanity and the need for good common sense.

    Like I have said on this forum before, these crimes are being committed by persons who find satisfaction in feeding off of an innocents persons honest living including his fear, fright and intimidation.

    Until the Government gets SERIOUS with this issue- it will continue to fester. We as a country needs to realise that this is OUR problem and WE must deal with it in a humane and lawful manner. With this said, I am imploring on the Governement to do the right thing and without fear, favor or intimidation, move expediently to amend the Firearms Law, Police Law and whatever other Law has to be amended to make sure that persons like the one who robbed Greg’s gas station last night is put away for LIFE and WITHOUT the chance for parole.

    And once again I will say as I have before- the criminals committing these crimes has NOTHING to do with un-employment. These are ruthless, gutless and coward persons.

    Finally, to the Honourable Premier, his Cabinet and ALL members of the LA including the PPM and Independent- convene the LA as expeditiously as possible to amend any and all Laws without delay. This little paradise we call Cayman has seen enough and it is time for swift and uninhibited action!


    • Anonymous says:

      Foreign Police & Social Workers may want JOBS(the higher the crime rate the more of these people are needed) we want our Island, children & families.   Caymanians equip yourself(start by gaining more knowledge in these areas) via online schooling(can try pennfoster.com) library time, night classes etc., speak out & take control(be assertive not aggressive), know your rights (there is a law, rule or guideline for everything) just ask(start at the glass house) until you find out where it is at-We already figured out that we have to be overqualifed to get a job so just do it.


      My people perish for  the lack of knowledge(not education)-YES THIS IS IN THE BIBLE, ask your pastor where to find it.


      God bless us all

      • Anonymous says:

         So you are saying that Police officers want crime?  If you are that makes no sense.

         The cops don’t have guns but the criminals do.  Who wants to get shot at?

      • Alan Nivia says:

        A good example of a substantial group of CNS postings.  The recipe is simple: gibberish, mixed in with a substantial chip on the shoulder and an excessive reliance on religion.

  9. Anonymous says:
    Here is the problem. The Police are not fully up to task, they have short-comings as does most of the Island, BUT they are operating at a level that is functioning, and although not functioning to full capacity  and I do not mean employment numbers, they are here and serve the purpose they are suppose to fill. They are not the CAUSE of the problem. They do make arrests and as someone pointed out already there is someone there to take their place. Blame them all you want, but a lot of people need to look into the mirror first!  When you look at the cause it does not sit with Baines or his cronies. It sits with the primates that have children and do not want to be bothered with rearing them. It is not Governments fault that a great amount of the kids cannot read or write and may as well have "Born to Lose" tattooed on their chest, kind of like a what you do to a cow. While the education system is not the best, it is providingwhat is suppose to. You cannot expect teachers to produce excellent pupils when you look at what they are working with  – both child and parents!  Take a look at the private schools. The type of kids that are entering those schools are just as bad behaviorally as the public schools. While I know there are some outstanding children and parents, as a whole the community is in sad shape.
    The children are deemed to fail as there is no sense of duty to raise your child to be a good productive member of the community. Instead they are allowed to grow into an animal that preys upon hard-working people and then everyone is wondering why this is happening. The blame game starts. I keep reading people need to give these young folks a chance at work etc – here is an idea, how about not raising a person that is an unemployable crack head that cannot read. We live in a place where there is a generation that has cultivated into wild apes that are almost back to swinging through the trees and eating a bannana. They are not working, violent and will steal from you in a blink of an eye. It is sad to see human life wasted like this.
    The only thing people can do to protect themselves from these jungle creatures is to use whatever means is legally available to them. The police cannot be everywhere, and will not protect you. You have to except responsibility just as people who have kids need to. This over time will help curb the crime to an acceaptable level.
  10. Anonymous says:

    The public is defenceless.  Most of the cops on the street are defenceless.  Allow the public the opportunity to defend themselves and their property.  Only when these morally depraved individuals meet their match and maker, will this crap stop.  Grant good citizens firearms and let them take care of business.

    • Anonymous says:

      I tell my children, do not park any car on my drive way, do not offer to pay any bills in this house and do not PUT ANY FOOD IN MY FRIDGE  unless you have a KNOWN  JOB WITH A REGULAR PAY CHECK COMING IN even when the lights and water are off, the bank is taking the house and the fridge is empty because  if you do not have a job YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO HAVE MONEY AND YOU SUPPOSE TO BE OUT LOOKING FOR ONE.


