UDP MLAs back Mac

| 28/04/2011

(CNS): Update – The backbench MLAs and government ministers offered their backing for the premier on Thursday morning in the wake of a no confidence motion filed by the opposition. Rolston Anglin said all of the UDP team had confidence in the government and McKeeva Bush’s leadership and dismissed Alden McLaughlin’s motion as nothing more than a distraction at a time when the government of the day was stabilising the economy. Speaking in the absence of the premier, who is in London for the royal wedding, and the deputy premier, who had been admitted to hospital because of high blood pressure, the education minister said the motion would be debated in the Legislative Assembly and it would be defeated.

He said all of the government believed the motion was ‘reckless and unwarranted" and represented a grab for power by the opposition that would have a negative impact on the country.

Anglin added that he and his colleagues all believed the government and the premier had the support of the majority of the Cayman people.

“We’ve been working very hard to stabilize the public finances,” the minister stated at a specially convened press conference at the new government building, adding that the opposition was “seeking to disrupt the progress" that the government had made so far.

Anglin said the motion was nothing more than an attempt to destabilize things just at the point when the economic fortunes of the country were improving. He told the people not to be drawn into the efforts to disrupt the business of government. “We call on Caymanians not to be drawn into the political games,” the minister said as he called on the country to unify behind the government to prevent investors from being scared away by what he said was the opposition’s intention to stir up more civil unrest.

Anglin went on to say that the government had won the election with a majority, and while the opposition had a democratic right to bring the motion, the voters still had confidence in the government. He also pointed out that if any member did not have confidence in the premier they would not sit in Cabinet and if there was any desire to change the government leadership then they could do that among themselves, but there was unequivocal support for Bush.

As they had only seen the motion on Wednesday the members said they did not wish to get into the specifics, though Anglin said the party looked forward to debating the content of it in the Legislative Assembly.

Speaking on behalf of the backbenchers, former talk show host Elio Solomon said the people of Cayman were disappointed in what he said was a destructive attempt to destabilize government, especially at a time when the country was still tackling major financial issues which were the fault of the previous government . Solomon described the opposition move as a “desperate measure”.

The fourth elected member for George Town said the opposition was worried that the UDP government would bring about an economic recovery. “When we are successful,” that would spell “political isolation” for the opposition leader, whom he said had a “thirst for power” and that his love of power was greater than his love for the Caymanian people.

Solomon also took direct aim at Alden McLaughlin, saying the only thing he had done to earn his $250,000 of MLA salary since being kicked out of office on to the opposition benches was to bring a motion about green iguanas and this no confidence motion.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This island is too small for a two party system!! It is too divisive. 

    No party system!!!! 

  2. Anonymous says:


    ‘The aim of every political constitution is, or ought to be, first to obtain for rulers men who possess most wisdom to discern, and most virtue to pursue, the common good of the society; and in the next place, to take the most effectual precautions for keeping them virtuous whilst they continue to hold their public trust.’

    Alexander Hamilton and Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 57, February 19, 1788

    Cayman has lost the script, methinks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think Mr. Anglin needs to look at the broad picture and see that being a part of a dictatorship is not healthy way to go. I am not surprised at Mr. Solomon’s remarks, because he is much too full of himself to see the nonsense he keeps on spouting. The government takes offence when people say we now have a dictatorship. I wonder if they look at their party and see that everyone votes for whatever the dictator says, because if they don’t, they will lose their expensive travel, luxury hotels and everything they now gain through their misguided support of the Premier., They need to remember that the people of the Cayman Islands are the most important, not whatever money the Premier decides to waste.

  4. Michel Lemay says:

    I was hoping that a few would say enough is enough but I did not hold my breath while waiting. However this speaks volumes in itself and those members of the UDP cannot say they were not forwarned. It’s clear and evident that the people havead h enough of our present Leader and what comes with it. It’s too bad but that’s how it go and our turn will come. There are many good men and Ladies out there that will join our ranks for the betterment of these Islands and end this one man one show. ( Because that’s what we have.)

  5. Anonymous says:


    I would advise that anyone who live Cayman always travel with a camera when visiting Georgetown as the landscape as we know it is being change by tsunami brought on by decisions made by UDP government. I am not sure if anyone is keeping track but if they are they are probably the only department busy not mentioning crime fighters. This goes in great contrast to the D foundation who is having record growth and expansions for the second time round. Local businesses are catching hell and soon be extinct like the indigenous Caymanian themselves. See how a new capital is being born; Caymanna Bay. Let all the businesses move from Georgetown and it would be easy to change the capital from Georgetown to Caymanna Bay and with the falling prices in georgetown the D foundation can buy it up for a third of the true value.
    The warship of off the cost!? Well it will only come into action when foreign businesses start failing.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rolston is a CPA, but he isn’t the Minister of Finance. Mark is an Engineer, but he isn’t the Minister for Works. You all get the picture? Elio ran Alden down crying that there were so many young people out of work, got elected and they are still unemployed, except for the two weeks a year that he gets $2 million to give them to do an island wide clean up. What happened to the turning around the economy in 90 days? I am surprised that a no confidence vote did not come sooner. Alden, a lot of people are proud of you for having the guts to stand up and do what is right for this country! You may not succeed cause the UDP will band together to milk the cow until the next election, but when the dust settles after that, you and the PPM will be standing tall and proud.

