Mac to put LA on TV

| 12/04/2011

(CNS): The Cayman Islands premier has announced his intention to launch government’s own television station, which will broadcast the proceedings in the Legislative Assembly, the government’s policy position on issues of the day and emergency or important information. McKeeva Bush said that he believed this would enhance good governance and transparency as the media only gave part of the information to the people. Government’s own station, he said, would be able to deliver its message properly. Hoping to launch it by the middle of this year, Bush said that WestStar TV had agreed to supply the channel free of charge and it would be added to customers’ packages.

Speaking at a public meeting in North Side on Monday evening, the premier said this would not be done by Government Information Services (GIS), the administration’s existing communication department, but would be done directly by the current government. Bush said his government had to be able to get its message out and important information across to the people.

“In order to ensure that we accomplish that, we plan to establish a government television channel. We have had talks with the management of WestStar TV, who have graciously agreed to provide the channel to government free of cost,” the premier revealed. “The TV channel will be included in all of WestStar TV’s packages at no additional cost to the consumer. With this TV channel the government will be able to readily communicate important information.”

Aside from information relating to hurricanes, the premier said it would disseminate information about all government matters on tourism or education and it would show government work going on live. “This is not going to be GIS; this is going to be run by government,” Bush stated without further explanation.

“We will also televise the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly. There will be a regular news broadcast of government information. The policy and position of the elected government on issues will also be communicated on this channel,” the premier added.

Government is aiming to begin broadcasting by the middle of this year, Bush announced, saying it would enhance good governance. While some people may read the Hansard (the transcript of the Legislative Assembly), parliamentary reports, the newspaper and CNS, or listen to the radio, the premier thought television was a more influential medium in modern society.

“I hope it will lead to a greater understanding by the public of what happens in the LA and government as a whole,” the premier said. “I listen to some of the skewed reports coming out of there and I wonder where they come from.” He added that he believed it would prevent reporters from publishing selected exerts that may not truly reflect the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly.

“The public has a right to know and see its Legislative Assembly at work. Many places do that and we are going to do it,” he said. “Something has to be done to get the full truth out. We cannot continue relying on CNS, which only reports one side of the House. Only what the opposition do you will see unless they can make fun of me, and call me something, or tell some lie on me. That’s the only time they report what I say or what I do,” the premier said. “So government will have its own channel where we can educate the people of these islands properly.”

The people had a right to know far more about what happens, Bush told the audience in North Side, than they get to know from the mass media. He said, however, that he believed The Caymanian Compass tries to do a decent job. “They don’t get it all right but I think they do a fair job,” Bush added, as he congratulated the local newspaper.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    GIS Unbiased!?!? Please!!! When was the last time yousaw someone from the opposition on that little spotlight show?

    • Anonymous says:

      GIS Spotlight is not a forum for political debate.  If you have ever watched the show, you know that the stories are about the work, services and programmes of the Cayman Islands government that benefit ALL residents.

      Please feel free to check out any of the stories at



    • WBfisherman says:

      Yeah, and what about all those speeches that G.I.S. puts out? Those aren’t political at all. Hahahaha I am sure the new tv channel will have programming from G.I.S. so it will be a two for one political fiesta for the Premier.

  2. Whodatis says:

    Re: "Submitted by whodatis (not verified) on Tue, 04/12/2011 – 13:58.

    How about a Reality Show with big MAC -his lifestyle appears to be more "fabulous" than Kimor Lee Simmons herself! Ah…I would watch."

    Can we please respect the username and aliases of others on this forum?

    The quoted post above was not submitted by the blogger known as "Whodatis".

    That’s just plain rude – and it is not the first time it has happened.

    Thank you kindly.

     – Whodatis

    CNS: We’re looking into the possibility of introducing log-ins for those who want to, so regular commenters could be "verified" rather than "not verified", which would help me identify impersonators. However, it would not be compulsory so people could comment without registration as they do now. In the meantime, if anyone sees a comment that purports to be by them but isn’t, send me an email with the comment link.

  3. Shepherd says:

    Soundsa bit Orwellian to me. Long live Big Brother!

    For those of you who may not understand the above comments, read ‘1984’ by George Orwell and also ‘Farenheit 451’ and ‘Animal Farm’ while your at it!