      STOP CONTRIBUTING TO THE CRIME RATE AND THE DEATH OF OUR CHILDREN & OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS, BY receiving what they are taking(by robbing or pushing drugs) from others before the almighty God destroy this Island that he hath founded upon the seas.


      Open your greedy  & blinded eyes-Moms, dads, grandparent, older siblings, uncle, aunts…


      God is not a god of fear-stand up for what is right. Find someone to be a part of the solution, join with other groups or people and DO SOMETHING (besides gossip & complain) & fight down each other creating all sorts of disharmony in our community & homes-Yes i am frustrated!!



  11. Anonymous says:

    Show the video (if there is any). Even if they are wearing masks, people who know them can recognise them by the way they walk, shape, body language, etc. etc.  Why are the Police not releasing video footage.  Patrol the area.   I mean Alfresco, Subway, the gas station, they are all in the same area.  Have armed police patrolling the streets.  This is not a joke.  Some officers need to be armed at all times so there is no delay while they have to sign out a gun, when a crime is reported.  Round up all the drug dealers.  You know who they are.  i’m pretty sure you know who all the suppliers are too.  Unarmed police are powerless against gun touting criminals.  I’m not suggesting that all police be armed but come on.  Armed Police patrolling the streets command a lot more respect that those carrying a baton.  Its time to get tough with these thugs.

  12. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      How long will it take to see that these cameras are an absolute necessity and get them????


      Do not tell us the government is broke because one of the contributing factors is the increase in the crime rate.


      How many TOURIST  were there in the Alfresco and we are spending hundreds of thousands on world travel to market the Cayman Islands-WAKE UP PLSSSSS!!!!

  13. blame game says:

    The UK is responsible for this situation, they control and manage this situation. They cant blame our useless politicans for this one. Some good people have gone from our law enforcement venues and all we are left with are cronies and corrupt stooges. What a shame we have now been reduce to praising or police department for doing what they are paid and suppose to do!!

    • Anonymous says:

      the UK is responsible for you not brushing your teeth this morning 

  14. Eat the rich says:

    This terrible crime situation in Cayman was allowed to get out of control by our leadership and the governing power, who now appear powerless to deal with it and we are simply doing what they want us to do loose hope and bicker amongst ourselves. Someone is no doubt deriving some economic advantage or political benefit from our situation. To the doubters take a good look around at all the lazy, ineffective, inept and corrupt individuals install in positions that have some influence or impact on this situation. No need to wonder why things are getting worse, any place else they would have been sacked or fired or prosecuted for such a dire situation. So why aren’t they Cayman ?????

    • Anonymous says:

      You have hit the nail right on the head.  Until lazy, corrupt, uncaring people in positions of power are replaced by intelligent, honest people of integrity who want to serve this country, we will get nowhere.  Some of these people couldn’t care less about anything that happens to someone else, as long as it doesn’t affect them or their loved ones.  The current government is more concerned with how much travel they can get it than anything else.  I would like to see exactly how much Govt. Ministers have spent on travel for themselves and their "colleagues" since they were elected.  I’m pretty sure its going to be a shocking amount, especially since we are supposedly so broke. They can travel all over the place while the kids at John Gray are still going to school in a construction site.  And to top it off, the other school will be finished first.  I only hope that none of the kids at John Gray get hurt because if they do, the blame will be squarely on the Education Minstry’s shoulders. 

      The many honest, law abiding citizens of this country – Caymanian and ex-pat are sick and tired of the laziness, corruption and indifference displayed by Govt. Ministers and Officers to the people.  We deserve a better return for the money we are paying you.  YOu are  servants of this country and unless you learn to be humble and do your jobs properly, we are soon going to stop sitting back and doing nothing and use our collective power to replace you.

      It seems to me that the crime is purposely not being dealt with.  What the agenda is, I can only guess.  I don’t want to see the UK take over, but I would prefer that to independence under the current dictator.


  15. Dilemma says:

    One thing is very clear to me, the criminals, thugs or hoodlums whatever you wish to call them, they have the momentum over the police. Their mentality  right now is that they can walking into just about any business establishment in this island and get away with robery. This is a crying shame on our police department and all of us as citizens but more so the police. Why are we not seeing check points, more foot patrols, more raids etc… something to send a message to these thugs? someone please explain…

  16. Anonymous says:

    That letter from the so-called tourist who happen to have picked out the Jamaican populaiton in the Cayman Islands to lambast should know better with her racists comments.  I am sure she is not a tourist (I might be wrong) but if she is, she obviously wrote down what she was being told to write.  The written english alone made me know she is not a tourist. 