  7. cowboy ;o) says:

    CORRECTION… CNS POLL: 80% backing PPM and against UDP. CAYMAN ISLANDS NATIONAL POLL: 80% backing UDP and against PPM.  THE RESULT:  UDP have more supporters than do PPM!  Check this out and see for yourself –  http://www.cayman27.com.ky/news/item/1651


    • Anonymous says:

       "CORRECTION… CNS POLL: 80% backing PPM and against UDP. CAYMAN ISLANDS NATIONAL POLL: 80% backing UDP and against PPM.  THE RESULT:  UDP have more supporters than do PPM!  Check this out and see for yourself –  http://www.cayman27.com.ky/news/item/1651"

      CNS Poll- 2011

      National Poll- aka West Bay poll – 2009

      Care to retake the election- 2011?


    • Anonymous says:

      You just don’t get it, do you? That was then, this is now. Take your head from under the UDP blanket and have a look around. The UDP is history!

      • Anonymous says:

        UDP had a small majority during the last election. They wish they had 80%! If you look at the numbers you’ll see that way more ppl voted for independents and the PPM.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       I was slapped by someone on this thread somewhere for throwing out stats with no validity. (My apologies couldn’t find your post). IMHO the UDP would be very hard pressed to get 20% of the vote. In some countries those kind of stats would call for immediate action. In ours a lot of people just sit and wait.

      Don’t listen to me. Take a moment out of your busy schedules and go look at the ratio’s and stats in the poll section. Some will say its not scientific. I say add a 10% fudge factor to the UDP’s and Bush and they still do not have the support of the people.

      I sincerely hope that Alden will not cave and that the majority of the people will not back off and support change. The lessons of dealing with the ineffective Bush regime will alter the path that Alden will take. Good people learn from mistakes. So supporting Alden IMHO will be supporting a wiser PPM who will hopefully utilize good people from the other side.

      We all have a history of giving up when it gets tough or believing that someone else will fix the problem. Cayman can be an incredible place again. Caymanians can take back their country if you want to.

      "Press on".

      • hmmmmm says:

        I support that all PPM leaders immediately resign their seats and salaries,their government alarm systems, their pensions adn ask for and really pray hard that they may not be tarred and feathered by their constiy=tuents by making a mockery out of dem, the Government and teh Cayman Islands.

        I can hear em now who that cazy blogger is i bet he with UDP or Well we knew they were crazies out there but we thought they were only in politics.

        The relity is A ? Mclaughlin does not command the respect of a large percentage of thh voting population or of his district as seen in the last election and certainly is not considered a mature politician. THis little move is surely thim rying to establish himself as a politico of substance and backbone, Will he terrorize his party into supporting him blindly as they did whn he went into tantrum mode while a MInister ” ONly Gods intervention can stop me from building these schools”.

        we shall see in Round 3.


    • chad says:

      I don’t know about your % figures, but I think you got a point! Most of Cayman Status Holders, were granted under the UDP government. Hence, people can’t seriously think that the ones that are Jamaicans, Phillipines, and Hondurans, are living off CNS site, eager to blog on their laptops. Alot of people I know that got their grants in 2003, don’t use a laptop. Sorry to spill the bad news, but it is pretty chance that all of the commenters here are in the extreme minority, which means PPM will have to do alot more work in winning the Status Holders on their side.

      • Anonymous says:

        No need for laptops these days, every one of them has one or two Blackberry’s with internet access. Only the indigenous Caymanians seems to be behind the times.

  8. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    MLA’s ponder their support for the Premier.

    "I like my job and the perks. I wonder if I should start collecting my pension now."

    "It’s comfortable in here."

    "There’s no way I’m going to be forced out there to find real work."

    "Nice chairs."

    "In a couple of years we’re going to be the Opposition again so what’s the problem."

    "I think we should vote ourselves another raise."

    "I think they’re starting to figure this out. Oh well."

    "Did I feed the cat?"

    "Is it lunch time yet?"


  9. Businessman says:

    Poor sheep. I’ll bet they wished now that they hadn’t chosen politics for a living. All those sleepless nights, falling asleep at the wheel, high blood pressure, poor diet, having to remember what you said, dreading the call from the money men. It goes on.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t an eligible voter start a memorandum or similar (not sure of the name) that if it gets more than 50% of the voters support can also throw out the gov’t?  CNS do you know?

    CNS: I believe you are referring to a people initiated referendum as set out in the new constitution. Any registered voter can begin a petition for a specific question. If that person gets 25% of the electorate (which is about 3000 voters) to sign it then the government is obligated to hold a referendum asking that question.

    • Anonymous says:

      09:42 the word is Referendum ‘REFERENDUM"

      That’s what is needed. Yes the people need to sign a petition send it to the governor who is weak this may need to go to the constitutional commissioners and the UK for help. remember you do not have a governor to help you, he’s scared of Big Mac he does not function at all.

      Come on Alden, ‘REFERENDUM VOTE"

    • McCarron McLaughlin says:

      Only 25% of voters are needed to trigger a referendum. The issue to go after with a referendum now is one man one vote!

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree 100% – one man, one vote.
        The longer we wait the more reason “they” will have to postpone its implementation until after the next election!

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS, your response doesn’t go far enough…the new constitution allows people initiated referendums to force decisions upon the government, but is doesn’t extend to being able to change the government.

  11. Anonymous says:

    UDP Members would be better jumping ship and taking to the Democratic Lifeboats than to remain in a Party that has evidently become a one-man Bandwagon of Dictatorship. Make no mistake about it, YOU will be held accountable by the Caymanian People for the series of unilateral decisions being made (and being considered) by your current Leader. Either stand up and stop him or go down with him. Your decision.

