Dart makes PR push for plans

| 18/07/2011

(CNS): The country’s largest developer is stepping up the promotion of its latest plans under the recent alliance it has made with the Cayman Islands Government. Dart has begun circulating fact sheets to businesses outlining some of the projects and proposals under the ForCayman Alliance.  Since the announcement last month, the Dart group says it has now finalized plans concerning the area around the public beach and it will be closing a significant stretch of the West Bay Road in order to facilitate the development of a new resort on the site of the old Courtyard Marriott. Dart has confirmed that the West Bay Road will be closed from Governors Way through to Yacht Road and traffic will be diverted via the Esterley Tibbetts extension.

Although, there will be access to the beach area via Raleigh Key and Yacht Drive, the plans reveal that there  will no longer be a through route to West Bay along Seven mile Beach. The developers have said, however, that there will be a scenic cycle and pedestrian through-route created.

Dart said in its promotional material that it is taking a “holistic view to thoughtfully develop one of the most important areas of Seven Mile Beach.” The developer also stated that it would be creating a new “West Bay community area for educational, family and neighbourhood events” as part of its contribution to the wider public in return for the changes to the road.

Promising economic stimulus and job creation, the developer said it would extend and enhance the existing public beach, provide an additional public beach north of the current site, pay for the extension of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway to Batabano Road and provide twenty acres to government in West Bay at the northern end of the proposed extension, some of which is understood to be going to Grace Christian Academy, a private West Bay school, to develop a new high school campus.

In addition to funding and delivering the road works for the Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension, Dart said it has given government around 32.5 acres for the new roads, which includes the new Governors Way, the Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension from Raleigh Quay to Batabano Road and the future Rev Blackman Road.

Extending the Esterley Tibbetts Highway will improve access to and from West Bay, the developer claimed in the material sent to the business community. “The dual carriageway, with sufficient carrying capacity for existing and future traffic, will be a safe, alternative route between West Bay and George Town that will not be as susceptible to hurricanes and flooding,” the company said.

It also revealed that the construction value of the road extension was estimated to be in the region of CI$26 million but Dart would be footing the bill in exchange for other concessions, which form part of the ForCayman Alliance deal that has been signed between the developer and the government.

Estimated by the independent MLA Ezzard Miller to now own close to twenty percent of the land on Grand Cayman, the Dart group will be giving some of that land it owns back by adding to the current Seven Mile Public Beach and creating a second public beach area north of the new resort.

“Existing facilities will be enhanced and new amenities added, all of which will improve the landside community park facilities and recreational playground,” Dart stated. “An additional new public beach will be provided south of the intersection at Yacht Drive, as a result of combining the 6’ public rights-of-way required under the Development and Planning Regulations. This land, currently owned by Dart, will be given to government.”

Although, there has been little opposition to Dart’s to redevelop the Courtyard Marriott, which has been closed since 2008, the movement of the road remains controversial. The land was previously owned by Stan Thomas, who had also wanted to develop a new resort at the site. However, the current situation with the road splitting any new hotel from the beach has been seen as a major disincentive to developing the location.

Following the purchase by Dart at the end of 2009, the government indicated it would be willing to discuss moving the road with Dart and, eventually, as a result of those discussions the ForCayman Alliance emerged. The final agreement between government and Dart includes a number of other elements, including addressing and moving the current landfill site.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Taxes soon come then we see all who will stay and invest.  If people leave the  USA simply to avoid paying taxes do you really believe that they will say in Cayman and pay taxes.  The UK is only giving us enough time and rope to hang ourselves.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any prizes for guessing which PRIVATE school is going to be given land to build on in West Bay as a part of this deal and whose children and grandchildren go there?

  3. Anti Monopoly says:

    The monopoly that Dart has created in Cayman includes their ownership of a school; over 100,000sf of office rental space; over 50 condo rentals; retail space rentals; restaurant and bar rentals; cinema ownership; ownership of over 20 retail businesses which sell  jewelry, watches, books, sunglasses and clothing; ownership of liquor stores and liquor distributorships as well as huge tracts of Cayman's most valuable land from Rum Point to George Town. It is constructing houses for sale and Dart's latest plans are to renovate and build two hotel resorts. Dart is the largest monopoly in Cayman and so far has invested at least $1 billion in their Camana Bay project . Dart has the financial capacity to buy anything it wants in Cayman.

    Mr. Dart has given generously to his adopted Cayman. Dart has built public parks and is a major supporter of  Cayman charities, culture and preservation of its environment. Dart has introduced to Cayman a quality and design of buildings that compares favorably with the very best commercial buildings  anywhere in the modern world. Dart's investment has undoubtedly helped many businesses and Caymanian people weather the current  depression. Dart's long term vision seems to be  built on leaving behind a gracious and beneficial legacy to the Cayman Islands.    

