Robbers strike at well-known 7MB beach bar

| 01/07/2011

(CNS): Machete wielding robbers made off with cash from a popular Seven Mile Beach bar early this morning after assaulting the bar tender. Police said Friday that they are now investigating another armed robbery, this time at Royal Palms on West Bay Road, which occurred around 1:25am (1 July). The RCIPS received a report that a member of staff had been robbed of the night's takings at the bar. A 36-year-old male bar tender at the location was in the process of cashing up when he was jumped by two masked men. One of the suspects waved a machete at him, but did not strike him. The other suspect struck the bar tender on the back of the head with an unknown weapon.

Police said the suspects then made off with an undisclosed sum of cash. The suspects are described as being 5’ 10” and 5’ 5” respectively. They were both wearing white t -shirts and dark coloured short pants and had their faces covered.
Anyone with information should call George Town CID on 949-4222 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. trollish but true says:

    Aruba was great.  And the newspaper wasn't filled with all this violent crime.

    (Natalee's death was the result ofa psychopath so don't throw that out there.)

    Not coming back to Cayman as long as these horrific robberies (machetes…really?) and murders keep occurring.

    Oh and having casinos and clubs was great.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your suggestion poster on how to solve the crimes that are taking place at the moment.  Vigilante justice is not want we want or need in Cayman, the rule of law is how we operate .  Vigilante justice is worst or just as bad as the crimes commited by criminals.  Please don't advocate vigilante justice here, we have always pride ourselves in having natural justice and we want to keep it that way not change our laws because of a few  criminals that will get caught in short order.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I applaude the writer who went out and got a job even a lower paying job to pay bills and as a result did not have to resort to crime.  I just wish that everyone had your same idea but unfortunately many young people do not think this way and there in lies the problem.

    I have heard young people say if I can't like a good life in this my country then no one else should at their expense.  This is so sad to see it is happening.  I am very sure that the majority of people think like you and that is not the problem it is the minority that thinks differently.  This is what is creating the problem for everyone so how do we address that?

    I leave that for you and the leaders to decide before the unsavory minority determine the future of this island.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You reap what you deserve. A country where no one takes responsibility.There are people out the who know who these punks are and they are worse than the criminals. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    The root of criminal activities is poverty and over population. Lets just take off the blinders and stop the denial.  These islands have imported poverty and as a result we are begining to reap the rewards of a lower standars of living. 

    The middle class is fast disappearing and when this happens we are left with rich and poor and we all know what happens in this case.

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm sorry. I just can not agree with the statement that poverty or loss of job causes crime. I lost my job for over a year and I did not go on a crime spree. Instead, I cried for a week and then picked myself up and hit the pavement. I  went on a search and worked 3 crappy, low salary jobs so I could put food on the table and pay my mortgage. Was I content? No, but I had to survive and working long hours kept me 'above water'.

      I could not buy the extra things in life. I could not eat out. I was just barely making it, but I did not go out and steal, beat some stranger, or break into houses. I worked my &%$ off and while doing so, I kept applying for a better job in my occupational field.

      If one wants a job, they are out there. They may not be exactly what you want to do, but it will pay for your food and your mortgage honestly and at the end of the day..I could still feel proud of myself.

      • Anonymous says:

        where are the police ???it is a small island and the crimes  seem to be around 7mb and their stores???????????????/ where aer the cameras like in london

        • Anonymous says:

          Where the heck are the police before, during and after-no prevention and very little convictions!!  Help us almighty!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The root is people like you giving these lazy thugs justifications.  Shut your trap, getof the f….g internet, and raise your children.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sad!!!  what a view!!

  6. Subway Cookie says:

    Well crime has been taking place in many well known areas for years.  Central, Windsor Park, Rock hole, Dog City, Goat Yard etc etc.  This is a well known fact and I believe most were keen to turn a blind eye since the criminal activities were within these poorer areas.  Now that the activity has burst through those borders into "their" neighborhoods and places of business FINALLY everyone is paying attention.  It is now just as easy to get kicked up and robbed on West Bay Road as it is in Central.  The Police have been aware of these crime hot spots for ages and also turned a blind eye which is one of the reasons why crime is so rampant now.  They should have nipped this in the bud back in the day but they preferred to allow it because the criminals were their chums but now we are seeing a different, more aggressive, less human type of criminal.  New and more drastic measures need to be taken.  It would also be nice sign of acknowledgment and leadership if ONE of our elected reps would speak up against this and take their attention away from oil refineries and $$ to address the crime situation.  No formation of committees, no reports, no stats, no comparison to other countries….DO SOMETHING, because if God forbid one of these fops kicks in my door and tries to harm my children I will make certain the way he looks when he enters IS NOT the way he looks when he leaves.