  4. The Crown says:

    Good idea,perhaps the best idea in 25year’s,granted that it will have the criteria as some of the post have indicated. It is thought provoking however that this comes on the heel’s of a serious lack of transparency regarding the situation with the UN. Caymanian’s can no longer tolerate the way in which similar decision’s are made & the lack of being informed as to why. Caymanian’s are the most socially accepting,tolerant people in the world. We have significant number’s of people flocking here. This is a reality we love & accept,but a serious problem arises when that hospitality is exploited by person’s who have no moral bearing,no manner’s & no thought ‘to live & let live’. I am perplexed by them. How can person’s of the like be so selfish,simply because a government has allowed it? Some people in this country,who can afford to buy $800.00 lounge chair’s & $600.00 faucet’s,will over extend themselves to see how little they can pay a Caymanian,if by chance they have to use one. This contempt & disrespect has to cease. It is creating beggar’s as well as other thing’s & i know of no respected beggar’s. Mr Bush you as well as other’s from the Greed & Tunnel Vision Fraternity are responsible for this mess,change it while there is still time. Caymanian’s & like hearted individual’s is what has exalted this country. Change & let cant stand to see nobody with nothin,a thing of the past.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Folks – the key bit in the story is the following quote.

    “This is not going to be GIS; this is going to be run by government,” Bush stated

    Translation – this is not going to be an unbiased source of information. This TV channel will broadcast only the message that the government wants you to believe.

    • Anonymous says:

      GIS is a waste of money anyways. Eliminate it and make a channel that just broadcasts the LA uninterupted. That is a way to show our government at work, not through silly press releases and shows.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is more to the Cayman Islands government than the Legislative Assembly.  If you only show the Legislative Assembly, you show an important but probably the least productive aspect of how government really works.  Which is probably what you meant to say:  "All hail the UDP, more face time for McKeeva Bush."  Am I right?

      • Anonymous says:

        I recall reading recently that someone was paid a lot of money to write ONE speech? And that a certain person with connections in the private sector was paid a lot of money for something with PR? And then there’s Jan Tomasky? I know it’s easy to pick on civil servants these days and not all of it is wrong (some DEFINATELY need to go) but I don’t get some of these comments. We need to think about where the money’s being wasted, or the money will just keep getting wasted. That speechwriter wasn’t even from here! Wonder if he spent the money here!

      • Ja-manian says:

        Hmmm…sounds like you have some money to donate to the Cayman Islands Government. PR services can be quite costly you know, especially when they include more that "silly press releases and shows".

    • Anonymous says:

      Help – They’re gonna brainwash us!!

  6. David R. Legge says:

    On its face, this dedicated channel sounds like a good thing to me (admittedly a C-SPAN junkie when I am in the U.S.). I’ve long thought that uninterrupted, unedited exposure to Congress "at work" does far more to educate the U.S. populace on its government than any combination of news broadcasts, newspapers, pundits, and talk shows combined.

    Regarding the other content of the new channel, it probably will evolve over time but, if it turns out to be little more than self-promotion and propaganda, well, we can just opt to change the channel or shut the TV off and read a good book.

    Having sat through many many hours inCayman’s Legislative Assembly (including yesterday afternoon), I can tell you that the chamber gallery is almost always empty. Yesterday, for example, there were only four people present (all of us from the media) for what was expected to be one of the most important debates facing the country—the geographical apportionment of three new seats in the Legislative Assembly and, by proxy, the issue of one man, one vote in single-member constituencies.

    As it turned out, the debate never happened—the issue was deferred—but I can see no harm whatsoever in bringing these proceedings to a much larger potential audience.

    Finally, WestStar deserves some applause for making one of its allocated channels available to the government without charge.

  7. By The People says:

    Last night at the Northside meeting, Bo Miller had some excellent suggestions to save the country millions. Mac interrupted him every minute, called the ideas stupid and said they’d never work…

    THIS is how he treats people that don’t support him – no one has better ideas – if they do, he steals them and calls it his own.

    He ridiculed EVERYONE that spoke out. Brought about 45 people with him (his cheerleaders), planted questions amongst them (mostly from Steve McField) which he answered by reading perfectly written answers!! Deflected questions, inserted people to answer questions he couldn’t answer and overall made a mockery of the whole government as usual

    He will now have the perfect vehicle to hand feed his drivel and propaganda to the uneducated and unemployed masses that are sitting at home looking for the Messiah to save them.



