Board plans to enforce law over roadside vendors

| 19/10/2010

(CNS): The Trade and Business Licensing Board is warning illegal vendors it intends to enforce the law regarding licences. In a statement issued by the Department of Investment and Commerce, which now deals with Trade and Business Licensing, the board said that a number of concerns had been raised about an increase in roadside vendors not complying with the law and trading without licenses. As a result from 1 November the board said it is giving all businesses 30 days to become compliant with all the relevant laws that deal with operating a business, including having a valid Trade and Business license. Any business not compliant by 1 December will be penalized the board said.

According to the law penalties for trading without a license include a $5000 fine and up to a year in prison. The board warned that after 1 December Immigration, Planning, Department of Environmental Health (DEH) and the Police will be ensuring that businesses are in compliance with the relevant laws and codes.  
The board revealed that it had met with various stakeholders in September to discuss enforcement proceedings because of the concerns raised by the public regarding illegal vendors. The increase in roadside vendors, in particular, that were non compliant with Trade and Business Licensing laws and other Government Department requirements were cited as an area of specific concern.
As a result the board is giving its thirty day warning and said all new applications should be submitted to the relevant departments for approval.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    i honestly don’t see the big issue here..we want people making an honest living right? these people are doing more than i would be willing to do to feed my family and pay my bills…sit on the side of the road in Cayman’s heat for a couple bucks? no thank you! I personally commend these people for adding a little character to this ISLAND instead of everyone else turning it into a mini Miami…and unne tha same ones complaining bout people stealing? hello…take away these vendor’s small means of income and see how much more crime we’re gonna get…

    unne ga do betta…try deal with tha real crime round ya first!

  2. Anonymous says:

    In the UK some time ago they brought in wide ranging licensing regulations for taxi cabs and their drivers.  Cabs had to meet strict safety requirements, below specified fuel emission targets, be accessible for the disabled and the drivers had to be free of convictions etc.

    The result? An explosion in the number of unlicensed, unsafe taxis driven by dangerous criminals.

    What governments everywhere don’t seem to understand is that, by making it difficult and costly to comply with the law, they all but guarantee non-compliance and general disrespect of the law and those that uphold it.

    How is this relevant to Cayman’s roadside vendors? These are poor people.  They can’t afford Cayman’s overpriced licences but they simply don’t have the option of closing their stalls. They probably don’t have access to the government websites to find out how to apply, and can’t pay lawyers to do it for them.

    There is nothing they can do but carry on illegally.  If the government wants compliance then it is going to have to put compliance within reach of these people.



  3. Caymanians for Good says:


    This place is starting to look like most other Caribbean islands where people have to get on the streets and beg….ridiculous and most are not even Caymanians. I say check their work permits at the same time you check their T&B.

    We totally support this move. Next, lets get those guys off the streets of downtown and the dock. Have you seem the mess the coconut man makes?

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    How about dealing with the robbers, rapists and murderers first?

    • Heat it up says:

      Robbers, Rapist and Murderers are too challenging for these people.  Therefore, they pick on the ordinary man who is only trying to put food on his table honestly. I guess they would rather see him join the welfare line every Friday to get food stamps from the government and burden the government some more.

    • Useless Government says:

      I agree with the statement that the useless government should deal with the robbers, rapists and murderers first. They can’t even do that because the also useless police are can never be found when needed. It takes them over three hours to respond to anything. Is anyone policing the police?

      30 days to become compliant is not enough time due to the fact that the useless government takes at least 30 days before they claim the application goes to the board for approval. With that kind of time it could go overseas for approval in less time. Are these people along with the police all in a coma?

      It appears as if lately we have had to choose from bad or worse when it comes to those running the country.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Licences are issued to street vendors for Pirates Week.  How much do they cost? 

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am in shock that people at this stage have even any opinions about street vendors at all.

