Cops call for car phone ban

| 03/06/2011

(CNS): The Royal Cayman Islands Police service is still calling for a legislative ban on the use of cell phones while driving as concerns mount that their use is fuelling the islands’ high road accident rates. As police prepare to join forces with Streetskill to encourage the community to put down the pone when driving, Chief Inspector Angelique Howell has said the police have made recommendations to the ministry for legislation. However, so far no ban has been introduced leaving cops to depend on careless driving laws to try and deter people from using their phones while on the road.

Although the new traffic law is expected to come before legislatures when the country’s parliament meets sometime this month, it is understood there is no prohibition on phone use in the new law.

While ideally the police would like to see all cell or mobile phone use while driving, entirely prohibited, CI Howell said that a realistic proposition would be to have a law that provides for their use with a ‘hands free kit.’ This would at least allow people to talk on their phones while driving more safely as they would have both hands free. “We have to be realistic and realize it is going to take time to change behaviour,” Howell added.

The RCIPS don’t yet have statistics on how many local accidents are caused by cell phone use; theChief inspector said that the system is being changed in order to capture that information in all traffic investigations. She said that evidence had been collected indicating a driver was using a cell phone when at least one collision occurred. According to international research drivers are five times more likely to crash while using the phone and are 9% slower at hitting the break.

At present the police can draw on laws relating to dangerous or careless driving, or driving without due care and attention. If police can show evidence that the drivers were careless or dangerous at the time of an accident because a driver was texting or on the phone then that person can be liable under the traffic law depending on the circumstances. However, the police cannot stop drivers and give them a ticket before an accident happens because they are on the phone.

With a number of unofficial complains and criticisms that police officers themselves can often be seen driving and using their phones in patrol cars, Howell said a policy has now been introduce to banning officers from using their phones while driving police vehicles.

This weekend officers will be joining the Steetskill team, a combination of agencies campaigning against bad driving, to sign a pledge against cell phone use and to encourage people across the driving community to put down the phone when they are behind the wheel. The officers will be at Kirk’s Supermarket on Saturday from 11:30am.

Meanwhile, new research from the World Health Organisation is again warning that radiation from cell phones could cause cancer. Although the research is controversial, WHO experts say radiation levels emitted from cell phones could put them in the same category with other cancer-causing agents such as lead and chloroform — otherwise known as carcinogens. As mobile phone technology is still new however, it may be many years before the effects from them is known.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Laws in respect of mobile use while operating a motor vehicle and even bicycles is WELL overdue! Whilst I am happy that the Police furnished their findings, they are just as guilty as ordinary members of the Public. A few months ago I was almost run over by a Police Officer in full uniform and driving a marked Police vehicle on the pedestrian crossing in front of the GT Post Office! I was shocked and appalled and I have witnessed several Officers texting and driving as well. We need our Constabulary Force to set an example before they can be called upon to enforce the Laws when they are in place!

    Peace and Love

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sort out the tinting issue as well.  Surely if the Police see a vehicle (and there are enough about) with tint that is too dark, they can ticket it just like if it was parked illegally. The Government could earn a fortune out of this.  I hate the fact I cannot see the face of a driver or passengers in a car – this smacks of "wrongdoing" and should be stopped.  Rear windows fine, not front.

    • been there done that says:

      all you want to do is mind people business,you should be keeping your eyes on the road,not trying to see who driving what.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can't believe anyone would object to this point of view. The police need to nail these jokers!

  3. Green Cross Code says:

    When will they get round to repealing the law that makes it illegal for residents to indicate right at a roundabout?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The UK has had a "hands free" law in place for over 7 years.

    In this, you a) must have your phone physically in a cradle fixed in your vehicle (ie truly "hands free") AND if you wish to phone / text at any time, you cannot simply be at traffic lights or otherwise stopped in traffic, you have to pull over and turn the engine off.