    • Anonymous says:

      well said….same thing happened at the last meeting…..these meetings are one big sham….and shame on steve mcfield for being played like a puppet….

    • Anonymous says:

      Was Steve wearing his medal?

  8. Libertarian says:

    ***** I don’t see anything wrong with the government owning their own television station. Not only should the people and much loved individuals have freedom of speech, but members of the government and those people hated by so many as well. Besides, the more FOI there is on both sides, is the more FOI there is available to correct and edit wrong information. ***** Libertarian

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes, either pull the ladder up or grow the population. Steady slow growth may be best and long term is on solid foundation? Fast Growth may be on unstable foundation? We must realize we either grew too fast and we are not 100% sustainable or grow the poplutation to try and bring in more dollars. The thing is the apple tree has only so many apples. People packing the apple trees and the seed is what is need then plenty of apples. No one with the apple orchards are going to plant here if Cayman keeps getting sold out of its right to safety and stability.

  10. Anonymous says:

     and you think COPS is interesting..i love this..just love it… i want to see these clowns @ play..i mean @ work 

    • Wisest Owl says:

      This will only work if it is broadcast LIVE not pre-recorded and edited to suit Big Mac and the UDP. NO hidden agendas.

      Mr. Bush please articulate, sounds too good to be true!

      We need independent people to verify the authenticity of the socalled Live broadcast.

      The man is now afraid of the commissioners of the constitution because they represent people power!


  11. whodatis says:

    How about a Reality Show with big MAC -his lifestyle appears to be more “fabulous” than Kimor Lee Simmons herself! Ah…I would watch.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The only way he can grow the country in the short term is another status give away. That is trying to keep people from leaving who didn’t qualify for PR or Status under their own steam by meeting the qualification criteria such as real estate investment, reasonable income, clear police record (outside the country as well) etc. So then are these folk going to be the new investors we are looking for and will another 3,000 be the tipping factor to float the economy? Or is it turn the tides at the polls for Mr. generosity. Many of us did our time and paid the high work permit fees. Any more back door give aways for the status we worked so hard for will make status mean half as much as it did with the last status give away which will = 0 this time around. We’ll have lots of mobile carwash business, “handymans” and all sorts of ancillary businesses geared towards those with expendible income with less and less people of expendible income choosing to reside in Cayman. Then its Dog eat dog folks. No one ever said Cayman had to be all things to all people and forever accomodating. Lot’s of people blame roll over and “That is why people don’t choose to invest in Cayman”. If you bought a home that is more than half the requirement. There is no “Official” welfare system in Cayman and the Government is supposed to be careful not to end up with Status Grantees on the Dole becuase they have enough of their own. There are plenty of other places in the world to live. Why people pick some small rock in the middle of no where is beyond me and I’m starting to question this myself.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      The knee jerk decision making that the Bush lead administrations have made over the past 2 decades are coming back to haunt the country. Hopefully the people will understand that any more decisions from Mr. Bush will be designed to try and get him re elected this time. These decisions will not be long term based and will continue to contribute to the cycle of recession for the people of Cayman.

    • Flossy says:

      Are your serious? Jeez, talk about pull the ladder up jack am ok!

  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s true that many countries have a parliamentary channel that broadcasts the LA live and that can only be a good thing.  Now we will all be able to see for ourselves the folly of parliamentary debate – or lack thereof!

    That said, producing television is expensive not to mention technically complicated. It requires a team of writers, camera operators, hosts, editors, graphic designers, producers and directors – all of whom must at least be somewhat experienced in producing television.  I hope the UDP and people of the Cayman Islands realize how expensive those salaries and work permits will be, not to mention all of the equipment that will need to be purchased.  Outfitting the LA with the cameras and lighting necessary to produce a decent  television picture and hiring the people to run it will cost a decent chunk of change alone besides the cost of producing other government programming.

    And seeing as GIS stand for GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SERVICES and is already run by the government, I’m not sure how Mac insists the new channel will be different.  Isn’t GIS’s job to disseminate government information? They should just have GIS hire a few more people to produce the LA broadcast and the rest of the propaganda – i mean programming.