    If you had a problem with the way you were treated while here on vacation, then you should have reported it to the management of the establishment you were at.  You see, as a visitor who spends a short time in the Island, I don’t think you have a right to make the decision that all the problems that are affecting this beautiful island is caused by the Jamaicans.  This is very wrong of you because talk like this can only incite more hate and anger.  As a Caymanian I really do not appreciate your singling out one nationality to blame for the problems that is affecting us, we are all one in the eyes of God.  We all need to come together and assist the police in cleaning up this rush of crime we are now experiencing. 

    Parents, know what your children are doing and who they are hanging with, remember what you cover up today will turn around and bite you…………May God have mercy on us all. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    It is getting to be the same as post Ivan, probably worse so maybe it’s time to get the Marines in again only this time to stay for a while. We’ll dress them up like ordinary people, almost tourist like however fully armed. These guys don’t care who is who around here and nail these SOB’s to the nearest three to be collected by the RCIPS to lock them up and throw away the key. If they are foreigners, out they go to where ever they came from without delay, no more chances, no Northward, simply out of here, it would be money well spent on the airfare. Just notify the receiving country’s authorities and see if they want to lock them up for the next 20 years.

    Just do it!!!!!!!!!

  18. Thankful Again says:

    It has been quite some time since I contributed but felt the tingling and had to let it out.

    What a crying shame.  A nightmare of a time we having in our country.  While the social issues are difinately front and centre – parenting, education and teh likes.  The area of focus for me has got to be our Police Service.

    I am not some loose cannon off on the police again with my comments but please allow me this lil bit of space ya.

    The new guard at the WB station has produced results so this is not about the WB area or the police in that district perse.  Crime is happening all over and  if I was to entertain the thought that we have a core group of people (3-4) who are coordinating and strategizing then I would say they have had their way from East End to West bay in choice of locations.

    But what are our police doing…let me drop it to ya: SHOWING UP AT THE SCENE WITH YELLOW TAPE!!  I have suggested over and over again that proactive policing take place – STAKE OUTS.  Why have the police not utilized this strategy?!  Coordinated responses to emergency calls of a robbery.  Shift sergents and Inspectors should immediately send police to routes – based on a quick analysis of suspected escape routes based on knowledge of the area of course, to try and close down chances of escapes.  My lil small man brain tells me: given the frequency of events the chances of an officer who speeds to a suspected escape route that they are bound to see a speeding vehicle that may have even fit the description. But even if not a description given, the speeding vehicle could be stopped for speeding and bam we may get some criminals red-handed! 

    I mean this gas station and Alfresco’s for example have the beach to the back of them, how many escape routes could be used – limited amounts.  Given taht the police is likely on the way, the diffrence in times for some of these crimes got to be no more than two minutes between the call and scene.  That is a long time in some instances, but remember the robber needs to run to their vehicle – if they are in one (Unna need to think about taht too of course…need tell unna everything), and the likes so they would have wasted up to a half of a minute doing this, decreasing their get-away time!

    I said it before: Can we try something else please Mr. Haines!!  This business of showing up at the scenes ONLY has yeilded…. well you do the math.  I am tired of hearung all the reasons why you will not embrace any other policy but: WE NEED THE PUBLIC TO COME FORWARD.  NO!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED UNNA TO START CATCHING SOME CRIMINALS REDHANDED!!!

    This will do some much for restoring faith and confidence in the force.  Send strong messages to the criminals that their chances of getting away have drastically decreased. The ripple of effects are endless….think about it.

    You mean to tell me banks, stores, gas stations etc all been robbed at will and within a forty seconds drive (at emergency speeds) from most police stations and these guys getting away!!!!  This is an indictement and an absolute shame on the service (even with unna recent accomplishments)!!  Thanks for putting a dent on the murder sprees…thank the Lord but we need to start to instill some fear into the would be opportunists robbers. 

    Oh and put out some feelers on the road (Proactive Policing again)…something in the pit of the stomach tells me that there is a core group working coordinating and executing the big robberies.  Some are opportunists; but, it is as clear as day that there are some that are coordinated.  Well unna start coordinating too man….cha this is an absolute mess.

