Third robbery in four days

| 17/07/2011

(CNS): Robbers struck again on Saturday night, this time stealing $225 from a 63-year-old man from outside a George Town bar. In what was the third robbery in three days, police said that the suspects hit the man over the head while he was sitting in his car counting money after leaving Archie’s Bar, where he had been playing dominos. The robbery took place around 8:50pm when the man was parked in an unlit area. As the man counted out some money in the car he was approached by two people, who were dressed in dark clothing. They both appeared to have their faces covered. One of the suspects demanded cash before striking the man's head with an unknown object.

The suspects then grabbed the cash — around $225 — and ran from the scene. The man suffered minor injuries in the incident and did not require medical attention. One of the suspects is described as being around 5'7" in height and of stocky build.

Uniformed, CID and armed officers as well as the RCIPS K-9 and Air Operations units were quickly on the scene. Enquiries into the incident are ongoing and anyone who was in the area and witnessed the robbery or the suspects running away should contact George Town CID on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).

This latest crime comes in the wake of an armed robbery at a George Town gas station early on Friday morning, where the suspects shot out the door before stealing the cash draw, and after a women was shot twice by robbers who stole her bag as she left her job at a gas staiton in Bodden Town on Wednesday night.

On Thursday the police commisioner vowed to catch the perpetrators of the increasingly violent robbers and said that police presence across the island would be increased.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please, cant the public understand that we have to be careful and do our own policing.  Sitting down in car in the dark counting money at night is begging for trouble.  Never listen to the song which says about counting money at the table.  Go in the bathroom or go home and count your winnings.  We just dont get it, do we.

  2. butcha-wow says:

    I guess they need to pay thier rent, or CUC bill.

  3. JTB says:

    I had a great experience of the RCIP last night

    They staged a roadblock on the West Bay Road. The fact that they were only checking licences is a shame but understandable – licence tickets bring in revenue, whereas searching fro drunk drivers or weapons takes up resources, but even so …

    The great thing was though, there was a big queue of traffic backed up waiting to get through the road block, and while I was waiting half a dozen cars pulled out of the queue, did u-turns and drove away.

    Call me Mr Cynical, but presumably these drvers had  something they didn't want the police to see.

    There was no reaction to this from the police, no-one stationed back up the road to intercept them, so I'd imagine the whole exercise was a pointless waste of everyone's time

  4. truth says:

    Why is there so much crime in Cayman?

    1.Could it be that there are just a lot of criminal types in the population?

    2.Could it be that people do follow in their leaders footsteps? (makes sense)

    3.Could it be that the opportunity to make an honest living is not being provided by leadership?

    4.Could it be that many on Cayman are just too lazy to get a job that requires work?

    5.Could it be that there is a cultural reason to look at crimes of opportunity as being O.K. if you don't get caught? (look at 2.)

    6.Or could it be the polices fault for not having the ability to catch the many crooks without the help of the community, to stop gun crimes without the use of guns, to service the community by having to use the same uneducated, untrainable, non working but politically correct persons that are payed for by the overbloated Civil service?

    7. Or is it all of the above?

    If so the solution is in the problem and the problem has no solution.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I really think that it's time for the UK to send around 5000 military troops to Grand Cayman. You send teams, in the hundreds, to every WELL KNOWN crime area/'rough part of town' (west bay, dog city, windsor park, bodden town etc.) and you're bound to find out who's doing what. Yet, there's a hook. Its got to be a one-time sweep, performed with surgical precision. Cut power to the homes (maybe even the entire district!), disconnect phone services, dont give anyone time to notify their fellow criminals that police are coming around looking. We have NO laws (to my knowledge) that require for search warrants to be obtained. There's really nothing (other than lack of $$$) stopping the RCIPS, along with these task forces, from busting into peoples houses, searching the premises, searching the backyards, even tearing out their furniture and searching for these damn weapons/drugs. Time to take REAL action, it might seem like some kind of far-fetched action movie but its what it will take. Otherwise, we'll continue in the same trends until nobody wants to come here anymore….i know this is going to be controversial (spare me your heated rebuddles) but its just an idea….thoughts? until resolution, my prayers are with these islands cuz they really need em
    -born in america, raised all my life in an old highly respected cayman family

  6. Joe from NY says:

    We need better descriptions of these thugs besides just height and weight so we can pinpoint them and lock em up!!!

    • Knot S Smart says:

      Thanks for the advice Joe from NY!

      I agree with you and suggest that we start asking these robbers for more details too. Like date of birth, age, email address and phone no etc. And also if they could tell us where is next on their list to rob…

      Me and you might just have a real solution to the crime problem here …


  7. Anonymous says:

    Crime down! Baines must be sleeping. Let me put my two cents in.