    The interesting thing about this is that, as with when drink driving laws started to be really clamped down upon in the UK in the early 1980s, it is no longer "socially acceptable" to use a phone / smartphone whilst in control of a vehicle.

    I think what we have to ask ourselves in Cayman is why, in a society that we pride ourselves on calling both modern and maintaining traditional values such as caring for our community.. so many of us still blatantly disregard things such as :

    – drink driving

    – speeding

    – parking in disabled spaces

    – tinting cars 

    – using phones while driving (and texting while driving is, if anything, worse)

    Whether or not we have the laws in force, whether or not the RCIPS lead by example, perhaps we should all look at ourselves first and lead ourselves by example, and so, gradually, change what is the "Caymanian thing to do"



  5. Anonymous says:

    A ban on Cell Phone use while driveing is long overdue. I would venture a guess that more than half of the drivers on this island are engaged in some sort of phone conversation at any given time…. and obviously most of them are not paying attention to what is happening around them. This is long overdue as well as some other measures like the long talked about reduction of the speed limit on West Bay Road —— long overdue. 

    But what use is another traffic law if the RCIPS don't enforce the existing laws. I am talking about the number of speeder on all the roads, the parking violaters, those who ignore STOP signs and Red Lights, those who block traffic to pickup and drop off passengers ( taxis and Buses included) etc.. WHEN ARE THE RCIPSGOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE AND OTHER INFRACTIONS.

    And think of the money that the government is giving up by not enforcing existing laws !!!


  6. Right ya so says:

    One wonders if Baines is aware of what "his" police force is doing? Do you think he even reads these posts or even the articles? Maybe it's time he did….

  7. nauticalone says:

    In addition to introducing a "policy" that Police not use phones while driving….is there to also be a "policy" that they also use indicators at roundabouts/intersections?

    As there has been laws for "careless driving" for decades, why would the Police/anyone need a "policy"? Why is the law not being applied….not even a stop/warning?

    Not to mention the littering law also….do the police also need a "policy" to enforce it? How difficult is it to police the camping sites at easter and ensure people clean up properly?….or be fined!

    Much more ethical and environemental education is sorely needed….from the very top echelons of society/Govt. on down!

    • No free hand says:

      You can't operate indicators while using a phone and steering – there are no free hands left.  Have to let go of either the phone or the steering wheel. 

  8. Joe B says:

    First world laws do not work on third world people, police, or Government officials.  Never have and never will.  Better to just adjust your driving habits to include knowing the cars in front of you won't signal, will pass you on a blind courner, and yes most of them can't drive unless they are attached to your rear bumper.  Also please remember that the busses in a third world country always stop in the middle of the road at every blind courner to let off passengers.  Anticipate stupidity and survive.

  9. Lazarus says:

    Activities that distract drivers from safe (safer ?) driving are just the thin end of the wedge.  There are so many unpunished bad driving habits, is it any wonder that people end up doing what they like at the wheel, with impunity.  I'm surprised there are not more accidents, injuries & fatalities, from what I see daily on our roads.

    Writers have covered the RCIP enough below.  What about taxi drivers ?  Their business is conducted on phone & radio, so a phone ban while driving would put them out of business.  I was off to the airport the other day, and the taxi driver was holding a phone in each hand, with fingertips holding the steering wheel.  If I wasn't afraid of getting put off in the middle of nowhere, I would have told her to stop doing that.

    Someone needs to corner the market in handsfree equipment, and then make it an offence not to have such a kit when using the phone.

    Something I do when driving is not give way to anyone usiung a phone.  Now we have a long-standing habit of letting out people at junctions and all sorts of courtesies.  Them foreigners can't understand it sometimes.  Anyhow, if a driver needs me to be courteous, then forget it if you have a phone in your hand or by your ear.  You can just sit & wait for some other fool.

