Gunmen challenged by doors

| 07/06/2011

(CNS): Two armed and masked men made a brief and apparently half-hearted attempt at entering the Cayman National Bank at the Countryside shopping village in Savannah this lunchtime. Sources tell CNS that the two suspected would-be robbers attempted to open the bank's external doors at around 12:20pm but pulled on the wrong set. They discovered that the door they had selected was locked but neither of the armed men attempted to open the second doors, which were, according to witnesses, unlocked. On seeing the security guard approaching the doors, the men reportedly fled the scene on foot.

Although police stated that the doors had been locked by the security guard  in a simple security precaution at the time the two armed men dressed in black clothing approached the bank, it is understood from witnesses at the scene that one set of doors was still open. Fortunately however, the robbers selected the set  which was locked and then made their escape. No shots were fired and no-one was injured in the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Bodden Town CID 947-2220 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great headline.  How about doing follow up stories on

    1.  CIG financial dept. challenged by writing reports.

    2. Cayman leadership challenged by paying their own bills and staying/going to work.

    3.Cayman government challenged by anything to do with construction.

    And my personal favorite

    4. Grand Cayman challenged by third world politics.

  2. Naya Boy says:

    Observant witness boy that sounds wonderful the “good witness” as you put it that’s just the kind of society some of you would like and infact have help foster by not doing your friggin job. So now you come with your guilt trip and mind game as if you are there to help,but in esssence you are once again attempting to shift the burden and responsibilty of crime on the general public A responsibility you are handsomely paid to do. The information collection society of everybody spying on each other would make your work so much easier wouldn’t it.Be careful what you wish for,it might be you they see. A truthful witness is far more convincing in a court of law thanone coached by law enforcement you know that? Here is a little tip for you stop blaming the public for crime as it betrays your law enforcement background and frame of mind.Thank you however for your advice but you need to get back to work making the the publc safe.

    • Observant Witness says:

      Dear Naya Boy – You seem to be a bit confused..I am not in law enforcement. I am just a person who was taught to be a good citizen and assist the Police in doing their job as they cannot be everywhere at once. It's so easy to arm-chair quarterback isn't it? If you want crime stopped, be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh please, a good citizen??? Just wait till you report something to the police and the indiviudal finds out (which eventually they will), see if the police will protect you then?? LMAO LMAO   We all want crime to stop but the police can't protect the witnesses..this is a fact!

  3. MLA's - Duty of Care to country says:

    ALL MLA's have an obligation to our country to ensure that the Governor does his job.

    ALL MLA's cannot hide behind the reason that "crime" falls under the responsibility of the Governor.

    ALL MLA's were elected to confront and find a solutions for ALL problems of our country.

    ALL MLA's are responsible to make laws and amend laws to ensure the laws of our country effectively govern, control, restrict, enforce, penalise and give guidance to ALL persons within our country, whether citizen, resident or visitor.

    ALL MLA's owes our country a DUTY OF CARE.

    Therefore,  TO ALL MLA's, I strongly urge you,  to move the motion to pass a law that calls for all cash related business that require customers to enter their premises, to immediately install VIDEO CAMERAS on the outside and inside of their premises,  and on the CUC poles nearest to the exit and entrance of their property.  

    This would greatly assist the RCIPS in their investigations in the apprehension of the criminals that are endangering many of our lives.

    ALL MLA's, with the same care that was given to pedestrians, the care they rightfully deserve to cross our streets or walk on the sidewalks, we the CUSTOMERS of ALL cash related business deserve and demand the same care.

    Act now or we will in the next up-coming elections in 2013!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      And are you going to pay for all these cameras. You betcha! We will all have to pay as the cost of everything will go up….try think before you speak….

      • Anonymous says:

        boiye, the depth of your understanding and your foresight can be measured by the length of your nose…………..and I bet you have a short flat one

  4. noname says:

    As i watched the Cayman 27 interview last night with superintendant Boden of the RCIPS i had to scratch my head because he is either behind us or way ahead of us because he is certainly not here with us. I am however delighted that he and his disciples now have a new catch phrase. Gone are the days of strategic overviews isolated incidents and proactive patrols. We are now moving forward and are now "intelligently aggressive" about crime. well i wish someone would please tell the criminals this so they can stop robbing people. Poor Mr Boden one of the architects of this terrible mess at the RCIPS, looks a bit distress as he tries to reassure a very skeptical public who simply know better and are the people confronting this criminal menace, While he sits in his comfy chair in his comfy office XXXX. Whatever is done in darkness will come to light. Has      anyone seen Mr Haines DTF Crime Strategy Reports??????

