Kids and parents not talking, reveals drug survey

| 05/07/2011

(CNS): Over half the young people that took part in the recent National Drug Council student survey say that they cannot talk to their mothers about their thoughts and feelings and over one third said the same thing about their fathers. The drug use survey also revealed that over 30 percent of students have at least one family member who has a severe alcohol or drug problem. The NDC hope to address this communication gap with workshops to assist parents in dealing with teens at risk of becoming drug and alcohol users. “Communication is paramount,” said Simon Miller the facilitator of the NDC’s specially designed Parents as Preventers programme.

“Research tells us that two out of every three young people who start drinking before the age of 15 will try an illicit drug. Parents must be aware of behaviours that signal warnings and most importantly be equipped to address them. Too often parents fall in the trap of attributing certain behaviours to adolescence thus avoiding communication,” he explained.

The workshop was developed by the National Drug Council and is part of a series of free workshops designed for parents and caregivers. The workshops cover topics such as local drug trends, basic knowledge on detecting substance use, good communication, being a positive role model, and teaching children to choose friends wisely.

The goal is to equip parents and guardians with the knowledge to spot possible signs of drug use which includes a drop in grades, secretive behaviour regarding actions or possessions, new friends, and a change in activities. It provides strategies for families already facing the problem of alcohol and drug use with their children and encourages them to seek professional help.

The workshops are one element forming part of the NDC’s National Anti-Drug Strategy to strengthen and assist families and communities affected by drug abuse. The strategy is the blueprint for the Cayman Islands’ response to the misuse and abuse of both illicit and legal drugs, including alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs.

“With the implementation of the National Anti-Drug Strategy 2009-2013, the Government aims to significantly reduce the prevalence of drug use amongst the Cayman Islands population, thereby minimising social harm and damage to the well-being of our society”, stated Joan West-Dacres Executive Director of the NDC.

The Parent as Preventers workshop is free for parents, through the NDC. Parents who complete 4-week sessions receive a certificate, professional contacts, and a resource package. Anyone interested in more information about the Parents as Preventers workshop can contact the NDC at 949-9000 or by email at or visit for additional resources.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    In the late 90's, my son and his pals convened in our kitchen to (eat their faces off) and ridicule an anti-grugs motivational speaker at J.G.H.S.

    Apparently this guy arrived in fancy car, cool clothes, and gold chains.

    Their appraisal of the presentation was skeptical. They saw his presentation as  a performance. They all knew this guy as a local con-artist and his conversion as an hypocritical act in order to garner income.

    I rented the video films Trainspotters and Kids and left them by the TV.  Both films were considered "outrageous|" by their teacher, but I considered them to be realistic. The boys, after all, had been reading about these films and were eager to view them. 

    Many years later, I can report that "my guys" experimented with ganja, and other drugs (as they have revealed) All are all happy and still convene in my kitchen to eat their faces off. Only now they are gainfully-employed and often accompanied by wives and children.

    I agree with the poster who said "Drugs are good", because they are when one is self-medicating for problems that are undiagnosed or unrecognised.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Many parents talk to their children about drugs and alcohol:

    "Johnny gimme a rizzla, mine done".

    "Papa try get yu own, dis the last one I giwin you. Aks Mama fe wun"

    "Boy, don't gimme no mout 'fore I break dis greenie bottle owa yo head"

    "Break greenie bottle? Try hush, you can't even break wind!….and you betta leave my rocks 'lone."

    "Punkin', len Papa that pan when you done, so I kin kill dis lil' stone fore dat bredda ayours steal it".

    Don't laugh, it happens. But for the grace of God it could be your family….some aren't so lucky. So, when you think it's not important to talk to your kids about drugs, just picture them as the parents above in 2041, Anytown, Cayman. 


  3. truth says:

    Kids follow what their parents do. Parents do what their parents did. People also follow what their leaders do. (SCARY) This will continue until education can stop the cycle.  Not in Caymans near future!

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously are not doing your part-just the fact that you are sending such negative vibes into the ,,,,,,

      • truth says:

        Just telling it like I see it.  What do you see?

        Perhaps a change in the attitude toward education?

        Schools being "finished"?

        Educated leadership?

        A mass move toward following rules, regulations, and laws by both the people and leadership?

        Just what do you see as Caymans future?

  4. Anonymous says:

    zzzzzzzz…you got to love the ndc updates….you could  nearly set your clock by them…..