    Honestly, I am much more concerned with our current government, their lies, frequent bending of the laws, spending spree and general incompetence. I am worried that my children may live under a dictatorsip regime, that my house I worked so hard for will devaluate and that eventually unemployment and crime will get to levels we have never experienced before. You think things are bad now? You have no idea how much worse it still can get.

    While a street vendor may be annoying, unsightly and not up to hygenic standards, I can ignore it by simply not buying anything from them. Unfortunately, I can’t just ignore the Government as it has an impact on my life every single day.


  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m not even sure if the speed limit on the by-pass is gazetted yet. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    Let’s kick some vendor a–. Forget about the hundreds of companies who take their employees’ pension contributions and PUT THE MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS. Who cares about prosecuting that when we can roust some po’ folks who actually give the downtown area some character.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m with you…. Get dem vendors.  And for Gods sake,  let’s leave the PENSION THIEVES  alone. Dem good folks.

    • Anonymous says:

      there are probably actually THOUANDS  of pension thieves if our esteemed protectors say there are 600 

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thirty days to comply is a joke. It takes the T&B section of government more than 90 days to process and application and sometimes you have to wait more than 12 months to get a copy of your t&b licence. Oh well here we go again.

  11. Caymanian says:

    I am a Caymanian  but  I must comment to  say that it is a very ugly sight  on this small Island to see roadside vendors under makesift tents and umbrellas with every thing thrown around on boxes and plastic tables and hanging in mid air.. 

    The government could construct beautiful roadside stops on their premises in the district, in the style of old Caymanian buildings and give them names of old buildings back then in the district .  (eg. Old school house or Town hall , Old post office,  Sun Dial,  Guard House, Mr P Ice cream parlour, Aunt Teen Shop,, Patterson  one stop  Roses Variety an so on an so on. 

    Now these Stops should be for Caymanians Natives and Resident/status holders only.  We cannot go anywhere else in the world and set up shop alongside the road, so dont expect to do ihere.

    About  Five in or six of thes in each district, and charge a monthly rental fee depnding on what is being sold.  These vendors can be regularly checked.   Persons who want to build them on their personal property should only be allowed to build in the same style, pay no rent but must pay a renew licence fee every 6 months.

    I would enjoy having a place like this to sell my art  but along the roadside under`tents and ubrellas.  I dont fancy that.

    Take for instance the Old Clinic in Bodden Town, locked up,because of political controvercy promises. (Cant let you get it because It is not strong enough, it will be taken down, it needs bathroom,and  a multitude of excuses and promises.  If poor people cannot sell on the side of  the road make some place available for them.  So much stress.

    • Anonymous says:

      sounds a bit twee to me, but I’m kind of rough around the edges guy 

    • anonymous says:

      The ugly sight you are beholding is A REFLECTION OF THE UGLY GOVERNMENT in control of the public purse!

      If they had any shame at all, they would have made a proposal to the poor struggling vendors that they could not refuse a long time ago before it got to this!.

      Admit it

      We have a worthless government we messed up at the polls lets face it.

      • Tracy from Swamp says:

        12:36  I for one did not mess up at the polls.  Because I knew changing all those old PPM brooms would leave us with dirty UDP corners.  I told my neighbours the same thing.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The poor  in Cayman  don’t  have a chance 

  13. MER says:

    Actually there are pros and cons to this enforcement.

    Firstly I think that encouraging road side vendors to obtain a business license is not a bad idea but I also think that there should be a different and lesser fee imposed for such a business.

    Obviously an individual who chooses to conduct business roadside does not have the financial back-up to launch a full-blown retail outlet or probably specializes in simple merchandise that cannot justify such an expenditure (the utility bills, leasing, shelving, signage and marketing etc) but it is obviously honest living and a person trying to provide an income and support themselves.

    I do not feel that this should be enforced in a way to discourage, deter or even cause one of these businesses to shut its doors (or table, whatever). I feel that in Cayman’s current state with so many people unemployed and struggling that Caymanains should more be encouraged and not shunned from starting their own businesses or self-induced ways of making honest money!

