Cops appeal to diners for info on hotel gunman

| 20/10/2010

(CNS): Police investigating an attempted armed robbery at the Grand Cayman Beach suites on Monday night say that the robber mayhave lay in wait around the hotel area before his attack. The robbery took place around 11:15pm and Detective Inspector Collins Oremule has issued an appeal to anyone who may have been in the restaurants at the resort to come forward as he says they could have seen the culprit before he made his foiled attempt at the hotel’s finance office. “Webelieve that the gunman had been waiting in the immediate area for a period of time prior to the attack,” the detective said.

“I would ask diners who were at Hemmingway’s or persons who frequented Bamboo or Grand Cayman Beach Suites between 10pm and 11.30pm last night to contact the police. They may have information which would be relevant to the enquiry.”
Meanwhile, police said today that CCTV footage released on Monday of the armed robbery at the Esso Four Winds gas station in West Bay on 7 October had provided useful information to officers investigating the crime.
The robbery occurred at the Esso Four Winds gas station on Thursday 7 October 2010.
“We’ve received a number of calls from people who have provided some very useful
information” said Detective Constable Nathan Turner. “The man and woman who were in the
dark car at the gas station when the robbery took place have also been in touch following the
broadcast of the images on TV last night.”
Information on these or any crimes can be passed to George Town CID on 949-4222 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Once again, proof of the incompetence of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Farce becomes clear.

    On two occasions recently vital evidence was left behind, fire arms case thrown out of court because of an Officers stupidity, video footage of an armed bank robbery taking place WITHHELD from the public, and footage of another armed robbery released over a week later.

    All of those things on their own are bad enough, but when we hear/read statements from the Police disclosing what should be CONFIDENTIAL information passed on to them, is there any wonder why the public is hesitant to provide info??? How would you feel if you were the man and woman in the dark car when the gas station was robbed? There was absolutely no need for that information to be ever released to the public. I’m sure if the persons in the car had wanted everyone to know they were at the scene of an armed robbery, had seen the robbery taking place and had a good look at the gunman as he put the gun to the pump attentants head, they would have went to the press themselves.

    Once again the Police have proven they have no clue how to handle information and deal with confidential informants; they keep information like video footage to themselves and release the description of not only the persons, but their car as well, of persons that are willing to provide info on a crime.

    The only good thing, although it doesn’t change anything, is that it appears that none of the Officers named that have been involved in leaving evidence behind and bragging about who gave them info have been Caymanians. 

    There is absolutely no reason for NOT releasing video footage to the public immediately. In other countries footage is released within minutes of a crime taking place. Everytime there is a press release from the Police they appeal for help from the public yet the fail to inform us of crimes taking place until days later. If the Comissioner was serious about solving crimes and apprehending criminals he would make sure his Officers informed the public immediately and assured that any and all information provided was kept the same way it was given… CONFIDENCE.

    I am TOTALLY DISGUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Huh? Yes, thanks. I’d like mine medium-well, to go. What? I thought you meant take out steaks. Nevermind, let me get back to trying to figure out how I missed the bullets from the Reflections robbery or why I forgot to release the video from the Four Way robbery for 10 days or work out the plan for the raid on the speakeasy. 

  3. Thankful Again says:

    How about some stake outs!!