  5. petermilburn says:

    And the Lord said unto Moses bring me Taylor,Bush and Baines.We need to talk.

  6. Observant Witness says:

    For all of you who like to blame the Police for the crime…how about stepping up to the plate and accepting a little of your responsibility as "good citizens" to assist the Police, unless you want an armed police officer at every possible building on the Island that could potentially be robbed. Here's a little tip on how you can prevent crime instead of passively standing around waiting for someone else to do so.

    Be a good Witness

    Being a good eyewitness does not come automatically and can be affected by many factors.  Most people don’t expect to be an eyewitness, so knowing how to observe in advance can be helpful.

    Observing and witnessing is an active process.  Good observers continually ask themselves what it is that they are seeing.  If you are watching a suspicious vehicle, ask yourself how old it is, what make and style, what color, how many occupants, extent of body damage, type of bumper stickers or decals.  If you see thelicense plate, how are you going to remember it?  If you are watching an individual ask yourself similar questions such as how old, what sex and race, height and weight, frame size, hair color, face shape, facial hair, eye color and shape, and clothing?  Look for distinguishing tattoos and jewellry. To estimate an individual’s height, compare it to a nearby stationary object.  Ask yourself if the individual looks like someone you know and then compare the two to bring out more detai  (and if you do know them, try not protecting them). By asking yourself these questions you are focusing your attention to detail and making yourself a better witness.

    Observation is affected by factors such as the length of time you had to witness the event, distance from the event and lighting conditions.  Your attentiveness and perception are also very important.  Attentiveness measures your awareness of the incident and perception is your understanding of what it is you are witnessing.  Perception is affected by things such as intelligence, educational background, experience and occupation.  All of which provides your frame of reference.

    Even if you didn’t get a good look at the suspect or vehicle, partial observations are important in establishing time, location, and number of participants to an event.  Remember, if you see something that makes you uncomfortable or simply doesn’t look right, call 911.


    • hostile Witness says:

      What part of no confidence in the police don’t you understand next question who the hell are you going to tell? you forgot to tell your good witness two very important things. Get life insurance and sort your affairs out promptly make a will because niether 911 nor the Police are going to do it for you.Stepping up to the plate you all need to try and get justice for poor Anna Evans and her family instead of in the media telling people how to do police work. The public is tired of being blamed for crime.

      • Anonymous says:


        So its true then.  The criminals really do run Grand Cayman and no one can do anything concrete about it because there are just to damn many of them.  And here I thought it was just complete incompetence on your elected leadership.  Explains a lot.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said. You have captured the "Turnbull"s Guidelines(1977) on Evidence" very well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    As utterly stupid as these criminals are, what does it say about police who can't catch them? Let's face it, there essentially is no police force here. Between Baines and Bush, the future of Cayman is bleak. Of course both of them will be long gone, living off the cash they collected here while providing no service whatsoever to this country when Cayman is unfit to live in.

  8. Anonymous says:

    For all the crime going on, the streets are remarkably clear of any police presence.  It feels as though the criminals have been given the go ahead to do whatever they want.  Why are there not police patrolling on foot, in cars, armed and unarmed around – at least near to the banks.  I mean, we do not have that many retails banks that a few police could be in the vicinity.  Also, even when people give descriptions of vehicles, it seems impossible for the police to go through the DVL's data base to pull up all cars matching the description and go interview the owners.  Perhaps they are doing this and I'm just being unfair.  But really, in such a small Island with so many police, who according to the Commissioner, know who it is doing these crimes, why is it impossible to catch any of them?


    • Anonymous says:


      Has it occure to you, that the none presence of policemen, would indicate  they are scared of the criminals, and gone into hiding.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Chances are these people are going to try again sometime in the next few days, somewhere else. Given the small size of Cayman and the natural choke points in the roading system I do hope the RCIPS have cars waiting at strategic locations.

    These robbers are so dumb it is not going to look good for our police if they can't catch them.

  10. Ashleigh says:

    HAHAHHA! They never tried the other door?? REALLY!!

    This is beyond getting upset over the crimes…it's worth getting upset over the stupidity of the criminals. IDIOTS!