    However, as beneficial as Dart's investments are to Cayman there can be little doubt that in a relatively short space of time he has created a Monopoly of sufficient size that it now threatens many areas of the local marketplace thru Dart's unrivalled dominance. Proof of this is most visible in the large amount of  vacant commercial buildings in George Town as offices are attracted to move to Camana Bay. Restaurants lie vacant in George Town and West Bay Road while new restaurants are being built while others thrive under teh umbrella of support availbale from Dart in Camana By. Indeed it would be hard to argue that the visible demise of George Town cannot be attributed to a large degree to Dart's focused push to make his Camana Bay project succeed. Dart's involvement across a wide spectrum of retail and wholesale liquor businesses has resulted  in the few remaining liquor distributorships coming under intense competition as are many of the local restaurants, bars, jewelry and retail shops.   

    Relatively speaking, Dart has now become a massive monopoly in a small marketplace and even Mr. Dart must know that that is a huge threat to the stability of many Caymanian business, who cannot compete with him or the incentives and support that he makes available and that he may inadvertently be responsible for their demise. The dagersattributed to monopolies surely cannot be lost on at least  some of teh brighter Members of Government who should also be concerned that the growth of Dart's huge monopoly is ultimately a potential threat to Cayman consumers. The Governments of most industrialized countries understand the importance of restricting the dominance and potential adverse affects of monopolies and that is why they introduce Competetition Laws and Anti Trust Laws.

    Though the Cayman Government is currently in a very vulnerable position, literally on its knees begging for investment, it would be foolhardy of the Government not to remain vigilant inthe interests of Cyamanian businesses and seriously reconsider and reexamine the potential adverse  ramifications to at least the more obviously dnagerous aspects of the recent series of bizarre decisions that will enable Dart to expand and extend its monopolization including a number of new markets in Cayman. Perhaps, it is also time for Mr. Dart himself to take hold of the reins and reappraise his Groups direction in the interests of ensuring stability in fragile market structure that underpins Cayman's economy and the livelihoods of many of its people.


    • Anonymous says:


      Way to go Dart, his success shows true devotion from a skilled businessman. He’ll soon own the island. Don’t be surprised if the Sewer system goes up for sale that he’ll be the first and highest bidder. I truly believe his goal is to make Cayman over in his own image.

  4. John the Baptist says:

    Dart!! dart!!! d-a-r-t!!  art-d = DART!  tar-d = DART!  rad-t = Dart!

    tar-d=Dart!  SPELL Dart anyway you want,  it still equates to DART!!!

    Other meaning for DART is (rush, run, discharge,let-off, dash, go like a bullet, whoosh, go fast, rocket, speed, dash, zip, rush, run). The man has the right name.  Please Mr. Dart, get things running, we need some jobs and do not forget this. "Things nuh run you, but a you run things".  

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dart will benifit.  Mac will benifit.  West Bayers and their wishes are now secondary to to Mac's new Board of Directores  aka Mr. Dart.  There are reasons other countrys have anti-monoply laws.  That is to keep too much power out of the hands of one person or company.

    Mac is selling us out.  We will go from west bay to town and maybe for weeks on end unless we take times on weekends to go to the Sea  we may never see it not like now when you can drive in and home looking at the sea and thanking god that until now no one has sold that view away from the caymanian public.  Mac is doing just that.

    Once again:  Can do trumps should not do.  Mac is making decisions for himself,  not the people and if he is not stopped soon; the agreements he makes and finalizes in the next 4-6 months will forever be the legacy of the decline of the indigenous Caymanian. 

    Dart does nice development that is not he point.  It is at what cost.

    Remember the old song.  "I owe my soul to the company store."  That, in my opinion,  is where Dart is going with this.

    • Anymous says:

      Why are so many people so jealous of Darts money.  I have not read once where he or anyone in his company has held up a gas station or bank.  Why dont you continuously talk about those people who are driving fear into residents?.  The man is pending his own money, and has not put gun to anyone head to sell.  At least when he tackles a project he do it well.  More beauty  to Cayman Dart, and may you live long life in the Cayman Islands.  I am Caymanian.

  6. Anonymous says:

    For Petes sake try get him come Cayman Brac!

    • Anonymous says:

      Soon Come 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      20:56, I hear you loud and clear.  Just hold on Cayman Brac time will soon come.  Not finished with Cayman yet.  Dart Group is making Cayman look more beautiful at his own expense, and if there was anyone else who could do a better job they should do it and stop complaining and fronting.

  7. Anonymous says:

    All deals by this Gov,t should be put on hold until the investigation into the premier is completed, this could be the tip of the iceberg.

    • Anonymous says:

      That's just stupid, if that was the case where would it leave Cayman ? Remember Cayman needs these deals to survive..Why should Cayman suffer because of one mans bad deeds. If he is guilty someone else can take the helm and continue to rebuild.

      • Anonymous says:

        "That's just stupid, if that was the case where would it leave Cayman"

        It would leave Cayman right where it is now with less than full airplanes, partially filled hotels and empty condos. Why do we need bigger planes when we can't fill the ones we have now? The airport is not running anywhere near capacity and new flights can be added to handle the load if demand picks up. The US Airforce landed the biggest cargo plane in the world here before the runway was extended past Fosters Food Fair. The Concord landed on the old runway as well with room to spare.