  5. <>Moonalay & Besrame<> says:

    This is an excellent survey.

    Teens use drugs mainly: Alcohol Beverages,Smoking both Cannabis/Ciggarettes simply because these Islands have very little to offer think about it good what is there to do for fun especially for TEENAGERS! Absolutely NOTHING! Which is ridiculous and the teenagers are going to waste (the dogs) which doesn't look good for our Islands.

    Most people would say they have this and they have that but is it something they really like to do or is it something they can only do; again think about it good would you people like to be told what options to fun you can and cannot have? … No I didn't think so …. Yes Teenagers have a mile they can have and should know when and where to what (meaning they won't always get their way all the time) But honestly what other choices do they have that aren't OLD FASHIONED/BOREING! ( and yes I said old fashioned because the older people have this mentality oh well back in the old days we never had this and that) am hello we aren't back in those old f***ing days are we? …. No so drop the XXXX subject!

    There needs to be a RECREATIONAL CENTER FOR THE YOUTH! How about going to the high schools/middle schools and do an actual survey that will make an CHANGE in our ISLANDS FOR ONCE!

    • Anonymous says:

      What would a recreational center provide that is not already freely available?  A pool? Uhm we have beaches.  Play volleyball? You can do that on the beach, ride a bike, organize a run around the island.  Find another way to get in the Guinness World Book of records….


      Join youth groups, volunteer and build some character….or dare I say it….WORK!  Most of these youths are old enough to get a JOB!  That will keep them busy.  How about doing some chores? Study?  Did these kids get perfect marks on their report cards at the end of the year?  I think not, if some did it was a very small percentage.  How about the kids organize themselves study groups. 


      Write a blog.  Pick up a hobby.  How about photography?  Join the track team?  Learn to free dive.  Learn to cook and if good enough sell the food.   How about volunteer at the various organizations on island that are looking for volunteers?  It will expand knowledge and build valuable work ethic.  Volunteering in your field of interest will give first hand knowledge of whether that is the path you wish to go later on in life.  Volunteering also makesyou feel good about yourself. 



      Learn or do something!  There are lots to do, one just has to have a desire to want to do something.   There are many more things that the youth can do on island readers please add suggestions as I know I have missed many.

  6. Honesty says:

    Honesty is the best policy.  Tell the kids the truth.  Drugs makes you feel good.  But is it good for your health and social image? No!

    Cursing is also popular but it makes one appear uneducated because the person is unable to express themselves appropriately.  READ: It makes you look STUPID.

    Same with drug usage.  Drug usage shows that an individual is weak as they are dependant on an external device to make them happy.  Parents/teachers can play on that as image is important to these kids.  Being a weak person is "not cool"

    Drug usage can make a person look tired, haggard and just old.  That is not 'cool'.  It is not attractive, nor sexy and most impair the brain so it makes you sound dumb.  Again not 'cool'.

  7. A Happy Parent says:

    Individuals one at a time can make a change.  Make the decision that talking to your children about anything and everything is important.  Commit to that much and society shall see a change. 


  8. Anonymous says:

    So that means the other half and the other two-thirds do talk to their parents!  It could be better but it doesn't sound that bad. 

    Though it would be very unfortunate if the ones that are talking to their parents are asking to buy these things for them.  :S

  9. nauticalone says:

    Absolutely no surprise with these findings here. Whoever is surprised with this is most certainly busy with "burying head in sand".

    The examples of lack of "effective" communication in Cayman is astounding!

    I have committed years ago to do my part.

    But this also needs consistent efforts from the very top echelons of our society on down. Much like where the efforts of corruption and greed need to be focused on.

    Too many uneducated and/or otherwise childish persons in charge!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please, it is so easy for parents to say yes to anything then enforce a simple no.  It starts when your child is young.  Set rules in place.  If they are going to their friends house, you have the right to call the friends parents to confirm this.  Don't allow them just to anyone's house, make sure you know the parent or parents and that there is some form of supervision.  Even your 15 year old, you need to drop him or her off, not let them just be on their way.  Half of the parents just let their kids go off and not really know where they are.  Remember, when you drop your child off at the movie theaters, at least 50% watch you leave and then leave themselves…..then of course they are back when you return for them, unless they are sleeping at their friends house. 

      Alot of parents just turn a blind eye on what their children are up to.