    There should be a rule, if you are not smart, don't do crimes…bet that would put a hault to all the crimes happening

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dear (almost) Bank Robbers,


    Your epic shipment of "FAIL!!!!!!" has arrived at customs… Please go down and collect it at your next convenience!

    P.S. – There is a 40 % duty on it too!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why are we waiting to tackle these robbers?? – Can someone in government find some suggestions of handling these most untastely matters that are happen every 24 hours or days apart.  Give the businesses some  liberty to deal with these thugs – How about  Stun Guns?  This weapon should not be harmful. Stop going on witch-hunt for days and wasting precious fuel and manhours.  In most cases at  the end of the day  "Mr Nobody"  is held accountable for these actions, that is why we have these criminal activities  repeated.

    To the Commissioner and other Goverment Officials; Where are the  solutions that are long overdue?  Please stop sleeping and ignoring the threats that have become a daily cup of coffee or a glass of water. 

    We talk about Channels and Ports – wait for the reality of these, then we will become another Mexico. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    An armed guard in swat fatigues with a nice automatic rifle standing just inside the doors of the banks will deter these pretend punks. Its  way past the time the government put measures in place.

    • Anon says:

      With all due respect, I think the banks can afford their own armed or unarmed guards.  Why should the public purse pay for this?

  14. Anonymous says:

    The Comissioner already made a statement a few years ago. He said we have to get used to the fact that things will never be the same regarding crime. He should have been fired that day. Look what we have for politicians and protectors. Dereliction of duty and looking the other way is still an accessory to crime. We deserve better.

    • SMH says:

      When last have the Commissioner made any sort of Statement on these crime situations. Nothing like communicating with the public and re-assuring us.  Is it just me or what? 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ok so we aren't exactly dealing with Ocean's Eleven here….but what does this say about our police department who can't seem to catch these door if not mentally challenged bunch?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Cayman = Third World


    You had it…  it's gone…. You are now ranked with Jam and TT

  17. Beachboi says:

    I dont understand how when there is a daylight robbery and the police are given even the color and make of car that they cannot locate it even with the use of the airial surveillance.  There has been so much money spent on CCTV, but again I am confused.  Even when a robbery occurs in a gas station, as an example, and there is a camera on the ceiling we cannnot discern the criminals features.  How are we expected to do so from the top of a telephone pole?  Governor Taylor it is time for a new Police Commissioner!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Beachboi how do you suppose we 'discern features" covered by a mask?

    • Flor de Cana says:

      ahhh!  you forget that the CCTVs are there for witnesses, not for the criminals.

  18. lawrence says:

    CNS, will the Commissioner of Police make a statement, seeing that the crime figure on robbery is rising higher all of a sudden?  Will you call or contact him to find out if he has a positive strategy to fighting this crime element?

    CNS, apparently, we have three desperate criminals that were unsuccessful twice and will attempt to rob again, seeing the weather conditions and how slow police response has become. There appears to be no surveillance and no "net" in place at key locations to capture these criminals. Could he explain to us how the Police Service has over 300 hundred officers and the heads are getting well fat salaries, and there appears to be no plan, but to clean up after the mess has been made?

    I think its time Commissioner Baines need to speak out now and give the public some ray of hope! 

  19. Anonymous says:

    This is getting beyond ridiculous. Clearly these morons reckon they can get away with it time after time. WHEN is the Governor going to take steps to address this ever worsening situation? It's clear the police are not up to the task, as hardly anyone is being apprehended, and this is fueling the morons' confidence levels.  The police showing up with guns after the fact is ridiculous – like, the cretins are going to come back? The police need help, and the Governor's got to get his thinking cap on pronto before this ship sinks. I want to see the police doing more proactive work – how can nobody have been arrested for being a member of a gang if the police know the number of "gangs" (i.e.groups of pathetic idiots, truth be told) on Grand Cayman ? It's beyond absurd.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Every time I go to that bank, there is a security guard posted outside.  Was he there during the attempted robbery?  If not, why?

    • Anonymous says:

      He was there and like all security guards on the island, he was armed with a water pistol and a banana.

      Security guards are not allowedto be armed, with one exception: The guards in front of the house of dart on westbay road.

      That is were you political leaders have their priorities.

    • Anon says:

      the security guards at this location tend to stand just inside the doors… and the article makes it clear security was there:

      "On seeing the security guard approaching the doors, the men reportedly fled the scene on foot."