    • Anonymous says:

      mangoes, mangoes ahead!  well, some of them may be poor, but not all

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s not just roadside buisnesses but others as well. Our public beach on WB road is shrinking in space available as businesses encrouch on our public space.  Now we have a pay to swim play area that hogs about 50 ft of water access.

    I applaud the owner’s idea and while it is nice to have such a facility, the public beach is for the PUBLIC to swim freely and whenever they like and not for private enterprise.

    This is one of the few remaining places on the Seven Mile beach where the public is free to use and now it is being engulfed with businesses.

    While we all understand that people are struggling to make a living these days, businesses at public spaces have to be nipped in the bud!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey! leave them alone. How do you expect anyone to enjoy the stinking plain jane ocean without getting drunk.  These are good, important business’s that help enhance an otherwise pedestrian attraction!  Back off!  Your kind of thinking could result in miles of un-littered natuarl beach, without even a decent paved area to park your big assed truck.  Is that what you want?? I don’t think so.  I suppose you could enjoy a full moon with-out foam and alcohol.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nipped in the bud! Some hope. The bar at the other end of the beach has taken over 100ft of our property with a hut and a large tent for over a year and the Govt has done nothing about it.

      Before the T&BL Board waste time on minor vendors, they might just check that all the so called established businesses are paid up to date. 

  15. anonymous says:

    Let us put this on record that the UDP’s Christmas Present 2010 for the struggling people of the Cayman Islands is recorded as:-


  16. Anonymous says:

    Poor Pepole

    yeah, yeah,  yeah we know it’s the LAW.

    These vendors work at diffent time, some of them don’t go home until everything is sold.  they work in the rain, or in the hot sun with very or no shade at all, i feel so sad for them when i see them behind a coconut tree in the rain with a garbage bag over their head. 

    while these big certain persons can comment and cry foul, you are a busniess person.  What did you not think that one day, we would have an economy crisis?  you know whatis funny with the side vendors, you never really hear them complaining or saying anything bad about the big shots, they have to many things to worry about and trying to stay ahead.

    As for paying T&B licences, pension, medical health benifits, employees, maybey you can try to run the store by yourself or have one of you family members, childrean, etc, instead of being home while you pay your manager to run the store, or being a show off to my friends saying " I don’t have to go to work, i own my own business"  maybey that’s where all the unecessary bills are coming from.

    why are you paying an expat to stock selves, cashier, customer service, you are the ones that are spending your money on work permits, while we have good caymanians wanting to work.  To me this is a very bias country, always complaining, to seems to me that nothing is good enough for anyone here. 

    word of advice, be happy for we are blessed beyond, for we could be like AFRICA, INDIA, etc.     


  17. Figures... says:

    The economy has failed and people are trying to find as way to put food for theri families on the table without picking up a gun, and along comes the government (riding in their new SUVs with first class airline tickets in their pockets) to put a stop to this dastardly effort of people to feed their families in this time of crisis.


    Don’t forget to vote these people back into power next election, ’cause it will be different thist time, really it will….

  18. Anonymous says:


    These are people that make things from their very own hands like fruits, plants, baskets.

    if you feel that you are a culprit, then give up your business the reason why you have to pay rent, pension your employees is because you are selling something way more bigger than hand weaving baskets, and you are not looking to sell anything worth $5.00, while these poor people are trying to be honesty, but it is hyprocrites on this Island that make this world a harder place to live in.

    what’s the real problem?  then let me tell you, your company is not making any profit, so of course we are going to blame the little small people, they took away your BMW, and the nice life styles that you were once living on but you can’t anymore so now you have to reduce. 

    let me also say this, the road side vendors are way more reasonable, their styles and quality in clothing are way more better.  if you want to point fingers ask your family members or friends where they got that shirt, of course they say "oh, i got it in the states" yeah right.  they are probaly the same people that purchase from these same street vendors.

    so do me the ultimate favor and have your cry and then go wash your face.  to imagine these big hard back people, picking on the little poor people. 

