LA not resuming till August

| 06/07/2011

(CNS): Following the adjournment of Legislative Assembly in the immediate wake of Finance Committee last month until a day to be named, it appears that the country’s parliamentarians will not meet now until at least 3 August, the opposition confirmed. According to correspondence he received from the Legislative Assembly, Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin said despite numerous questions and concerns surrounding the investigation which is believed to centre around the premier, the matter of bribery and corruption raised in the international media with the Cayman Islands' new port partners, the dismissal of the port board and the no confidence motion which was filed by the opposition, the country’s leader has closed down the LA for a month.

“I have no doubt that this is a deliberate tactic of government to avoid having to deal with the lack of confidence motion,” McLaughlin said Tuesday about the date which has currently been appointed for parliament to resume.

“Given the investigation into the premier,” he said referring to the investigation which is believed to involve the country’s leader regarding a re-zoning issue from 2004, “and the  revelations in Bangladesh about CHEC the firm that the premier has signed an MOU with to build the George Town port, as well as the sudden reshuffle of the port board, among other things, it seems the premier does not want to deal with the 24 points raised in the motion.”

The no confidence motion was filed by the opposition at the end of April and has so far not made it to the business agenda. McLaughlin said this flew in the face of convention because under the Westminster system it is customary when there is a challenge to the government in the form of a no confidence motion for it to be dealt with at the earliest opportunity to address the issues raised and dispel any instability.

“This should have been debated before the premier brought the budget to re-establish confidence in his government and put the country’s collective mind at rest that they could have confidence in the government's spending plans,” the opposition leader added. "Instead he chose to hold a public meeting where some members who may have been the most likely to waiver in their support delivered speeches backing the premier.”

McLaughlin said the premier needed to address the twenty-four points raised in the opposition motion and show the country that all of his government supports him. “This is more important than ever given the questions surrounding this investigation, which he has not spoken about, and we don’t know if his government is still supporting him,” he added.

Debating the no confidence motion would allow all of the government members, both on the front and back benches, to publicly declare their support for the premier and “signal one way or the other how they all feel about how the country is being run,” McLaughlin noted.

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  1. Tattoo says:

    A plane.  A plane.  The Breetesh are coming.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was so hoping that the UK would have showed their intent of direct rule by now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 0711 are we sure that this is what we want?

      What will our investors think and do?

      Once in full control of Cayman what will the UK do?

      I do understand that many are very unhappy with the Government.

      And really not a lot can be done about the situation. No Convidence Motion does not make sense as the UDP has complete control of the House and they are not going to vote against their leader.

      The opposition has not been successful in getting support. They held a march the other day and the numbers were pathetic. UDP held a support meeting and they had many more people. So it seems that the people are supporting the leader and that when you see or hear complaints, that is as far as they go.  Those complaining almost sound hypocritical.

      Word of advice for the next election, dont forget what politicians have done in the past and dont give either side that significant an advantage.

      If the UK takes over investors would see it as a sign of instability and pull their money. True we would be more direct under the UK but we know that that condition will not last forever. As for when the UK takes over, how many ntimes have we heard that the UK is losing investors/customers to Cayman. Will they change some of our rules to make investment in Cayman less pleasing. Could they remove what is left of our secrecy laws and impose personal income tax?

      Surely the last two would have a significant impact on the Cayman Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        I can't believe that you wrote that.  I was an investor and left the island- Yes;  as it turns out there is another option.

  3. Well says:

    Big MAC you can run but you cannot hide!

  4. West Bayer says:

    Yeah, well folks you must understand, the UDP CHILDREN need a summer break every year! DISNEY WORLD, HERE THEY COME!!

    Wimp ride to try: TEA CUP!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Doesn't UK Government close down for a month or so in the summer too?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I wanna be an MLA!

    Big pay, no accountability and long vacations. And NO QUALIFICATIONS required!

    Fantastic opportunity! So where do I sign up?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mac needs a vacation! Cant you all understand that it is very exhausting taking all of those world tours he seems to be on all of the time?

    Gosh! Poor guy. He badly needs a rest!


    • peaceful protest man says:

      Come on people, nothing is wrong with Premiee Mac taking a little break now and then. He had a very difficult couple of weeks with people protesting in East End and in George Town. He had to host a large brain washing party to sign up unemployed people with all those jobs that he is creating. He needs a break! He should take a lot of people with him too!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am not allowed to take the vacation time off when I want to take it at my place of work…and I work hard all year and don't get paid as much!