  7. Jayman-WTF says:

    It's a shame that Cayman is at the mercy of some crack-heads……

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Premier keeps saying we need more people.  Why have a stagnant population of 50 to 60,000 when he wants 100,000.  Import more and we will have more criminals.  Give more status to the less fortunate and we will have more criminals.  From the day the free for all status grants happened the Cayman Islands started to slide down hill.  We allowed people to bring their grown children here and right now some of them have been causing problems in our societies.  It is a waste of time to give the police information on what you see happening, they do nothing.  I have tried and still see things happening, but there is only an uniform to contact, not a person wearing an uniform.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Amendment II

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

    • Amend the 2nd Amendment says:

      And perhaps you could continue "shall not be infringed, even though it leads to a massive increase in gun deaths from domestic violence, a significant increase in gun crime and a 400% increase in those that exercise this right being shot themselves".

  10. Just and Illusion says:

    It time for leadership change at the RCIPS this place is out of control and they have been given all the necessary tools to fix the crime problem. It is obvious that they are incapable of doing so they need to go now!

  11. Anonymous says:

    RCIPS – You are incompetent.  Criminals do not fear you.  Even if you arrest someone you will bungle the evidence!



  12. Vigilante Group Interviews says:

    I think its time to create a private non-profit group comprised of individuals who have combat, surveillance and police experience and who are not afraid to stalk, follow and apprehend these criminals whenever they step out of line. This group would perform street level enforcement but also answer to a more elite and hidden leadership who would be dedicated to uncovering the criminal leaders in Cayman. 

    Do not for one second think that these criminal cells that are operating here are simply operating on their own, they are organized and answering to a higher power. They have a leadership and it would probably surprise you to find out who that leadership is! 

    Answer this question for yourself. XXXXX 

    Someone is providing a means to get rid of stolen property, laundering bank heist money, providing guns and drugs, running a numbers game, providing prostitutes, renting rooms by the hour round the back, gang members meet at the private bar and have meetings…….and they obviously cannot be touched by the Police. 

    I know this by simply observing the place, it is frequested by all classes of Cayman life, kids right upto white collar businessmen there is a little something for everyone there! Perhaps this is where the Police need to start kicking down doors, or do they need me to do that for them too?


  13. Jayman-WTF says:

    It is way too easy for these IDIOTS to rob people without FEAR…. WHY!!??

    So much for security…. business owners WASTE $$ on security guard service….. what a joke! No mace or pepper spray, no gun & not even a 'Billy Club' or 'Night Stick'…. nunchucks would be cool too… lol what is their purpose? Are they trained in Martial Arts and Special Weapons and how to disarm etc….. ? NOOOOOOOOOO! So if people are wondering…. where was security at the most crucial time of the night… 'CASHING UP TIME'…. Hello!  this is one the most important time to be a so called security guard…. It wouldn't matter anyway because they are USELESS! So….. don't even bother your brain about the security question…..

    There is NO CRITERIA set for security guard services because of the government BS policies… no mace and others etc….. as i mentioned before.. Even Joe Blow of the street can start up a security co. and get rotten rich over night for nothing…… makes me sick how these companies are doing this….. some of these security guards are 5' tall… A WA DEY GA DO……. ! 

    These brazen S.O.B.s…… how dare them walk in a place of business with a machette of all things…. see if security had a gun they could have shot the suckas and stop there speed and make them change their stinkin', dirty ways with even just one bullet…….  

    • Anonymous says:

      Security guards, not at this vicinity or the particular company that works there, but one that is more interested in approaching a female walking a dog through the car park of a particular commericial building to tell her that it is private property and not to walk there.  Haven't seen anybody else been approached not to take a short cut through the car park.  That's the 'power' of these security guards.  He was sat inside the building in the air conditioning at the time and had to put his hat on and walk outside to start following this woman.  Good job!

  14. West Bay Dive Resident says:

    In the meantime another local bar on 7 mile beach has robbed the public by fencing off part of the public beach. This is the second weekend that access to this publicly owned facility has been stolen from us. Who authorised this on our behalf? Why do we tolerate commercial use of an already overburdened place to take our kids for a breath of fresh air. Some hard working people dont live in condos with a pool and a playground.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with you.  Where has the beach gone that we can sit without these bars taking over the place.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not have a negative comment to make, because it is time Caymanians stand up and push those persons in a corner who have been making it very hard for us to live.  I will just sit and listen, and watch as the crime unfolds through out the Island.

      Stop stifiling Caymanians from earning a dollar and then I think the robbing will cease.  Otherwise it is going to get worse.


  15. Anonymous says:

    And its going to get worse, this is just the begining, they will soon start not asking  just shooting people and taking what they want. If you notice tey started just robbing persons and running, they are now more aggressive, they shot someone in the face because he had no money, they assaulted a cabbie, now this story.