  19. Big Red says:

    Does this include those that are conducting business on GOVT PROPERTY????

    I cant sell Fish and fritters from my house, but you have people selling BBQ Chicken on Govt Property and even built a cabana on Govt property. Isnt that against the LAW??

    I’m not even sure if they have a T&B Licence.

    Well what good for the Goose is good for the Gander!!

    When they are dealt with, then i will no that you mean business!!


    • Just Curious says:

      Might I be so bold at this point to enquire as to the approval process that was required for a business to be set up on the area of the West Bay Road Public Beach and the large area of what I presume to be public water which is now taken up as well?

      I’d like to set up my own and now that the precedent has been set I’m sure it won’t be a problem…..

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m sure you’re aware that  it depends on who you know.  Got Milk? 

    • anonymous says:

      Oh I’m sure those conducting business n government property are UDP  supporters, YOU CAN’T TOUCH THIS! (Them)

  20. Logics says:

    Here is some commentary on the situation at hand……

    Competition is fierce out there huh?

    My observation is this….no minimum wage…hence business owners are employing foregin workers very cheap from the phillipines etc./ .There cheap labour cannot afford and does not want their employers service and bundle up 10 in a house…this in turn us killing our service based economy and the Caymanians and Western Expats that remain cannot buoy our economy alone. Business overhead and investments have been to great over the past years so the expect consumers to pick up the costs of their capital investments. A new breed of business people are coming to the surface and they are leaner and meaner and est. business is losing outand taking it out on these road side vendors.  In actuality, the roadside vendor is the least of the problem as the internet age is upon us and transactions are now done electronically.  The road side vendor/internet vendor is now more attractive to the consumer in part because of lack of governmental fees but also they have imputted no capital expenditure yet!  Being harsh on the status quo I would encourage this new competition assisting them in normalizing by providing financial incentive as to reduce the burden on consumers for the mistakes of some businesses that did not correctly forecast the economic downturn for this they must pay the cost not the consumer. 


    Good luck small guy but the wind is on your back and the sun is in your face..register yourself and if you can’t do it now continue to sell and save until you can play the game with the people that are holding you down by that time they will be history unless they can learn how to compete again and stop with the dirty tactics for we have five more years to go….

  21. Anonymous says:

    The price of roadside goods automatically goes up when you are an expat who pulls in with a nice car. Different prices ..and that is why I’ll never shop at a roadside vendor.

  22. Anonymous says:

    More signs of the times.We are looking more and more like athirld world country everyday with roadside vending, high crime, high cost of living, no employment…..

  23. Mr. Spooner says:

    Just like the government to pull red tape when people need money the most.  This same government can’t provide jobs for people, yet want to make sure that anyone that has secured some way of living will suffer even more.

    It’s a sore subject, but they would be better off doing an investigation into all these legit companies that keep importing new foreigners constantly without regards for really considering local people (expat or caymanian) we already have for the job.  Hmmm, but wait, that’s big business for the government with the ten fold increase in work permits e.t.c.  I remember big mac and udp campaigning to support and help small business.  However, looks like more businesses are going out of business and crime at an all time high.  Makes PPM look like they were on the right track at least. Not a party supporter, just saying.

  24. Anonymous says:

    i agree with 19:36. 

    they should set up a local downtown market for small vendors, a lot of tourist would like this, and of course it would be most reasonable to charge each vendor on a small amount on a monthly based. 

    as for other larger operators, they get charged with what kind of business they are operating,  if they want to play big then go right ahead.  we the people don’t make the law the government make them, any fees that are applied goes straight to the treasurey, so therefore he lines his pockets.

    some pepole mostly sell very small amounts of products so that they can help themselves for a very short time before moving on,  maybey you didn’t known but right now social services is at the brink of no financial income because apparently the government is broke.  you would think that it would be a good thing that they are helping themselves instead of depending on SS. 