    • Anonymous says:

      Too bad for you! Have you thought of getting into politics? No qualifications necessary, and high pay, lots of perks, and travel. And oh yes – when things go wrong just blame it all on the past Govt.

  9. Real World says:

    Yet another abuse of process, another abuse of his extreme powers.  When the going gets tough. close the LA and take a holiday!  If the Govenor let's him get away with this move he (the Govenor) should be deported!

  10. Anonymous says:

    We need THREE MORE MLAS???  Why arent people protesting this fact before it's soon introduced?

    HE could also consider — come on MLAs, let's put this off to the indefinite future!

    • Actually says:

      In all honesty, if we had more MLA's, the committee system could function properly and it is actually possible that they would spend more time in active sessions.  The problem right now is that the House cannot sit without all of the ministers, who are elsewhere doing government business except for during the specific periods when the House sits.  More MLAs > sessions without ministers > greater accountability OF ministers > net gain for Cayman's democracy.  For the price of a few salaries, it's something we have needed to do for at least a decade.  It is the only antidote to thecorruption of a party system we have.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Was it by design or merely oversight that the Constitution managed to place so much authority in the hands of one individual?  Yes, Mac first opposed the Constitution before he agreed to it (sounds like some politicians currently in power in the U.S.) but at least now, with all that "constitutional authority," he is once again free to develop still more MOU's to announce in the next session of the LA.

    And . . . with all that free time he can resume his world-wide victory tour.

  12. Anonymous says:

    For all the haters of the Premier go find a "Sour Apple" blow pop and suck long and hard on it! because the Premier is not going anywhere but in the house again in 2013, yes father of the house haters!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Go find a shrink, idiot.

    • Anonymous says:

      People hate the fact that they are hurting financially, bills getting higher even though they try to conserve on utilities and fuel, food is not getting any cheaper, and those that HAVE a job need to work just as hard or harder to maintain the same or a decreasing standard of living.


      Sir/Madam, the silent majority are struggling to get by. Therefore, it follows that as the leader of the country, the person who IS suppose to make things happen for the greater good of everyone in the country, the person who grabbed the most responsibility after the elections, if he cannot get the economy moving forward "like yesterday" then he will be replaced in 2013.


      Only an idiot would vote for more stagnation and hardship.

      • truth says:

          "Only an idiot would vote for more stagnation and hardship."  Hence there is a good chance he will get elected again by the same idiots that got him in this time.  If not him then second choice is same idiots with different names.  See the problem yet?

    • Anonymous says:

      @For All: You are correct he is going in to the house, wait and see if it is the one you think and for how……..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Don't worry about the Governor being silent, "Silence is Golden" the noise that you wish for will come like thunder,  will you be able to handle it?   Maybe you will soon welcome a new more talkative Governor, how about the previous TCI Governor?

  14. Ubelievedat says:


    I want my money back!!



  15. 4th CLASS CITIZEN says:

    The Governor is worst then Mac and his puppets. All he does is pull down that fat paycheck and sees nothing. Why do we even need a Governor?

    • Anonymous says:

      Trappings of the Constitution.., didnt you vote for it?

    • anonymous says:

      I sometimes wonder if by now governor Duncan Taylor realizes that he is living in a very dangerous little piece of rock called the Cayman Islands. I wonder even more whether he is serious enough to stop putting all his trust in the RCIP comissioner and begin to take matters into his hands and put the right people in place. It is better to call in special forces here to clean up crime than to allow criminals to hold our society hostage any longer.

      Governor Duncan swallow your pride and hrie some help from the US to clean up crime in Cayman. Governor Taylor is aware that these Caymanian and foreign criminals here are too much for these soft UK boys.We need some American kick ass police here to work and train our officers. The present systemis NOT WORKING good enough it is unacceptable!

      At the end of the day, the Governor, The Premier, the Deputy Premier and other big shots in government have secured their own BODY GUARDS and therefore DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THE CAYMANIAN PEOPLE! so they continue to tolerate crime and vicious ruthless gun toating criminals in our society with no intention of ever taking crime into their hands and  bring it to an end. It is cruel the manner in which government responds to the needs of the people. The least they can offer the Tourists and the people is SAFETY.

      The present situation is

      NO JOBS



      NO PERMISSION TO PROTECT OURSELVES with even a firearm or soome Pepper Spray

      The world is laughing at us patting crime on the hand as though its OK to have armed criminals running around and unarmed civilians running scared. with no protection.

