Gas station robbers fire gun

| 03/06/2011

(CNS): Three masked men made it clear that at least one of their weapons was real when they fired the gun into the air before robbing the Texaco gas station in Savannah last night. Police say that just after 10:30 pm on Thursday, 2 June, three masked men, all of whom were armed with what appeared to be handguns, entered the Starmart gas station store across from the Countryside Shopping Village. Witnesses say one of the suspects fired a shot into the air when staff refused to hand over cash. The men then ordered the staff and customers to lie on the floor. No one was hit by the gunshot or injured during the hold-up. The men made off from the scene with a cash pan containing an undisclosed sum of money.(PhotoDennie WarrenJr)

The police have not yet confirmed how the robbers made their escape from the store or in which direction or if the heist was caught on CCTV.

Although the men were wearing dark masks, described as ski masks, and gloves, the police have released the following descriptions. The first was said to be around 6 ft 2ins in height and ofslim build, wearing long dark-blue jean pants and a black long sleeve shirt. The other two suspects were slightly shorter in height and were also of slim build both were wearing dark clothing.

Anyone who has information about the crime should call Bodden Town CID or the confidential crime stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The development of organized crime goes through stages.

    First it was in the 80's when gangs were formed, but ignored by political and religious leaders.

    Now these kids have evolved to adults, that run their business professionally. Especially with the expensive cocaine (real estate brokers/bankers/wealthy americans) these criminals have established connections with the upper echelon in society and politicians.

    Small crime (robberies) is done by the new members of organized crime, to earn the respect they need to climb up the ladder.

    The top in organized crime is "protected" by the leaders of this country.

    And THAT means there is no way back. We the people are simply kept busy with commenting on the news, while the politicians rake in whatever they can. Our religious leaders do their best to keep the naive caymanians uneducated by keeping the fear of a non-existing higher power alive, so they also can benefit.

    Within a decade this place will end in a cocaine/tax evasion paradise for the rich, with a few poor caymanians cleaning the gardens/houses and streets.

    Don't forget that for the business owners here everything is insurable and the crime only gives them another reason to increase prices and therefor profits.

    In the end it is the average caymanian that will pay the bill. The expats will leave since they have the flexibility to do so.

  2. Rorschach says:

    There isn't any money at the police station….

  3. Anonymous says:

    So wait – is crime still down, or is it not? I am confused now….

  4. Anonymous says:

    We are on our own folks….in case you haven't noticed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was unable to see any exterior security cameras when I was refuelling there a couple of days ago, even though they'd been robbed a few weeks before, as far as I remember. This would seem to be a gross ommission for a gas station.


    • anonymous says:

      when you are good are sucessful in running a business (especially in these times) then you can comment on how people run there own. FYI There are surveillance camareas and further the last time a robbery took place the perpertrators actually cut the phone lines and stole the cameras and safe whilst no policing took place. This is an honest and excellent gas station that has been assaulted many times.

      • Anonymous says:

        13.46. That's why I said "I was unable to see…" and "it would seem." You say there are security cameras, and I believe there are inside, but are  any located outside? In any case, gas stations are in the criminals' cross-hairs now, so extra security would seem to be required, as in the local jewelry stores, where sometimes dozens of cameras are installed, and very effective they are.

        My apologies if I offended the owner of this gas station. I fill up there regularly, and yes it's a fine business. I hope you catch these destructive criminals. I should have addressed my comments to vulnerable gas sations in general.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Put in closed circuit TV in the ski mask store.

  7. KBE says:

    I guess they need Charles & Eddie to secure the scene again, no problemo folks just another isolated incident and where the hell are those proactive police patrols PPP another day another robbery everyday  i am hustling. i wish some these police officers would get off the radio with their mumbo jumbo and try a catch these bad guys.