    Like i said give them enough time to get things together or set up a market.  maybe that can be another income for the government.  you have to look at these businesses, like the liquor store, furniture, etc, it is not easy for them to set up at a road vendor LOL.

    I am a caymanian but it makes me sick, to see how people can comment about IT’S THE LAW, please for every sin that we do that, then we would not be here now, for he GOD would wipe us out, but thankful he sent his son JESUS to save our sins. 



    • Anonymous says:

      Considering you and the poster at 19:36 are both Caymanians, you don’t seem to know much about your town.

      There already is a market down town!!!!!

    • MonkeySee says:

      FYI there was one!  on the waterfront over off of Boilers… could you have forgotten that?  its still basically set up but NO ONE USES IT!!! 


      Do any ofthe tourists actually buy anything from the roadside vendors besides food or drinks?  I wouldnt–none of the stuff (or very little) is locally made, has nothing to do with Cayman, and can be bought for less at other stops!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      you r funny 

  25. Anonymous says:

    Surely there are more pressing issues to attend to.

    Street vendors mostly sell fruits and plants.Please note that these fruits are chemical free, homegrown and healthy.

    Give them a break.Or does every business have to look like one in a major city. This is the Caribbean and it should look like the Caribbean.

    Note also that its the only time that you get to enjoy the scenery, mingle and shop.

    Stop the hate!

    • ExPat says:

      I totally agree with you.  Why pick on the small man trying to get by on a meagre living and how on earth do you expect these people to afford the $5,000 fine for not having a licence?  And why force such tiny, insignificant business (in the big scheme of things) to take out a T&B Licence?  It’s ridiculous – road side vendors and market operators should be exempt – its hardly like they’re running a real commercial concern.

      I buy from roadside vendors whenever possible for the same reasons you state – not only are the prices reasonable and the products fresh, but they are free from pesticides and preservatives and I am actually getting some goodness out of the food I buy locally from roadside vendors – unlike the unreasonably priced shit on sale at the supermarkets.

  26. Bobby Anonymous says:

    Great , Fantastic. About time! It gets my back up to see all these fly by night road side vendors setting up stalls every where to sell goods that ere a good chance to have been brought in without duty being paid.

    Why should I have to pay t&b, duty, rent, pension, medical, shipping etc, etc and have to abide by planning regulations stating that I can NOT erect sign or sell goods outside of my business when all these scamers are working illigaly!

    Immigration and Customs along with planning need to get there act together and protect ligitimate business from these people.

    Thats why we PAY our fee’s!!!!!

    And while your on, stop the fly by night food vendors selling from the back’s of cars! AaaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      oh Hush, just stop paying you employee’s pension, and add their contributions to your bottom line, get a retail space at the Royal Watler Terminal (rent free!), bring in suitcases full of stuff from Miami (and don’t claim it-every body does it) ; and planning??  a toothless dog (XXXX) . relax mon

  27. Anonymous says:

    Usually I would say the law is the law and needs to be followed, HOWEVER, given the examples set by our Government over the last year or so, I am not sure how they can expect that the law is upheld if they themesevles brush it aside whenever it suits.

  28. Anonymous says:

    It is about time that the T&B Board try to enforce the law!!! Anyone who has a legitimate business should have a licence and the many street vendors need to be properly regulated and controlled, otherwise these Cayman Islands will soon look like one big market place.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Yawn! The T&B Licensing Board have finally woken up to this matter but look who is now being targeted!!  What about the beach ‘vendors’ who for decades in some cases (yes, since the late 80’s and I could name names) have catered mostly to tourists by renting windsurfers and other light watersports equipment, without any such license. They set up business on any available plot of beach land and when a development comes to that site, move along to the next spot like gypsies.