    My prayers for all the victims of crimes.  It is traumatizing and it is affecting all of us!!!

    • Anonymous says:

       The best comment! 100% agree. And thanks for the laugh!  It is just as simply as that. We are talking about tiny tiny island with 2-3 getaway routes, HOW HARD it is to catch them while they are trying to escape??? How in the world they managed to get away from George Town in the middle of a day, on a spotted car??? For god’s sake, we have a helicopter now. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    I think all this crime is being done by drug users, hence this where we need to focus the resources. Crime is everybody business not just who is in power. West bay is a known drug haven why isn’t anything being done to rid the area of this problem.

    We cannot just sit back like sitting ducks waiting for something to happen

    • Pending says:

      Have to disagree with you there, its being done by people who can’t  get jobs;

      1) because they can’t be bothered

      2) they can’t get one (i.e. because of criminal records or the way they portray themselves)

      3) they like "fast or easy" money

      The drug users (addicts) beg, or do break ins to houses or businesses because they can pawn the stolen merchandise for drugs. Users themselves don’t carry guns. Its the dealers / wannabe gangsters that have them.


      • Anonymous says:

        Your eyes are so blinded, you obviously do not have any of this (right) in your own family.


        May you see the light.

  20. Anonymous says:

    A message from the "Rich Man" :

    I bought a really expensive house here and pay local companies for all the things needed to run it and maintain it. I have been for 10 years.I have an exempted company that can do business from the island, just not on the island. I do not compete in the local economy. I bring money to the island. I do not send it anywhere else. I hire people. I have never stolen from anyone. I have had things stolen from me.I can physically take my company anywhere in the world and leave my company incorporated here. Just not BE HERE. If your pals take you you up on the idea "to rob the rich man" and home invasions start becoming the Norm I WILL LEAVE and the Island Will further suffer as a whole for it. Including yourself. The guys bumping off the gas stations for $25.00 will make people like me want to leave. If they start robbing me I WILL leave. Your comment is stupid.

  21. More Details Please! says:

    A "clear" complexion and 5’10"? Okay…. but that’s not enough! What color was his "clear" complexion? Is he 5’10" and skinny? medium? heavy set?

    Is there an approximate age available???? They must know if he was young or old. Was his hair short or did it protrude from the baseball cap? Does he have a deep voice? A raspy voice? A squeaky voice? Was there any accent? Did he walk with long or short strides? A limp? Bow legged? Any scars? Tattoos? Earrings? Rings? Jewelry? Was he clean kept with cologne on? Was he in rough shape with ragged or dirty clothing? Thick eyebrows? Big nose? A mustache????? ANYTHING????????

    Honestly, I sometimes wonder if the RCIP’s really want us to BOLO (be on look out) for these guys. If so then please – MORE DETAILS!! geezzzzzzzz!!! 

  22. visitor to island says:

    WOW! I feel so sorry for the honest, hard working people of the Island.  This is such a shame!  I can not believe how much trouble has happened in the last couple of months.  People I know this is redundant but stand up for yourselves.  Show them you are not afraid.  If you should find that most of them are unemployed ex-pats(which is highly likely) send their azzes back to their home land.  Remember a lot of these people came from Islands that don’t care about crime and were drug riddled.  It is a way of life for them!  I am not saying all Expats are like this! When I was there for my beautiful vacation, I was on the East End.  I choose to be in the more quiet area of the Island.  I am so busy everyday at home that vacation should be peaceful and quiet.  I walked the beach every night, in the darkness and not once had an issue.  There were 3 Jamaicans that were fishing, it was about 9 pm, they said hello as I walked by and I actually was a little frightened because of their drinking and demeanor.  The next night when I went for a walk, those Jamaicans left all of the beer containers and bait containers right on the beach!!  I picked the trash up and put it in the receptacle.  I know they were Jamaican because of the slang they used.  Their color was also a bit different from the Native Caymanians I met.  Now the next day, there was a lovely grandmother fishing with her grandson, the Caymanian way!  it was great to see her and her grandson having a good time and passing on the traditions!!  I guarantee you that everything they had with them, they removed from the beach.  It is such a shame and I did see FIRST HAND that the expats were leaving a mess around.  When I went and visited a restaurant/bar for dinner, I was a little uncomfortable because the men at the bar were quite outspoken about what they thought of me, they proceeded to talk about things that they would like to do to me, while I was sitting within earshot….these too, my friends, were not Caymanian! At least they had just gotten off of work. I did however meet a wonderful Caymanian Man, that not once made any sexual advances or innuendos.  He taught me so much about the island and I cant wait to come back and learn more.  I just hope that this crime wave stops and that I don’t have to feel uncomfortable going places in Cayman.  I do not walk around nervous in the least bit and will talk to anyone, but let me tell you, gun or not, I will put up a fight if someone tries to intimidates me. Thugs will go after the weak, they don’t know how to deal with someone who is strong in personality or intelligent!