    • Anonymous says:

      I actually noticed a police car at the back of Savannah Texaco yesterday around 6 and wondered if they had got a tip because it seemed unusal and smart to be parked there:  the young police however looked pretty relaxed talking on his phone – maybe just getting information on someone he was looking for, dont know but i was a bit dissapointed cause i thought, thank God they are actually hanging out around the parking lots of these places that are being robbed so often but then he looked too comfortable on his phone and did not seem to be paying too much attention.


      Lord help our caymanian people to get off their butts and get serious about what is going on in our country – pls do more than complain, get your facts and group together and make something good happen.


      Lord have mercy on us & our future generations!

      • Anonymous!! says:

        Just because he was sitting in the car behind the station on his phone doe'snt mean he was'nt observing. I know I fake what im doing a lot of time,pretending to be doing something that im not so I can get closer or hear whats being said, like  what our old people say, play possum to catch a crook. Seems logical to me, and you were there at 6pm, the robbery was at 10 pm So dont be too judgemental.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Right…note to self…Stay home on Thursdays

  9. Anonymous says:

    hmmm, ski mask, I hope we are not selling these items in our stores, their  only use on this Island, is to hide one face when robbing someone.

    I hope the Gonvernment immediatly put a ban on these items.

    • Anonymous says:

      better yet, as a writer below has said: put a camera in the store that sells them.

    • Anonymous says:

      hmmmm…I agree completely.  Are we selling handguns in our stores?  Their only use on this island is to threaten someone when robbing them. 


      I hope the government immediately put a ban on handguns as well.





      • Anonymous says:

        We all know that illegal guns are already banded on this Island, and not sold in stores, but are there any restriction on certain clothing that is being used in these robbery?

        Can someone say what is the penalty for armed robbery in the Cayman Island? so far I have'nt seen any harsh sentences, if any at all.

        Maybe it's time for our AG to  apply a mandatory life sentence for these perpetrators

      • Arnie says:

        Criminals don't follow bans, so banning guns only ensures that their victims are not armed, encouraging the criminals to commit armed robberies all the more.


    • Anonymous!! says:

      Its a sad day whe we have to leave it up to the government to ban such things as halloween mask, the ski mask I can see as we do not ski here. Yet there should'nt be a ban. Better yet as one blogger states all stores and streets should have CCTV's installed, then not be afraid to hand over the video thats on them to the police.

      Time to clean up this little rock search every one Pastors, priest, preacher man, politicians and the every day person. Drastic yes, but getting rid of guns is not drastic.Put away the perpetrators for a looooong time. I applaud those that turn them in. 

  10. Naya boy says:

    The the police can sure talk a good game on the radio and in the media, ain’t translating to diddley squat on these streets flooded with of robbers though. A change in leadership when it comes to crime is now desperately need. What is really sad Cayman is they are the same very people responsible for dismantling a once robust and effective police force and are now trying to re brand it and sell it back to us with the help of their foreign cohorts. We didn’t need to re invent the wheel which set this place back years, and now they complain about the lack of confidence in the police and try to blame the general public for not doing enough about the crime situation. The Caymanian and residents aren’t as fool as some think they see it for what its is. I only wish our commissioner would and make the necessary changes. I won’t hold my breath though because how or why would you punish idiots who justify your continue presence here. The safety of the public takes a backseat to that of good governace and corruption it would appear.

  11. cow itch says:

    Commissioner's Description:-

    Two mon wearing block

    Black ski mosk

    Black shoes

    Black t-shorts

    Black ponts; and a

    Black gon

    All black and more black information to come. Anyone that's a witness to Scotlond's yord astrocity, please call 911 immediately


  12. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again, where are our law enforcements (protectors)?

    I'm not just talking about the RCIP they at least get involved and try to do something to combat crime. I'm talking about our Customs department they are the ones who have the ultimate responsibility to protect our borders and keep these guns from reaching our shores.  The Collector of Customs stated some time back on an interview with Cayman 27 that "guns are not manufactured here" so why isn't his staff of about 150 working a little harder to ensure the guns don't come in.