    Pity there's nowhere to report texting drivers.  We just have to honk the horn to get the hint.  But watch out you might get the finger.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Isn't driving while using a cell phone the same as 'driving without due care and attention' ? and isn't that already in the Law?!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought they said that Civil Servants should be neutral. They should not disagree with the Government. Are they not afraid to lose their jobs?  🙂

  11. Chch says:

    It’s about time. Fine should start at Ci$ 500.00.
    Make some money for the goverment

  12. Anonymous says:

    In most other countries where mobile bans are in place, the police are exempt from the ban due to the flexibility of their job etc.

    I think people here need to stop the attitude that if "they" do it then why should we stop.

    People need to start leading by example in many areas on this island and not just following the herd or worse, being apathetic and idly watching and venting their frustrations on CNS or to their colleagues and friends.

    Otherwise we'll end up living in a place stricken with theft, murder, assault, corruption, littering, etc…Oh wait…


  13. Mr leeroy Jr says:

    i hope this police apply to this law also they are always on the phone for no reason and hope it applies to pedestrians i almost hit one the other day on there phone not walkiing even on a pedestrian crossing texting


    • Anonymous says:

      Been a while since I've observed a copper on the horn whilst driving – maybe they got a dressing down?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Lordy lordy here it comes folks just another excuse not to deal with crime draconian law giving 15 year sentences for texting and talking on the phone whilst driving RCIPS will now need a separate cellular phone Police unit CPPU and will have a Cellular Phone Arm Response Unit CPARU to deal with violaters who breach the law. My suggestion now buy car with phone system built in to avoid them? or people use their common sense and keep their mouth shut whilst driving.

  15. nauticalone says:

    "Unofficial complains" would seem to indicate that "no one" from within the RCIP or Govt. have complained about the Police failure to "lead by example".

    Therein lies the outstanding problem!

    So rather than posting and re-posting (no doubt someone unable to take useful critisism) about a new "policy" to ban the Police from doing what is clearly distracting and a poor example (and should be illegal)….try just expend your energies attempting to bring about the sorely needed change.

    Afterall if the complaints have all been "unofficial" who is going to Police (charge) the Police?

    Certainly not the lawmakers!….if recent history is any indication.

    • Anonymous says:

      Come on now, there are no confirmed statistics, robberies are consistently been occurring and we are working on a cell phone ban,my lord the breadcrumbs and mangoes are not mello any more. Is this the beginning or is it the end.

  16. Anonymous says:

    If we are talking about driving habits, how about the NRA putting signs up at every roundabout telling people which lane they should be in and touse their d**n indicators when entering and leaving the roundabout!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hats off to you 16:52

      I have been pleading and begging the traffic department to place a  cop at each roundabout to either teach the drivers how to use their indicators, and at the same time issue tickets for driving offences, it is an offence not to use your indicators while turning.on these round abouts. I'm sure it would more than make up for  the short fall within our budget. I would suggest we get the TV camera out there one day, and you will see the very cops themselves are ignoring the driving codes…ignorance is bliss….lack of knowledge and my people shall perish.

      I would hope that the  people who are mashing up the curbs and sidewalks due to nasty driving , is  compensating the government to repair them?

      I have witness drivers using the round abouts for a race track, no slowing down, no negotiating, people that breah the traffic  rules, should  be sent back to driving school.

      Another issue I want to bring to the traffic police, since they are reviewing the traffic laws.

      I have seen trucks loaded with building material, steel, lumber pallets of cement, building blocks,weighing at least 2 to3  tons tied down with a cord, that could not even restrain a balloon.

      I can remember back in the 80s in Jam where a 2"x8" impaled through a man's chest, the driver never had his cargo tied down properly.

      These  cargo trucks should never get road worthiness with out proper  straps on board.

      The gate man at the hardware stores should never let a truck out his compound, unless his cargo is secured. Building blocks should be wraped in silophane plastic before leaving that compound.

      Traffic cops need to start pulling over vehicles without proper tie downs.