    Fair is fair, laws must be respected and complied with by ALL. And certainly, as Mrs. Goring-Nozza suggests, a reasonable time for the newly targeted to comply would be in order. Others have been ignored for more than 20 years, what’s wrong with another 6 months for these?


  30. Anonymous says:

    No problem, I can still have a Caymanian front though (right?). Only a few more  months and I get to be Caymanian too…

  31. Anonymous says:

    I understand both sides of this argument but people need to understand. A local business owner, has to comply with the law. They have the cost of a Trade and Business License, the cost of rent and CUC and they are struggling to make a living.

    Now a vendor, with no rent, no CUC, no T&B sets up outside there door and is only there during the busy hours… sucking up all the business.

    Is this fair.

    When a business owner leases space they have a reasonable understanding of the customer base in the area and also the other businesses in that area.

    Very often landlords, will not allow similar types of businesses within the same complex.

    Street vendors, do not have the right to set up on sidewalks and roadways.

    I have seen one vendor in particular downtown who bothers me simply because he is so callus about where he sets up. His shopping carts are set up in such a way that any cruise ship passengers wanting to pass are forced out into the roadway in order to go around him.

    He always leaves the area around him covered in garbage for somebody else to clean up.

    One day I politely stopped to speak with him about this, turns out he doesn’t speak enough English to understand what I was trying to tell him.

    I absolutely respect his right to make a living,  but he in turn needs to respect that he needs a permit, that he can not block a public walkway endangering pedestrians and that littering is likewise illegal.

    We all have jobs, we all respect the law and we all have bills. None of us would appreciate a person setting up shop directly in front of your source of income… without any regard for you, your business or the laws of the land.

    I completely support the Governments position that these vendors  – MUST COMPLY WITH THE LAW.

    Nobody is telling them to go away. Or not to make a living. Simply that their business must be run the same as all other businesses.


  32. Loriane says:

    Instead of relying on Roll Over Policy and Immigration laws to help Caymanians, Government should make it easier for Caymanians to start a business for themselves… like put down business fees.





  33. Anonymous says:

     I get sooo excited whenever I hear this govt. agency or that is ‘planning to ‘do’ something’. (that one would think should already be done as part of them ‘doing’ their job).  soo excited.  In reality, it’s probably a good time to set up an unlicensed roadside business…and don’t forget to steal any retirement money you can.  ooooh I’m soooo scared.  no really… petrified…  shakin in my boots.  

    hey and after that maybe immigration can ‘streamline’ thepermit process! double rainbow! all the way!

  34. Anonymous says:

    WOW this is sad i have a personal friend that is unemployed and has a child overseas that goes to college this woman is the only person helping this child with the little street vendor jobs she does…. its very sad that govt is trying to take bread out of a hard working caymanian family mouth.. only now will legit vendor have to join in on the stealing game that is taking place in cayman.. such a shame govt!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      oh just relax.  The chances of this happening are what?  zero! 

    • Anonymous says:

       Everyone is suffering financially.  Do you think it is really fair to have some people pay and others don’t?  I’m sure there are other people that are worse off than this person and is paying T & B license.  What about the liability of someone cooking and selling food on the road and then someone gets sick because the food wasn’t monitored?  I’m surprised this hasn’t happened already.  There are many other examples that I could give but I will leave it at that.

  35. Road runner says:

    Beep Beep lets see if this is just talk.  Catch me, Beep Beep.

    • Anonymous says:

      of course this is just talk……just look at all the broken promises, flip-flops, u-turns over the last 18 months…..

      it would make a very interesting article for a journalist in cayman to list all of these flip-flops in an article….i wonder why they don’t do it?

      • Anonymous says:

        I would love to see all the "Permit Board Streamlines Process" headlines from the last 10 years laid end to end to and see how far that stretches.