    Instead of PPM staging that protest about 2 weeks ago trying to destroy Mac they should have got together and protested for the Governor to get rid of Baines and all his cronies. He is not doing the job that he is paid for.It looks to me like he doesn't have any leadership skills at all. The criminals must be having a good laugh at him and the police force. What a shame!

    When are we going to get up and do the right thing?  Make our voices and  concerns heard.

    Please let's march on this straight to the Governor's Office and if he doesn't do something about it then protest against him too.

    Let's take our ISLAND back.

    We don't know who or where the scum bags will strike next.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you want to march for something, there's nothing stopping you from arranging it!

  8. B. B. L. Brown says:

    I wonder if the RCIP ever uses plainclothes officers………..  Or use stakeouts at high-risk businesses……….. ?

    • Anonymous says:

      What would you consider a "High Risk" Business?



      • Anonymous says:

        Any business that takes in significant amounts of cash is high risk which makes it impractical to have a stakeout at all of them.

  9. nina lucas says:

    The police cannot be everywhere all the time. This is why people within the community who have information must give that information to the RCIP. There are those who know who is doing this…until they come forward…it will not end.

    It seems they are watching individuals and waiting for them to put themselves in vulnerable situations. Don't just walk out of a building oblivious to your surroundings…before you walk out the door..look at the situation. Where is my car parked? What is the fastest way to get to my car? Are other cars parked next to me? Are there bushes or buildings nearby? Who is out there…do they look suspicious?

    It may seem crazy, but in this day and age one must be on guard at all times.

    Get a flashlight to carry with you at night…no criminal wants to be flashed with a blinding light. A great deterant! XXX

    I left the island four years ago…so sad to see what is happening.

    Be aware Cayman…Messiah soon come!

    • Anonymous says:

      All very good points.  Another thing I've learned to do since the 'Estella' incident is I push the "lock doors" button in my car as soon as I get in.  Before even starting up.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am tired of hearing everyone bash the RCIPS, without you knowing some real-world facts.  What you should know is that most 'grab and dash' crimes go unsolved worldwide, as do most robberies.  Everywhere.  This is factual.  

    Unless the culprits leave a clue or there are eyewitnesses that can ID the persons, there isnt much that you, the RCIPS, Scotland Yard, the FBI………can do.   

    The same goes for when there is an 'in and out' robbery of a gas station, a store etc.  If a robber is in a form of a disguise and doesnt leave any biological or physical evidence, and there are no witnesses that can provide further assistance as to identity, what do YOU expect police officers have to go on?   Whether this is Cayman or the US, these cold hard facts are the same.  

    I am a retired NYC police investigator now living part time in Cayman, and I can tell you this is the same experience I had in my 23 years with the police force in Brooklyn and Queens.   Unfortunately, these types of criminals have a little advance planning to help conceal their identity.   Unless they slip up and leave evidence or they can be identified by witnesses, there can be little to go on.    

    Just a reality check and suggest you place your lives on the line if you feel you can do better than dedicated officers.   Its possible you dont now what you are talking about?

    • Rorschach says:

        People aren't really bashing the RCIPoopS…they're FRUSTRATED…they're SCARED and they're FED UP…The policies that have been put in place in the police in the last several years, starting with David Thursfield carried on by Stewart Kernohan and now David Baines, have emasculated the average Constable to the point where he needs an operational order and a command from a "Tactical Advisor" just to wipe his…….face.   The 900 lb. gorrilla in the room that no one wants to talk about is this….British policing has not, will not and cannot work in the Caribbean…no matter HOW many chiefs you have in the tribe…which seems to keep getting larger and larger everytime we turn around…and more and more capable and willing officers are being systematically pushed out of the service in favor of officers who are more easily led and less experienced…people have a RIGHT to demand a police service that is PROACTIVE instead of a REACTIVE one, which is what we have now…IF you truly do have the experience you claim, surely you must understand that…

    • Anon says:

      But's it's not only robberies that go unsolved here – there's murders, attempted murders, a zillion illegal firearms on the streests, importations of firearms, etc. etc. etc. etc.!! The only thing that's solved quickly, or pretty much at all, is someone caught speeding or with a marijuana cigarette.

  11. Anonymous says:

    (Sigh!) If u make it to ur car, put the locks on immediately and leave!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    But how can that be?  The police said that the crime rate is down.

    • Anonymous says:

      The police said that robbery was up. It helps if you read intelligently.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, sorry, I forgot.  Robberies don't count as crimes.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are truly a simpleton. Don't you understand the it is possible to say that crimes in general are down robbery is up?   