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      The Honorable Premier made it very clear that government (Cabinet), and not GIS, would be controlling the TV channel.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Now we will all be able to see them sleeping on the job!

  15. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Da master of deception is at it again, but don’t be fooled people.

    • Sachamo says:

      Let it rest Mccarron, this is a good thing whether you agree with it or not.

      • Warwick Hunt says:

        Are you ‘kin’ kidding me? A good thing? Mac in control of his own state funded TV channel? Pray tell us how you reach such a conclusion.

  16. Real T Check says:

     Ahhh, great, coming soon to a small screen near you "DictatorTV" – every megalomaniac needs at least one channel!!!

    Sad part is, in between his self-centered rantings, it will violate all the international copyright laws since the material will all have to be pilfered from the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and the Travel Channel.  Oh yeah, and the Syfy Channel for all the fiction and fantasy in our lives under the UDP!!!

    Oh, wait, that doesn’t matter does it, we don’t have any copyright laws in Cayman – my bad!!!

  17. Jungle Juice says:

    Well a dictator isn’t complete without a state run proppaganda filled TV station. Good step to becoming the complete dictator Mac, Bravo!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard, Arden and The Chuckster…….The time has come my friends. The country is counting on you 3 to lead the revolt against this dangerous Premier……..The time has simply come !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      god help us if that is the best alternative…..

    • anonymous says:

      anonymous @12:11 you have got to be drinking gas on the rocks……………the frying pan is already hot,why in the world would you want to jump in the fire.lmao

  19. Anonymous says:

    The TV coverage of the LA is good. People will be able to not just hear but now they will be able to see the inappropriate and childish behaviour of the current Premier. Not to mention the great footage for You Tube. Yes Mr. Premier You Tube…….have you heard about that website ? Its kinda like “Twitta” and “The Ole Bloggas” ……’ll love it…….I promise.

    Now to the UDP’s WestStar TV propaganda channel. This was anticipated as it is the way that Dictatorships operate. I must put you on notice Mr. Premier…… better don’t attempt to pay for this from our tax payer dollars. And don’t try to sell this BS about it won’t cost anything. Even if the channel is free there will always be significant production costs for the various propaganda programmes. So I hope you’re not going to try to make us pay for this. You’re pushing a very dangerous agenda…….tread carefully. Caymanians will not stand for much more of this !!!!

  20. Betcha says:

    It will be ‘censored’ and we will only get to see the bits they want us to see… betcha!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Will it be like Survivor? Can we vote him off the island??

  22. petermilburn says:

    I listen to the proceedings in the house quite often so I can stay abreast of whats happening and also read the daily paper to get more info on what goes on in the House.Do we really need to televise all this well?I must add that I do get a little fed up with all the raving and ranting that goes on (mostly from the Govt bench)and am very surprised at the Speaker giving the Premier so much latitude and (longtitude) when he speaks so much against opposition members trying to make their points of view.Isnt this what Democracy is all about?Its one thing to hear the ranting and name calling but to be able to see it will make me keep my remote in hand at ALL times.If we the people have to pay for this nonsense then it will be a bad idea.and I hope many more will not support this means of getting Govts message across.For those of you who have not yet read it get the book titled” Dont Stop the Carnival”(Cayman Version).

  23. Anonymous says:

    Methinks he will use this TV broadcast to brainwash the public with subliminal messages. Next thing you know you have voted UDP and cannot seem to get the theme song from that Lil Darlins ad out of your head.

    Fear not people, Weststar’s TV reception is so crap we will probably only be able to see and hear snippets of the madness anyway. OMG, imagine if McKeeva did a reality show!!! Forget Jersey Shore, its West Side!!

    “Family, its not what it used to be…” dah dah dah

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Mac, I already get you and JuJu on Dish Network. It’s called the Travel Channel.

  25. Anonymous says:

    State Run TV…my favorite Channel

  26. Anonymous says:

    May I suggest that he also have a weekly TV show like Hugo Chavez does in Venezuela?