  21. DTF consultant says:

    What happen to this supposed Crime strategy written by the rich for the rich and endorsed by the NSC Not Security Cayman ooops! National Security Council another hair brain plan by our aloof politicians with their Gods of policing who are wasting our money on pure foolishness. This situation can be satisfactorily managed but if it continues and establishes a stronger base or foundation we are going to have bigger problems trying to manage it in the very near future. A comprehensive crime strategy and plan was written in 2000-2005 by members of the old Drugs Task force intelligence unit however no one sames to know what happened to it or know its whereabouts. I do believe current leadership and its troubled followers saw to that, by dumping a lot of these documents and files during their big dismantling operation. There is nothing new identifying spikes in crime when it comes to the overall cycles what it does require is the cooperation of a lot of government departments not all law enforcement and a few private sector areas working closely together to halt factors which contribute to alot of these criminal situations. For example our current Robbery problem could be better resolved by putting strong emphasis on threats and risk of both people and locations. the key and most difficult aspects this is getting people to work together meaningfully that is almost as hard a solving or crime problem itself. Just some food for thought Cayman?

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG have you seen who sits on the board…lmao non of them know anything about security…

  22. BOBO Construction says:

    i can build a fish pot to catch these guys,

  23. Anonymous says:

    no, scumbags beez what these these people keep leaving in the empty lot down the road by the sea where they bring their girlfriends every night. NCB sold me a house and I got front row in a "classy neighborhood" where everyone can come get it it on in their car every night.

  24. The lone haranguer says:

    We have a spate on our hands, what the hell is Baines doing ?

  25. Anonymous says:

    What is our island coming too, Our Island is already in a state of distress, where we cannot find jobs to feed our families, and the Government is busted for money and now we have these so called robbers robbing and bring fear on the people, who already have enough stress on their lives. 

    I blame the court system, for when they commit the crime, they have the opportunity to apply for legal aid at the country expense. When they get catch there families should have to pay for the legal fees or they will rot in jail. What is right about you robbing and killing and the country have to pay your legal fees.

    Then our Jail is too comfotable for you get 3 square meals a day, and free hospital services, they should be treated like the prisoners in Jamaica where the eat slop and cannot go to the doctor unless they are dieing. No wonder they do care about there actions.

     If we work to changethis problem or should i say luxury then we will begining to see a drop in crime.


    • Anonymous says:

      You fail to remember that our hands are tied in the Cayman Islands. Anything that Mother England does it sets the pase for us. In England criminals have more rights than the law-abiding citizens. The Court will always makes a fuss over legal aid because this is what happen in the English Courts.The Court will always make a fuss over rehabilitation and reformation and that is what happen in UK. Then we have a law that applies to young offenders which cushion them from the hard life of real hardened criminals. These hoodlums know that they will get special treatment. They know its just a matter of time before they are back on the streets to perpetrate their evil deeds again. Thats why the crimes continue. If you are a keen observer you will know that when certain of these young hoodlums are released from HMP crimes go up more than when they are serving time. With the comments of the police arriving after the event seems to suggest that its to avoid a shoot out with the criminals. You know,don't you all that if these two groups face off there will be a shootout and people will be killed.I honestly don't think the commanders of the RCIP and the Government are prepare for this situation. Can they handle a news headline like this: "THREE GUNMEN SHOT AND KILLED WHEN THEY FIRED ON POLICE WHO CAUGHT THEM RED HANDED ROBBING THE XYZ BANK TODAY. ITS REPORTED THAT ONE OFFICER WAS ALSO KILLED AND TWO INJURED." Can't you see the reason for the delayed response people?

  26. TCM29 says:

    Just when I was thinking of coming back-

    There is no way in he!! I will ever come back to your thug infested country.

    We have the same problem in the US, but thanks to our Constitution, we have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from the unfortunate minority vermin that we have to see on our daily news.

    Your sissy attitude (cops with no guns??) will keep me and my beautiful wife safely in the US at our beach abode in SC.

    You possess a paradise like no place in the world. Thanks to your own thugs and your failure to deal with them, you've managed to scare away a big part of your economy.




    • Anonymous says:

      I was planning another trip to the beautiful island this year, but with the news not slowing down on crime, I think I'd be wise to pick another destination.

      I can not understand why the police force do not figure out a way to put this to rest.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tcm29 boo hoo not glad you came,not sad you left so RIP we won’t want to see ya again

    • The Beaver says:

      Buddy, you need to stay exactly where you are – and no, I'm not Caymanian…

    • Anonymous says:

      "Sissy"?  It's macho, trigger-happy, too-afraid-to-walk-outside-unarmed rednecks in the states that make for more gun violence in that country than almost any other.  I don't fear the armed criminals in the US as much as I do gun-toting morons looking for an excuse to fly into a rage and shoot their gun.

