Cayman to host its first ever fashion extravaganza

| 18/10/2010

(CNS): Grand Cayman is heading for a place in the fashion magazines with the launch of its first ever international fashion event. Following in the footsteps of London, Paris, Milan and New York, which all have their own fashion weeks, Cayman will have its own fashion weekend. Cayman Fashion Solstice is scheduled for the first weekend of November at the Ritz-Carlton and will be hosted by Cayman’s very own Supermodel, Selita Ebanks, and International Super Male Model, Tyson Beckford. Aside from showing off some of the collections from some of the world’s top designers, it will also be an opportunity for aspiring local models to take to the catwalk in front of the world’s fashionistas and alongside professional models from around the world.

With the goal of making fashion solstice an annual event, Cindy Rosan-Jones, managing director of Guavaberry Marketing, said the firm was delighted to be holding the show at the Ritz-Carlton. “We are beyond words that both Selita and Tyson have graciously accepted our offer to host our premier event. We plan to make this event a resounding success, something that the Cayman Islands will be proud of and at the same time speak volumes for the tourism product,” she said.
As no fashion show is complete without the models, there will be a casting call on Friday 22 October at Brick House, Grand Harbour, from 3pm to 6pm for both females and males interested in modelling for Cayman Fashion Solstice, which will take place on 6 November
“Cayman Fashion Solstice Fashion Show is an ideal avenue for aspiring Cayman models to gain exposure in front of the industry’s most prominent agents and fashion executives, and it will feature collections from some of the world’s top fashion designers and clothing brands on the market,” said Rosan-Jones.
To be eligible, those auditioning must meet all of the following criteria:
Females are required to be age 16 to 25 on the date of entry; they must be 5’8” or taller without heels; sized 2 to 6 (swimsuit ready). Males are required to be age 17 to 28 on the date of entry; they must be 5’11” to 6’2”; their waists 30 to 32. All applicants must have healthy, unblemished skin. All applicants must be able to participate in Cayman Fashion Solstice’s Event from 4-7 November , and any applicant under 18 must have their parents’ or guardians’ consent.
To audition, female models must bring three or four inch heels along with a swimsuit, and should wear minimal make-up with their hair pulled away from the face into a ponytail. Females with short hair should have their hair secured from around their face. Male models must also bring a swimsuit.
Casting during the initial screening will occur in three stages: models will be viewed by the executive producer, they will be asked to demonstrate their best model walk in their swimwear and high heels (males will also be required to walk in swimwear), and they will be interviewed by the executive producer. Models will also be videotaped and photographed for a headshot and full body shot.
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  1. Bass Ackwards says:

    Yet I can’t buy a book or a side of beef on a Sunday.

    • Anonymous says:

      So does that meen it will take place twice a year since it is a ‘Solstice’?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Selita is really beautiful and sexy Caymanian girl and she is a great ambassador to promote business and exposure for the entire Cayman Islands. That’s my take !!!  

  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent idea…there are some fine and talented young ladies waiting to be discovered in Cayman. 

  4. anon says:

    A fashion MORNING would be more in keeping with Cayman’s place in the world.

  5. Joe Average says:

    I am ahh.. volunteering to be ahh.. judge. That’s right.  Your welcome. Because… I want to see the.. ahh…I want to get close to…. I want to ahh… touch… I want to see this event be a success!!