      Citezens should be able to report, whenever they see cops ignoring these regulations.  

      Get with it, traffic cops,do your job, and stop the anarchy….it's a digrace


  17. Anonymous says:

    Oh PLEASE!!! Cops!? Haha yeah right! I have passed 4, yes 4 cop cars JUST now before returning back to my office and they all had their seats leaned back as they grinned and laughed talking on ther "CELL PHONES" to maybe some girl that they just let off the hook. Maybe when they stop, everyone else will. Lead by example!!

    I am in no way saying that talking and texting on phones is right by any means but I would rather hear it coming from a concerned citizen or maybe someone who lost a loved one due to this. Not from the people who are supposed to be policing our streets but instead are breaking the same laws they try to enforce….

  18. Country's Best says:

    Please RCIPS, lead by example!

    Your jobs are to enforce the laws – no exceptions!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I hope this applies to the Police as well as the public

  20. Anonymous says:

    while I am onboard with the whole 'get the cops off the cell phones first' (and the parking in the middle of the road) thing;  a more disturbing point to me is, where did CNS find the picture of that antique phone? 

  21. Anonymous says:

    Ok – I get it that people are upset because the police aren't showing their best when it comes to following traffic laws and regulations BUT,

    just because somebody else is doing something wrong doesn't mean it is ok for you/us to do something wrong as well.

    Are we really so shallow nowadays to justify our wrong actions and behavior with such a lousy excuse? No wonder this generation is screwed! 

  22. Anonymous says:

    When will people stop calling for new legislation as the answer to everything.

    It doesn't do any good if it is written as a law in some book but NOBODY enforces the law.

    Daily, I see people:

    1 speeding

    2 toddlers standing up in the front seat

    3 dump trucks filled to the max notcovering their load

    4 busses and taxis stopping wherever it suits, without any respect or any consideration for the other folks on the road (for example they stop in the left lane in front of first baptist church and can't be bothered to pull into the parking lot to let their passengers out)

    5 drives making illegal turns over solid yellow lines

    6 cars with VERY dark tinted windows

    etc etc. Nobody enforces the law and holds people responsible for any of the above offenses. How will this change? I am all for the law to ban cell phone usage during driving, but please don't just put it in the books. Tell us how it will be ENFORCED not just after something happened due to cell phone usage but BEFORE something has happened.

    • Anonymous says:


      that's why we have traffic cops, what you don't understand, the people that breaking these laws, are either friend or family to most of the police.

      And most of them are  not real police, I see many joined the force after the constructuion industry went down, for the reason, just  to stay on Island.

      • Anonymous says:

        People are breaking the laws, not because they're family, but because the police department is rotting from the top down.

  23. Kung Fu Iguana says:

    Experiments have shown that driving whiel using a telephone is as dangerous as driving while drunk.  The failure to implement a law on this is a disgrace.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I don't see the logic.  If this was enacted, the guy in the picture of the article should be fined a few hundred dollars for texting while in bumper to bumper traffic.

  25. Little Girl says:

    Yes i agree with everyone's comment. The RCIP should be the first to lead what they preach, they are the first ones to be on cell phones and texting/bbm!!!

  26. Cmon Son! says:

    I gave a thumbs up to basically every post…. It's crazy that the police would call for such a thing… How hypocritical…

    C'mon Son! @ the 5-0

  27. Anonymous says:

    For the comments related to police officers use of cell phone will driving; please read the entire article; paying close attention to the third paragraph from the bottom of the article which states:

    "With a number of unofficial complains and criticisms that police officers themselves can often be seen driving and using their phones in patrol cars, Howell said a policy has now been introduce to banning officers from using their phones while driving police vehicles."

    • Frank says:

      "With a number of unofficial complains and criticisms that police officers themselves can often be seen driving and using their phones in patrol cars, Howell said a policy has now been introduce to banning officers from using their phones while driving police vehicles."