      • Anonymous says:

        Is "redneck" all you can think of to say? You have no idea who that poster is. His point is perfectly respectable, and gun violence per capita in the US in fact compares very favorably with that in the Blessed Isles.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is easy to go and be places in good times, but it truely shows who loves Cayman and its people during bad times (and we got a clear picture of this after hurrican Ivan).

      I am not sure who you mean with YOU and YOUR sissy attitude. Perhaps you could actually put the blame on those who are supposed to prevent and fight crime and not randomly spew venom.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Jig -a-boo-jig- a- boo- where are you- i am in the bushes watchin you.

    This is another armed attempt in less then 24 hrs. As fast as they appear, they disappear. Why are they notapprehended? While the Police are there faster then ever, they cannot catch them. How is it that two guys going to buy booze after a day of fishing, were able to catch and detain armed suspects but the RCIP with over 300 and 12 legs and a bird cannot?

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe, we need the Ghost Busters.  Sounds like they ghosts be a robbin.

      • Bloody Mary says:

        Right!  and they're using a skeleton key that's why they can't open the doors, wheeee!


  28. Anonymous says:

    You know it scare the s()*$%*t out of me that our police CANNOT manage to sort out such low level punks!

    Mr. Baines – the public needs to know what is going on! How are you planning to get this situation under control?

  29. Anonymous says:

    That's right whether they get anything or not they are stealing millions in lost revenue by would be vacation goers and investors reading stuff like this. Apparently this is something the Governor, Baines and The police force works for the Govenor Mr. Bush don't really get.

  30. Mrs. McLean says:

    It's offical.

    They're now using the "it's so easy a caveman can do it" moto.

    Seems like any dumbo, has decided they can hold a gun, and (try) rob a place.

    Oh, and about blaming our police force, goverment etc….get this… Cayman is way too small! everybody knows everybody…

    A long time ago in my bad days…a friend approached me and said a police officer told him to tell me to slow down. Because he seen me speeding.

    Apply that to these crimes. What if the police knew who was doing it, but just wanted to avoid pissing off a friend or family member.

    This is why, we need those sometimes annoying police officers from elsewhere brought in. Because they dont give a crap who they piss off. They going pull you over, arrest you, etc.

    Today I walking through town with one umbrella..not only because it looked like it might rain. Because I was wondering who i might have to beat with it. Cayman getting to be too rough man. Nuff said.


    • Anonymous says:

      OMG 16:21 where did you come out from with that. That sums it up in a few words. Thats exactly the approach they are taking.

  31. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    It is unbelievable that all the elected members, for the people, are simply sitting in their leather chairs waiting for The Governor and The Commissioner to do some ting. It is obviously that The Premier and Deputy will not do anything so maybe the opposition would go to The Governor and offer their districts support and maybe pressure for more attention to the crime in Cayman. It is so easy to just say someone else will take care of it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh come on Lach..stop with the McKeeva bashing,…this is one time the Commissioner has to take some blame..but as usual he doesn't simply because there isn't a Chamber of Commerce meeting scheduled..instead he sends out Marlon Bodden (the token Caymanian) to do the talking on Cayman 27  whilst he watches in from his luxury home in governors Harbor.


      You don't live here Lach so stop acting like you do. We have to deal with this crap every day..and we are paying a Commissioner over $10K a month, probably three times what he would earn in the UK to sit on his hands and do nothing…Why can't you ask where is his strategy to deal with this situation?

      • senior citizen says:

        thank you

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

        Anonymous 21:18……It is obvious that the commissioner cannot address the crime in Cayman. So then who can do something. Someone needs to stand up and address crime in Cayman. You are right, I should just forget about pushing the elected members, someone else will handle it.

  32. Sachamo says:

    My frustration at this time is directed at three entities:

    1. The Governor for his seemingly very passive approach

    2.  The elected officials ( Both Government and backbenchers) for their apparent lack of interest on this very serious issue.

    3. The commissioner of Police simply for his imcompetence. Why arent we hearing from him? what are his plans for dealing with this? what is his strategy to combat this.

    This is a crying shame!

    • MonkeySee says:

      I agree with your points.