  27. Jonathan says:

    I think that we would all benefit from taped proceedings of the Legislative Assembly and the goings on therein. It is however, not what Mr. Bush is saying he wants to do. What Mr. Bush is saying he wants to do is create/expand his own propaganda machine and it is akin to CSPAN being run by either the democrats or the republicans in the USA. As we all are now supposed to wait with baited breath for the creation of UDPTV does this man not realize even the very concept of democracy, journalistic integrity, and the naked emperor syndrome?

    Try as he might to turn the tide, McKeeva Bush has irreversibly exposed himself as the antithesis of good governance, responsible stewardship, diplomatic integrity, adherence to the very concept of democracy and the ability to be a good leader. With the passing of time the truth of the matter will reveal itself no matter what is attempted and the very proof of such is now evident. According to Mr. Bush’s thinking, journalistic integrity is based on whether or not one is toeing his party line and the essence of said integrity is as foreign a concept to him as any metaphor to this ninkompoopery could ever be created in even a parallel universe.

    Well done Mr. Boss Hogg and it would be a source of great hilarity if it was not for the fact that this was not the goings on which are dragging this country through the mud and towards an uncertain and vastly unwanted future. Those who support this regime are running out of time to disaccociate themselves from what is going on here as every minute which passes reveals more and more the true nature of this beast. We can see historical evidence all around us of what happens when a country does not disallow the prescence of predatory dictatorialism in it’s midst and it is time to speak your mind, whoever you are and whatever your loyalty.

    The short and long term health of this country is at stake here and the disease is nothing any doctor can heal. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and anyone with two eyes open and a heart containing love of country can see that what we have here is the ugly metamorphosis from scheming troglodyte to preposterous tyrant. As was addressed in the newspaper editorial recently, the identification of Premier McKeeva Bush as one with massively dictatorial tendencies is, contrary to the editor’s words, the one true way for a people to stand against those who would railroad this country into total dictatorship if given the chance and if one takes offence at a spade being called a spade then so be it.

    There is nothing so sad as to see one identify themselves as a schill when the job one does is demanding of the highest levels of integrity and objectivity. Furthermore, to employ scare tactics of "running away potential investors" when people are simply trying to stem the flow of an insidious, debilatory, deleterious and irrefutably destructive mindset which is the current situation this country finds itself in today is the very definition of disingenuous. Any "potential investor" who would prefer to see a fake facade of peace and harmony among the populace regarding the mal- administration of this country and the adherence to the status quo simply for propriety’s sake is most probably not worthy of being here anyway.

    For those who would rather see a problem fester under wraps and watch a pressure cooker bubble and steam to the point of unavoidable explosion are not a friend of this country, whoever they are, and said parties are a part of the problem, not the solution. The present situation the Cayman Islands is in today is entirely because of this mentality and to those of this mindset I dare say, you can feel free to find yourself another beach made of sand to stick your head into and expose your feathery derrier into the wind. Good luck with that tactic. I believe that Cuba has some openings coming up and and they have some beautiful beaches. Mr. Castro already has his own version of UDPTV. Freedom is not now nor has it ever been given, it is gained, and it is "jealously" guarded by those who know it’s value.

    • JC says:

      VERY very well said Jonathan.
      You could post as a viewpoint so that it doesn’t get lost in the many comments that I am sure will be posted on this topic.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well put! Couldn’t agree more.

      Cayman needs Civil Servants who do things right, and a leader who does the right thing. We are a million miles from that.

    • durrrr says:

      careful you don’t wear out that thesaurus, Jonathan! lol

  28. Anonymous says:

    Having the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly aired on TV is a good idea. Having it controlled outside of the umbrella of Government Information Services is step in the wrong direction and should not even be considered.

    Such a Channel MUST be non-partisan!!!

    When McDunce says that they will “educate the people of these islands properly” does he intend to give classes in proper grammar or will we be educated in his own fashion? I are, You is, He am, etc., etc.

  29. anonymous says:

    If last nights re broadcast on Radio Cayman, of the LA Proceedings is any indication of what we will see on TV.  Lord help us!!  McKeeva is the most disgraceful Politician I have ever heard on these re broadcasts.  Poor Alden and Arden do not stand a chance to oppose anything, before McKeeva punch on them like a out of control Elephant.  It is just so sad that none of the laws can be opposed or debated on by the oppositions.  Ms. Mary Lawrence, I am very disappointed in her as the speaker of the house, as she cannot control McKeeva.  He tells her just what he feels and she lets him get away.  Alden, Arden, Kurt , Ezzard and others hang unnah heads up and do not get discourage.  Every "Good" thing comes to an end.  At lease with this TV broadcast the people will see the TRUTH.