  12. Anonymous says:


    This should now show you all how totally out of touch the UDP Government is with the people of the Cayman Islands.
    Government is supposed to represent all the people all the time whether they voted for them or not. Government should not work for their own supporters only but represent all voters regardless of their leaning as they are “SUPPOSED” to govern in the best interests of our country on behalf of the people and all voters.


    Not one of them has shown us the leadership and professional qualities of a true statesman and a democratic representative of their people so it is time that all Caymanians come together in unity and take back our country from these incompetent despots. More of the same with the UDP will be the ruin of our country.


  13. Satirony says:

    Everyone should know by now that a Big Mac and fries are bad for the health, but this doesn’t stop some people from re-ordering them, even though history shows their ill-effects will always ketchup with you, clogging up the arteries and leading to apoplexy. Combined with Ju-Ju fruit, often eaten half-baked in ‘Brac Fruitcake,’ the effects can be  lead to a permanent downturn in health combined with severe depression, financial dehydration and eventually death. No one knows what the cure is, apart from a complete change of diet and the immediate attentions of an experienced ‘Brain-care Specialist’.

  14. cowboy says:

    CNS POLL: 70% backing PPM and against UDP.
    CAYMAN ISLANDS NATIONAL POLL: 80% backing UDP and against PPM. Now you compare the difference. ;o)

    • Anonymous says:

      Seeing as no one I know has heard of the "Cayman Islands National Poll" and Google hasn’t heard of it either, I can only assume that you are a UDP MLA and the only one voting in your "National Poll" and that you are not sure of McKeeva either.

    • Anonymous says:

      80% supporting the UDP? I dunno who you think you kidding dear child, you must mean 80% of Boltins Avenue, because it sure isn’t 80% of the Cayman people. I cannot go anywhere in Cayman where I hear anyone (sorry, I have come across 2) who is happy with the UDP government. You might be fooling yourself but you sure not fooling anyone else with your ridiculous coment! 80%? That is funny XXXX

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Hey cowboy, where you get these fake poles?
      You sure McKeewa not give them to you to publish!
      Check any survey from among Cayman people and I can gurantee that if UDP get 5% support they would be lucky. Come down out of the UDP clouds and put your ears to the ground and you will take those blinkers off, and cowboy, I not saying this as a PPM supporter but as someone who has heard it from all parts of the Island on an hourly basis, not like you who is stuck in that UDP cloud!

      • Dark Wing Whistling Duck says:

         Tell me anyplace you can go at anytime in Cayman and find the majority of the people are happy with the government of the day?

        PPM supporters were grumbling between 2005-2009, 2000-2004 UDP people were complaining- 1996-2000, Truman and Tom’s crew were splintering up.

        It’s just a part of being Caymanian- constant, unquenchable and rabid dissatisfaction with political leaders.  I’m not saying complaints aren’t legitimate sometimes, but I can’t waste my time thinking about who will be better because no matter who is in, EVERYONE will be complaining.

        I say our electorate needs to GROW UP!  We get what we pay for year in, year out.  Or should I say we get what we are paid for!  

        And don’t let anyone fool you- ALL POLITICAL GROUPS IN CAYMAN BUY VOTES!!

    • Anonymous says:

       NOTE; This is a CNS poll.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is anyone other than McKeeva allowed to vote in the CAYMAN ISLANDS NATIONAL POLL?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Speaking in the absence of the premier, who is in London for the royal wedding, and the deputy premier, who had been admitted to hospital because of high blood pressure, the education minister said the motion would be debated in the Legislative Assembly and it would be defeated.

    McKeewa gonna slap somebody up the side of head for saying "the motion will be debated".

  16. Anonymous says:

    My great-grandfather used to keep sheep in Savannah. Now the Premier keeps his at the LA.The Permier’s LA flock needs to be sent out to pasture.

  17. Warwick Hunt says:

    We need more politics-based interview shows on TV. Instead of allowing the "fries" to just silently vote against the no confidence motion, we need a tough interviewer to ask a few telling questions. If they support McKeeva let them come out and say why – explain to the nation what they find so good about his leadership, ideas and decisions taken. Then the population will understand a little better. However, it would mean they would have to come out and elaborate a little on their constant support, which means they go on the record and state things publicly. Of course this wil never happen, as they are all unwilling or incapable of expressing their own opinions on anything, lest it should cross with Mac’s next outburst. XXXX  If they back Mac, they are just as culpable as he is .

    • ?????? says:

      Agreed! with a host that has the balls to ask the tough questions!

    • Anonymous says:

      That would be great but I don’t believe any MLA’s would participate in a non-partisan and unscripted interview.  Wasn’t a caller cut off by the Premier in a recent radio call in?


      • Anonymous says:

        I certainly don’t believe the UDP MLA’s would do it, but I’m pretty certain that the PPM MLA’s and the Independant MLA would.

  18. Anonymous says:


    The UDP are not only voiceless cowards, they have now all destroyed their political futures and have dug their own graves where they will be buried right next to their fearless dictator. They are all responsible in whole and in part for allowing this man to run our country rectlessly under his one man rule.


    Not one of them is an independant thinker or a free thinking individual representing their people which is actually their job. Therefore not one of them is doing their job. They are all failures who have failed their people.