      I'm going to use pepper spray and I challenge anyone who wants to take it from me.

      I'll put them in an International court, call in CNN and make a total MASCOTT out of the authorities of the Cayman Islands. Self preservation is FIRSTQ!


  16. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that because the LA is not meeting till August the everyone is saying it's a Vacation for Bush, what makes you think noone is working?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hush everyone…   on August 3rd they macster will announce a budget surplus!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I could be missing something, but what was the reason given ? That would be of more interest than just the month off. . .

  19. Natty Dread says:

    This is exactly what we are paying for absolutely nothing those big salaries and they only been in the LA 8 days in total this year out of 210 days at base salary CI$9000 that is over 7000 dollars a day wow XXXX

  20. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they will stay away even longer!!

  21. big whopper says:

    Ok folks… move along…nothing to see here

    • BORN FREE says:

      They can RUN but they cannot HIDE!

      Come to think of it, if I was facing all that he & they are facing I would more than likely RUN too!

      All shall soon come to light! They can RUN all they want!

  22. A Glimmer of Hope says:

    My guess is he and his buddies need a month off to recuperate from their last long week end jaunt to Cuba.  I understand there was a stretch Limo wating to snatch them away to where only God knows.  Pity they did not keep the useless bunch of them down there forever and ever.   On another note, I was always wondering why the Premier was not jumping up and down at the Governor and Chief of Police over the crime situation on the islands and there inept way of dealing with it especially with regards to his district of West Bay where most of the crimes seem to happen.  I know the Police supposedly comes under  the Governor's remit , but if I was the Premier I would be at the Governor's and Chief of Police offices every monday morning. They would get no rest.  XXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      If business people who borrowed money from the banks start paying there loans and pay workers rather than keep all for themselves the wealth will be spread in its own way.

      Its sad that business owners hire foreigners and not support the locals.

      there reason is that we are lazy but its just that they can give us shit and expect us to be happy i feel sorry when i see these peole come from all over the world just for there betterment but fall prey to slave masters here in cayman.

      the lord does not sleep  and they know who they are.

      we must support ourselves to move forward.Keep the money inside cayman.


      • Anonymous says:

        What does that have to do with the story above ? Stop looking for reasons to blame others for your own failures….

  23. Dred says:

    You would think in these difficult times we would work more and take less time off. I mean people out there have no work and he is giving himself a month off.

    • The lone Haranguer says:

      It's a good gig if you can get it Dred, vote yourself plenty holidays and huge salary increases. Sweeet.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Perfect timing.

    That gives the FCO four weeks to do to Cayman what they just did to TCI 🙂

  25. Anonymous says:

    pure shambles….. is this good governence Mr. Governor??

    i propose the next march should be to the governors house!

  26. Anonymous says:

    "despite the numerous questions and concerns surrounding the investigation which is believed to centre around the premier, the matter of bribery and corruption raised in the international media with the Cayman Islands' new port partners, the dismissal of the port board and the no confidence motion"

    Despite – really – he didn't say "because of"?

  27. Pro Democracy says:

    …and this is the man who tells us to embrace democracy… LMAO!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Dont worry everyone…   There is not much moving around the macster can do without anyone noticing! 

  29. Name changed by moderator says:

    I really have to ask what the HELL are we paying these guys for?????Anyone with a plausable answer to that??Gets worse by the day work wise.Maybe the Legislative law needs to be amended(if there is such a thing)to spell out exactly how many times they should meet each year.Pro rate that in line with their salaries(downwards of course).and maybe then they will earn their pay checks like we all have to do.There used to be hard workers in the House in bygone years.Look out for some more amazing moves between now and August.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Now we will have a month-long moment of silence!

    • Anonymous says:

      Now we have a month to forget about everything so life can go on for the UDP.

  31. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    Does the premier carry around a large bucket of sand in which he can bury his head periodically – or perhaps Challo carries it for him”…………

  32. cow itch says:

    not resuming work till august??  i'm running in next election! 

    • anonymous says:

      Why in the heck can't these people stay away from communists?

      Cubans and Chinese!

  33. nauticalone says:

    No surprise with this move.

    At this point i beleive what is needed is for the Governor to do all he can to expedite the "investigation" and if need be, to dissolve the Government and call for new elections.

    Surely enough voters have had enough of this Government!

  34. Anonymous says:

    If the Premier has nothing to worry about, then he should have nothing to hide, and should welcome, and want,  the debate on the no confidence motion at the earliest convenience.

    To put it off just raises more questions!!!!!!