  30. Joef Geobbels says:

    Where can I apply for the directorship of this channel??

    • Real Problem says:

       Mac: You announced this in North Side last night and also said our population had to grow and called your own people, "punks".  The real problem is that your $25,000 month take home pay (blend of MLA salary ad pensions and who KNOWS what XXX) has you OUT OF TOUCH WITH YOUR PEOPLE!

      You want to improve your people’s lot in life: Start with rollover for Civil Servants too.  HOW are Caymanians ever going to aspire and obtain skilled jobs in the Government when every ex-pat that joins Govt is offered STATUS, er um, key employee, er um NOT subject to rollover?  Really….?  IT jobs, Tourism? DOE, HSA..I’m tired of applying, please just start a monthly welfare that I can apply for.  I’m now uninsured and unemployed…college degree and cant get a job.  Thanks Mac, a TV station is just what I need right?



  31. Anonymous says:

    Another reason to switch from Weststar to Dish Network!

    I cannot imagine many people will watch this propaganda channel, especially if all it does is praise the current government and Premier.

    More wasted money on vanity……

    • 🙂 🙂 :); I agree with you on this one, I for sure will switch to DISH as soon as I can, were just waiting for one more excuse to switch.
      Caymanians are at a lost here,the disgusting way that the entourage that came to North Side last night and misbehaved were unethical, disgusting and needed some cow itch.
      You come into a mans district and ridicule him and embarrass the people of that district is a shame.
      Some of the things that were said was ok, but calling the MLA for that district a failure is out of order, how can he do anything in his district if he’s not allowed the funds to do it..
      In this next election I hope that all the independant canidates win, so we can have a coalition government. Im so sick of the B/S I want to throw up:(

  32. Anonymous says:

    Big up yourself CNS. When you are singled out for criticism it means you are doing your job.

    As for the TV station, Macdinejad seems to be saying that the UDP perspective will be broadcast, but all of the people will pay for it. Dictation 101.

  33. Anonymous says:

     Is the UDP or CIG paying costs of licensing, film-crew, camera, lighting , grips, and-so-on? Assuming it’s UDP partisan as stated….

  34. Anonymous says:

    CNS Is there a way of having a tab with all the latest major outstanding issues be available at the click of a button? I went searching yesterday on the latest with the state of the public accounts and it was so buried that I didn’t bother to make a comment because no one would have read it. You could have a shortcut like the recent addition of the library button and just include thelatest story on the below topics with the comment section still open. Current Critical Outstanding topics that comes to mind: State of Public Accounts/Chairman of PAC Cohen Deal Shetty Deal North Sound/EE Port Register of Interests Single Member Constituencies George Town Landfill

    CNS: The biggest problem we have is lack of time and no staff but I’ll give it some thought.

    • Anonymous says:

      every announcement by mac over the last 2 years is currently a critical outstanding issue….
      p.s. i wouldn’t betoo worried about this tv channele idea… just more pie in the sky stuff from mac….

    • The Crown says:

      Great idea.Macnomics wont like it but a grrreat idea. 

  35. Anonymous says:

    Good diversion Mac! Maybe you shoudl also propose a new Cayman flag to keep people away from the real issues.

  36. cc says:

    I cannot believe that many of the people writing on the blogs spew so much vendetta for one man. I am neither UDP or PPM and I am really surprised at some of the ignorance that is blogged. Just about every country I know have a TV channel that broadcasts and advise the public of what is happening with Government and all government bodies. So, why can’t this be done in the Cayman Islands? Is it because the Premier came out with it first?

    Come on people, please be a little more matured and think before blogging.

    • Anonymous says:

      Name one

      • Rorschach says:


        • Anonymous says:

          From my understanding, CSPAN is a cooperative effort by American broadcasters, not a government initiative.  What is key here is who is in control, who determines what will go on the TV channel.  We all know that when McKeeva Bush says the word "government" he means "UDP government".

