Police release CCTV of gas station stick-up

| 18/10/2010

(CNS): Ten days after the crime took place, detectives investigating the robbery at the Esso Four Winds gas station in West Bay have released CCTV footage and stills of the incident. The footage and stills show a man wearing a bandanna over his face and a baseball cap entering the store, going outside to look for staff, putting a gun to the pump attendant’s head and forcing him inside to get the contents of the till. DC Nathan Turner, the officer leading the enquiry, said he hoped the release of the pictures would help someone recall something and made a specific appeal for the occupants of a dark coloured vehicle which was in the forecourt of the gas station at the time to come forward.

The robbery occurred on Thursday, 7 October, at around 9pm, and while no shots were fired and no one was injured in the incident,u it was a harrowing ordeal for the attendant. “The footage and stills clearly show the suspect walk across the forecourt and enter the gas station to commit the robbery. He cannot see anyone within the premises so he goes outside and forces the pump attendant back into the store at gunpoint. He then threatens the attendant and a female worker within the gas station before making off with a sum of cash,” DC Turner said.
“We hope the release of the CCTV footage will jog people’s memories. Did you see this man approach the gas station or make off from the scene? Do you recognise any of the clothing he’s wearing?” he asked.
DC Turner also made a specific appeal for a couple who were in a dark coloured vehicle parked in the forecourt of the gas station to come forward. “There was a man and a woman in the
car and I would ask them to call me at West Bay police station. They may have information
which would be vital to the enquiry,” he added.
The suspect is described as being medium to dark skinned, slim build, approximately 5’10” in
height; his head was either shaved or bald at the back. He was wearing light blue calf length
jeans, white trainers, a grey sweatshirt and a black ‘NY’ baseball cap. His lower face was
covered with a dark blue bandanna.
Anyone with any information at all is being asked to call West Bay CID on 949-3999, or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).


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  1. Anonymous says:

     I can tell from the ‘behind’ shot that this dude is a fashionista and will no doubt be at the fashion event at the Ritz, if not actually being a male ass model. Nab him there.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Have you lost your mind? Arm every cop in the RCIP and then arm people at large? If we give these so called Police a firearm they will for sure shoot themselves, have their guns taken away from them, or hurt/kill an innocent person.  Arm people? Please this community is not stable enough to arm anyone with a clean record. Some should not have a drivers license let alone a license for a gun. And leave Baines alone – what does he have to work with?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Late or not, at least we got the video on this one. We never did get to see the CCTV footage on the two bank robberies. Everyone knows these banks have videos. Where are they? What a shame!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Slim build? From the photos he looks heavy set and wearing a bullet proof vest on top of it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you look at the video footage on Cayman 27 you can see a guy on a bike with a white top. Carefully follow the time code and it is clear he is circling around and i think he is keeping a look out for the gun man. He is the one the police need to have come forward with information, not the people in the dark coloured car – they are clearly scared, they speed away from the gas station forecourt and nearly crash into the white car at the four way stop.

    Also, if you also follow the video you can see that the piece of cr.. gunman is holding the weapon in his left hand, he initially reaches for the cash with his right but then switches back to his left to stuff the cash into his pockets. It is clear that he very strongly favours his left hand.

    In addition, he has an unusual rolling walk. If you look carefully at the right shoe (and again we could use a better picture from the RCIPS) it looks like that the right shoe might be compressed in an unusual way in the back. 

    The police need to try to provide pictures of the bicyclist as well. Something tells me that bicyclist is the key to this. His body language, the way he circles round and they way he mounts his bike seat all seem to indicate he is more than just an interested observer. I think he might even be the brains behind this desperate and stupid act – I think it is probably his gun. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    So here is the original description:

    The male suspect is described as being around 5’10” in height, with a clear complexion. He was wearing a grey coloured long sleeved t-shirt, shortblue jean pants, tennis shoes, a bandana and a black baseball cap.


    For the police, here is what you missed. 

    1.  It isn’t a long sleeved t-shirt..is there such a thing? I thought all t-shirts were short sleeved. This appears to be a grey coloured sweatshirt without a hoody.

    2.  Appears to be left handed…yes this might help a majority of people are not left handed.

    3.  Used a revolver. Again, easily seen in the photo.  Perhaps even you could say what type of gun it is.

    4.  Black cap WITH a logo on the front.  Perhaps a NY logo, and perhaps the cashier might be able to confirm.

    5.  Whit coloroured tennis shoes.

    6.  Short jean pants?  Really, it looks like jean shorts to me, but maybe I am just blind.  Those aren’t normal jeans, but would be rather specific and you know those stand out to the average person.

    7.  Blue bandadna.  Yes even I can tell it is blue, but you didnt’ even tell us a  colour!

    8.  Perhaps you might mention weight.  This man obviously was not overweight, nor was he super skinny, but build might be important to release.

    9.  You might also be looking for the car in the picture, which I am sure is even more evident in the video, they might be a great witness for you.