       Ok..since you highlighted the above paragragh..notice that is says "has now been introduced". If they have know that this was a big problem and that they have been trying to ban it for soo long how come this wasnt introduced for officer months ago? Also im pretty sure watching cricket in a patrol car aswell as smoking in patrol cars is not permitted but guess what….you've got it..happens all the time!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok Ms. Howell I will be vigilant with my camera, can you please place your cops at the roundabouts also?

    • Anonymous says:

      Since driving while using the cell phone is like drunken driving, how come I haven't seen any police car accidents?

      • Rorschach says:

        Wha ya say???  Take a walk past the GT police station and have a look at some of the police cars parked there and all the DENTS, SCRATCHES AND BROKEN BODYWORK….that don't happen in the parking lot, bud….

  28. Al Nomadi says:

    Perhaps we need to question the sanity of our legislators for not implementing a law banning mobile phone use.

  29. Rorschach says:

    Well, twenty five plus comments so far and nearly EVERY ONE of them mentions the fact that the Police are seen everyday using their cell phones while they drive…does anyone even for one minute think that this is going to end??  This is just one more nail in the coffin of the RCIPS's reputation and respect….When you enforce the law for your own officer's Mr. Baines, perhaps THEN you can talk about enforcing the law for the rest of us…

  30. Anonymous says:

    this issue sums up everything wrong with the cayman islands…..delays and incomptetence  when trying to deal with basic common sense…..

  31. Anonymous says:

    What about a public database (CNS) were we can register type of car, plate, offence and date.

    Idiots that behave dangerously can do this because they can act anonymously.

    Also changing the minimum age for driving a car for boys should be 25.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but any modification to a car to make it go faster is illegal, so why don't we simply enforce the law and get these civics of the road ?

    Like the little kids that form gangs. Same thing here. There is a law that states that any group that is being formed to commit crime and can be recognized by a dress code is illegal. So why don't we pick them up ?

    The problem is the religious fanatics that make us think it is all some god that controls and punishes. And politicians that cleverly take advantage of the chaos to enrich themselves.

    Nothing is going to change, unless the people of the cayman islands stand up. And THAT is never going to happen, because this IS the cayman islands. A bunch of naive idiots.



    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn't agree with you more, on your statements…10:29 you are so true about everything.

      It's called anarchy.

    • Anonymous says:

      We don't have formal gangs here, they're loosely nit groups.  They don't have a constitution and a dress code.  They're called gangs because it gets attention.  They are nothing like the ones in L.A. or Jamaica.  Come back to reality.

      • Anonymous says:

        I tend to agree with the writer. Often these terms are used very casually. A bunch of fellows hanging out together does not equate to an LA-type gang, so stop getting all excited.

  32. Caymanian says:

    What's good For the geese is good for the gander.

    The police are #1 driving & on their cel phones.

    But yet they want to ban it, well I hope they stops also.


  33. Anonymous says:

    Yes, get off those damn phones.  What is so darn important that you can't go from A to B on this small island without texting or chatting.  Girl in car this morning both hands texting, looking down at phone, no hands on wheel and driving on the white line in the middle of the road!  Now some may say how smart she is multi-tasking (wonder if as good multi-tasking at work)  – if she rammed into car in front of her or other side of road, multi-tasking not be gonna be any good then is it.

    • Anonymous says:

      It sounds like a reckless driving, which is already illegal.  Also, you think this law would keep her off the phone?  

      All that's going to happen is I risk being fined for calling someone to tell them I'm running late while theres no immediate danger on the road.

  34. Anonymous says:

    really?  this surprises me as every other police car I see has an officer on the phone….

    That said I totally support a ban on phones while driving.  My helper was hit as she was walking. the guy that hit her had been looking at his phone and not seen that she was crossing an entrance.  It was a slow collision but she was bruised and shaken but never reported it. 

    Isn't driving without due care and attention illegal – well surely texting and making calls falls under that category?  You can't be texting and give the road 100% attention.