    • Anonymous says:

      Roy & Gilbert stuck with Mac the last time he was leader and they just rubber stamped him. The good people up there in BT sacked them. The current UDP team not from West Bay aught to take note. Their votes don’t come from “stone blind love,” but from people who will judge them according to their work. They too will be writing books and hosting talk shows the morning after the next election for sure.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Just shows how the LA is out of touch with the feelings of the voters.

  20. Anonymous says:

    When Alden became leader of the opposition, my mother was a greater supporter of the PPM said with Alden at the helm it is all done with Aldun.

  21. I hear yeh deh says:

     One thing for sure all the disciples that appeared at the press briefing got together and was in unison with what they were wearing.  Now that’s what I call getting it together bruddah.

    Now if they could have gotten it together with what is happening to the country then that would have been a move.

    Mr. Adam, please get off this sinking ship, you are much too cool a dude to be hanging out with the rest of the slippery snakes in that boat.

    Elio, please give us  a break will you.  We would prefer to hear you on the radio instead of now.  You have been a bad boy and you must now take your licks and stand and face the corner with the rest of your bad boys club.

    Time longer than rope.

  22. The Crown says:

    Well this is like asking do you want grits or do you want grits? Do you want PPM or UDP? As for Mr Anglin the look of self interest & the oblivious look of the bother of politic’s because you actually have to represent those who put you where you are,is alarmingly,unmistakably written in his expressions. Anyway to more important news,why is it that April Cummings is the only news anchor having to be hidden behind a laptop? Poor April,why not just outfit her in some middle eastern garb? Geezzz! The woman is attractive,so what? Get over it! She is the most professional out of all the news caster’s,balanced,genuinely sensitive if the issue is such & totally at ease. Get rid of the laptop,the lady is a professional,with an outstanding journalism career & carry’s herself like a lady. 

  23. Anonymous says:

    As I watched the press conference tonight it was very interestingto note that although a member of the press asked to hear from each member on the question of whether they supported McKeeva Bush as their leader and premier that only Rolston and Cline answered. What was more telling was Cline’s question asked in a rhetorical tone that went something like this, “Does each of us have to really answer that question?” All I can say is I heard that party whip loud and clear!!!!!!!!!!!! Elio then was the only one to concur in support.

  24. Anonymous says:

    what is amazing to me, is how our elected members have such short memories. I can remember when Big Mac brought a vote of no confidence against Kurt and won a few years ago. At that time Kurt took it like a grown man anf it was not damaging to us then, but now it would damage our economy…Hmmm they sound a little scared to me

  25. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    I don’t have confidence in any of them neither UDP or PPM.

    • Libertarian says:

      ***** I concur! No one seems to think for themselves, but whoever is Premier everyone follows like sheep! We need leaders that will not be bought or sold, who will stand for what is right and put their interest over the people’s interest. But will persuade the UK, amend the constitution, and pursue guaranteed libertarian’ democracy for the Cayman Islands.

  26. Anonymous says:

     i think we the voters, taxpayers should vote on this, they obviously would not let down Mac.. Alden get a petition going for the people to sign … you 4 in GT R.I.P next election better get them expensive car loans paid up now, and stash the money away that you all are getting for no good reason

    • Anonymous says:

      I hate to be the one to say so, because I wish it were possible myself, but a referendum cannot be held to remove an MLA…our constitution doesn’t let us use referendums for that.

  27. nauticalone says:

    The next step is for us the people to MARCH to the LA and DEMAND “one man one vote” and new elections!

    Then let’s see whom is truly supported….by the people!

    If the UDP is so sure they are supported then why not bring about “one man one vote”.

  28. A Frightened Caymanian says:

    “Anglin went on to say that the government had won the election with a majority, and while the opposition had a democratic right to bring the motion, the voters still had confidence in the government”

    I voted for you, Mr Anglin. I no longer have confidence in you. If you are serious, why don’t you go back to the people? We do not support you any more. McKeeva Bush has made you absolutely NOT CREDIBLE. What part of this do you NOT understand? WHICH PART?????

  29. Godly Wisdom says:

    Dear Mr Mike,
    The Caymanian people are a precious few, yet they called on you to give them a voice. Up until now, all you have given them is the voice of your “BossMan”. Mike, I know you personally and I know your precious family. Please dump this McKeeva Bush fellow. His agenda is so under the table that you would be amazed. I beg you, go with your conscience and drop him. I guarantee that if the boot were on the other foot, he would kick you right into touch. Pray sir, and read your bible. Good luck and if you step up to the plate, I will vote for you again.

  30. Anonymous says:

    You can’t blame Arden – he don’t know any better. But Alden should know better – he went to school.

    Come on Alden – do something sensible bro!

    People watching you, and … well so far you nah looking like a leader at all.

  31. Hearts Failing For Fear says:

    Miss Julie, It is time for you to step down and get back to your roots. You never were a big time politician. Look what it has done to you. If you don’t get out soon, it will put you in an early grave and its simply not worth it.
    Moseswill be found out, don’t you worry about that. Anyway, I hope you can see the sense and do what your Father God lays on your heart.
    Sincerely, a christian brother.

  32. Anonymous says:


    I notice that the Motion was brought by Alden and Arden – so Kurt wouldn’t join Alden on it cause he got sense.

    Poor lil Alden, he doing every lil thing to try and get a headline story after sleeping for the last two years.

    Why he never bring a Motion to try a help the people in Randyke Garden that having to dive home because of his Administration.


    • Anonymous says:

      Na, you got it all wrong bro! ALL of the PPM support this including Kurt! Just that Arden quicker to the draw, that’s all.