    So the point is, if you want the publics help you need to try a little bit harder in giving us a better description than a school child.  Oh, and tell us a little bit sooner than giving them a week to get off this island.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The thug has the gun in his left hand. It Is pretty likely he is left handed.

    • hutman says:

      Not necessarily… you want the right hand available to be able to open the door, pound on the counter with his fist, and collect the money. I think he’s right handed

  8. Anonymous says:

    Also appears he is left handed.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I noticed that the robber was not wearing gloves and he was touching the counter and he also touched the door. Hope the police managed to lift a few prints and is actively searching their database.

    • Pauly Cicero says:

      What database?

    • Anonymous says:

      Prints lifted from heavily trafficked areas, such as a counter at a convenience store or the door handle for the store, are of little value, as they are often contaminated with multiple prints.   Prints are of value for, say, a gun, which might only be touched by one individual recently. 

      • Keeping It Real says:

        that’s a lie. You must be a lazy or incometent detctive or the culprit himself!!

        Those prints are of value and they do mean something. Each fingerprint is compared separate from the others!

        The criminals know that our RCIP does not have the leadership training and it is a fault that works in favor of the criminals,.

        The criminals are equipped. Not the RCIP.

        Why should our society suffer while we wait for Baines to get his act together?

        We owe Baines nothing but to give him his final pay check.

        What are we waiting for. We need a hard core RCI{P comissioner, Baines is much too soft for tese hard core guntoating criminals. and Baines expects our RCIP to go after them withot guns?  He’s a Big Joke

        Its time for the people to arm themselves and every police be armed ready for action.

      • normal thinking people says:

        "…of little value" you say?  Hmmm. 

        What could I do with a pile of fingerprints, or partial fingerprints, from the counter at the scene of the crime….  Hmmmmmm.  This is a hard one…

        Oh wait!  If I caught a suspect, and then they denied ever being there, I could prove that they were at the scene of the crime!  YES!  I knew there was something I could do with that evidence!  I could put the suspect at the scene of the crime some time prior to my investigation. 

        But I suppose that isn’t really that useful, is it… might as well not bother.  Who needs evidence?  Donuts… that’s what law enforcement needs.  Donuts.

    • anon says:

      There is no ‘database’ here and  there isn’t a scene of crime printer who knows what he is doing either – have you ever heard of anybody here convicted or even arrested as a result of a finger, palm or foot print??

      … nope, them Police just come along, hang around like fools, ‘dust the place up’, leave and give the victim not a single jot of feedback or information on their ‘investigation’… just like my burglary!! I ended up giving up… what’s the point??

  10. S. Holmes says:

    I think I saw this guy… getting on a plane to Tokyo…about 9 days ago.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is there some rational reason for the lapse in time between the crime and the publication of the photo? Seems crazy – the bloke could have fled the island long time. Explanation, please?

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      By letting the public wait all this time, there will be no mistake about who is in charge of the RCIPF, Commissioner Baines.  I guess!  smh

  12. WTF - We B Fukd says:

     OK RCIP – why the wait???  10 days??

    Why no requests for help in the hit and run on Friday night in which a silver mercedes hit an Indian worker on his way home???

    Are you TRYING to see how long you can go before asking for help???

    Does anyone realise how time erases memories?  HIT THE PUBLIC FOR HELP WHILE THEIR MEMORIES ARE FRESH.

    Or sit back, relax, and let crime take over – your call…

    I’m no Einstein, but I think I know the answer…


  13. Anonymous says:

    Is that a wrapped injury on the left hand? Or is the hand wrapped?

    • Anonymous says:

      Since the police seem to need all the help they could get, it would make sense to wonder if the individual either a) has an injury to the hand or b) if they are covering a marking of some sort on the hand, like maybe a tatoo.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think CNS and everyone else should post these types of photos more often.  Compass should have this on their front page.  This is serious news and if the police get enough pressure on these criminals they will either crack or be caught.  They should also look into changing the law for armed robberies.  Send them a message or this could keep happening.

    CNS: We post pictures of crime scenes whenever they are given to us. In most cases they are not supplied to the media. You’ll have to ask the RCIPS why this is so.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Would it be possible to blow up the pictures a bit? One would think that they could zoom in to show the profile a bit better rather than having the picture show all the groceries in the background.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you right click on the picture and select "view image" you will get a bigger version that you can zoom in on, still not crystal clear or huge but better than the embedded photo.

    • Keeping It Real says:

      I believe there is some microscopic device to penetrate the kerchief or scarf on his face to reveal his face and identity!

      Comissioner Baines will you send this overseas or purchase the microscopic device?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I dont get it….why wait 10 days?  This is most effective if released immediately, when peoples’ short-term memories are fresh, and more likely to recall, "yeah, I saw that hat earlier in the day…".   What covert polices activities were possibly deemed necessary to withhold this footage?

    I am a big supporter of the police decisions 99% of the time……but on this one, I dont get it.   Does anyone have a conceivable idea (such as perhaps the police suspected someone, and they felt that releasing the footage would prompt the suspect to destroy the clothing etc).  

    Its better to have 50,000 eyes watching out for clues……I dont get it……