Man denies trying to kill brother in family fight

| 13/07/2011

(CNS):  A George Town man denied shooting at his brother during a family dispute last year when he appeared in Grand Court Wednesday, facing trial for attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm. Julio Simon Newball is accused of shooting at Phil McLaughlin his half brother outside the family’s yard in Leafy Lane, following an altercation with their mother. McLaughlin, the crown’s key witness, told the court that as he walked towards the house on the evening in question he saw his brother take out a 38 revolver and load it with two bullets. McLaughlin ran towards the property as Newball raised the weapon and fired in his direction before fleeing towards Walkers Road.

The witness told the court that he was not hit and despite being shot at he ran after his brother who then fired a second shot before disappearing into the bushes. Again unscathed, McLaughlin then went inside the family home for a few moments but then left the property and headed towards his truck. The crown witness said that was when he saw his brother again on the road in Goring Avenue who fired two more shots into the air towards but he was not hit.

Newball has denied shooting at McLaughlin, however, or even having the gun and said his brother was coming at him with a machete so he ran off. Newball said if he had been armed with a weapon he wouldn’t have had to run away from his brother. The accused claims that his brother is motivated to lie because of a major family dispute regarding ownership of the family home which he says only belongs to him and another brother and not McLaughlin, whom he said he has tried to put out of the house.

He also accused his half brother of taking things from their mother and selling them without giving her the proceeds including jewellery, a car and a boat. Newball told police in the wake of his arrest that the altercation between himself and his mother that day was down to her attempts to poison him.

The crown’s case against Newball depends heavily on the account of McLaughlin as no weapon or forensic evidence was discovered. McLaughlin did not report the incident to the RCIPS until the following day as he said that Newball is still his brother and he was not sure what to do.

McLaughlin told the court that after the shooting he had left and gone to Tropical Gardens where he was working on his boat. He also denied that there was any real dispute between the men except that his half brother would smoke ganja in the yard which upset their mother.

The trial continues Thursday in Grand Court before Justice Charles Quin who is sitting without a jury.


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