        Let's make better use of what we have before selling our souls and our ports of entry.

        • Anonymous says:

          Concord… What a comic

          • Jack N Meoph says:

            Welcome to Cayman newbie – Concord did in fact make a single trip to Cayman in the 80's.  It was very impressive and at a time where Cayman was far less divided, was another example of where everyone got together in a harmonious way to celebrate a big local event.


          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, CONCORD!!

            NOW DO YOU GET IT!

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you reading about the nightmare in TCI? All these deals could be reversed one way ot the other if it is not all above board. It could set us back decades. Where are the reports, the balance sheets for all these projects? It is as alarming a situation as I have ever seen in these islands. Wake up!

  8. T.L. Haranguer says:

    Thank God for Dart, another brilliant business oriented idea McKeeva pushed threw. What yuh say haters ? You agree ?

    • Anonymous says:

      "Pushed Threw" is the appropriate discriptive wording!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, according to Google it means 'jumping into a shoping cart and be pushed threw the mall'.

      • Anonymous says:

        'Descriptive' is the appropriate descriptive wording!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please see above post, what you say, hater, you agree? Does Mac not have even ONE supporter that knows how to spell?

      • T.L. Haranguer says:

        No we are a bunch of pheasants Anon, we do not have the fine social graces as one such as yourself, or so brilliant one. Hatter ?!

      • Anymous says:

        18:18  listen up, Mac supporters does not need to know how to spell, didn,t you heard what the west bay man told the visiting tourist when he asked him "How do you all spell breadfruit"  The west Bay man replied we dont spell themwe eat them. Lol.

  9. Anonymous says:

    For you supporters who say this is good for Cayman and "look how nice Caymana Bay turned out", I ask you to look at the unemployment figures for Cayman. Before Caymana Bay existed we had very little unemployment. It has not helped. Now you say this resort development is going to benefit Cayman. I will not argue, I will just ask you to remember the way things are today so you can compare this to how we are when this project is finished. Then maybe you will see the light and realize that what has been done up until now has contributed to our current economic situation and not made things better and that further Dart develpment is indeed detrimental to Cayman. Seeing is believing.

    • Jack N Meoph says:

      Are you HONESTLY trying to imply the current unemployment is due to the Camana Bay development???

      If that had not happened, you would be blaming the turtles for their nesting patterns!!!

      IT WAS A GLOBAL RECESSION.  We are A LOT better off than many other places thanks to the confidence of the like of Dart to continue to invest in our little "2 by 4" island when the world was completely up in the air.

      I only wish there could be selective investment on the macro level so that we could selectively show your little twisted short focused mind just how badly things could have been without them!!! Using you as the example of course…



    • Anonymous says:

      You need to check out some of the family members of "Dart haters" who now have jobs in the Dart organizations.

    • T.L. Haranguer says:

      Idiot, realy what pretend world are you living in, Dart employed hundreds of Caymanians who have good salaries and health care benifits that do not have to feed of thr public service teat, we need more people like him.

      • Jayman-WTF! says:

        And allow him to be our dictator when he ready…… cool…. I would presume you are employed by Dart..?

  10. cow itch says:

    ummmm… excuse me for wearing the red ppm shirt, but didn't i see you somewhere before?  ooooooohhhh yes i know… we were at camana bay, holywood (big mac and darts territory)!  lol…. i just love being a hypocrit!  🙂

  11. Anon says:

    The last two sentences in the first paragraph is very telling. There is no mention of Government doing anything, only Dart finalizing/closing/confirming/diverting.

    Note that it is not only the hotel area that will be beach front, but all of the property north to Yacht Road and the small section south of the hotel. Fair trade for a few miles of new road which in turn opens up & increases the value of more of the developers own land? The Camana Bay project indicated a 4/5 star hotel on the Coral Caymanian site. What happened to that?

    As for the comments that state that there will two roads in/out of WB, please look again at the drawings. For a good stretch there will only be one, hopefully, divided road. When an accident happens (in that section) on one carrigeway and blocks both lanes what will happen then? Do we think that another hurricane pushing the N. Sound water west could not disrupt the new road at all? Look how close the existing canals are.

    I wonder what the other properties on the SMB corridor have to say about this? Why does there appear to be no concern for their guests & livelyhood? Are they waiting until it is final to make their requests known? Who will be next with a similar proposal? Why not make the entire WB Road 25mph so the entire tourism area benefits? Some sections could even be 15mph if needed.

    • Anonymous says:

      how many roads go in and out of west bay currently? if there's an accident now, what do west bay residents do? take the other route home? the only other road I know is through the dykes and which I see no mention of being removed in Darts proposal. the likelihood of there being an accident big enough to close the road shouldn't be a reason to debate building the new road.

      regarding another hurricane: if you compare the new location to SMB road, I'd say yes, I think it's going to be more resilient to a strong storm. maybe not completely protected, but no where on this small island is.

      I agree with your speed limit changes on SMB road. I think once Dart finished the Esterley Tibbetts highway, SMB should be down to 25 at least, making it more tourist and family friendly. actually, I think the speed limit on that road should have been reviewed a long time ago.

      like many who read and post on this site, I have questions about the ethical background of K Dart, but i have to admit to seeing the positives outweighing the negatives in this project.