    On another note, the place that I stayed at was very nice but the service people were horrible.  they were nasty and did not move at a pace that a service person should work!  I honestly would sit and wait 10 minutes for a Caybrew!!  There was hardly any people at the bar.  They acted as like they were doing me a favor! They were talking about going back home, missing their families, etc…not paying any attention to the person paying their tips. Needless to say, I just went somewhere else. 

    I did witness first hand expats versus locals when it comes to service and politeness.  I was in Georgetown doing some shopping and wanted to get a patty from Tortuga Rum.  I was not sure where to go so I asked a woman who worked at the store I was in.  She got her friend to come to the store and walked with me to get patty’s.  It was amazing and I have never had such nice service.  We chatted along the way and she got my patties for me in a second.  It was so nice!  I truly would love to see the Caymanians be able to be the sweet, honest, confident people they wish to be.  This crime is going to make them go into a shell.

    I love all people! One thing I won’t tolerate is nasty people! We all need to unite WORLDWIDE and love one another and make this world a better place.  It is literally falling apart everywhere.  Cayman is way too small for this amount of crime to be happening.

    Suggestion, go onto facebook and look at some of the stuff these young people are writing!!!  I have seen quite a few of them and they literally write on their wall "Getting ready to go to the corner and sell me some drugs!"  Those people should be busted immediately.  Obviously they are standing on corners, selling drugs, and not getting in trouble.  If the police would get out there and bust them on the spot this crime wave will slow down.  Before you know it, you will have to ship all of the criminals somewhere else!

    Peace my friends! 

    • Anonymous says:

      What a load of tripe! Methinks you are making this long story up.

      • Anonymous says:

        " What a load of tripe! Methinks you are making this long story up."

        I agree.  After all, Caymanian men are just as bad with making sexual innuendos.

    • Anonymous says:

      11:47 Why are you trying to stir up epat/ Caymanian sentiments. We live with many nationalities in these Islands in harmony. I can read from your tone that you Don’t care too much about black people. Tell me what is your concept of native Caymanian? If they are black they are Jamaican ,right?. Wrong!! Black people live all over the Caribbean and there are many black Caymanians and I will advise you that they are not all nasty or sell drugs or impolite or ill mannered. We all agree that crime is at an all time high in the Islands, but to particularise it to expats generally or one particular nationality Is narrow minded or crooked thinking. I will also have you know that this writer and many locals don’t thank you or any one to bash expat for us. When we talk about crime any one, foreign or local, who commits crimes in the Islands ist to be equally condemed.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think I once said anything about color being an issue! Did I? I believe I stated I love all people regardless of what they may look like!  I live in the US and we like Cayman have a lot of different nationalitites.  I witnessed it first hand when I was at the bars, hotel, etc.  The people at the hotel openly admit they don’t live there and are only there for a couple years(there complexion was white).  Make money and then leave. I am not going to stir up anything.  It appears as though a lot is being stirred up anyway.  There are plenty of Jamaicans here in the US that are working and YES they sound the same as those three men on the beach, and have the same demeanor.I am not saying all of the expats are like that, just the ones I encountered and it was plenty. Most of the Caymanians I saw (women at the outdoor shops), men who worked on the boat I went on, etc. were completely different than the men on the beach. 

        The native caymanian people were fantastic.  Not once did they speak unkind.  The people of the Island clearly tell you if they are native or not and yes there was stress between them, as clearly stated by people. They were very nice and glad to have us on the Island eating at local establishments that were Caymanian owned!!

        When I go on vacation I love to learn of the customs/traditions of that Island.  That is what I did.  Had many conversations with many different people from many areas of the world.  The Caymanians hands down were the sweetest more respectable people.  Of course, I did not go to areas where I would feel uncomfortable!

        I am sorry if I offended anyone, it was not my intention.  My intention was to say that I saw that the expats were messing up the beaches, being nasty to visitors and not really caring about the beauty of the Island.  They were there to make money and go back home!