      The thing about the Commish's "Plans" is that there are ALWAYS plans in Cayman (Not just the RCIPS) but they rarely come to be! NSC, VIsion, Conservation….a "PLAN" on crime will look good on paper (maybe),  but not be enforcced for this reason or that reason….while the rest of us just trying to be safe in our country are left to ask these questions every week!


      I don't pray for the Cayman of Old, but I do pray for Cayman to not become too big for its britches!  O_o

  33. Robyn Banks says:

    Excellent. For all those banks that still have both doors unlocked, make sure you lock one as soon as possible. That'll sort em out.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Oh my God… this just shows mind set of these thugs "They discovered that the door they had selected was locked but neither of the armed men attempted to open the second door, whichwas, according to witnesses, unlocked."  dah…if you have two doors and one is lock… wouldn't it make sense to try the other one….. but nooo.. they would be there all day pushing the same door when they could have just pull open the other… These thugs lack even the basic reasoning ability… If caught they should be sentance to "life in School".  sad very sad.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Soon enough this will end up as it does in other countries, it's called: BANG, you're dead. With the way we deal with it here, it is unknown who will do the dying.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Help…I was let off at the Airport in Nassau but supposed to be going to Grand Cayman….there must be a mistake…everyone keeps tellim me I'm in the right place but I don't think so

  37. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad this robbery didn't take place, but please tell why you brilliant journalists both at CayCompass and CNS would print how the doors can be opened?

    CNS note to robbers: You cannot open a door by pulling it. We added that into the article by mistake.

    • Anonkymous says:

      aw sweetie, I'm sure that anyone with half a brain would eventually figure out that the doors on the other side opened. I really don't think that the media leaked any national security secrets in their reports.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Ahahahahahahaha!!! My belly! Woi mi belly!!! Tears came to my eyes with this one…good stuff…

    But seriously, it's all been beaten to dealth so no need to reiterate, but are they really going to continue with all this mess?

    When people start opening fire on anyone wearing a mask maybe the headlines will change. Let's try that because what's being done now OBVIOUSLY isn't working…

  39. Anonymous says:

    Uh… note to policeman….if you see guys driving around in cars blasting mo fo did and mo fo dat…with their seat laying down…with tinted windows….with pants hanging down….with lotsa gold….with some blue lights…with a look on their face like mo fo get outta my way…..wait a minute …..awe …cousin demetrias….dat you?

  40. Anonymous says:

    These have GOT to be the same ding-bats that tried robbing fosters, and savannah gas-station as-well! They must be on a robbing spree! Little 17-20 year old “wanna-be” fools who have clearly watched too many movies! Nothing but low-lives trying to steal, what hard working men, and women of this country took years to build! They should of ran into that door and picked up a good lick! Ha! What Scumbags! 

  41. Anonymous says:

    Awe Lawdy….its a free for all

  42. Anonymous says:

    It's all going belly up isn't it? Poor Cayman. A massive rethink is needed by businesses here as far as security measures are concerned, such as reconfiguring entrances to banks and doing away with some of the guards and retooling the jobs of others into operators of electronic entrance doors. The police seem unable to stop the robbers and their families refuse to turn them in so something new needs to be tried.

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently simple circumstances are more effective than the inept RCIP leadership and government! Lets alternate the locked doors every other day!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why should the businesses have to rethink? For what it's worth my bank in my hometown does not and has never had a 'security' guard at the dooor and probably never will have and I don't see that or the other 6/7 banks in the High Street being held up almost daily! And no we don't arm our Police either…

      Note the use of '  ' with the word security – these guys are nothing more than glorified door openers and from what I remember pre Ivan they were only in the banks – seems you cant go to any business on island without a 'guard' opening the door for you! Someone is mugging the public there and it ain't always the criminals !

      As someone points out elsewhere so well – look at the cars, check the 'gangsta/soulja' boys riding around and I'll bet my house that results will be had.


  43. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Lord for answered prayers to help us get the crime rate down

  44. Anymous says:

    Want to know something, a communist place as close as Cuba with 12, million people this does not  happen.  Because  In Cuba only 6 persons can enter at one time then the door is locked.  When the cashier has finished with them they are let out and six more enters and the door is locked.  What part of that we dont understand?

    But guess what Banks money are insured, Gas

    station money is insured too.  So who cares a rat behind if a hundred dollars is robbed, we can claim One thousand.  Stop sleeping on your jobs.

  45. Anonymous says:

    not today, Bobo!!