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        BBC, VOA, Voice of America, Voice of Germany,

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you surprised???  This is CNS, average blogger here has a mindset of below puberty. 

      • Anonymous says:

        11:43 I hope you are including yourself in that, or are you superior

    • Anonymous says:

      cc you are wrong. This is all about Mac using public money to set up his own propaganda channel. The covering of LA proceedings is just a side-issue – the real issue is him gaining some control over the media, getting public funds to put his crackpot schemes across to the public and try and brainwash them.

      He is designing it to have everything on his terms. He probably had some initial meetings with GIS, found that somewhat unresponsive to his me me me ideas, figures they won’t do everything his way, so he is setting up MIS – Mac Information Services. Pure propaganda. Will it exist after the UDP get voted out? Possibly, but only to be used and abused in similar fashion.

      Other countries like the USA and UK have channels dedicated to legsilative meetings etc, but which are really just viewing portals rather than current affairs shows – and as such they are mostly impartial.This idea is to be by the UDP (Maxc), for the UDP (Mac).

      The concept is only that of a dictator. UK please take notice.

    • Cayman already have a channel its 24 so why wastr time & money?

  37. Anonymous says:

    If it will not cost anything and westar will really provide the channel for free as it says, then I don’t see the harm. It can only mean that the public can see what goes on the la and hold politicians accountable. It may improve the productivity of GIS etc. But if it is going to cost us money and GIS won’t be relied on, bad use of funds right now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous 9:12, just who do you think is going to pay for the cameras, installation, monitoring, editing, set up, make up, lights, etc….
      You poor likkle niave soul. Follow along likkle sheep. Believe everything you are told.

  38. Absolute BC says:

    There is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Like Bull Cr@p hitting the fan, so are the days of our lives.

    Propaganda IS propaganda.

    Check Please!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Mean while, just off stage at the soap opera; "Man you know I bin taken some licks for that double dippin. Ya know what, I goin to create a diwersun to mek the people forget bout dat. I goin tell them dey gunna get a new TW (telewission) channel starring me. Dem goin forget all bout my little penion and dey goin love the character I play on the TW for dem."

  40. Anonymous says:

    We the people of this country DO NOT need this we DO NOT want this end of story.

  41. Anon says:

    So basically, the Caymanian people will be footing the bill for the UDP campaigning for 2012?  Just what will this cost us?

  42. ALL SEEING says:

    I love this move. It makes everything they do more serious and we can react. Good move.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Mac TV is clearly a waste of money.

    The LA accomplishes little that is of any benefit for the people now. Once this happens it will be all theatrics.

  44. D Ebanks says:

    Please dont be fooled by Mac’s distraction tactics. Every once in a while we get these periodic ‘random’ off the wall statements which gets everyone in a tizzy for a few days. Its just a ruse to take attention away from other real issues.

    What happened to the Cohen financing? At the moment Government is spending the company fees that come in the first part of the year. In a couple months, civil servants will be told there might not be enough cash to make salaries.

    Dont lose sight of the North Sound dredging, the Waste to Energy tender, the lack of government accounts, the Ritz unpaid customs duties and the $2b Shetty concessions package etc.

    And where is the economic stimulus? Mac and cronies are traipsing all over the world supposedly to get investors. Nothing to show for it except hotel airfare and restaurant bills.

    However, I predict conveniently there will be a project started next year (schools probably) just before the 2013 election which will be touted as ‘progress’ during the UDP campaign.

    Wake up my people! These are elementary political tricks.
    The UDP just want to keep our focus on other things other than their failings to run this country properly.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! Another Soap Opera one can watch!

  46. cc says:

    Governments own TV station! Broadcasting the proceedings in the Legislative Assembly should have been done long time ago!

  47. CSI says:

    Only 3 words can describe this guy – “Out of control”. Lots of places have a parliamentary channel that broadcasts what goes on in the legislature, but that is not what our illustrious Premier has described here. “The policy and position of the elected government on issues will also be communicated on this channel.” Lots of other governments do that too – although to be fair, they are usually called dictatorships. What will this channel be called? “Al Jazeera” is already taken, but “Al Mckeewa” has a nice ring to it. Some other possibilities: “Al Westbaya”, “Al UDP”, “Al m’cronies”, or how about, “Al take my pension now please!”