        • Anonymous says:

           So…your point was that ex-pats litter the beaches, are nasty to visitors, and don’t care about the island. Caymanians, on the other hand, are the sweetest and "more respectable" people. More respectable than whom, I wonder.

          You have explained how you identify Jamaicans. Now could you explain how you identify the other nationalities, especially Caymanians? Do Caymanians have a certain skin colour maybe? As an occasional visitor have you mastered identification of Caymanian dialects from the different districts? Wow, you’re certainly the little cultural anthropologist aren’t you? And no, you don’t love all people.

    • Anonymous says:

      geeeeeeezus you are NUTS! you’re funny, but you’re nuts.  What grade are you in. did your mommy help you with this, or did you just write down the pictures that you saw in you head?? 

    • Anonymous says:

      11:47 visitor to the Islands. What age are you living in? Its certainly not the 50s or the 60s or indeed the South Africa racist regime era. My advise to you Keep your racst opinion to yourself. We don’t need you to help us bash any expat whether they are from Jamaica, Britain or any place else.

    • Anonymous says:

      What the hell did those"Jamaicans??????" give you to smoke on the beach. What a load of sh….t. You cant even decide which race, nationality or whatever to criticise. What a nutcase

    • Anonymous says:

        LOL  Honestly, I have never read anything stranger.  I have been to GC over 20 times in the past 10 yrs. and this story sounds so made up I would have thought it to be from a 5 yr. old making up a fairy tale and not about a caribbean island, let alone GC.

      10 minutes for a Caybrew…big deal. What’s your rush…you are enjoying your holiday? Expats talking about missing home…big friggin deal…do you know how far away some of these people live? Guys talking about you in a bar. Honey, that is usually what happens when you are in a bar….in the states, in the caribbean…all over the world. One guy was a little more outspoken…than the "Caymanian"…well, of course he was, he was probably showing you the Caymanian tradition. LOL. I mean, come on….the guy was probably just more polite than the other…has nothing to do with the whole entire race of men.  Writings on facebook…happens in every country. You sound like  you need an education or you were very afraid of anyone that you could identify as NOT being "Caymanian" . A grandmother teaching her grandson to fish…have you been to the public beach on a weekend and seen all the locals…all the different cultures with their families…you would have seen many different traditions. You need to broaden your horizons and chill out.

      The real beauty of GC is the mix of cultures, IMO. The people are wonderful and you can see and feel a real warmth the minute you touch down. Jerk chicken to breadfruit to cassava(sp?) pie….the pace of the island, the breezes, the beautiful blues of the sea, the people keep me coming back time and time again.


  23. anonymous says:

    The sad thing about these robberies, is that they are only robbing the poor man.  Why don’t they start robbing the rich people who are already robbing the poor man.  Rob that fat cat in West Bay, then something will get done about the crime situation.  Robbing Gregory gas station on a rainy night and Alfresco on a rainy night in West Bay, sure proves the mentality of the robber/s, they are not smart.  They must had only gotten away with about a $25 or 2, that’s not sustainable for a week, so they will have to do it again.  I say if you are going to rob someone, rob the rich man’s vault.  Everybody probably knows where it is, so do it!  That way we will get attention paid to the situation.

    • Anonymous says:

      please sir, don’t be an ass. You may encourage someone to rob you, but please stop encouraging someone to rob anyone else! 

    • everybody else says:

      You are an idiot. 

      There’s really nothing else to say to someone like you.

    • Anonymous says:

      How about we rob you?  Mr. Rich man with internet access.

      Your computer will put food on someone’s table for a month or two.

  24. ANON says:

    What does a "clear complexion" mean? Is that a British euphemism for a color, or does it mean the suspect didn’t have acne? Does it mean caucasian? 

    • Rainbow Warrior says:

      We have no caucasians with many years of Caymanian heritage, although in years gone by a few would attempt to convey themselves as such to newly arrived immigrants.

      Clear complexion means you can rule out dark, dark, darkon one end of the colour scale. Also you can rule out red, white (from lack of sun), and yallah or high yallah on the other end.

      We used to have coffee, but since people stopped parching and grinding their own beans and using condensed milk for sweetening, there is no agreement on exactly what shade consitutes "coffee" these days. Also, that would lead to a conversation about diabetes and you would become sidetracked.

