Divers film underwater beauty at risk from EE ‘hole’

| 16/06/2011

(CNS): Local divers have documented the underwater world that is at risk should the proposed East End commercial seaport receive the official government go-ahead. At least seven dive sites on the south eastern coast are under threat as a result of the potential development which has been dubbed the “mega quarry” or “big hole” project by local objectors as the excavation period for the project is expected to last more than five years. Divers have made a short –film of the sites at risk and posted the results on YouTube as part of the growing campaign to stop the development. As well as excavating a basin of some 4million sqft the developer proposes to dredge a 60ft deep, 1,600 ft long by 600 ft wide channel.

The video shows just a small selection of the popular, most visited dive sites and underwater beauty in the Half Moon Bay area which are riskfrom the development. The video lists the various sites under threat and notes the continued popularity and importance of diving to the Cayman Islands tourism product. As many as ten thousand dives are made in East End every year and the area at risk is f particular importance as it is one of the few areas where visitors can dive safely in rough weather. The loss of these seven sites would undermine Cayman’s ability to offer diving 365 days per year.

The opposition to the commercial port project has come from some diverse areas across the whole of the Cayman community. For what may even be the first time environmentalists are rubbing shoulders with quarry operators in a common cause. Divers and businessmen, politicians and teens, ex-pats and locals as well as West Bayers and Eastenders have all vowed to fight the proposed development.

See the video here or visit the Save East End Facebook page here


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  1. Anonymous says:


    The above is a option for new port, oil refinery and airport like what they have done in Kansai Japan :


  2. Come On Man! says:

    Is Frank now on the EE port/quarry payroll?  See the editorial in the Compass.

  3. nauticalone says:


    Excellent job "Save Cayman" and all involved with the petitions to stop this incredible and permanent destruction.

    This propsal is NOT in the iterests of Cayman….this is Greed of a few selfish people.

    And we will NOT allow it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    More BS from the enviro-wakos.

    • Anonymous says:

      Much of the country's  tourism is derived from Cayman as being a world class diving destination, particulary Little Cayman and East End of Grand Cayman.  The diving quality (clarity and temperture of water, coral reef formation, and topography of the sea floor) is a unique natural resource which can not be manufactured or relocated.  Places like these reefs are rare and are the reason why thosands pay money to come here.  Thousands come here, especially East End, specifically to dive.  It is not the case for many of these  people to come here and then decide to dive as something to do while they are here.  It is the world class diving and serenity and quiet of East End that attracts them.  This port project will have a major negative impact.  If this goes ahead it wiil be a huge black eye on Cayman's reputation as a dive destination and a destination for people wanting to come here for a quiet tropical paradise.  That is an economic issue, not enviro-wacko BS. 

      The shoreline and the reefs do not belong to one man, they belong to the country and by extension all of its citizens. This is not his property to decide what to do with, nor is it right for the desires of the overwhelming MINORITY to destroy what belongs to all, of which the majority oppose this.  If you want topave over your own property, go for it.  Don't impose your will on the rest of us.  Regardless of your supposed intentions for the "greater good",  I assure you, you do not know what is best for me and everyone else.

  5. C.R.E.A.M. says:

    If they go through with this, the map of Grand Cayman will be significantly altered, putting a massive gap into East End.

  6. Jab-Jab says:

    Make Little Cayman a nature reserve now. Between docks in the West and ports in the East Grand Cayman will soon be dug out from dropoff to, well, where the trees used to be. Little Cayman is small enough that it can still be saved (all undeveloped land bought and turned into a park). Then we could have our cake and eat it too. Otherwise the land speculators will buy it and build roads all through it and another piece of paradise will be paved over. Except for the Garden of Eden tree museum next to the Seamen's Museum.

    • Anonymous says:

      too late bobo. some lady over there is building houses 5 at a time.  Now I ain't saying that's wrong, she very well may need 5houses.  I'm just saying…. too late!

  7. NotSoFast says:

    Ironshore Gardens is an important and amazing dive site – for people who have never seen it to decide it's expendible or could be moved is the epitomy of arrogance. –  Like a blind person deciding that Paris doesn't need the Eiffel Tower. 

  8. Bodden says:

    It brings tears to my eyes to think how life is so fragile and beautiful. It comes but forever dissappears because of mankind's destructive schemes and self-centeredness. Leave nature alone so that our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy its beauty, serenity, and peaceful qualities that we in ourselves do lack. Again, tears roll down my eyes when I think of being a little boy and my father took me out fishing… now to know all that's left for me to share to my grandchildren, are memories.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why do you cry my friend? we have 52 miles of beautiful reef to take your grand children to see…. wake up…if you are in a dream! when did you dream of  buldozers destroying Grand Cayman…and left you only with memories.

      I just drove around the Island, and it is still beautifull, and whenever 600 feet of seabed is remove for other industry, there will still be 52 miles less 600 feet of beauty.

      • petermilburn says:

        what an idiotic. reply.You obviously know nothing about underwater beauty and what $s that brings to these islands.

        • Anonymous says:

          Peter, i was born in the water, and yes I know much about the $$ that diving brings to the Island, you damn well know we have at least 50 +miles of coral reef sorounding grand Cayman, and if you remove 600 feet of seabed it wont destroy our dive industry.

          There are other people than yourself, who is living on this Island that need to eat, feed and educate their children, we can't just reserve the ocean  for you few water sports companies, the buck don't stop with you all.


    • Anonymous says:

      Well the beauty is still there, my friend , the only thing changed… not much fish, conch and lobsters, but the 50 + miles of corals and seabed are still there, the last time I looked. I guess no one found a way to cook them yet. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. I think a lot of this development is little rich kids showing the world how may legos they have.  There must be some twisted reason they think concessions are more beautiful and perfect than what nature has put in place.  Destroy the view for 50,000, so ten or fifteen can say "look what I have done"

    • Industrialist says:

      sniff… sniff… soooo sad…. NOW GET BACK TO WORK!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Having just watched the video I am shocked that the government would want to destroy such a beautiful and inspiring place of nature. You have no right to destroy that which GOD put in place for everyone to enjoy. 

    Every member of government should be forced to dive each and every site that they want to demolish!  How many Caymanians actualy dive? Why aren't all children taught this?  You people in government and whoever else is involved in this project should be ashamed of yourselves!

    You have already destroyed the George Town harbor, why do you want to destroy the rest of the island?   PEOPLE OF CAYMAN YOU MUST STOP THIS!

    If the people in government will not listen then you must find a way to get those people out before there is nothing left on the island to enjoy. Where will you be when the tourists stop coming to the island?

    Seems that the port in George Town works fine, why fix what is not broken. Maybe you should change it to "He Hath founded it upon land, money and greed!"  LEAVE EAST END ALONE!

    Stop wasting money, put it to good use and take care of your people. Spend the money instead and teach everyone to dive, so that they can enjoy what GOD has given you!



    • Anonymous says:

      suggested reading: The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey. Inspiring and spot on

  10. Anonymous says:

    East End offers some of the best diving on the island. I know divers who return to Grand Cayman year after year specifically to dive those sites. Once gone, these dive sites cannot be replaced. It would be an absolute shame if this were to happen. Please stop this project before it is too late!

  11. Anonymous says:

     Astounding beauty!

  12. noname says:

    Who cares about this place Dart owns the western tip Imparato owns eastern tip all is lost Cayman reef,land, mangroves need to be push down crush and destroyed i am much afraid Cayman another wake up call is coming in the form of a major hurricane to straighten things out once again.