      • Anon says:

        Maybe I was not clear enough. I was simply saying that there does not appear to be a NEED to close the existing road. My opinion is that the developer is gaining enough return for the expansion of the E.T. Highway without closing the W.B. Road. The whole purpose of having another route to/from somewhere is just that, an alternative; not closing a single route to create another single route. Does that make a lot of sense?

        The speed limit change will eventually come. If this road closure goes through though, we will have a section that is not "tourist and family friendly" and I think that it is likely that other section closures will be proposed in time.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Putting ForCayman in the name is a sure sign that nobody would think that it was For Cayman on its own merit.

    • Dwindling Hope says:

      And what's up with the Ivan pictures?

      Guess the pictures of public beach as it is now weren't damning enough……Wake up Cayman!

      • Anonymous says:

        Dwindling Hope:

        It's called "playing to their emotions".

      • Hope Springs Eternal says:

        The point of the Ivan pictures, I presume, was to remind those with shaort and/or selective memories that the beach comes over that section of road quite regularly in any case. A strong nor'wester or a minor hurricane and there it is. Maybe it was god who wanted that section of the road closed?

  13. Anonymous says:

    You have a wonderful sense of humour Loren. What McKeeva is doing to us feels a whole lot like what Dart did to Argentina.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think its a great idea to move the road and make room for a resort or two. To have a hotel where you have to walk across a busy road is 2 star at best not mentioning the fact that people are gonna get killed trying to cross. As for traffic problems in and out of west bay, I think the second road will solve it. I also haven't seen Dart do anything on the cheap in Cayman, its all high end and very beneficiary to Cayman. I dont see a down side at all!!

  15. I Care says:

    Let me just say, I am a born Caymanian and I support Dart and all his developments, Block the dam road if is going to do good, and by all accounts it will. You should not be driving and looking at the sea anyways, stop at the public beach and watch the sun set if you must.

    People wake up, or Caymanians wake up, we need to stop this ranting and ravening at every development proposal that comes forward. I personally will not gain from this but future Caymanians and residents will. Come on and be honest what Mr. Dart has done or develop so far has it proved negative NO NO NO. It has helped many in more ways than one by employing and giving people a place to enjoy. Stop this shit about “the good old days” what was so dam good about MOSQUITOS AND SAWAP?????? .  We must realize that  there are over 300-600 school leavers each year and maybe 100 might go off for further education , the islands must create jobs for the balance, and have jobs available for those that go off for higher education  to have when they return.

    I respect Ezzard and Arden’s points, but they don’t employ people or provide jobs, the people employ’s them as we do all Politian’s. I wish Cayman would do away with the Party system and all Politian’s work together and get the work done, as all they are doing now is fighting like Cats and dogs in a pin. They are all getting FAT on our dime, it’s time we all demand more from them. If most of them were employed in the private sector as I am, they would be FIRED in a New York minute.

    Stop pointing fingers, blaming this one and that one and calling for investigation into this and that. Be a man and admit you have all failed the PEOPLE and your Country before it gets much much too late.

    Let’s get the economy moving YA ALL

    • Anonymous says:

      So sorry for you that all you see and smell is the cheese and not the trap!

      Enjoy your life inDartland.



    • Anonymous says:

      1. Perhaps some careful family planning might be in order, as we seem to be producing a quantity of people not quality people these days.

      2. Mosquitoes and swap eh? Happy to hear to enjoy more crime in exchange for less mosquitos and swamp. 


  16. Life's a beach says:

    It seems about 2/3 are in favour (or at least not opposed) to this project and that's about the strength of my feeling for it as well.  The 1/3rd that worries me is almost entirely the closure of the road in front of Public Beach.  I spent a lot of time there as a kid and it brings back memories.  I like how open grilling is allowed and how people would write things on the cabanas.  Let's not turn this into a sterile, imported-sand beach you might find elsewhere.  It's a good bit of recent Cayman culture and endeavour, Public Beach – esp. how it has been improved organically by different organisations over the years.  

    If Dart really wanted to give to Cayman, he would spruce up the beach that's already there, as we are more than happy with it.  Think how many companies have had their annual parties, how many kids brought in a birthday there, how many crazy nights with a bottle of rum, the faint noise of cars and laughter, and the sound of the ocean.  

    Nostalgia has its limits, though, and with the Ritz already very tired and that particular stretch of road being neglected as it is, once again Dart has found a genuine win-win and with their record for successful developments I feel able to support this.

    • Anon says:

      I have asked the question and the answer is that we will definitely have access to the present public beach, only that the entire area will be greatly enhanced.  We all know that any project done by the Dart Corporation is at the highest standard, and there's no reason to believe that this one will be any different.  As shown on the plan, Dart is also giving the beach north of Tiki Beach as a public beach, and this will also be enhanced for public use.  The great cry I have heard is the value that will be added to the Dart properties – I think a stretch of beach land given back to government is a pretty good gesture, together with the new road, enhancement of the present public beach. Any new road enhances the value of property, regardless of who owns the property.  I'm sure that some land owners benefited greatly by the east-west arterial road.