    Its time to crush the alligators egg, if you make this egg hatch, and get full grown bye bye Cayman. Cayman is too small, for that. Getting tired of being robbed of their cattle and herds the people in small villages (that are quiet like the Brac and some the size of downtown George Town they makegood targets) decided to take a stand, now if they decided to for a group nneighbourhood watch of sorts, but they are their own judge, jury and executioner, then they call the Police.

    The one thing I like about here in Jamaica, if someone rob you and you have the opportunity to make an alarm, you can bet its a body bag the robber is leaving with.  Just about 2 months ago some people from a community  noticed there was 3 strangers in  a car. Well later that nght they saw them again, so the me of the community decide to go invistigate, it was 3 gunmen waiting for a bar to close to rob it, well even tho they had guns, one was killed one was almost beating to death saved only by the Police, and one escaped, even tho one young man from the community lost his life being killed by the gunmen.  

    I'm not suggesting that you all have to do that but what you all should do is as you see a strang face in your community/neighbourhood, they are most likely up to no good, so call the Police, and here they police responds because 9 time out of 10 its wanted men. But time for doors to start getting kicked in.


  16. Anonymous says:

    What monkey see, monkey do… this is just copycats. Now that criminals are seeing how incompetent our Police Officers / Commissioner of Police is, they are using it to their advantage.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well hey folks it's Friday and these guys have their dope for the weekend. We'll be koay until next Wednesday

    • C-Man to the Bone n Proud of IT says:

      You mean Thursday, everything happens on a Thursday!!!! 

  18. Anonymous says:

    Let me guess one was thin and one was a bit fat.  These sound like the exact same guys who have been robbing businesses all over the island for almost a year now.  You are telling me the RCIPS has no idea who these guys are?  They sound as complacent or incompetent as the Pakistani ISS with OBL living next door.

  19. Anonymous says:

    What the Hell man….this is like a war zone. Where did these people come from. We go from virtually no crime to all of this in 6 years. Are we saying all of these liitle bastards that were 10 to 15 years old have now grown up and we are getting the brunt end of it. OR, did we not protect our borders? Most of these criminals are Caymanian. Were their parent(s) Caymanians or first generation status holders? That would be interesting to know.

    • Rorschach says:

      Ask yourself what major events happened roughly 6-8 years ago and you will have your answer….

    • Anonymous says:

      Where their parents came from, or their grandparents, or their great grandparents, or any other ancestors, isn't really relevant.  Anyone born and raised on this island (regardless of where their parents came from) IS Caymanian!  You're right, most of these criminals are from here.  But there are larger issues here.  Maybe we should be taking a look at an inadequate government which fails to provide something as basic as protection for our citizens!

    • Anonymous says:

      It does unfortunately seem that by most accounts the armed robbers are caymanian youths. Judging by the thumbs down you are recieving it seems sad that a lot of people cant come to terms with that. Until we realise this is an epidemic spreading between local youngsters it will be hard to find a solution. Its the " my son would never do something like that" syndrome.

  20. Thursday Night Follies says:

    What is about Thursdays and robberies?  Is there a work release progamme or some other regularly occuring event that could lead the police to the individuals commiting these Thursday crimes?  

    Mybe Cayman Airwas can initiate a Thursday airlift to Cayman Brac for any tourists or residents who feel the need to escape the mayhem Thursdays bring to Grand Cayman.  Then have a return flight on Friday morning.  I'm sure the one night stayover visitors would be welcome on Brac and it would benefit the economy.

    • The lone Haranguer says:

      Everybody loves the weekend, even crooks need a little walking around cash and thier single unwed mother is all tapped out and the baby fadder needs all his cash for his new ho.

      To rough ?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Heading down on holiday and I think maybe we should stay on our hotel property. Never thought that before on our 15 visits, but thinking that now.

    Even Royal Palms is no longer safe? Gosh, usually there are elders, is a family location. Geez…..

    • Anonymous says:

      As a Caymanian I am truly embarrassed that you can't enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. I truly hope that you have a safe & enjoyable stay here on our beautiful island and continue visiting us as we appeciate our visitors and what you contribute to our economy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you. I know you speak the kind words of many Caymanians. We are trying our best to overlook the crime, but it is becoming difficult. We were on the island when the young boy was shot and killed. The island was outraged (as it should have been). Things were going to change. Now this and everything that has happened since. It just isun-nerving to say the least and we do not live there and deal with it on a daily basis. We truly love your island. We are still coming, but it saddens us that Cayman has now become a dangerous island where one has to be careful instead of carefree. Terribly sad and our prayers go out to the gentleman who was harmed the other night.