    • Anonymous says:

      “a motion to try help the people in Randyke Gardens”? What on earth are you talking about? A motion to help the people in Randyke Gardens? You’ve lost me!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Aulden is a Joke!

    All Aulden did when he was in power was give Hassan Syed money without paying attention; start schools that Bill Gates couldn’t afford to finish ($750k kitchens).

    You could Trust PPM to send you broke when Kurt was in charge – and you can Trust it now with Aulden to waste time looking headlines.

    Why Aulden dont try to explain why when he was Minister he never did nothing about Minimum Wage – even though he always crying he supported it. Why he never did anything about those people that wasn’t paying pension?

    Aulden is a joker and need to go get some lessons from his childhood friend Chucky Clifford – that he turnt his back on for power in PPM.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous 18:02, you are not very smart, because you said, quote: that Alden start schools that Bill Gates couldn’t afford to finish ($750k kitchens). How is that? When Bill Gates is the 2nd richest man in the world at 53 Billion Dollars, not Millions, 53 with nine zeros. Now how did you arrive at using Mr.Gates as an example, why not Ken Dart, or even your great leader Macdinejad?

    • Anonymous says:

       Another UDP non-speller. Thank goodness Alden is not still living in his childhood days as so many people I know.


  34. Anonymous says:

    Alden vs Ellio?

    Alden brought a Motion to save Green Iguanas and for a Vote of No Confidence againt McKeeva.

    Ellio brought a Motion to allow lives to be saved locally by allowing persons to donate organs to their family members (there about 40 Caymanians at present that need organs).

    Ellio brought a motion to ensure that certain jobs in the Public Service are for Caymanians Only – such Chief Immigration Officer; Collector of Customs etc..

    Unless your sick – its clear Ellio is doing more for Cayman and Caymanians than Alden.

    • Anonymous For Cause says:

      I see that the UDP proganda machine is alive and well. Mix some outright lies in with some red herrings and a few half truths and repeat… The motion brought by the PPM was to remove the green iguanas from the protected list, i.e. not to “save” them, but to allow them to be killed without breaking the law!

      How is Ellio’s motion going to get us and our children jobs? We need better education so that we can compete and survive in this 21st century and beyond!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Ellio, why is it you find time to post messages but you can’t find time to call a meeting of that committee that you have been Chairman of for nearly two years?

  35. Anonymous says:

    perhaps the members are disillusioned as to what the wishes of the people are. If this fails, I say, bring on the referrendum petition, if they can’t hear, hopefully they’ll be able to read.

  36. Anonymous says:

    shame on you rolston….. now you will suffer the same fate as mckeeva……..

  37. Sweet Dreams are made of this says:

    Very short celebration…………yesterday anti-McKeeva/UDP supporters were on cloud nine but after todays UDP announcement they are stuck in the mud of the bottom less pit.UDP YESTERDAY,UDP TODAY & UDP TOMORROW…….Big dreamers,that’s the PPM and their disorientated supporters for ya,wishing and praying for a few UDP’s to jump ship,it will never happen,ha ha ha,keep dreaming PPM……….LONG LIVE THE UDP!!

    • Bai says:

       Your name suits your thoughts.

      Damn, ignorance is a bliss ain’t it?

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

         16:53….you might be surprised. Just maybea UDP member will start thinking about the people and the country, their political future instead of Bush and blindly following. Cayman is better than you think. 

  38. Whodatis says:

    Not very surprising.

    I only trust that all of the ‘small fries’ (Rolston, Cline, Elio and the rest) understand that they have forever soiled their reputation and respectability with this decision.

    Whereas one may only serve in public office for a limited time – one’s legacy sticks around for a lifetime … and longer.

    However, I thank them for clarifying all lingering uncertainties regarding their collective mettle.

    At least we now know ‘what is what’ and ‘who is who’.

    • Whodatis says:

      3 thumbs down eh?!

      Rolston, Cline, Elio … is that you guys??


  39. Anonymous says:

    I sure as hell want to hear them debate this motion and tell the country what they has done for us in the last two years. they promised us he moon and stars ,but we got nothing. all they can say trhat they has done is cut salaries ,and at the same time raised FEES.

    • I hear yeh deh says:

       Listen BoBo, you missing the best part, after they cut salaries, they took pensions along with their salaries and gave raises when we had no money!!! Now get it right BoBo, don’t want to make any mistakes when we showing up the UDP wastage!!!

    • Son of Thunder says:

      Hahahahaha! There is not one of those wimpy small fries that has the guts or balls to stand up to big mac & what is best for this country. If any of those small fries had the best interests of Cayman at heart they would support the no confidence motion knowing that it is in the best interests of the future of our islands. However, knowing them & their lack of backbone, it does not surprise me that not one of them will stand up to Mckeeva Bush. What a bunch of cowards, it’s embarrassing. Do they love power more than their country? I know the answer! (I think they answered that question at their press conference). Hahahahaha!

    • Anonymous says:

       The cut salaries is the moon that sheds a dim light in our future. The raised fees is the stars that we all saw when we got konked in the head with them. Really now, just exactly what WERE you expecting? 