      • Life's a beach says:

        Yes, greatly enhanced, but you won't be able to drive past it anymore.  That's what I'm talking about.  The way you go round the corner and it opens up to the parking lot and the children's play area. 


        Sure, I can see people being upset about an increase in land value for them.  They bought the land for a whopping sum as it is, remember.  Unfortunately removing the road is the only way forCayman to have a really great hotel.  Guests at the Ritz commonly complain about having to walk over that wide stretch of West Bay Road.  It really hampers the ability of a developer to make the whole thing feel like one site.  Did you notice how high Mike Ryan had to raise the forecourt to hide the road below?  That is very, very expensive.


        The only thing worse than having Dart would be not having Dart.  However, I am at the point now of wanting to see a prohibition of any further land purchases by them.  It is enough now.




        • Anonymous says:

          We can't drive past it  after a hurricane or other really bad weather  either!  Sounds like you are undecided as to whether or not you support this.  In response to your penultimate sentence – property owners are free to sell their property to whomever they choose.  You need to check out who sold them their first large tract of property – now those same people are one of the biggest critics of the Dart Group.

      • Anonymous says:

        The "new" beach is a combination of all of the rights of way into one piece, there is no land actually being given to the public, we already have the right to use them. The problem I envisage is a big stretch of beach with no rights of way in it, which essentially becomes like a "private" beach that we are discouraged from using. I have been to lunch at Hemingways with visitors to the island, gone to sit out on the beach chairs to order drinks and been told that we cannot sit there because we are not staying at the hotel.

    • Anonymous says:

      I saw the Hyatt and the Ritz Carlton build a bridge over the West Bay Road to connect their properties.  Why can't Ken Dart and Decco do the same?  I think the "over the road bridges" are attractive and enhance the West Bay Road as it is now.  Why can't DECCO keep the West Bay Road as is and do the same thing?

  17. Anonymous says:

    The name of the song is "God Save the Queen". Now I guess we'll have to change it to "Dart Save the Queen".

    It used to be "God Save Cayman". Now we have Dart. Is this God's answer to all  those prayers?

    If you ever played marbles as a kid you know that when one guy wins all the marbles, the game is over since no one has any marbles left to play with. The only way to keep the game going is for the winner to give some of his marbles back to the other players so the game can continue. And of course he wins back all the marbles again and the game keeps on going….. For the winner, it is not about how many marbles he can accumulate since he has a closet full back home, it is all about winning. He will gladly part with marbles whenever is allows him to dominate and win. If he suddenly came into a long losing streak he might not be so willing to give the marbles away.

    Dart has all the marbles and has the most to lose if Cayman tanks (which it is). He will be the one to give out as many marbles as possible to try to maintain interest in the game he has developed. And of course it is all so he can win in the end.

    I will miss seeing the ocean as I drive down 7Mile Beach as I'm sure the visitors will too. It has always been a big part of the charm here.

    It is a damn shame that most people would rather not have the road moved but are having this forced upon us. This is one big bell that can't be unrung once it is done.


  18. Paradise Lost says:

    C.I., nope, not anymore.  Welcome to D. I.  The selling out of a country continues.   

    • Anonymous says:

      If the Caymanians who have the money would invest in their own country, we wouldn't have to "sell out".  (Mr. Dart is now also a Caymanian, I believe).

  19. Loren says:

    Dart is a very sound and good investor to do business with the people of the Cayman Islands.  We should be happy that this developer is investing so much personally in these islands as he had very many destinations to go and invest in.  Just look at the link below how he saved Argentina economy before they were able to get refinancing from the IMF. 


    We need Dart with his developments and growth for these islands, if the Cayman Islands conduct good business practices with them we have nothing to fear they are as solid as a rock.

    • Anonymous says:

      The other countries had better sense. His offers were declined by other countries so he moved on. He finally found a willing accomplice in McKeeva Bush and now we have Dartland.

      If you want to see some other good websites on Dart try searching "dart vulture capitalism"

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't think those with thumbs up read the article and got the sarcasm.

  20. Anonymous9 says:

    As long as we're making wishes and requests from the genie, my 3 are;

    I'd like an solar powered monorail system, an island wide bike path/sidewalk system and a goldfish.

    I think we would all benefit from public transport that does not use fossil fuel nor fuel from CUC. Imagine how good it would be for tourists too! This would help in bringing new and well deserved life to GT after business hours and as long as the port is going to be moved, places like Breezes could stay open in the evenings and wouldn't have to listen to all those big trucks hauling containers back and forth thru town.

    I would like the system to extend all the way into WB and thru to Bodden Town so that people could use it for work. They wouldn't need their cars through out the day because the monorail would take them where they needed to go to run errands on their lunch hour.

    This monorail should have fingers that extend into industrial park and the airport as well as traverse harbour front, Walkers Road (as opposed to South Church Street), Crew Road and Eastern Avenue.