      He might be light brown or whitish, but that would have to be qualified by how much time he spent in the sun.

      Clear complexion is only a starting point. The next element that is missing from the report, and could only be deduced from a careful observation of the edges of his cap, would be whether his hair was curly, kinky, or straight.

      I realise this is a bit confusing for those newly arrived amongst us, but in years gone by someone in West Bay would have given this simple report to the police: "I can’t tell you what his name is, but I can tell you who he for"!

      • Anonymous says:

        Re Clear complexion – If you have to ask what it means, you are not Caymanian!

  25. Anonymous says:

    As an American that always loved coming to your country, I can’t understand why the people of the Cayman Islands do not vote Mr. Bush and his kind out of office and get about the task of taking your country back from the thugs. I tell people all over my country how one man managed to open the gates to rogues and thieves and worse and in effect destroying his country’s future. Mr. Bush has brought a terriable plague upon Cayman.

    Crime was almost non existant in Cayman prior to Mr. Bush granting status to all these troublemakers. For God’s sake, for the sake of the Cayman Islands get rid of this man and his kind. The good people of Cayman need to stand firmly togeather and demend better leaders or evil will continue to prevail. I bid you God’s speed.



    • Hmmm........ says:

      Your post sounds suspiciously like it was made by a local Caymanian pretending to be American. I may very well be wrong but truthfully – anyone can say they are anything or anybody on this forum.

      Yours Truly,

      Christopher Columbus

    • Anonymous says:

      Who are you??????????????????? 

    • Anonymous says:

      09:58 are you speaking on some one else’s behalf?

    • Anonymous says:

      NONSENSE!!! You are saying these crimes are committed by people who were granted status. Any proof to substantiate that argument???

    • Anonymous says:

      WOW how interesting that you know who is committing these crimes – all of those who got Cayman Status. We need you pronto in the police force as you could go out unarmed and just pick these criminals up. Bravo bright spark

  26. Anonymous says:

    The Premier is in Stockholm, or at least he should be there.

    It seems a reasonable assumption that he and his team of advisors would have made the short list to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics.

  27. Anonymous says:



  28. Anonymous says:

    Cayman Is not safe anymore: Crime is too high in this small Island. The comparison with some larger islands and countries is too high. The robberies will eventually hit almost every business if they are not stopped in their tracks. People will not be safe in their homes, in their cars, at private functions, at the banks at the parks, in their premises, wakling in the streets. It seems that robbery is becoming the choice occupation of a large section of the younger people in this country. It seems that these thugs defy law enforcement authory with impunity to come and get them. as soon as one is locked up there are dozens out there to fill in their space. Tourism  banking and others of our main business is being affected adversely. People the world over are reading the news and no one wants to go where crimes are rampant. What makes the matter more serious than a larger country is:in the larger country, there are relatively crime free areas and you don’t even hear of some crime unless you were glued to radios and tvs. In Cayman as news happen you hear(marl road) it and you are scared and starts thinking "who is next?" It is just around the corner from you. We now know that its not just 15 criminals in the Island commiting these crimes as was suggested last year. Government, Law enforcement agencies, Governor, Pm and all others please do something there is "CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER IN CAYMAN!!!!!"

    • Anonymous says:

      Talkabout scare mongering!

      Writing comments like this for, as you say, the whole world to read doesn’t help matters!

  29. anon says:

    As much as i’m not surprised by this news or even give a crap anymore I do hope that everyone at Esso WB is ok. This Gas station has the most wonderfully friendly and lovely employees. I hope the attendant is ok and gets the counseling and support he will no doubt need.

    Cayman is going to the shit – it will not be long before this spiralling crime wave is noticed by the outside world masses – direct rule is only a matter of time.

    • the outside world masses says:

      We are already well-aware that Cayman has reverted to a third-world state of lawlessness.  We’re not asleep out here you know.

      The Outside World Masses

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh please! USA and UK are in a much worse lawless situation.

        • anon says:

          that maybe overall, but think about per capita, the size of the island and howmany armed robberies have you had within a 5 minute radius of your home in the UK, US or elsewhere? – seriously. I live in WB near the shores and in one week we’ve had 3 armed robberies in this district! sorry, but that doesn’t happen in most places in the developed western world, and unless i’m wrong we don’t live in a ghetto/ slum or the third world – this is Cayman.

          go ahead and bury your head in the sand.