  40. Dan Up Dan says:

    What a bunch of cowards. Really guys? You all think that McKeeva is doing what’s best for the Cayman Islands? Is that cause y’all paychecks are so big it’s hiding the truth, or are you all as uneducated as Bushy?
    I’m no scholar but I’m a good listener, you should all try it. It only requires silence on your part. Everywhere in Cayman they are talking about how bad it is and how hard it’s getting. And not just locals but expatriates too.
    We all have to eat, buy gas and work to support our families. I would love for you to go out into the community to those families who have been hit the hardest, the poor people of our islands and ask them how it’s been the last two years!!!
    You can start with me. Such a crying shame.
    Just make sure that you UDP supporters remember your stance now because when the people come to hold you accountable, please oh please don’t back down then. Stand strong as you are now so that when we ship Bush off of this rock you guys can paddle for him.
    I am tempted to alert my foreign friends in the media to this crook of shyt… A whole government ignoring the cries of their people. That would make a sensational headline but at the end of the day I’d be too ashamed of our representatives to bother. Can you see McKeeva giving an Interview to CNN and complaining about everything but his own shortcomings.

    I’m not a party supporter at all but I do believe in doing what’s right for me, my family and my country, try it sometime UDP, you might like it!!!!!!

    • 🙂 🙂 Its no wonder that big Mac wants his own TV station, poor thing, the PPM voters dont give him no choice here:) own TV, own radio look out folks next thing we know Ezzard will want his own TV & radio show too. Lord have mercy on us all. Cant trust UDP or PPM so what do I do. Think I will use that brittish passport that I got a few years back.

  41. noname says:

    They would, it demonstrates or is proof that udp is a one man party and without the premier there is no party It has always been a one man show the rest are just puppets on a string

  42. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Ellio can you please tell us the public what have you done since you been elected for your Big A*** Salary ??????? Sounds like Mr. McLaughlin is working for he’s even if its getting rid of the Green Iguanas.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here is a few silly:

      Brought a law to save caymanians in the country from dying because they need an organ transplant;

      Brought a law to ensure that certain jobs in the Public Service are designated as Caymanian only;

      Brought a law to allow Caymanians to withdraw some of their pension funds to apply towards a deposit for their own mortgage (instead of being used to build roads in China);

      Compare that to Alden’s Motion to save Green Iguanas.

    • Katas Trophy says:

      Ellio is a young man who is quite simply out of his depth providing leadership for the Cayman Islands. Ellio. if you stand up and tell the people that you will support what is right for them, you will give yourself a chance for the future. Please, please do not stay on the dead end bush road. I know you and you know me. Please do the right thing. Bush does not deserve your support. The people elected you, not him. Stand up, son of the soil.

    • ballyhoo says:

      Id rather pay him a salary like now than hear him everday on rooster.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me, why don’t you meet face to face with Ellio, and ask him that question, I’m sure he would put you to shame and embarrassment with his track record, you could’nt step in his shoes.

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL I am sure he’d ask “How many sisters I have, huh!” How many sisters I have?”. Ellio puts himself to embarrassment with his track record.

    • Anonymous says:

      ELIO !!!!!. what has he done to earn his pay,
      Rush into Rooster to tackle Alden.

      Other than that “RANT AND WHINE” he sure have dissapointed a lot of people, used to think that he was a good guy, but he wiped that idea out.

  43. Power of the People says:

    Hoped against hope, but knew that reality would prove them for their worth. No guts no glory.

    Disappointed to say the least.

    Readers, please understand their predicament: if they jump ship they will be the minority in a sea of PPM. No power, no say, no free ride.

    They know upon which side their dollar bills are buttered.

    Such a shame. However, the alternative would have been equally as uncertain, so who’s to know what will be!

  44. I hope says:

    I hope every voting Caymanian shows up at the doors of the LA on the morning of the vote and demand that their MLA support the no confidence motion. At the very least we all need to know how each of them vote so that they can be held accountable at the next election.
    Rolly! you have just sealed your fate.

    Cayman lets march to the LA blgd on the morning of the vote!

  45. Michel Lemay says:

    Rolstan Anglin as spoken for himself and does not have to speak for those who are well.Sorry to hear about the Deputy Premier who was admitted with high blood pressure as I am certain it comes with the terrettory. I have yet to hear from the rest of the Elected Members has they are quite capable of speaking for themselves., I hope. I need to hear from each one where they stand themselves without hiding behind the minister of Education. Please come out like real men that you are and tell us where you stand.. Ou Premier is not here to influence you decision in person. Then we will know where WE stand. We are waiting patiently and while silence is golden it doesn’t apply here.

  46. Can I say... says:

    "… He and his colleagues all said they believed the government and the premier had the support of the majority of the Cayman people…"

    Then he and his colleagues are delusional and living in gaga land – they most definitely DO NOT have the support of the majority of the Cayman people – that’s the word on the street, the beaches, the public transport, the office blocks, all around you… carry on burying your heads in the sand guys!

    • Anonymous says:

      well said! these guys are out of touch and fully deserve what will happen to them in 2 years….

      • Hopefully says:

        Hopefully , before that, if the people would just stop being complacent and do something themselves.

  47. Sachamo says:

    The PPM is doing this country a great disservice by this futile action. They are sore loosers!

  48. Carolina Ferreira says:

    When faced with an uncomfortable or difficult situation or question, it is not uncommon for human beings to try to take the easy route and oversimplify the issue.  The rumblings of a lack of confidence in our current leadership is neither new nor surprising, and the only part that is somewhat shocking is that a motion was actually filed.


    Both sides have claimed to be speaking on behalf and with the support of the Caymanian people.  While it is impossible for both parties to be correct in their assertions, this is not a simple question of UDP vs. PPM.   We, the people, are the only ones that can settle this argument.  Our time has come to speak up and make our voices heard if we are to move forward as a nation.


    A vote of no confidence is not a default win for the opposition.  We still get to decide by going back to the polls.