    The bike/sidewalk system should extend throughout the entire island and include South Church Street. This would entail moving many small likkle brick walls that like South Church Street therefore genie would need to purchase easements across these properties.

    As for the goldfish, well, that's just purely for my personal enjoyment.




  21. Independant says:

    Is this project not good for the Cayman Islands?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Long live the Independant Premier of the future Kenneth Dart..

  23. Anonymous says:

    This seems a bit suspicious.

    Before moving here, Dart was renowned for his 'Vulture Fund'. Basically hedge funds with the specific objective of buying country's debt. His 'Vulture Fund' basically put Argentina subject to his will by demand $720 million plus 4 years of interest overnight.

    What do you think he will do to us?

  24. Anonymous says:

    I think Dart management is going to do a fabulous work in landscaping and architecture. They will beautify the place and Udp will see my vote next election.

    5 star * * * * * for and by the Cayman Islands.

    • aaa says:

      I'm sorry but are we looking at the same buildings? The style is heinous.

  25. big bang says:

    lets vote… who here likes the look of Dart developments. Thumbs up for yes, thumbs down for no, and LOL if you hate it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I like Dart's developments, I think he does a very good job. However, I do not think that we need to give him a bunch of scarce crown land or allow him to cut off West Bay road. His land will multiply in value when he puts the road in.

  26. Non-Partisan says:

    Everything looks alright between the Dart and UDP deal, except for what I see on the map (cns attachment). It looks like a public beach blocked off by the Courtyard Marriott from the rest of the beach. And I know they say that they are not blocking public access, but will there be enough parking for locals and visitors? Where is plans for parking???  In that area, the nice sandy beach is all we have left!  If you look good, you will just see a tiny bit of space to pass Darts hotel to get on the other side of the beach. Just voicing my concerns. CNS, do you have a better detailed map, showing the amount of space between the Marriott hotel and the shoreline that people would have in order to walk along the beach?

  27. Anonymous says:

    May I ask how much money the citizens will have to pay to use the Public Beach with their 5 Star Guests? or Will the locals ever be able to use the Public Beach at all?  Will we ever be able to go near that place at all?  C'Mon man, we are not all together stupid.  We know the full implications.  We also know that there will be massive traffic jams again and perhaps we will have to pay a toll along the way.  Why not just lay it all out on the table for us now and tell the truth.

  28. Knot S Smart says:

    When will these clandestine deals stop?

    Oh I know the answer and so does most sensible people!

    When our children have no future to look forward to except to become clogs in the rich man's wheel. When there is no hope of a local person starting and prospering in any type of business in our own country.

    The economic noose of a few large investors is tightening around Cayman and it is nearing the irreversible point! So our futureand our children's future looks bleak, my friends!

    The UDP's 'Knight in Shining Armor' already has control of most of the land in the country, and is solidfied in the most profitable businesses  i.e. duty free goods, entertainment, liquor distribution, private educational facilities, real estate development, and now this is the start of the addition of tourism to the list.

    But wait. Thats not all. Plans are underway for private control of the garbage system, water system, port system, and there is talk that we might even have new roads which we pay tolls to drive on.

    No Govt has ever in the past so blatantlypelted away our economic future as is currently occuring! We are experiencing the death of economic opportunity for Caymanians.

    Thank you UDP!

    For your institutionalized-shortsightedness…



  29. Loren says:

    The reality is that an agreement has been made between the Dart Group and Cayman Islands Government for better or worst, I hope for the best.

    We cannot want to have our cake and eat it too, it's just not possible. 


  30. anonymous says:

    Thank God Dart is going ahead with government deals/projects,many anti- Mckeeva & PPM supporters is hoping that Dart group will not start work (based on grounds that Premier Bush is under investigation,) PPM along with Ezzard is weak and lacking imagination,i can't want for 2013 post elections to look at their shocked,dumbfounded and sad little faces.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ann 08: 18

      Me too, can't wait for 2013, to see the look on their faces.

      What a mess they are going to be in, when they have nothing to bitch about, when the economy is booming.

      • Anonymous says:

        It's been booming for tow years now…in the wrong direction.

      • Anonymous says:

        That booming noise you'll be hearing will be the sound of your footsteps on hot pavement because you won't have a job or a car.

  31. anonymous says:

    Long Live the UDP!

  32. peaceful protest man says:

    This is a good concept for a project. The problem I have with this project is the proposed Government concessions are too extensive and not clearly thought through. This article does not say anything about the Dart Group receiving concessions on the Tourist Accommodation Taxes and Import Duties that will amount to a lot more than $30 Million over a 30 year period. The concessions will simply make it impossible for any other Hotel company to build a Hotel in Cayman unless they receive the same competetive advantage and will result in the Dart Group having a Monoply on Tourism. This is unfair economic advantage being given to Dart Group and detrimenal to our economy. Preventing other hotels from being built in the next 30 years! How can that be good for Cayman? These concessions have to be debated before we can clearly understand the effects of this deal if there are truly benefits. Lets debate the concessions before we say Aye or No!

    • Anonymous1 says:

      Friend, "Nothing is for Nothing!" 