  35. CC says:

    Wow, all the comments on the phone ban are compalining that the police are busiy chatting on their phones while driving.

    I agree.  

    When I grew up in a mid-sized North American community, we never rolled through stops signs for fear of a ticket, we never sped over five miles over the speed limit for fear of getting a ticket, ect….as a teenager we feared getting tickets…our Cayman youth does not, period.

    The police here need to start policing.  Start with zero tolerance!!! Ticket the parking offenders who park in handicap spaces, ticket the parents who let their toddlers jump about their cars without car seats, ticket the cars with tinted windows, no seat belts, and cars speeding.

    Geez, after being here for 15 years I don't even bother to slow down on residential streets anymore (I know it is a bad habit, but I got away with it for so long it is now hard to stop) we know the only speed traps are South Sound.

    Come on police…you would not be so bored and chatting on your cell phones if you gave out a few more tickets!

    PS..Duty officers, how about asking patrol teams to leave their personal phones in the office and not take them on the road?


  36. Troll says:

    Streetskill????? are they still alive (O_o) ?????  have not seen a distracting street sign in a while, wonder what the dont drive and talk on the phone slogan will be?


  37. Anonymous says:

    It seems obvious that big punative tickets for many traffic offences we all see daily would get the CIG coffers in better shape in no time.  Sadly the traffic service seems only to operate during seasonal campaigns.  Regular police presence during am and pm rush hours and merciless ticketing of the multitude of ignored and regular offences would make this a slightly less chaotic place to live.  Regular enforcement is the key to changing driver habits and sentiments.  I dream of a day when drivers signal their intentions in roundabouts!  

    • Anonymous says:

      100% accurate.  People on this Island violate traffic laws with abandon – passing another traffic law will not improve the situation unless the laws are actually enforced.  If the problem is that enforcement takes too much time away from doing more serious police work then substantially increase the fines and hire officers to do nothing but issue traffic citations to individuals not signaling, not wearing seatbelts, speeding, overtaking, tailgating, having burnt out lights and (worst of all in my mind) placing a tinted bubble over their license plate, the only purpose of which is to prevent people from seeing their license number.  With even half decent enforcement, over a very short period of time behavior would improve, public coffers would increase and the real criminals would be much easier to identify.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you 09:17

      We need more traffic policing on the roads where speeders frequent.

      Lets put  traffic cops to stand at each round about to issue tickets for drivers breaking the rules, for not using their indicators, how can you drivers  justify turning onto an exit or enter a round about, without letting other people know where you are turning…this is lunacy.

      Use your damn indicators, it's on the column, right under the steering wheel.

      • noname says:

        16.09 Be careful what you wish for. Yesterday I followed a police car around the entire roundabout at AL Thompson's without even the faintest hint of an indicator. If your plan was implemented, there'd be no police left to arrest anyone. I just cannot understand why they can't seem to muster up the pride  to drive well. How do you ticket someone for driving better than you?

  38. Anonymous says:

    i agree with the fact that using cell phones while driving causes accidents…however, if the RCIPS wants us to take this seriously they need to lead by example. I cant begin to tell you how many police cars I cross a day that the officer is SPEEDING and on their cell phone. Maybe more civilians will follow the law once we see those who are to be enforcing it following it as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. 

      Nothing is stoping the RCIPS from prohibiting its officers from using cell phones while driving.

      If the RCIPS is serious, it will lead by example.  


    • Anonymous says:

      Just the other day a cop rolled up to my car parked on the side of the road, he walked over to me chatting up a storm and asked the person on the other line what # rolled for 1pm pot….he seemed excited after that and told me to be on my merry way. RCIP = Booger eaters

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously using a cell phone while driving is a distraction to the motorist and perhaps a lot of it is unnecessary but is there really anyway to determine how many lives have been SAVED or even accidents PREVENTED by motorists using their cell phones while driving? Will outlawing cell phone use by motorists very simply lead to a huge increase in ear peices and hands free devices that are much less obvious to a hungry cop? Will this also result in a huge INCREASE in actual usage by motorists since they will now feel more self-confident, while in fact it is usually the actual CONVERSATION that is the source of distraction?  