    What remains to be seen is this: can we put aside the “red vs. green”, the party dogma, the personality conflicts, the personal favours, free $100 bills, new roofs/appliances/ paved parking lots, and make a decision based on what is right for our country as a whole and not just ourselves as individuals?  


    Do we have the ability to put aside our fears of retribution and take the first step towards changing our country into an actual participatory democracy?


    For all our talk of “free will” here is our chance to exercise some.

    • Jonathan says:

      Madam, you have hit the nail on the head like an ironfisted ninja. Let us build a house of rock solid foundation and boat carpenter’s quality. The pirates with neckties need to be unceremoniously made to walk the plank of their own creation. Long live democracy and down with those who would endeavour to manipultate and otherwise subvert it.

    • Anonymous says:

      You seem to have problems with colours, personality conflicts, personal favours, roofs, appliances, paved parking lots. Do you really think that changing these habits, will make the country a better place to do business, live, work and play…I don’t think so. They been around too long. Lets start with the amending of the barbaric laws that hinder the small businesses from prospering. Then and only then, will I be a participant.

    • nauticalone says:

      Very well said Carolina!

      And that’s why we need the way we vote to change also….either “one man one vote” or better yet; National Elections (where every voter votes for the 15 or 18 candidates he/she feels are deserving). The Premier can be either the person with the most votes…..or elected by the successful candidates.

      Enough of the current corrupt way of too much influence by paving a few driveways.

    • The Crown says:

      For real.. 

  49. B. B. L. Brown says:

    Quote, "Rolston Anglin said all of the UDP team had confidence in the government and McKeeva Bush’s leadership…."  But what about the people???  Do their  wishes not mean anything?  From the comments I’ve read, the leadership is not interested in what the people really need….. and it certainly isn’t the pie-in-the-sky ideas we’ve seen so far.  I believe the readers comments presented in the papers speak for themselves.  Just count the "thumbs up" and the "thumbs down".  You don’t need to be an accountant to see how the people feel!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Roulston Anglin….party loyalty has nothing to do with the people.

      Very simple solution….if you truly believe that your "group" has the support of the majority of the voters then let the people vote.

      Do something for your people. But knowing the Bush doctrine you have to tow the line and by not allowing the people to vote will send a very clear message certainly oust all of you in 2013. 

      So two more years or do something for the country and the people that put their trust in you.

  50. Anonymous says:

     Welcome to party politics

  51. Anti Alden says:

    Has anyone read the CNS article – “Visitor Arrivals still Growing”? plus great massive projects Shetty Hospital, Cruise Berthing Facility… projects that Alden wants to get his sticky hands on… Sorry but I am with Rolston – to subject the country into an election mode at this point of time when we are recovering would not be conducive. A change of government would mean a change of policies and having to start all over again with tearing down all that UDP built up! It would be more waste of of the public’s money

    • Green Giant says:

       So they are worried.  They should have thought about us long ago.  They forgot us and forgot about our troubles and addressed their elite vip’s only.  McDaddy didn’t want the constitution but he along with his posse sure enjoyed it.  If he had any valour about him he would have given up all the perks and privileges and listened to his people.  He eats good everyday, pays his bills on time, (oops) i meant to say WE PAY HIS BILLS on time for him!!  He doesn’t give a care about his people because if he did he wouldn’t have enjoyed all these bonus perks and complained that the former Govt. (PPM) gave them to him.

      Take the Tiger by it’s tail Alden and swing it around long enough to get a good enough momentum and toss it pass the 12mile bank!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yea, right!, and you would’nt take the perks either….bull xx@#

        • Bai says:

           Judging by your comment, you sure as hell would which is most likely why your ass isn’t and should NEVER be in office. Leaders are supposed to have strong values, to respect the will of the people, and take chances that will ensure the wellbeing of the people. The require honesty, valour, and a lack of loose morals which is sadly why Cayman has gotten to the point it has and will continue to sink because we are lacking even ADEQUATE leaders. So regardless of how many perks and bonuses one may get while in a position to receive such luxuries, they must be deserving of them by giving something in return but a deteriorated environment with plans to further destroy it, a public in disunity and distress because you have a few lunatics that can’t get their heads past the same garbage they have been mouth fed over and over again, lack of confidence, and onlookers who are either highly amused or frightened save for the few who will gain from our loss. Will people open their eyes- maybe reflect just a little as to what this country has gone through since McKeeva has come into office. I, for one, have never seen such silliness or disorder as I have now. Coming back home to visit was a shock- the costs, the discomfort of participating in past time pleasures such as walking around without having to look around, being fearful with belongings, watching people I know suffer since the change over of power and it worsening in the mean time… maybe some people haven’t noticed, haven’t seen it, or choose to ignore it, but it is a reality now. 

          The ‘system’ needs to change and Caymanians need to realize they can’t just brush off politics as some nonsense they need not be involved with- this is security we are talkingabout and I wager that even someone like YOU can see that we’re not sitting in a gold bucket at the end of a rainbow.

  52. JJ says:

    LOL… it appears that Alden is very cowardly. Why did he do this at a time when McKeeva is away in London? Because he knows very well that McKeeva would tear him to threads in a debate! The only ones who can stand up to Mac is Arden or Ezzard Miller.

    • Anonymous says:

      The motion was just filed. McKeeva will be back in sufficient time for the next LA hearing when the matter is discussed

      • Thinking Caymanian says:

        Good job. I hope he turns his badge in…before it gets taken away.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Motion is to be debated in May, hopefully he will be back from the Royals by then. Wha you say?