      Don't expect to receive anything if are unable to give something back like a concession! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Apparently there is still one UDP supporter left in existence, folks.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are indeed very correct. We can only pray that Mr. Dart, with all the love he has in his heart for Cayman and its people will have the decency to acknowledge this 'deal' for whatever it might be other than a self defeating attempt to 'boost our economy'. This is a pure and blatant insult and disregard for every other business in Cayman, particularly Caymanian owned businesses, that are struggling to survive with very much less wherewithal than Mr. Dart has. 

  33. Alan Nivia says:

    Could they not just block the road to West Bay completely?   That way we get job creation and crime prevention in one package.

    • Alex says:

      Really….. thats the best you could do given an oppurtunity to speak on a serious matter.





    • cow itch says:

      bit confused… im trying to decide which side is the side with the least crime 

    • I'm from west bay says:

      no, but I was thinking a road block in front of your driveway would be less costly

    • Anonymous says:

      Alan Nivia…incase you haven't noticed, most of the recent robberies and senseless shootings are not taking place in West Bay. How simple are you to think that blocking off West Bay will prevent crime. And look at all the thumbs up!!! Wow….Ya'll keep thinking you safe because you don't live in West Bay and see how well that works out for ya…lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      A very good idea, pure win win, that way we could also keep McKeeva out of the LA Building. Then instead of 'running' the whole island, he could focus on where he's actually wanted. Mr. Dart can you help us with that please?

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear criminals aren't too smart so why not build two roads and designate one for criminals and the other for regular people. Then you could put a road block at the end and catch all the bad guys.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Sucks to live in west bay, can you say traffic jams!! We'll see how many of you supporters love sitting in traffic just like the good old days..

    • Anonymous says:

      You make no sense.   There are will now be two roads going into West Bay instead of one, each entering at a separate point. 

      Can you say the end of traffic jams?

    • Anonymous says:

      There was not too much disruption to traffic when Camana Bay was being built. Lets hope its the same this time.

  35. Make Haste Slowly says:

    I must say that on seeing the pretty pictures, and hearing the huge amounts of money that will flow from this proposal and looking back on what has been done at Camana Bay one is inclined to say go for it.

    My emotions are tempered by the old adage " the road to hell is paved with good intentions" 

    Would it be fair for the people to ask for a EIA study to be done, this will be a good tool to guide the development and inform the 'people' of these Islands. I say this in light of the past history of the island we have come from a peaceful past to the violent present. Will more economic inequality bring peace and contentment to Cayman?

    I think the impact on the island will be huge, now will it be good in the long term, what will it cost the government in new services and how many of us will be able to get jobs and work from this mammoth development. What has recent history taught us about the impact of growth and rapid development in the islands, If you do not know your history you will make the same mistakes again. One more thing check what the Impact Fees would be for a project of this size in the US or Canada, I am sure that you would be very surprised.

    What value did the people of Bolivia get for their Silver?


    • CM. says:

      An EIA study (Environmental Impact Assessment study) done for the Dart Project in West Bay along public beach?  Look I understand you oppose the Premier to the "t", but don't be rediculous!  This deal will help boost the economy and already you're talking about an EIA to slow down the process of development. Just Amazing!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure lets go for it…..remember Camana Bay, jobs for Caymanians??? Yeah right, go to the shops, no Caymanians and if there is they are far and few.  The cleaning people are not Caymanians for sure.  So where are the jobs for Caymanians.  Just blowing hot air.  Remember the Ritz?  More jobs for Caymanians…Do I need to say more?????

  36. Anonymous says:

    "ForCayman Alliance" sounds like a wolf in sheeps clothing to me. If Dart really wants to do something for ALL OF CAYMAN then the deal should include his purchasing CUC to privatize it and reduce our electricity costs. This would cost far less than the proposed 26 million and would have a far better effect on our overall economy.

    What I see here sounds more like a "ForDart Alliance"

    • Anonymous says:

      a typical opposition response!  sooooo jealous, why don't you get a life and become rich like dart! 

  37. Anonymous says:

    could we get some street lights on the bypass from prospect to hirst rd also ? driving that road at night takes me back in time to the early 70's street light every two miles.

  38. Anonymous says:

    how about putting a roundabout where governors way will intersect with the bypass so that traffic doesn't have to cross over the highway to turn right from the bypass? It would keep traffic moving more smoothly

    • Anonymous says:

      This must be a joke…..why is it that caymanians think that round abouts solves every traffic problem? If you were to look at an arial view of cayman all you would see is pure round abouts. The sad part about it is most people on this island can not even drive on the properly…and yet you want to put more in?

    • Anonymous says:

      In the real world maybe, not here, people just do not know how to correctly use a roundabout.

  39. Anonymous says:

    oh boy! , I can hear Austin and Gilbert tomorrow morning…and "negative" Ezzard on Tuesday not to mention "no other plan" Aldenon Wednesday…

    I keep trying to tell everyone that jumpos on this anti -development bandwagon that Austin, Gilbert, Ezzard, Alden and Arden all have high paying jobs and are doing everything to hold on to them by inciting us to join them in their political foolishness while we suffer with no work and in most cases low pay. They are not trying to help us, they are trying to help themselves. Austin and gilbert keeps their ratings up thereby keeping their jobs and they help out the rest by slowing down Cayman even more so that the other can get re elected again.