  48. Anonymous says:

    It will be known as "The other comedy channel – where the joke is on the poor taxpayers".

  49. Anonymous says:

    SURE – As we all well know any socialist dictator need to have their own propaganda machine. He should name it BBS Broadcasting Bull Sh!7 (or BBW Broadcasting to Brain Wash the susceptible masses.) Woop 1%
    Good idea in principle, if there isn’t a sinister bone behind it. Nah I’m not buying the innocence of it.

  50. Hurrah! says:

    Now we can out his idiocy on youtube and show the world!

  51. Rob I. says:

    Very good move Mr. Premier. A lot of people may complaint about the actions and or decisions of government officials, but at the same time they don’t care enough to attend LA meetings when important decisions are being made, even though it’s open to the public. I don’t know if it has a nameas yet, but how about Caymanian Public Affairs Network (CPAN)?

    From a Non-partisan.

    • Anonymous says:

      07:00 I agree with you. Many people who are “pouring cold water” on this idea don’t realise that most of the progressive western-styled democratic countries have a TV/Radio stations to broadcast Government information and other public interest matters. Its not just dctators or totalitarian regimes that have these . They should remember it will be for every Government, be it UDP, or PPM or whatever other Ps there may be. Don’t kill everything just because of political intolerance.

      • Anonymous says:

        "….most of the progressive western-styled democratic countries have a TV/Radio stations to broadcast Government information and other public interest matters."

        Name one.

  52. Right ya so says:

    OMG – fame at last! is there no end to this man’s vanity?!

  53. Michel Lemay says:

    Oh dear ! Don’t let your children watch this and I think it should be rated TVR- M14 at the very least or simply put a parental block to it.

  54. Anonymous says:

    “This is not going to be GIS; this is going to be run by government,”

    OK now I am confused. Does not GIS stand for Government Information Services??  Does Mac mean it is going to run by the UDP?  Is that what he meant?   Am I to assume then that the UDP will pay for this? 

    He just hates that the press speaks out against him. Does he feel that GIS will do the same?  Remember history says.  Dictators start by trying to control the press.  This is another move move to strengthen his power.  He has been blaming the press for pointing out his short comings for a long time now he wants his own TV channel.

    I think broadcasting the LA is a good thing and but can easily done without a Party controlled channel. Stick a camera and Mics and broadcast, so that we can listen to our highly paid politicians fight like three year olds.  GIS is more than capable of doing that.

    Why doe he not justtell it like it is.  He feels that his subjects are whining too much, so he needs his own propaganda channel.   I wonder which of his West Bay "boys" will be overpaid to run this latest of Macs "ideas".

    I can’t wait to see the travel show on his new undertaking.  "Around the Globe at your Expense"  a travelog of the current Government.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Propoganda TV?

  56. James Ebanks says:

     Another waste of money

    Mac is so desperate, he has to create a new station to spew all his bile. It is not worth it to put it on Weststar regular channel. It would be a whole lot cheaper and more beneficial  to have a weekly press briefing. I guess they are all afraid to face the public and have to try to answer tough questions. It is so easy to stand in front of a camera and spew rubbish out, and dont have to face the questions.

    They are such cowards, I remember when PPMsat there and took the tough question that Elio and others in the media  had, but Elio and the rest of the UDP are not brave enough to do what the PPM did.

    Don’t give the excuse of not having the time, you have time to do world tours and cell phone conference vacations but can’t face your own people. LOW LOW LOW

  57. Anonymous says:

    I am quite sure that youtube and others will have a field day watching those videos. When listening to them on Radio Cayman is disgusting enough, who in their right mind will watch them on TV? If Alden , Ezzard, Arden or other opposition members are speaking you can hear McKeeva especially jeering or passing some comments in the background and Mary Lawrence lets him get away with it all the time, Mary Lawrence cannot control McKeeva. He is in control of her and the opposition do not stand a chance to debate anything. My God they are disgusting to listen to. I am ASHAME to know these are our leaders.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not to mention that it takes most of them half an hour to get rid of an idea.  I have never heard such circumlocution in all my life.  Honestly…just spit it out, ladies and gentlemen!  

    • Anonymous says:

       Soon we will have to do an FOI on acting lessons, make-up artists, and stylists for our members.