    • Anonymous says:

       You´re so right, even Mac´s fries tremble at the sound of his voice. Not sure why, but it is GOING to change…

  53. Anonymous says:

    It’s clear now that all of the UDP MLAs need to be replaced.  They have now proved they are all just Mac puppets.  When we voted for them as individuals we thought they had their own values, intellect and courage to stand up … obviously we were wrong.  I am the most disappointed in Mike and Rolston, I really thought they were stronger.   It’s time to replace all of the UDP puppets.

  54. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    BIG surprise – I told a friend of mine if any of Da fries had voted against The Great Leader I would never make another comment on CNS again, I guess Big Mac & Da fries will be hearing a lot more from me now.

    • Anonymous says:

      The vote hasn’t happened yet! I hear Rolston was the only one at that press conference! So who knows what’s going on?!

      CNS Note: Although Rolston Anglin led the conference all members of the parliamentary UDP were in attendance except of course for the premier who is in London rubbing shoulders with royalty and the deputy premier who was in hospital with blood pressure troubles……They were however all wearing the same clothes which is where this misunderstanding may have come from..……


    • Jonathan says:

      Hello Mr. McLaughlin, my name is Jonathan Adam. Please get in touch with me as I believe that the refusal to let any member of the public be made aware of the business interests of anyone charged with the responsibility of being a representative of the people of the Cayman Islands is unacceptable. Anyone and everyone must be able to know this information and this is just the tip of the gigantic toxic iceberg before us. If the governor will not do what is right and just, then we must go above his head to get to the truth of the matter. I want to see what it said before and after it was amended. The level of faith and trust in the administration of the country is at an all time low, as it rightly should be, because of the litany of tripe and the total lack of good governance which we are experiencing. We all have a right to know what is on the register of business interests and it is indicative of a complete and utter lack of transparency and honesty, and I dare say much worse. This is a watershed moment, let us not lose the chance to fight the might with what is right. McKeeva Bush and those who support him are the worst enemies and the greatest liabilities the Cayman Islands have to deal with, bar none. They are not the only ones who have done damage but they are the worst offenders. A united front of opposition in the interests of good governance is necessary and it is from this moment that I call on all with even a modicum of foresight to come together to disallow this to continue. No matter if one is a party member or an independantly minded individual, it is time to take this country back from those who view it as their own little chessboard with all of us as the pawns. It is time to take this to the streets, it is time for the real patriots of the Cayman Islands to stand up and be counted. It is time to be fearless in the face of debilatory intimidation and politrickery. It is time to become organized and let the perpetraitors know that the sea change is here whether they like it or not. Long live democracy and the right to have good governance of our Beloved Cayman Isles. THE TIME IS NOW.

  55. Anonymous says:

    So much for Rolston, Mike, CG or anyone else trying to salvage themselves or their country!

    ROLSTON, how can you in good conscience, continue to support McKeeva??

    If you know better, DO BETTER!

    • Independant says:

      And what you think about Alden? How come you didn’t mention his name? Is he not seeking power for his own self-interest too???

      • Anonymous says:

        We´re glad you admit these guys are seeking seeking power in their own self interest. Please do not attempt to class Alden with them, though, even if he was, which he is most certainly not, he would never stoop to the level that these people have in their own self interest.  

  56. Annoymous says:

    Let them back him, but they will be out numbered when the majority of voters support the ‘no confidence’ filing.

    The people will out number and has outnumbered the back bench MLA’s.  They have lost and they know it.  So to save face they are claiming to take a stance with their leader the Premier.

    The people will have their voice and it will be heard.

    Stand up Caymanians, this is your right to show your backbones.  Ask yourself these questions:

    1. Are you tired of watching the grave demise of your country under the UDP rule?

    2. Are you worried about your children/grandchildren’s future in this country which is slowly being abolished by the UDP rule?

    3. Are you concerned that you have lost your job and your hunt for a new one is almost non existent, because the Corp. monsters support the refusal of hiring Caymanians, and this is supported by the UDP rule?

    4. Are you worried each month if you, your child, your husband will loose their job today/tomorrow/next month and replaced by a foreigner with less qualifications and will accept a lower wage because they can engage in communal living because of the UDP rule?

    5. Are you worried/concerned that you will loose your health care coverage because you will loose your job and your family will not be covered because of the changes to the medical law under the UDP rule?

    6. Are you worried that your generations of beach access points will be NO MORE and your rights to free use of the beach will be taken away and is in the works to be taken away under the UDP rule?

    7. Are you worried how you will be able to plan a future for your family, because the cost of living has tripled under the UDP rule?

    8. Are you worried that your Sunday dinner will be crackers and sugar water, because your family savings has disappeared under the UDP rule?

    9. Are you worried that your country will be stripped of all it’s natural environmental beauty to satisfy one group of persons whom are guiding the running of this country under the UDP rule?

    10. Are you worried that tomorrow when you awake your rights that you know and love as a Son and Daughters of the soil and are Caymanian back 4+ generations will no longer exist under the UDP rule?

    If you are worried about even one of the above you should support this No Confidence filing.  

    It is your future, stand up and be counted and make the change, and ask yourself one last question, ‘how much longer can I live like this?’


    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, it is not a public referendum but rather a simple vote of non confidence in the LA for elected members only to vote on……..I wish it was a public referendum…maybe someone brave will start the petition IF this one fails, then and only then will the people be heard!