    Enough already, this DART deal is good for Cayman and we need to embrace it. Businesses are failing everywhere, people are out of work. Cayman how long before we stop beating up on each other and start getting something done to turn this country around??

    • Anymous says:

      If I was Gilbert, I would not join any sides with anyone right now, because we are calling his number next election.  Sit on the fence and watch the grass grown on each side, when the grass is knee high then then go borrow grass cutter from the other side.  Now Gilbert are you reading me.  I am sure you know your BT supporter.

    • Anonymous says:

      well said 23:08. Anybody else notice the grumpiness and the use of bad words and insults to callers  coming from Austin lately..He needs to give that show a break. he has become too partisan and his behavior is unbecoming of a talk show host. I don't like him anymore!


  40. Anonymous says:

    YES! YES!! YES!!!

  41. Dred says:

    We have to watch this man closely. Not everyone that gives you stuff is your friend….strike that. Nothing is free in life. We getting taken somehow somewhere. Good business people are like magicians. They make you look left while they are doing something on the right.

    Be careful people. 20% is a lot for anyone to own of a country. That kind of ownership can become problematic to Caymanians. 

    • Anonymous1 says:

      Dred, it can also become problematic if nothing is done with the economy. Dart is the only socalled "Caymanian" that is investing in this country. What is wrong with him investing in 20% when he is at least giving something back. I am sorry Dred, but spare us from your partisan rhetoric!  Nothing is for Nothing!  There are big Caymanian names, and where are they investing?…. Not here!  But overseas for their own interest!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly, Dart IS a Caymanian and his status is irrevocable, thanks to McKeeva.

  42. Anonymous says:

    This is a good deal between Dart and the Premier. The envy of many politicians and opponents that want to see his demise. The Dart deal will create jobs and make two large public beaches, plus West Bay will be having two main roads instead of one. It is a job well done for the UDP. I honestly believe they will get back in next election. Yes…. I know…. You don't like what I say?  

    Mark my words. UDP is getting back in 2013.  ; )

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart is the driver on this one, not the UDP.

      Dart is a competent developer. Dart gets things done and done well.

      The government is not a competent developer. The government does not get things done and when it tries, the result is usually a screw up. This occurs under both the UDP and the PPM.

      • CM. says:

        lol… nice try separating UDP from Dart. The problem is, if PPM was in, would you think Dart would want to deal with them after they have criticized him so much????   I don't think so!  Credit to whom credit is due!  The UDP does not admit doing it on their own, but one thing is certain, they are to be commended for allowing Dart, the competent developer to get things done. When PPM was in, did they allow Dart to get things done????  No…. but they got us into an 81 million deficit!

        • Anonymous says:

          Show us the audited accounts proving an 81 million deficit and we will believe you. However, even if laws have to be changed, the real financial position will never be admitted to by the UDP.

    • Son of Thunder says:

      When did prostitution become legal in Cayman?

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember that the study done by Deliotte for EE Seaport shows that 1 job is created for every 1 million dollars invested. Therefore this undertaking should yield about 26 jobs. How many workers will be imported? 26 is not a very large number given the amount of unemployment here.

    • Anonymous says:

      'Re Dart has confirmed that the road will be closed!!" Is he is charge now?  Will we have any say in this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you, as requested, we've put a red X through your words, with a permanent marker. By the way, it is a job no where near done, and when it is, our thanks will be going to Dart, not the UDP.

      • anonymous says:

        06:27 you should say thanks to the UDP for supporting these projects,cause if it was up to the PPM most of us former middle class folks will eat sardines,corn beef and bread with lemonade for the rest of our lives.

        • Anonymous says:

          We certainly weren't eating sardines when the PPM was in power, and we're certainly headed rapidly in that direction right now. People weren't robbing banks and gas stations to keep from eating sardines and corned beef when the PPM was in power now were they?

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL…it seems like you actually believe that!!!

  43. A.A. says:

    It won't be long you hear the PPM castigate and criticize this project too. They have not one solution to drop in the bucket. I can see it now – Alden for Premier! Stop Mac!  Stop economic development!  PPM here we come!  Just foolish party rhetoric that is dividing our country!

    • Anonymous says:

      Speaking of foolish party rhetoric, here you are castigating and criticising the PPM for exactly what my I ask? The PPM have and will most certainly continue to criticise and castigate UDP backed projects that are not in the best interests of our country and our people but are born out of pure greed to line the pockets of a select few while making life more unbearable for the rest of us, including you. This is not going to stop by any stretch of yours or anyone else's imagination so you'd better get used to it. We hope this project will in fact prove to be of some economic benefit to this country and we applaud Mr. Dart for his committment to Cayman and his (most certainly not the UDP's) concern for our environment.   

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you even spell IRONY

  44. Anonymous says:

    dart = good stuff…end of.