  39. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the RCIP should start with their own Officers, as I have seen on numerous occasions officers on cell phones and even texting while driving in patrol cars. I guess it is a case of do as I say not as I do.

  40. Anonymous says:

    The police need to be the first to set the example, far too many of them ride around in their cars and do the same thing.

  41. Frank says:

    This is a completely legit ban which i believe should come into effect. However…the RCIPS really really need to take a look in their own backyard first because almost every cop i pass is on their cell phone, wearing no seatbelt, illegal parking and barely ever using turn signals. Set an example and it may be followed!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Does this include them???? As they are just as bad as the public!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    I agree that the use of cell phones cause a distraction, but I see just as many police officers on their cell phones while driving police cars, as I see citizens.  Be realistic here, in today's information world, it is soemthing that is not going to stop.  A law is only as good as the people who are willing to abide by it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please read the entire article; paying close attention to the third paragraph from the bottom of the article which states:

      "With a number of unofficial complains and criticisms that police officers themselves can often be seen driving and using their phones in patrol cars, Howell said a policy has now been introduce to banning officers from using their phones while driving police vehicles."

  44. Anonymous says:

    Ok first and foremost what Ms. Howell needs to look in to is there own officers driving up and down in patrol cars  talking on there cell fones. Yes driving and talking on cell fones are dangerous. But before tackling the community get those that should be setting and example like your officers stop using theres while patroling .

    • Anonymous says:

      Please read the entire article; paying close attention to the third paragraph from the bottom of the article which states:

      "With a number of unofficial complains and criticisms that police officers themselves can often be seen driving and using their phones in patrol cars, Howell said a policy has now been introduce to banning officers from using their phones while driving police vehicles."

  45. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps a first logical step for banning or restricting the use of cell phones while driving would be for the police and other emergency services to implement and ENFORCE a policy where they are not able to use 'hand held' cell phones when driving. Since many of these services utilize cell phones as primary or secondary communication that would also require implementing handsfree systems to 'squad' phones etc. for this to work. 

  46. Naya boy says:

    Yes and the RCIPs needs to practice what they preach and get off the darn phone themselves you first good buddy!!!! and some don’t need to worry about cancer because they way they drive is evidence that they have no brain at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please read the entire article; paying close attention to the third paragraph from the bottom of the article which states:

      "With a number of unofficial complains and criticisms that police officers themselves can often be seen driving and using their phones in patrol cars, Howell said a policy has now been introduce to banning officers from using their phones while driving police vehicles."

  47. nauticalone says:

    While this initiative, in theory, is certainly a good one, the cops could/should lead by example. Almost every time i see a cop on patrol he/she is talking on the phone! And NOT signalling at roundabouts/intersections.

    The attitude of "do as i say, not as i do" is NOT helping! Leading by example will help much more. And park at strategic locations with cameras and radar. I travel and see Police around the world doing so often. This is NOT rocket science!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please read the entire article; paying close attention to the third paragraph from the bottom of the article which states:

      "With a number of unofficial complains and criticisms that police officers themselves can often be seen driving and usingtheir phones in patrol cars, Howell said a policy has now been introduce to banning officers from using their phones while driving police vehicles."

  48. Anonymous says:

    How can police call for a band when they are guilty of phone use while driving! That just don’t make any sense Cayman! First with the malnoids now this!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please read the entire article; paying close attention to the third paragraph from the bottom of the article which states:

      "With a number of unofficial complains and criticisms that police officers themselves can often be seen driving and using their phones in patrol cars, Howell said a policy has now been introduce to banning officers from using their phones while driving police vehicles."