    • Ironic says:

      The department has other things to do. For those who renewed their applications in August you are in breach of the law because  you are not displaying your licence. The reason why you are not doing it is because you have no licence. The department is so far behind in issuing them, that they will not be ready until the end of next month.No wonder there is little respect for civil servants.

  36. Florence goring-Nozza says:


    It is important that businesses comply with the laws of the land.

    However in consideration of a failing economy, people have to do whatever is necessary in order to make ends meet, feed their families, keep a roof over their heads, pay school fees, send their kids off to college, pay Medical bills, and Insurance premiums, Pay high gasoline prices, buy groceries, pay light bill, phone bill, water bill, licensing fees and MUCH MORE…….

    Premier Mr. McKeeva Bush, the people have been struggling while you and your  possy go globe trotting .  Give our people a break and allow them at least six months to get their act together and sort out their differences.


    Since these underprivileged vendors are to comply  with the law and occupy a physical  place of business with an address other than a roadside  temporary makeshift; then obviously it will take some time to save up to pay for the high outrageous rental fees of a more suitable location than the roadside. Or are you trying to force them into the huge expensive building you yourself will be occupying very soon and you would like them to help carry the load of the mortgage payments?! While they have nothing but OVERHEAD TO DEAL WITH! 

    I have no problem figuring out the UDP, nor analyzing everything that you do. Nor do I struggle for answers.There is always something behind something. Why does it always have to be the people on the paying end?

    Our people need time to plan out if they even wish to continue doing what they are doing. 

    I am a bit irritated that government keeps making huge demands from our people placing yokes around their necks that you yourself refuse to wear or have not even tested the weight of it yourselves!.

    Its time to lay off and allow people to make a livelihood any way they can legally without UDP or government interference.

    If the business location is a problem they need time.

    If the business is not licensed, they need time.

    Vendors should be able to operate for at least three months before licensing is required – just to give the business time to grow during this grace period. Government should allow this privilege for business owners such as vendors. Not all category businesses would qualify for this. But people need a break in this difficult time. If you can grant the immigration stay overs two to three months with notice given for amnesty to leave, then why can’t you allow reasonable time for vendors trying to make an honest living. I say give ’em six months as a grace period.

    Good heavens the kids just went off to college and private school three weeks ago, what do you want from them? They must now pay for the UDP gallivanting?

    While youhave your tongue in the cheek concerning this comment, you may consider constructing a Public Market where the citizens and residents may occupy for a very nominal fee on a monthly basis. and I mean nominal like $50 per month!  or less.This will help stimulate the economy.

    Its time to stop taxing the hell out of our people and making demands on them while you live large, and trot around the globe like there’s no  tomorrow.!  While our young people are jobless robbing and looting and killing because they have no education and no means of employment, should these roadside vendors  quit selling their merchandise and  join up with the gangsters? What options do they have?

    Government’s responsibility to the constituents is to remove the heavy burdens from the already oppressed poor people and struggling vendors.  Not put heavy yokes around their necks!

    I’m just keeping it real, With No Bias and No Bull!

    Its time for the UDP to comeclean and tell the people what their real agenda is. There are far too many mistakes being made in  spur of the moment decision making, one after the other. Somebody is not playing with a full deck, and somebody is not at all holding the interest of the people at heart.

    That game is over!, we’ve got the real picture and the negative. You can’t tell us anything different. You are playing games with the people’s intelligence and it needs to and Now!  Enough is Enough.

    I might add if the big fish are trying to swallow up the small fish then shame on them too.

    • Anonymous says:

      The blind that voted for the blind leading the blind? As those with sight watch them walk into closed doors again and again.  Too bad but those who cannot learn from the past can never have a future.