  13. Anonymous says:

    This will be a good opportunity to see if the $3M sent on CCTV systems by the Government provides the police with any help as there is camera pod on the light pole between Funky Tang and the car wash as it was one of the first to be installed.


    • Anonymous says:

      I'm sure it will be a big help, It will show a masked bandit in the act of robbing and Old man…

    • Anonymous says:

      it was taken down days after being put up!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have to laugh at the situation we find ourselves in.  Had the RCIP been led by a Caymanian Commissioner, the powers that be would have termed him inefficient, incompetent and in over his head for not being to come up with a strategy to catch these criminals.  But alas, we have an all UK team at the head of the RCIP and we still seem to be groping in the dark. Robbers are running wild and unchecked (not being caught) it seems.

    This inability to catch these offenders is really making the RCIP look like a joke and it is time someone with the smarts to catch them be given the job to do so.

    Someone has got to know something.  They just don't vanish into thin air.  Poor security guards are just sitting ducks.  It's time to protect and equip them with the tools to keep the people they serve safe and to make life a little more difficult for the criminals.  Allow citizens and business owners to equip and protect themselves. Defenseless citizens are being shot now and that should be the end of the tolerance line.

    It's time for an effective strategy and plan of action.  Enough is enough!

    • Anonymous says:

      You guys either naive or stupid . Only after intensive and extensive training, including martial arts and psysiological tests arm could be given to police officers  with folowing regular trainng and monitoring. Can Cayman do that?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wonder if the RCIPS will still say that crime is down. SMH. Anyhow – here are my few little tips that may help you one day…

    1 – do NOT count out cash anywhere in a public place, not even in your own car.

    2 – PRAY. It is of the utmost importance. May God help us all. It seems that none of our Government officials seem to take this crime wave seriously – and it is about to completely overcome us as a country. They have us completely scared now and are taking us on their sick roller coaster ride. We need prayer and lots of it because as I am sitting here, I am wondering what exactly will it take for His Excellency, and the Premier to see this and actually DO something about it. Maybe if (God-forbid) it ever hits them closer to home.

    3 – As a community we need to take all necessary steps to prepare and protect ourselves, our homes and ourfamilies. We may not all have access to gun licenses – and these things will not always help in every situation – but some preperation is better than none at all in my opinion – as there are things that we can do; a) Learn self defense & always be aware and alert of your surroundings. b) always, always lock your car doors, even if you are sitting in it. c) own at least 2 fire extinguishers in your house, know how to use them as weapons, and don't be afraid to do so. d) Get alarms, cameras etc. at home if you can. e) Teach your kids the dangers of answering the door, show them escape routes and teach them how to dial 911. e) Know that none of us are completely safe – this could easily be you on a future CNS report – as It can happen to any of us – so plan ahead and be prepared.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • My2cents says:

      How exactly will praying help? Might make you feel better, but thats about it. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I feel sorry for you both. There surely is an all-seeing and almighty God, and you will also be judged by Him when your time comes.

        That's all I have to say.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think laughing at someone stating we should pray on an incredibly religious island is quite insulting. I dont believe in God but i would not openly laugh at someone who does.

          On another note…

          Please dont be so high strung as to dictate to none believers that they are damned and are going to hell because they dont believe what you do. That is NOT a godly like way to think….

          As for the crime, its getting to be old news, I really hope Cayman doesn't turn in to an Island where no one feels safe, its such a wonderful place.

          Criminals are such cowards, 2 guys, one old man and they felt the need to use some sort of weapon, just makes you sick.

          I hope something is done soon to put a stop to all of this.

    • Maverick (yes, really) says:

      Pray? Pray? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.. you poor brainwashed little person. What exactly do you expect a fictitious old man sat on a cloud somewhere to do?

      This crime is NOT the RCIPS' fault. Much as it pains me to write that, a balanced view must be maintained, and the realisation that everyone has a responsibility for crime reduction and prevention must be made.

      All UK team in charge or the RCIPS? What about the Jamaican? He's not from the UK… or Cayman.

      English Commissioner, Caymanian commissioner… doesn't matter, until the public respects the police (actually having officers who WANT to police, not just draw a pay check), the 'criminals' will continue to treat both the police and victims with contempt.

      YOU HAVE TO get rid of the anti expat/skilled officer/female officer/white officer prejudice within the RCIP, otherwise, you will continued to be robbed, raped, burned, burgled, abducted, assaulted and as a public, pay for hopeless prosecutors who couldn't organise a bun fight in a bakery, and marvel as they over charge offenders who are then aquitted (guilty or not) and have good cause to sue for more public money.

      Pray? negative ghost rider, get off your a** and do something.