    Yes, the police have the task of fighting crime but if Customs prevents the guns from coming here half the battle is won. I never hear of a press release from this department on drug or gun seizures (its always the marine unit or RCIP who report) Customs never have any press releases on informing the public of increased measures they've implemented in order to tighten security i.e. increased searches of shipping containers, air cargo, passengers etc.

    This department needs to be held more accountable for protecting our borders not just harassing the weekend shoppers about collecting duty.

    Customs we need to hear from you just like we hear from Baines from RCIP, Manderson & now Evans from Immigration. We pay your salaries to keep contraband from entering our shores (Guns & Drugs)Protect us!



  13. Anonymous says:

    A year ago we were upset and screaming for something to be done about this.

    Now we entered fase 2, we make fun of it, because we have accepted it.

    Fase 3 is total chaos like LA, Detroit, Mexico.


    • Anonymous says:

      I'm sure you meant *Phase and not Fase…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Crime is not going to stop until a family member, girlfriend, sister, brother, or just a friend turns these cowards in. That is the real bottom line. Believe me, people know what is going on and by who and until they either call the tip line or send an annonymous letter…crime will bejust as it is.

    • Jungle Juice says:

      Cant wait!!! 😀

  14. Anonymous says:

    OMG  AGAIN ! These robbers are smarter than our cops..and what will it take for our POLICE to do something…are they going to wait for an innocent person to get shot or kill, it is drawing to that.these robbrs never fire no shot now they are, they are telling us they had enough of robbing and not getting no money, so killing will happen if that what it take for thm to get cash.



  15. JJTA says:

    It is not until these thieves, whether hooded robbers or pirates in fancy suits, are dealt with on the same level of force and consequence with which they perpetrate their crimes that any of this will change. This is to say nothing of the sociological cannibalism which Cayman is under the thumb of at the hands of those who are supposed to and have been given, with a complete lack of validity, the vilely abused privilege of being the very protectors and representatives of. It will get much worse before it gets any better, if at all, and that is the unfortunate and ugly truth which the denial of or the blindness to is now and has been the creator and the promulgator of all of this. Goddam ostritches, your goose is cooked.

    • Anonymous says:

      I'd like to agree…if I could figure out what you were saying…

      • Anonymous says:

        Me too, so I read it over a couple of times and I reckon it's about (a) nailing these swine with overwhelming force, (b) lighting a fire under the backsides of those who are supposed to be doing this but clearly are not, and (c) ceasing trying to make out there's not a problem : all of which gets my support 100% and counting. Mr.Governor, and those charged alongside you with maintaining law and order, will you please START taking action over this scourge that is destroying our community. I swear, in a lot of other places after such violent criminal activity – the brazenness of which continues, thankfully, to shock me – there'd be a shutdown of whole areas, and police sweeps with house-to-house searches, with doors being busted down, and suspects rounded up for questioning, but in Cayman there's a big silence and nobody gets arrested, and this time next week it's all but forgotten about.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hmmn…where is Batman when we need him?

  17. Stinky says:

    Our monthly thursday robbery!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Can they please release the CCTV images asap!   I live not too far from the gas station and was at the Wendy's next door last night and may have recalled something.   Dont wait FOREVER to release the images!

    • cow itch says:

      oh laaaawd!  please don't catch me going in there without a shirt on, sandals, and a box condoms!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, where are the images? People want to help but can't if we aren't given any information or pictures.

  19. Shot Sheriff says:

    Happy gunslinging Thursday!

    • Anonymous says:

      Just heard that they robbed Jose's Gas Station a few minutes ago and fired shots there also???


      What's going to stop them from storming the police stations soon???

      • Anonymous says:

        It's not a police station, it's the traffic dept and I imagine all of them were out patrolling, which is what they are paid to do.

        • Rorschach says:

          "It's not a police station, it's the traffic dept"…i

            That's the funniest $tuff I've heard in ages….