    • Anonymous says:

      you’re nuts if you really believe its ok to allow businesses to trade without licencing…..that runs contrary to global acceptance and general levels of sanity…..why would you lobby for non-licenced vendors to be able to compete with licensed ones? that is simply a giant leap down the road to ruin….whilst you think you’re HELPING the non-licensed vendors because they MAY be going through difficult times, (and the genuine desire to help and care is admirable) its actually extremely counter-productive as then you’re giving them an unfair advantage over legal, licensed operators who will either determine that they dont have to renew their licences, or worse, will end up shutting down legitimate businesses because ILLEGAL BUSINESSES are being supported…….do you see?

      these are desperate times….but lobbying for illegality is NOT an answer

      • Florence Goring-Nozza says:


        I’m not lobbying for illegality, I’m lobbying for this present government to stop making heavy demands on our people while they abuse the public purse!

        Whats so illegal about that? I take it that you are one of the big fish that wishes to swallow up the small fish.  or a member of  the U.D.P. and you are so wrong.

        It makes no sense to deliberately pervert the message I’m trying to relay to government that its time to take our poor struggling people into consideration instead of continuing to oppress them.

        In the future please make sure you are defending a real cause and discontinue to advocate for the unscrupulous.

        • Anonymous says:

          maybe the person is not a "big fish’ and maybe ms G’nozza isn’t nuts.  Now both of you stop calling names and let’s have a mature debate.  Or you’re grounded! 

    • Anonymous says:

      There already is a market in town for Caymanians only at $50.  Why don’t these vendors go there as it is always half empty and the items sold there, apart from a couple, are not even made in Cayman.

      Go sell the coconut water and food from there.  Aside from the tourists, you might even catch the workers who might appreciate some hot local food at lunchtime at a reasonable price rather than a sandwich from some places that charge a fortune for two pieces of bread with a little something inside.

      If a further licence or fee is required for selling food there then government could give them a break and give a discounted fee.  Then the situation could be regulated, inspected and controlled.


      • Florence goring-Nozza says:


        I am not at all encouraging nor promoting illegality. You will appreciate that the little man needs encouragement  and an advocate when they are being oppressed by the big wigs who are only looking out for the rich and famous even in a struggling economy they have chosen corporate Cayman over the constituents that elected them into office to serve them.

        A BAIT AND SWITCH  has taken place!.,Everyone now needs  a Plan "B" .

        According to another contributor,  there is already a Retail market offering  space at a monthly  nominal fee; Then the Sellers market needs to be promoted and advertised properly, and No further licensing required. It would be similar to a local Flea market orswap meet shops, where the Tenant would enjoy the vendor or business  License of the Landlord, which is this case. Hopefully there’s enough stalls to be rented so all vendors can be accommodated. At the same time there can not be any exclusivity of product line being sold. In other words, there can be an unlimited number of classification of products sold per stall with no restriction. e.g. multiple Plant nurseries, multiple food stalls or multiple fruit stalls.  In the interest of everyone the system would not cherry pick who can and what product line can be sold in each stall. Everyone has equal opportunity. We can not put the brakes on them in a struggling economy as  this is a final effort by the people to make ends meet the best way they can.

        All  vendors required should be limited to only pay the nominal fee for their rental space which includes access to the collective or general retail business license sponsored or guaranteed by government this also ensures business regulation as well.

        There should be no further requirements as these very small businesses can be a fast turn over at times. At least government could give everyone who desires  so the opportunity to enter into the retail business with little or no capital.  Why should the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. that I’m against!

        Plain and simple.

        If the government really want to help these people with no hidden agenda then they need to get on with it.  AND THEY CAN!

        I’m going to stand by and see just how they are going to handle this.

        • Anonymous says:

          ‘According to another contributor,  there is already a Retail market offering  space at a monthly  nominal fee;’

          Never said it was a retail market – I am amazed that so many Caymanians do not appear to know about this.

          Contact Mr Smith (‘Notch’)

      • anonymous says:



        What square footage is the market? How many vendors can be accommodated there. Give the people some idea.

        • Anonymous says:

          Maybe you should get off your tweedle dee andtweedle dum and go look for yourself!