          • Anonymous says:

            Don’t understand.  Why are you sending emails across the globe to the BBC and CNN?  Are you stuck in a prison camp somewhere attempting to contact the outside world for help? 

            ‘sorry, but that doesn’t happen in most places in the developed western world….’ – doesn’t it?

            As for burying head in sand, perhaps you should exit panic mode and enter positive mode.

        • Normal people says:

          Oh Please!!! If that lie is your best defence of the Cayman Islands, you’re all doomed.

          Cayman has a current murder rate in the range of 14 murders per 100,000 and usually worse.  That makes Cayman WORSE than every other country in the world except Mexico, Russia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico,  Dominican RepublicBrazilBelizeSouth AfricaColombiaTrinidad and TobagoVenezuelaGuatemalaJamaicaHonduras, and El Salvador. 

          That would make the UK and the US, um….  MUCH SAFER than Cayman.

          Of course there are quite dangerous specific areas in the world, like Caracas or areas around Kandahar.  I’d avoid those places too, just like we avoid Cayman.

        • Anonymous says:

          So what, this does not make it right and remind me again of their size?? What a shame, what  a comparison!!


          I pray your children(if any) do not witness this approach!!


          And we wonder…

      • anon says:

        believe me i wish that were true. but despite me sending emails to news rooms across the globe including the BBC & CNN they have yet to let the masses know of the growing issues here.

        i am not scaremongering – before someone says it- i just think that if this in the world press then maybe, just maybe, something might get done.

        ask anyone on the street in the UK, USA and Canada and unless they have ties/ interests here – they have no idea of the craziness that goes on here!

        • Thankful Again says:

          You are an absolute horror story!!  Would you please go home.  Yes I said it pack your bags and go back home.  You do not mean the CI one iota of good. 

          If you are from the CI, you are simply out of your league and at a lost, because if what you wrote is true bo-bo you dont have a clue what you have done.

          However, I suspect its one our trouble-making transcients that dwell in the negative.  GO HOME…not all expats JUST YOU!!  Clean up your own city..about I sent emails to the BBC and CNN.  I suspect the news room laughed you to scorn.  You imagine the debate for CNN headquarters in Atlanta…well let’s see: should we report on the robbery of the Gas Station in the CI last night or the 250 that place in Atlanta last night!!??  GO HOME.  You gone yet?

      • Thankful Again says:

        And no offense, but, what is the name of the convenience store or gas station that got held up last night in your state, city, borough, county or street?!  Better yet, How many murders took place last night in that same? 

        But a thrid-world lawless state is hardly a description that resembles the Cayman Islands.  Is it somewhat compounded because of our size – yes.  Is it hard-breaking on the rise – yes.  Is it reversible – yes on so many levels.  Certainly our size lends to an advantage on the flip – it is much more managable. 

        So dry it up!

        Crime is crime everywhere.  We recognize our vulnerabilities given our dependence on the tourist trade.  But I can stake my dollars on the fact that tourists and residents in the Cayman Islands are still free and safe.  I know for the local and resident reading that you maybe tempted to disagree now (including me). But in the overall scheme of things, we are still a peace-loving society with strong neighbourly, loving christian values. 

        I leave and breathe in the hope for the promise: we win.  However, these haters with nothing more than mockery can go fly a kite! 

  30. Numbered Account says:

     Our merciless political leadership is on a world tour the Governor is travelling and running road races, crime is rising the same old cronies running the government, crime strategy failing the National Security "Con" not working  the elite and pious members secure in their Casa’s de Safe Yet no changes to leadership any where, government now robbing bank account holders and safety deposit boxes criminals taking this example and opportunity to rob business and persons of what little they have left. Thingslooking dim Cayman real dim, pretty soon we will all be at the city dump looking That too is about to be taken away finally by the persons who created it in the first place they now have become experts by experience aaaaah Cayman the same old Con Game. Sad part there is no accountability or responsibility in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Governor might be running road races but at least he has been here and getting amongst the people of Cayman.

      Talking of travel… where is the illustrious ‘Fat Cat’ Premier? Where has his big ego been since taking office? What has he done constructive in return for his huge salary since taking office?

      • Pending says:

        Throw mud at Kurt, thats about it. Talk, talk, talk, NO ACTION.

        Perhaps these thugs should go rob him, instead of him robbing us, then we might see something being done.


      • Road runner says:

         Totally agree with you but evil prevails when so called good men do absolutely nothing!